a fox for lunch

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my first one, I hope you furs like it.

A fox for lunch


The Darkk forest was home to many tribes and villages. The Fox tribes were buzzing with activity due to the fact that this year's mating season had just begun. There are five Fox tribes in Darkk Forest, each one neighboring the others territory. It was tradition for all unmated females to leave there village and journey to the woods during mating season and remain there till the season is over, or till they have mated. The unmated males would not be allowed to leave the village till one week after the season started to give the females time to spread out, and give the females who don't want a mate time to hide. May was one such female. "Why do I have to go Father, I don't even want a mate right now," Said an infuriated fox. "Its tradition," said her father. May had just turned 18 last month and is now old enough to find a mate. This tradition started to make finding a mate fare for males and females, if a female wanted a particular male all she had to do was avoid the other males and when she found the one she wanted, she would only need to run up to him and offer herself to him. Otherwise it was the male's duty to find a female, catch her, and breed her. The male must place his seed in the female's womb to seal the deal, and be considered mates. May felt that she was not ready, and she was afraid of the other predators that live in the forest. She had herd stores of foxes falling prey to bears, wolves, panthers, and other predators that would just love to have a nice tender vixen for lunch. May had no intentions on ending up in some wolfs belly. But rules are rules, she had to leave the safety of the village. Reluctantly she stretched, grabbed her knife and started towards the woods.

Not too far away from May's village was a wolf named Leon. Leon was hungry so he is on the hunt for something to eat. He had past up on a rabbit and two foxes so far with the hope of finding bigger prey. An elk would be nice, he thought to himself. He didn't much care for smaller game like rabbits and foxes; he preferred the taste of bigger game like deer and elk. But his hunger was getting to the point where he'd take anything he could get. He began to curs himself for passing up the rabbit and the foxes. He walked on throw the woods searching for food, rubbing a scar on his chest he had gotten seven years ago while protecting some pup's from a bear. Leon did not have pups of his own yet as he has yet to find a mate. His silver fur with black markings and a nasty looking scare on his chest made him popular among the females. He did not like any of the unmated shewolves he'd met in the past. Many of the other males in his village made fun of him for being 23 and never mated. He stopped and hid behind a tree, looking around the tree he saw a fox hiding behind a bush. She was a beautiful red fox with night black fur on the paws and the tips of her ears. She was perfectly shaped from head to toe and her short cut black heir was bleached at the tips and the tip of her tail was as white as snow, the same as the patch of fur on her belly. Why could he not find a shewolf like that! "Well I gess its fox for lunch," he said to himself.

May spun around just as Leon leapt into the air and landed on her, she tried to grab her knife but Leon had already grabbed it and tossed it aside. May struggled franticly wile Leon grabbed her hands and pined them to the ground. Finally he had her subdued, slowly he began to open his maw and place it over her throat. May began to sob as he slowly started to bite down on her throat, making it hard for her to breath. The way Leon was on top of May positioned the tip of his sheath right above May's vagina and the tip of his penis was sticking out of his sheath due to the excitement he felt when he first saw her. May was struggling for breath when she suddenly humped; Leon released his grip on her throat completely taken by surprise. May caught her breath looked at the wolf who was now blushing so hard it could be seen threw his silver fur. She blushed just as hard when she realized what had happened, when she humped the tip of his penis penetrated her vagina casing his member to grow leaving some of his member inside her. Leon never felt such pleaser in his life, all thoughts of eating her was gone. Laws were strict when it came to mates, if he gave her his seed she would be his mate. No self-respecting wolf would harm the bearer of his pups, and May knew it.

Before he could react she leaned forward and kissed him. Leon was panicking, he had a sexy fox under him (who was currently kissing him) and the tip of his penis was inside her increasingly wet vagina. Slowly he started to kiss her back; his nose taking in her sent now realizing she is in heat. He lit go of her hands, he supported his weight with one hand and started to play with one of her breasts with the other. May liked the way he played with her breast and she was surprised at how gentle he was with her. She was expecting him to be fucking the life out of her but he wasn't. His tong danced with hers as they explored each others maws. He gently played with her breast; occasionally he would pinch her nipple. She wanted him to hump her, she could feel the tip of his member inside her and she wanted more of it. To give him the message she wrapped her legs around him and started to hump him. It didn't take long for him to figure out what she was after; she was ready for him to breed her. Breaking the kiss he moved his arms under her grabbing her shoulders he thrust, going balls deep into her. She let-out a scream as the pain of him slamming throw her hymen taking her virginity hit her. Leon stopped moving giving her pain time to settle. Her claws digging into his back she looked at him with tears in her eyes from the pain. He nodded and to her surprise he gave her an affectionate lick on her face, and then he started to hump her slowly. She was a really tight fit, and the pleasure they both felt was amazing. As her moans increased so did the speed and power of his trusts. May grabbed his maw and moved it to her breasts, Leon suckled on her breasts giving each one equal attention. Mays moans and wempers turned to short and frantic little yiffing sounds as her first orgasm hit her then her second as Leon humped at her desperately his knot forming ,slamming agenst her vagina. A loud pop sound came as his knot entered her sex, expanding as she instinctively contracts locking them together as May comes down from her third slice of heaven. There's no turning back now that there tied, Leon thrusted one last time slamming into her cervix, pumping his seed directly in her womb as he coms inside her, taking her as his mate. When she felt the first shot of his seed land in her fertile womb she melted lost in pure bliss as he howls. Leon slowly picks her up and sits down so May is resting on top of him. "Does lunch have a name?" he said jokingly as he licks her face. "It May, and I'm not lunch." she said sticking her tong out at him. "Who are you and how did you get that scare?" "My name is Leon, and I got this scare saving some pups from a bear" "Did you kill it?" "yeah, and because of that I'm pretty well known by many large predators around here." May snuggles into his chest fur and falls asleep. It won't be long before her belly will grow big with my pups, Leon thinks to himself as he falls asleep. The two sleep not knowing the whole event was seen by someone in the shadows. ....