A shy fox changes.

Story by DeathAvenged on SoFurry

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#2 of It's a crazy life.

Im starting to run out of titles for the stories. XD

Dean soon knocked on the door to the club. Shiva pulled the door open and let him in. She looked at Celeste as she followed him inside. Shiva shut the door and locked it then looked to the two of them. "Alright wolf boy any idea on how we do this?" Dean rolled his eyes and sighed. "Your the owner of the place Shiva...just put her in a uniform and help her to relax...she is jumpy and nervous...so take it easy on her." Dean turned and moved over to the bar to sit on one of the stools. Celeste lowered her ears some as she shuffled her feet against the floor of the club. Shiva sighed and shook her head as she watched Dean before looking to Celeste. "Alright kid come on." Celeste looked at the feline and quickly followed her towards the back of the club once more. Shiva stopped at a storage and supply room, walking into the room she grabbed a few different uniforms in different sizes. She then led Celeste to the changing rooms the dancers at the club used. "Here...find one that fits." Shiva set the uniforms down on a table before moving to a couch against one of the walls, sitting down and crossing her arms as she watched her. Celeste stood her ears up and stared at the feline in silence, her cheeks flaring up a bright pink. "Um...I.." Shiva grinned and rolled her eyes as she took a deep breathe, remembering what Dean had said moments before. "Relax...I am not going ot touch you hun. Besides you don't have anything that I have not seen before so go ahead."

Celeste bit her bottom lip lightly then nodded some. she took a deep breathe before kicking her shoes off. She pulled her hoodie off of her body, her fur fluffing up a bit. Celeste soon pulled off the tank top she had one under it and twitched her ears nervously. Celeste picked up one of the uniform tops, looking it over and taking note that she was going ot have to buy some new bras to wear. Shiva watched her, looking at her fur and the marking between her breasts. Shiva grinned some noting that Celeste was a lovely girl even with being as shy and nervous as she was. Shiva stood up and moved to some storage totes while Celeste undone her jeans and pushed them down, keeping her small pink panties on. Shiva soon returned to her with a box of bras and panties that had never been worn. " I keep a stock here for the girls that work here in case they need some...you need a bra. Your breasts are large...at least a D cup." Celeste blushed and covered her breasts with her hands, the fur along her tail standing up. Shiva chuckled and dug around in the box, pulling out a lavender lace bra. She moved behind Celeste and got her to move her hands so she could get the bra on her.

Shiva then moved back to the box and pulled out the matching panties, taking the tag and protective liner that store put in them out. She handed them to Celeste who blushed and took a deep breathe, pulling her pink ones off and quickly replacing them with the new ones. Shiva laughed softly as she watched her. "Celeste relax. No one is going ot tease you. If anything you will get your ass groped by customers trying to get you to go home with them." Celeste lowered her ears a bit and nodded some. Shiva took the box and put it up while Celeste found the pants to the uniform. She was about to pull them on when Shiva stopped her, looking at the markings along her hip. The feline looked thoughtful and grabbed the bottoms. "Hold on." Shiva left the room for a few minutes before returning with a short black skirt. She handed it to Celeste and watched her putting it on. Celeste took instant note of the skirt having nothing but open lace work on the hip to show off her markings. Shiva smiled and nodded in approval before letting Celeste pull on the top that fit her. Celeste wasn't sure on how much she liked the uniform with the top being tight against her body and low cut at the breasts. Shiva gently patted her shoulder and handed her a hair tie. "Pull your hair back in a low bun." Celeste nodded and done as she was told before putting her shoes back on. "oh no no no hun. Your going to have to wear heels." Celeste blinked a few times and looked at her.

"But...But I have never-" Shiva stopped her and moved to some shoe boxes among the outfits that were hanging along one of the walls. She pulled out different heels and found some wedge heels for her to wear. "Here try these during your training. Your going to have to get used to them kiddo...come on." Celeste lowered her ears and pulled the heels on then like a wobbly little deer she followed Shiva out. Shiva giggled and helped steady Celeste and walked slowly with her until she was walking a bit better then before. Dean stood his ears up and looked over to them when he heard them come back to the main floor of the club. He grinned some as he looked at Celeste with his head tilted to the side. "You look good...out of place but good." Celeste lowered her ears again and looked at him for a moment before rubbing the back of her neck.

