Interlude: On "guard duty" (Southpaw chapter 3)

Story by Ramses on SoFurry

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It was a few hours past midnight, and the night sky was cloudy - so cloudy, there was no sign at all of the moon and the stars. There was a faint chill in the air, and Southpaw the Dalmatian had wrapped himself up tight in his blanket. His sword lay in its scabbard, but he hadn't bothered with buckling on the scabbard. Instead, his gear stood propped up against the tree stump which Southpaw was using as a chair. There'd been no sign of the enemy, and that was just fine with the young canine. He didn't want to find himself suddenly A) trying to free his arms from the warm confines of his blanket, and B) fumbling around in the dark for his weapon.

"I'm supposed to be on guard duty - on watch," Southpaw protested. He didn't really want to protest, but he felt he should.

"Yes," Jack agreed, nodding his head. "And I'm supposed to be asleep."

Just a few yards away, the other two members of their squad were sleeping soundly, each under their blankets. Vance, the genius Raccoon, was deep in his slumber. A tiny bubble of spit had formed on his lower lip. Kellen, the Minotaur who led the squad, was snoring softly, as his sleeping mind wandered freely in dreamland. There were any number of things Kellen might be dreaming about - males he'd been with, females he'd been with, the ongoing war, battles he'd been in, his idyllic childhood (the details of which he never shared with anyone because he felt it might clash with his 'tough guy' image).

Vance had taken the first watch, and Kellen the second. And now it was Southpaw's turn. And Jack (who, as he noted, should be sleeping) was wandering around their small campsite.

"We shouldn't even be talking," Southpaw said.

"That's true," Jack agreed, amiably. He sat down, cross-legged on the ground. "Instead of talking, we could kiss again."

"Don't tempt me," the young Dalmatian blushed.

"I'm sure you're right," Jack smiled. "We'd be deep in it, kissing madly and passionately - and suddenly, the enemy would come from - where? - there - they'd come over that hill, over there," Jack pointed to the spot. "We'd be ambushed! Taken by surprise." Clearly, he was enjoying his little joke.

"Yeah," Southpaw wanted to play along. "We'd be surrounded by, hmm, hundreds - no - _thousands _of soldiers."

"Lucky for us, Kellen would only need about four minutes to wake up and kill them all."

"Four?" Southpaw laughed. "More like two. Gods, he'd be so pissed off at us."

"I'll blame you," Jack joked. "He was supposed to be on guard duty! That's what I'll say."

"Wouldn't help. We'd both be in so much trouble," Southpaw grinned.

"So I guess we shouldn't kiss."

The young Dalmatian suddenly realized Jack wasn't wearing a shirt. His jacket was on, but it was completely unbuttoned.

Some Wolves had patterns in their fur. Others had shades of the same color running through it. Southpaw had once met a Wolf who had streaks of brown and black, plus two shades of gray. Jack, however, was all gray. His fur was dark gray, everywhere - except for his feet, paws, and muzzle, which were all a lighter shade of gray. Southpaw looked at Jack's black nose, his alert, rounded ears. He gazed, briefly, into Jack's brown eyes. Absently, Jack run a paw over his bushy Wolf's tail.

"You're not wearing a shirt," the Dalmatian pointed out the obvious. "And your jacket's not buttoned. Aren't you cold?"

"Not at all. And I think the real problem here, is, you're all hidden under that blanket." Jack replied.

Southpaw revealed his anxiety by quickly glancing over at Kellen, who slept on undisturbed.

Jack saw that, and said, "It's okay, you know. Nothing has to happen. I wasn't saying we should kiss, or anything. I was just teasing you."

"I know."

Southpaw felt conflicted. He really wanted to stand up, free himself from the blanket's prison, and take Jack in his arms. One the one paw, he was a member of the Guard - on duty, on watch, while his friends slept. On the other paw, what would be so wrong with just one kiss? A quick one. The sight of the Wolf's chest and stomach, his fur - the amused look in his eyes . . . Southpaw looked at Jack, and felt his stomach flutter.

I want to be more like Jack. What would Jack do, in this situation?

The Dalmatian stood up, and tried to shrug off the blanket. Jack rose to his feet, and went to offer assistance. As two sets of paws fumbled with the wrapped-tight blanket, two canine muzzles met . . . and, after a moment, two tongues slid along one another. As the worn, faded blanket fell to the ground, as the warm kiss went on and on, Southpaw found himself reaching for the Wolf's jacket. Jack, the bolder of the two, reached instead for Southpaw's pants.

