The night she met him.

Story by DeathAvenged on SoFurry

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#1 of It's a crazy life.

It is set to adult because there will be sex soon. Anyway...stories might not come much. I start a new job tomorrow and don't know if I will be cranking these out like before. Anyway. Enjoy it all.

Celeste slammed the front door shut behind her and took off down the road. It was on in the morning and as usual her father was drunk off his ass and her mother was off whoring around with different men. The fox folded her ears back as she pulled her backpack onto her back as she walked then pulled her sweater shut tightly. It was starting to rain as she headed down the street. She was only 17 at the time and finally had enough of living at home being the target of abuse from her parents when they were drunk or high out of their minds. She took a deep breathe as she entered the city after walking for who knows how long. She stood there, looking around for a moment before slowing her pace as she walked, her arms crossed tightly while her tail swayed around behind her. Celeste was an odd looking fox, jet black fur with bright purple markings, star shaped patches along her neck and right hip with a little cresent moon shape just between her breasts. She had long black hair she kept pulled back with blue streaks running through it and bright blue eyes. The fox walked for sometime before finally slipping into an ally between an apartment building an a nightclub. she was tired and wanted to rest. She sat down on a wooden crate and leaned up against the wall, looking up at the building across from her while her ears lowered. 'Stupid fox...what are you going to do now? This wouldn't have to happen if my moron brothers had taken me with them when they left but nooo they only cared for themselves and left me behind to take the hell...fuck me. I have to find a job and soon.' She closed her eyes and rubbed her forehead a bit as she took another deep breathe. She was hungry but to tired to really care. She pulled her back pack off of her back and held it against her side as she closed her eyes for a few minutes.

After a half hour the back door to the night club opened violently, startling Celeste and making her jump up onto the crate, crouched down a bit as she looked to the door as a drunk feline was thrown out into the ally by a large white wolf. The wolf growled and stood there as he made sure the feline stumbled off to bother someone else. When he turned to go back inside he caught a glimpse of Celeste slowly stepping off the crate and sitting back down while her hand pressed into ehr chest as she calmed down from being frightened. The wolf stood his ears up then sighed. "You can't be back here to sleep kid...go somewhere else." Celeste stood her ears up and looked to the wolf in silence before she sighed and nodded faintly. "Sorry just...resting. I will leave soon." The wolf kept his own ears standing as he watched her while she looked down to the ground, looking at the sadness on her face as she curled her tail around her legs lightly. He cursed under his breathe and sighed. He knew this would be trouble but he knew he would be kicking himself in the ass for the rest of the night if he left her like that. "Fuck...come on." Celeste blinked and turned her head to look at him again with a questioning look as he moved to the side, motioning for her to walk into the club with him. "I...can't I am not old enough." The wolf grinned a bit and shook his head before he spoke softly. " Don't worry over it...come on or sit out here in the rain your choice." Celeste bit her bottom lip and looked around for a moment before getting up and grabbing her back pack. She slowly moved by him and through the door, the sound of the music from the main floor of the club hit her ears and made her fur stand up a bit. She folded her ears back and jumped when he grabbed her shoulder gently. The wolf pulled his hand back and stared at her with a raised brow while she took a deep breathe before giving him a sheepish smile.

"Jumpy little thing aren't you?" The wolf gently put his hand on her shoulder and directed her farther back into the club where the offices and the rooms the dancers used to change were. "How old are you exactly?" Celeste lowered her ears a bit and nodded some as she let him guide her while she toyed with her fingers lightly. she bit her bottom lip as she took a deep breathe. "17...Why?" The wolf looked to her as she turned her gaze to him, smiling to her. "Your old enough to be here but not to drink so chill out." The fox blushed faintly and nodded a bit as he let her into a empty office, flicking the light on. Celeste looked to him as he walked inside, stretching a bit. She took note of the green markings he had mixed with his white fur, hell there was even purple mixed in some places. She tilted her head to the bit, looking at the clubs logo on the back of his shirt before he turned to look at her. She stood her ears up and looked away, shuffling her feet some as she took a deep breathe. "What were you doing in the alley way? You don't look like a druggie or a hooker...your to damn clean looking for that." Celeste blushed and glanced to him as he motioned to a near by chair. She took a deep breathe and sat down, putting her back pack down by her feet before leaning back and crossing her arms as she spoke. " I um..ran away from home...couldn't take living there with lazy parents." The wolf sat down at the desk after making a call on the phone. He looked to her and watched her as she stared down at the floor. "What's your name?" The fox lifted her head and looked at him before she scratched the back of her right ear. "Celeste.." The wolf smiled and chuckled a bit as he leaned back. "Makes sense...I'm Dean." Celeste gave him a confused look as she tilted her head a bit. She watched him motion along his own neck before it hit her. Her markings. She blushed and nodded some as she smiled a bit.

