Surgeon Glory

Story by DeamonPrince on SoFurry

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#20 of Hospital Hijinks

Jonathan is looking for new surgeons. Surgeons who can perform no matter what distraction might be there. Including a little oral satisfaction.

As Jonathan slowly walked into the operating room, followed by a large crowd of surgeon students. He looked down, seeing the wagging tail tip of a black cat underneath the curtains for the operating table. He grinned and got into position, seeing the tail disappear into the underneath. "Alright, this is a very simple procedure." He said in an authoritative tone, as he lifted the sheet down the patient's body to reveal the markings of what to do. "Matthew. Come and demonstrate what you've learned on the patient." The tall Horse said calmly, feeling the soft black paws slowly unzipping his pants and revealing his massive cock, just under the table's edge.

Through the crowd a short stout pig pushed passed, adjusting his thick glasses as the other interns stood by to watch. "S-sir. You want me to do this?" He asked nervously.

"Yes." Jonathan said, grunting slightly as he felt the soft tongue of his admirer stroking his cock from base to tip, exciting it to a full erection.

"Why?" He asked as he looked at the unconscious and sedated Mouse laying on the table, his shoulder shaved of all hair and marked with thick black lines.

"Because, you are the most studied student I have, yet you haven't done a procedure yet. Not even on the practice dummies." Jonathan looked down and sighed, watching the soft black paw fondle his sack as the lightly lapping tongue teased his cock's tip.

"B-but I'm nervous. He could sue me." He moaned as he looked for a scalpel. The nurse then walked in, her long golden mane tied up as she strutted passed the student's her long lion tail wagging as her ass swayed back and forth, teasing the men in the crowd.

"I could do it." Grunted one of the other students, a tall and heavy build Rhino. "The fat ass is too scared sir, let me do it." He said again, winking at the lion nurse.

She scoffed and leaned towards Matthew, "I hate Rhinos. So cocky. Giant cock so massive fucking ego. Thing is," she said looking up at the the students before turning back to Matthew, "They are all two pump chumps. Now Pigs," She says slowly licking his cheek in full view of the others, "You all fuck for hours and hours. Not a giant dick, but large enough."

"Umm." Matthew said, blushing as the fit lioness flirted with stout ol' him. "Why are you saying all this."

Jonathan leaned forward and grinned, "I think she is hinting at something very pleasant."


"Do this surgery and I'll be your slut for the night. Chicken out like a bitch and I'll fuck the Rhino and send you the video." She smiled, kissed his cheek, and put up her mask. "Well?" She asked.

"Deal. I'll do it." He said, smiling at Jonathan.

"Good man." Jonathan said, watching the semi-confidant Pig. "First, what are you going to be doing?"

"This is a mini-open shoulder cuff repair. I will be making an incision at the shoulder and using surgical equipment to add a cartilage like substance to his shoulder cuff to repair the damage."

"Correct. Begin. Slowly." Jonathan said, first to Matthew, then to his admirer as they took his cock into their mouth and slowly began sucking the tip before taking it in deeper, over and over.

The pig slowly pulled the blade across the shoulder, slicing the flesh and opening the area of operation. He placed the blade into a sterile pan and continued, taking a long tube with a camera mounted to the top and slowly slid it into the shoulder. "I have made the incision and beginning the repair process." He said, watching the screen.

"Good job." The nurse said, smiling as she watched Matthew's determination and concentration. She began padding the blood away from the incision as he continued feeding the tube through.

Jonathan looked down and watched as Bethany's head popped out and she began sucking his sack. He glanced over at Matthew and she nodded. He patted her head and signalled her to wait a moment. "Nurse." Jonathan called .

She walked over and leaned to him, "Yes?"

"Bethany is currently under the table, she was blowing me. I have instructed her to blow Matthew, I want you to inform him to not freak out, but maintain concentration as she brings him to an orgasm."

"Is this a test?" She asked, answered with a nod.

"He is my best student, but I want to see if he can perform under pressure."