Dean chuckled when Shiva walked over to him and swatted his shoulder a few times. Celeste smiled a bit as she watched them wondering if they were dating. Shiva turned back to Celeste and smiled to her then began to go over the rules of the club with her. " Just write down the orders on the note pad I will give you tonight when you come in with Dean. Stay in sight of Dean as much as you can. He is the bar tender but he also serves as security...he will help keep you safe...if you start to feel a bit uncomfortable then go behind the bar with Dean just stay out of his way." Celeste looked at her and nodded a bit. "y..Yes Ma'am." Shiva frowned and shook her head then smiled. " I am not old enough to be called that kiddo. Now walk around the club, get used to the lay out. I am going ot the bank...fuckers are trying to up the rates again and I plan on kicking some ass." Dean laughed as he watched her leave. Once they were alone he looked to Celeste and watched her as she walked around.

'Why in the hell are you helping her Dean? You have never let this happen before.' Dean felt confused as to what it was about the fox that made him want to help her. He watched her fur shining some in the light of the club, looking to the star markings along her neck and hip. He didn't realize he was staring until she spoke. "Dean?" The wolf shook his head a bit and looked her in the eyes before grinning some. "Sorry...lost in thoughts." Celeste flicked her tail around some and nodded a bit before sitting on a stool beside him. "Um...Dean...thanks...for giving me a bed and all this." She was looking down at her hands as she spoke to him. Dean raised a brow as he watched her before gently lifting her head up by her chin, looking her in the eyes once more before leaning in and kissing her cheek softly. "It is no problem...Your going to be fine tonight and safe...the people who work here are kinda like a family...they kick ass when needed." Celeste blushed darkly from the kiss to ehr cheek and only nodded a bit, looking floored. Dean laughed and sighed. "Go change and we will go back to the apartment. The club doesn't open till like eight when all the night owls come to play."

Celeste nodded and got off the stool only to stumble and let out a yelp. She fell but not without grabbing at the nearest thing which was Dean. The next thing that wolf knew he was on the floor over Celeste who had pretty much face planted the floor with Dean landing on her from her grabbing his arm on the way down. Dean shook his head a bit with a groan then lifted up some. "Holy...Celeste? You ok?" The fox whined a bit and nodded some with a huff. " I won't survive wearing heels..." Dean laughed a bit then stopped when she lifted up to get off the floor, her back pressing into him as she did. She blushed darkly and went stiff for a few minutes. Dean was taking a deep breathe as he looked down at her for a moment before quickly moving back and helping her up onto her feet. " I...I um...yeah kick them off and go change." Celeste blushed brightly and nodded as she took the heels off. She then hurried back to the changing room. She closed the door behind her and took in a deep breathe, shivering a bit. She stood there for a moment before shaking her head and quickly changing. She soon returned to him, blushing as she looked at him.

Dean blushed a bit himself and led her back to the apartment. Once there she pulled her hoodie off, leaving the tank top on. Dean watched her before shaking his head some. ' No no no...your 22 she is 17. Don't you dare.' Dean rubbed his forehead a bit and sighed softly as he moved to the kitchen for something to drink. Celeste blushed, glancing to him before biting her bottom lip lightly, remembering what it felt like for him to be pressed into her like before. She shivered at the thought and sighed knowing this was more then likely a bad bad idea on her part. She bit her bottom lip harder then moved into the kitchen, walking to him until she was standing in front of him. Dean set his drink down on the counter and looked at her for a moment before stiffening up as she hugged him tightly, her face buried into his chest.

The hug caught Dean off guard and it took him a moment before he reacted. He gently wrapped his arms around her and returned the hug, gently rubbing her back as he looked to her when she lifted her head. Celeste looked him in the eyes while still biting her bottom lip. Dean grinned and whispered softly to her as he gently pressed his thumb to her chin, pulling down so she would stop biting her lip. "Keep doing that and it will bleed..." Celeste blushed and was about to respond when Dean leaned in and pressed his lips to hers, kissing her softly. Dean couldn't help it, unable to stop himself as he hugged her a bit tighter when she returned the kiss. Dean growled softly and gently pinned her up against the fridge when she gripped him while her tongue pushed into his mouth. Dean shivered to the feeling, his tongue rubbing against her own before pulling back suddenly, moving back so there was a bit of distance between them. Both were panting and Celeste was blushing like mad. "I..I.." She folded her ears back and before he could stop her she turned and quickly ran to her room, closing the door behind her and laying her head back against the door. 'Holy fuck Celeste...you can't...you can't.' Dean cursed softly and ran his hand over his face then leaned back against the counter some with his eyes closed. Dean kept his distance from the fox knowing if she got close enough he would try to do more with her.