The two were silent for several minutes before the door to the office opened and a large female feline with grey fur and a tight short black dress walked in and looked to Dean. "The hell did you call me back here for? Did you get rid of that shit head?" Dean grinned and nodded some as he stood up, stretching again with a soft growl coming from him before he motioned to Celeste who tried sinking into her chair a bit more like she was trying to stay out of the way. The feline looked to her and stood her own ears up, looking her over for a moment before looking to Dean. "She underage?" Dean crossed his arms as he sighed. " 17...old enough to work here as maybe a waitress but other then that everything else would have to be off limits till her birthday." Celeste blinked and looked overly confused. Had she somehow managed to stumble into work without realizing it? The feline looked back to Celeste and looked her over once more before nodding a bit. "You have a place to stay?" Celeste shook her head a bit as she looked at the feline who rolled her eyes and sighed. "Alright Dean she is your little keep her safe and make sure she can handle it...and give her your spare bedroom till she can get on her own feet." Dean watched the feline leave as he gave a half assed little salute. "Yes boss." He rolled his eyes and looked to Celeste, watching her looking from the door to him with confusion on her face. He laughed and walked to her. "Grab your bag and come shift ends in like five minutes." Celeste bit her bottom lip then nodded and stood up, grabbing her back pack.

Celeste followed Dean out of the office and through the entire main floor of the club. He made sure not to lose her in the crowd of humans and anthros that were dancing or drinking. He even grabbed her arm to lead her along before pulling her out the front door. He looked at her, noting the look of shock on her face. "You will get used to it." Celeste blinked and looked at him before giving a small nod and following him down the street as he put his hands into the pockets of his jeans as he walked, letting out a yawn. Celeste bit her bottom lip as she walked in silence with him. After twenty minutes or so of walking he lead her into an apartment building then down the hall to his apartment. He pulled his keys from his pocket and unlocked the door, letting her go in before him. He shut the door, locking it before flipping the lights on. The apartment was bigger then one would think. Celeste stood there looking around, noting the little bit of furniture in the living room before he gently nudged her. "Come on." He lead her through the living room to a small hall. The first room she saw was a bathroom to her right then to her left a bedroom that had to been where he slept given his scent was rather strong around the door. Dean opened the third door in the hall then moved to the side. "Here...your room." Celeste stood there and looked into the room before glancing to him like she was hesitant.

Dean shook his head and reached in, flipping the light on to show a large bed against one of the walls. "This one has a bathroom attached to you don't have to walk in on me or anything like that...and relax...I am not going to hurt you. Get comfortable..I will get some food going." Celeste shifted and watched him turn and walk off out of the hall towards the kitchen. She bit her bottom lip hard, wondering how much they were paying him at that club for him to have this apartment. she shook the thought from her head and walked into the bedroom, closing the door a bit. She looked around the bare room for a minute before taking a deep breathe and moving to the bed, putting her back pack down on it before sitting down on the edge of the bed. She ran her fingers through her hair as she sighed. 'Celeste what the hell...way to go get roped into a job at a night club and end up in some dudes apartment...for all you know he is a rapist and will tear your ass up when your asleep.' She rubbed her forehead, shaking her head hard for a few seconds before getting up and pulling the back pack open. She pulled her clothing out of the bag and stopped when she heard him talking on the phone. IT sounded like he was ordering a pizza. She shook her head some and smiled faintly for a few seconds before moving to the bathroom, turning the light on and closing the door.