"In more than one way, at that." she joked as she walked to him and whispered in Matt's ear, his eyes widening as he felt Bethany pulling his zipper down.

"Sir." He said, freaking out slightly, his hands shaking.

"Do not lose concentration. There will be distractions during surgery, you need to perform with full mind on the job." Jonathan said as Bethany pulled his cock out and the students gasped and watched as Bethany very happily sucked his sausage.

"What the fuck!" The Rhino roared, pushing forward.

"Daniel! Stand back. He is taking a test, and this man's shoulder is the exam." Jonathan said, with a vicious hissing roar.

"He is getting his dick sucked by a slut while doing surgery!"

Suddenly Bethany stopped, waved to the nurse as she stood waiting for Matthew to need assistance. "Blow him for me." She said as she crawled out from under the table, stark naked. She walked over to Daniel, grabbed his horn and began screaming at him. "I am a very well respected Psychiatrist. I have treated over three hundred people ranging from five year olds to ninety. I am a leading researcher in the benefits of sex on mental health, and I am your father's favorite fuck buddy, Daniel." She said poking his chest. She turned back to see the nurse getting really into the blow job.

"You fuck my dad? Please you filthy little-" He started before Bethany turned back, grabbed his sack and squeezed.

He fell to the floor and she smiled, "His name is Henry, your mother is Liddy. And she loves to lick the cream out of my pussy afterwards." Beth said as she pushed him away. "I was also your therapist for a few year when you were younger. ten I believe. Still wetting the bed, or was it you were peeing on your parents bed. I can't seem to remember." She said, her anger finally reaching a simmer as he groaned in pain. "I am not a cheap slut. I am a therapist and psychiatrist." She said proudly before walking back to the table. "Need anything, honey?" She asked Matthew as the lioness began fingering herself as she deep throated the young man's thick, pulsing cock.

"Clean the area. I am finishing up."

"Got it." Bethany said as she quickly sterilized her self and got into a surgical gown and gloves and ran back to clean the area.

"You are almost as good at this as me." Jonathan said as the pig pulled the tub out of the opening and quickly sewed the incision up.

"Thank you sir." Matthew moaned lightly as he finished and felt his cock twitching with needy desires.

"Ok. Tess." Jon said. "Treat him please." He said to the lioness.

"Gladly." She said standing up. "Lets go." She said grabbing Matthew's hand and together they proudly walked into the post-op room and cleaned off. They then ran down the hall, into an on-call room, and rushed into the shower room, stripping as they moved.

"So is it him?" Beth asked as her soft paw stroked his the strong horse cock.

"Yeah. He is going to be the head. Now to find two more for the new team." Jon said before turning to Beth. "So what are you up to now?"

"Six appointments, and a nice hard fuck." She smiled. "Guess which one is next." She whispered sensually into his ear as she dropped the gown.

"Don't need to. Go to the 'oc'. I'll be there in five minutes." He said as he turned to his students.

She rushed out past the students in shock, "Sir... what was this?"

"As many of you know, San Fursisco General is not a normally run place. We break a lot of rules, and do things other hospitals would damn, but we get to because of our results." He smiled, "Thats why Matthew has passed this class and will be offered a position as a surgeon. He is one of the three surgeons I have been allowed to hire."

"Wait?" Groaned Daniel as he stood up.

"Yes, only two more of you will pass my class and prove you are the best of your class. The rest of you will be offered to the rest of the hospitals in the area and will be hired there." Jonathan said as he paged an orderly to collect the still unconscious mouse and take him back to his room.

"I will be testing the rest of you, much like this to see who is going to be hired."

"This is so unfair. You hired him and the rest of us didn't even get to test yet." complained a young fair furred snow leopard.

"He was the smartest out of you. Studied the most, passed every other test with a one hundred percent. Now the rest of you get to try out and after all of you get tested I'll hire two more, until then, prepare yourselves for the most fun you will have in a long time." Jon clapped his hands and began shooing them out. "Go now. Do your normal busy work and begin studying."

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