(Besides, Jack - turned on as he was - was aware that they didn't have much time. They had to watch out for the enemy, after all - and aside from that, Jack didn't want to wake up Kellen. Someday, Jack told himself. Someday, we'll do this and take all the time we want to.)

Southpaw felt himself getting hard - Jack's body heat was pouring into him, he could taste the Wolf's saliva, his tongue, his lips - and gods, the feel of Jack's paws sliding down his zipper . . . . Southpaw ended the kiss, and looked down. He ran his paws - slowly - down Jack's furry stomach. He then gripped the Wolf's belt, which he quickly unbuckled.

The two canines made eye contact, and both realized that no words were needed.

Jack soon had Southpaw's pants fully unzipped and unbuttoned - he started squeezing the Dalmatian's hardening cock through the fabric of the underwear. The dog moaned, softly, and hastened to return the favor. He tugged Jack's pants down, just a bit, then he hooked a finger in the waistband of Jack's underwear. With his right paw, he gently massaged Jack's cock. His pulse and breath both speeding up, he reached into Jack's underwear and took his penis in his paw. Jack shivered with pleasure. Starting to feel giddy, Southpaw tugged down the Wolf's underwear, exposing Jack's pulsing, fully erect cock to the chilly night air. The Wolf's dick was dark gray, matching the majority of his fur. Southpaw studied it for a delicious moment, guessing it was probably just a bit longer than his own (he'd measured, once, years ago, and his dick when fully hard was almost exactly six inches long). Jack's cock was also thicker, and Southpaw ached to again hold it in his paw.

As the Dalmatian paused, in his appreciation, Jack took action - he slid down the dog's pants and underwear. With an intense longing, he gazed at the slender, erect penis before him, at the plump balls with their light dusting of white fur. He then lifted up Southpaw's shirt, ran a warm paw over the black dots on the dog's stomach.

There was - for a moment - one slight problem. Jack reached out with his right paw, grasping the Dalmatian's turgid, pulsing cock. At the same time, Southpaw reached out with his left paw (he'd gotten the nickname Southpaw for a reason, after all). As the two canines were facing each other, and were both about the same height, their arms (one right, one left) met in roughly the same space.

With a giddy laugh (he couldn't believe how good he felt, almost light-headed from pleasure), Southpaw switched to his right paw. Briefly, he cupped the Wolf's balls, felt them, weighed them, gently squeezed them. Then he started stroking Jack's hard cock - slowly, then faster and faster. He began masturbating Jack - and, soon, Wolf and Dalmatian were jerking each other off.

Both canines were excited, breathing faster - and neither took his time, both slid their paws over each other's cocks faster, faster. They only slowed down for a moment, in order to rub their paws in each other's pre, smearing it around, using it as lubrication.

"Ahhh - I'm - I'm gonna -" Southpaw broke the silence first. He let go of Jack's throbbing dick, and turned quickly to his side.

Jack sped up even more, masturbating the Dalmatian even faster - and soon, the dog's orgasm hit. It shook his entire body. His cum shot out, arced into the air, fell to the ground. By some miracle, none of it splashed on his pants, which were now bunched below his knees. Southpaw shivered, felt his body relax after the intense orgasm had caused nearly all his muscles to clench. Jack kept a paw on the dog's cock, he played with it until the last drop of cum slipped out.

Southpaw released a long, happy sigh, then he turned his attention to Jack. Now using his left paw, he reached out for the thick, hard cock. He placed his right on the Wolf's hip.

Soon, Jack was shuddering and holding back a gasp, as his own orgasm took him in its grip. Southpaw watched the cum shoot out - he almost got hard again, just from seeing it. As Jack stood, panting, shaking a bit, Southpaw made sure every drop of warm semen came out. He wanted it to last. He didn't want to let go, he wanted to hold Jack's cock in his warm, furry paw for as long as he could.

Afterwards . . . . after pants had been pulled up, after a quick check confirmed that Vance and Kellen were still sleeping - and after Southpaw and Jack realized that the enemy hadn't come over the hill in a wave of thousands . . . . the two leaned into each other, tired, happy, spent.

They sat down on the ground, with their backs to the tree stump.

"I did lie about one thing," Jack said.

"Oh?" Southpaw was surprised.

"I was kind of cold, standing there with my shirt off."

"Idiot," Southpaw teased his friend, with a smile.

"I know," Jack grinned,

"C'mon, we'll share the blanket."

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