By that evening Celeste finally ventured out of her bedroom, pulling her hair back into a low braid as she did. Dean glanced to her from his spot on the couch. He was going to call for her but she saved him the trouble. "Ready to go back for your frist night?" Celeste looked to him and instantly blushed as she nodded a bit that she was. Dean smiled a bit and stood up. He was already wearing a black t-shirt with the clubs logo on the back with his jeans. He stretched and headed for the door with her following him. Within a few minutes they were walking into the club. Shiva looked to them and smiled. "Go get changed Celeste. The club opens soon." Celeste nodded and headed off away from the two of them. Shiva looked to Dean with a questioning look. He only shook his head and headed for the bar, moving behind it with a yawn coming from him.

Celeste came back out in the uniform. Shiva decided to let her go without the heels after Celeste told her about falling on her face early in the day. Celeste sat on a bar stool and waited with a nervous look on her face. Dean leaned over the bar and gently put his hand on her shoulder, both feeling a spark run ebtween them. Celeste turned and looked at him as he spoke softly. " Relax...it will be alright. I won't let anyone hurt you." Celeste blushed and nodded to him as she smiled a bit. Soon enough the dancers that worked at the club stepped up onto the stages in their costumes with the music beginning to run. Celeste looked to see Shiva at the door after opening it, checking the guests identification before letting them in.

Dean had to nudge Celeste a few minutes later to get her up and going. It took a few minutes before she found her voice with the first group of people she served. She got lucky, all of them were girls and friendly with her, letting her take the time she needed and telling her she was doing fine. Through out the next few hours Celeste relaxed enough that she got into the swing of the job up until she moved to the bar to take a break and watch Dean. By then a large male husky was sitting at the bar wearing a biker style outfit. He took one look at the fox when she sat down near by and watched Dean had her a bottle of water on his way to get someones drink order when a grin came to the huskys face. "Well now...your new here." Celeste stood her ears up and glanced to the male, her tail instantly curling around her legs tightly as she gave a little nod. "Not like Shiva to bring in someone shy...But I guess the fact your beautiful makes up for it." Celeste folded her ears back and toyed with the bottle of water. she wasn't sure on what to say and just gave a sheepish smile to the male. He chuckled softly and turned on the stool to face her. "When do you get off of work?" Celeste bit her bottom lip and began to move so she was standing. " I... I don't know yet..um. I got to get back to work.." The husky frowned and grabbed her wrist before she could walk off. He was about to say something when the sound of a glass hitting the bar startled them both. Celeste turned and saw Dean standing there glaring at the husky before he spoke. " Let her go...I will not tell you again." The husky growled and reluctantly let Celeste go. As soon as she was free she darted to the changing rooms to get out of sight.

Shiva came into the room after hearing about the husky. She gently patted her on the back of her shoulder and sat with her for a while till Deans shift for the night was done and was relieved by another bar tender. He came to the changing room and looked at Celeste. "Lets go home." The fox looked to him and nodded, letting him lead her back to the apartment without even bothering to change out of the uniform. When they got to the apartment Dean gently grabbed Celeste and hugged her from behind, sighing softly. "Sorry you got targeted your first night.." Celeste blushed, a bit surprised by the hug before turning her head and looking at him for a moment before she smiled and relaxed against him as she spoke. "It is ok Dean...you were there and stopped it like you promised me you would..." She pulled away from him and turned to face him, blushing as she looked at him. "Thank you for...not lying to me." Dean blinked and stared at her for a moment before taking a deep breathe. "Oh for the love of...fuck it." Celeste blinked and let out a soft gasp as he grabbed her and pulled her against him, his lips pressing into hers. Celeste blushed and returned the kiss without a second thought, her arms wrapping around him as he held her against him. When he broke the kiss he let out a low growl. "Don't run off this time.." Celeste blushed and let out a little yip when he lifted her up and carried her over to the couch, sitting down with her in his lap only to kiss her again.

Celeste let out a soft groan when he had her straddle his lap when he sat. She returned the kiss, gripping his shoulders only to pull on his shirt a bit as deepened the kiss with him before having to pull back for her breathe. "D...Dean...we shouldn't.." She lowered her ears and looked at him before Dean kissed her softly a few times, his hands moving down to her hips as he grinned some. "I know we shouldn't but...I want it badly...and judging by the fact your burning up and returning the attention...you want it just as badly." Celeste bit her bottom lip hard and looked at him as he tugged on her tail gently. "Uh uh...don't bite your bottom lip please." Celeste blushed and had a look of like something clicked in her. She locked eyes with him and smiled a bit. Dean raised a brow as he stared at her with a confused look. The words that came out of her mouth sent a chill down his spine. "Yes....Master..."

The night she met him.

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