After sometime Celeste walked out of the bedroom wearing a large grey T-shirt with some shorts. She heard a knock at the door and stood her ears up as she stood at the end of the hall way, watching Dean come out of the kitchen and answer the door, paying for the pizza and closing the door. When he turned he stopped and looked at her with a small smile. "Come on...I am sure your hungry...Your stomach was growling in the club." Celeste blinked and blushed darkly as she looked away from him. She had learned to ignore her hunger and hadn't noticed it at all. She flicked her tail as she slowly walked to the kitchen, stopping in the door way as she looked around before looking to him as he put a few slices of the pizza that was loaded with meat and cheese, onto a plate before handing it to her along with a can of soda. "Eat Celeste...and relax before your fur starts to fall out." Celeste blushed once more as she stared up at him, realizing she was shorter then him now. She took the plate and drink as she spoke softly. "Thanks." Dean gently patted her on the head before moving to get his own plate. Celeste turned and moved to the living room where she sat down on the floor in front of the couch with her back against it. She sipped on the drink a few times as she listened to him walking over and shifting when he sat on the couch. As they ate the silence was a bit awkward and Celeste felt a bit uncomfortable with it until she finally spoke. " W...why give me a job? Why help me?" She turned her head and looked up at him as he glanced down at her after swallowing a bite of his food. " Because it is the right thing to do...better then leaving you in the rain to get sick or kidnapped." Celeste stood her ears up and kept her eyes on him for a moment before nodding and looking back down to her plate, toying with the last slice for a moment before she ate on it.

When she finished he took her plate from her and put them back in the kitchen to wash later, throwing the rest of the pizza into the fridge. When he came back she was curled up at one end of the couch asleep with her tail curled around her legs tightly. Dean stood his ears up and stared at her in silence. She was thinner then she should have been and he could almost smell how nervous she had been the entire night. He flicked his tail and slowly moved to her, scooping her up and taking her to the bedroom. He laid her down in her bed and covered her up wondering what made her run away other then what she had told him. He left the room, turning the light out and leaving the door cracked as he went to his own room to rest.

The next morning Celeste woke up before Dean. She laid there in the bed taking in a deep breathe before she let out a soft groan. she stretched out a bit and climbed out of the bed, silently walking out of the room and stopping at his bedroom door, listening to a soft snoring sound coming from him. She shook her head a bit and moved to the kitchen, getting a glass of water. She sipped on it as she walked around the apartment in silence. She didn't see any photos of Dean or any indication of a wife or lover, not even family. She lowered her ears a bit and sighed softly as she downed the rest of her water before moving to the window in the living room, looking outside as she chewed on her bottom lip. She wondered what all he was going to have her do at the club. She was lost in her thoughts when Deans voice hit her ears. "Good morning Celeste..." The fox jumped and dropped the cup she had been holding, cringing when it shattered on the floor. She lowered her ears and turned enough to glance at him. "F...fuck Dean! You scared me!" She bit her bottom lip and looked down at the shards of glass on the floor. She sighed and knelled down, beginning to pick up the big pieces as she spoke again. "Sorry...I didn't mean to.." Dean moved to her with a broom and smiled a bit. "It is ok...I didn't mean to scare you that badly...your way to jumpy for a normal fox. Your going to have to relax Celeste...I have to take you back to the club while it is closed so we can get your uniform and training. You can't be jumpy on the job and drop the glasses like this...Shiva will skin you alive if it happens to often." Dean was joking about the last part but the look on Celeste's face made him realize she had missed the humor. He lowered his ears a bit and shook his head some, helping to clean the glass up before moving to the kitchen to dump it in the trash.

Celeste rubbed her arm a bit and nodded some as she looked to him while walking into the kitchen with him. "W...what exactly am I getting myself into with...working at that club?" Dean looked at her and smiled some before giving a shrug. " A start in life I guess...depending on what you want from it." Celeste stood her ears up and locked her eyes on his, her tail curling around her legs a bit before she only nodded some. "Lets eat something then get ready...the sooner your relaxed and getting your training the better it will be...hopefully." Celeste nodded again as she moved to help him fix some food. When they had eaten Dean gave her time to shower and change. She came back to him wearing some jeans and an old hoodie, looking nervous as he smiled and lead her out of the apartment, locking the door behind him before putting his keys into his jean pockets. He fixed his long sleeved shirt before leading her back to the club hoping this would go well.

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