Mistress, Please?

Story by Drianazz on SoFurry

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It was no secret I was a jealous bitch. Not the typical jealous type that pretended that I wasn't. I used to spend a lot of time on Second Life walking up and down the paths of Sensual Tails. I had a reputation to uphold. Eagerness was what I was often given and a set of leashes, everyone that came knew nothing about respect. Bouncing from Masters or Mistresses to the next best thing. I had that problem. Here I waited on the center stage working on the dance pole to entertain my time until he walked in. When he did, his head was bowed down looking to the floor and his husky tail between his legs.

He must of felt the glare of my eyes and approached kneeling down by the stage awaiting till I spoke to him. He had to be punished for the way he behaved, running off with a little doe tramp and forgetting that I came first. My needs came first before his dick.

"Hello Mistress." He mumbled towards me.

"I didn't hear you. What was that?" Rhetorical but necessary with the sound of the club's music.

"Hello Mistress." He said loud enough for those to hear.

"Much better." Leaving the stage I leashed his collar tugging it as I walked towards the back rooms of the club. Between the sensual private rooms and the well prepared dungeon in which I tended to favor. Especially when it came to punishing my pets. He tried to pull his leash out of my grip as we stepped into the dark room, "I suggest you behave and handle what is coming to you. Pick a table and bend over." Panic danced in his eyes as I walked in front of him over to the wall that held all my favorite tools. Tapping my boot on the floor letting the sounds fill up the silence. It was hard not to notice my impatience with him.

Reluctantly he did as he was told and picked the metal one with the comfortable leather straps used for binding and cuffs. He set his hands over the coolness of it and bent over like the good bitch that he was. Well except that he was a huskie with black marking up his back and white front, his eyes were what always drew me to him. Debating with an enema to shove up his ass, perhaps something cold in particular, a branding poker and tail. It was really hard to weigh my choices.

Taking all three I prepared the enima as I walked to where he stood ready and waiting, I didn't give him a warning but lined the enema to his virgin pucker pouring in the cold liquid until the bottle was empty, I couldn't help but smile as some of it dripped down his tailhole to his balls making him gasp and shiver. "Shh.." I coaxed him as I pressed the butt plug tail into him. He was about to learn the definition of being stuffed. It took a little relaxing and a hard shove to force the tail butt plug in, he whimpered and begged for me not to take his pucker but he didn't have that right. His dirty hole was mine, but I left it at that, letting him feel the strong sensation of needing to push the enema and the toy down. Reaching down to caress his balls in my hand, digging my nails into the sensitive sack gently massaging and tugging his balls in my hand until he flinched.

"Mistress, please?" He begged softly, concentrating on the pressure of the pain and pleasure his loins were shooting into his region having awakened his cock fully and it made it hard to ignore his stuffed ass. I was aching to have him. to have his cock, pussy dripping as I pressed against his back kissing gently. My tits were heavy with milk and in dire need to have them milked. "Please what?" I hissed at him in a wolfish growl. Standing at 5'2 with nothing but white fur and a dominating personality, he knew that begging was a major turn on.

I parted my legs a little more letting my scent fill the air enough to make him hump the table forgetting the pain of my claws. He was such a horn dog. I liked it. Kissing his shoulder gently as I reached around with my free hand wrapping around his cock jerking him off. His body wasn't as masculine but it felt like heaven feeling every single muscle twitch as I worked my hand up and down his cock. Faster I stroked him as the heat of my pussy was growing. It could almost burn the inside of my thighs. Finally letting go of his balls, I bit across his shoulders and back having my hand between my legs as I rubbed my clit. It was a tiny little bead swollen to its extend. Moaning softly I bit down on his lower back side leaving my wolf fang marks.

Trembling against him as I rubbed my sensitive button, the pleasure was indescribable, pressing my legs tightly together as my calf muscles twerked on their own accord. I knew I was hitting every nerve just right, knees threatening to buckle my weight down, it felt amazing, so good, just the right spot. I huffed as I pressed my forehead to his spine having my hand around his prick pump up and down faster, using the pre of his cock as lube making it easier. His musk was thick and strong enough to make me rub my cit faster. I needed to cum. I needed this. He needed to understand that he wouldn't get the pleasure of making me cum with his tongue or his cock. I was close.

Gritting my teeth as I was getting closer and closer only my strained breaths and his panting filled the room. He was trying to press back against me like he was trying to turn around and I gave him another bite. "Shut it and stay still like the good bitch you are." I demanded as my knees did buckle then and there, my eyes rolled back and I was clinging to his cock feeling him cum with me as I squeezed my pussy walls really feeling the orgasmic pulsing and I was left seeing spots. As I struggled to compose myself I licked my fingers of all the juices. He was eagerly anticipating my instruction, as if I was going to let him clean me up, but he seemed to have forgotten the fact he was here under punishment.

Taking the branding tool I had brought earlier, neer like the ones I used before, this one sparked to life as soon as anyones hand wrapped around the handle. Letting a minute pass as a slow smile spread across my lips, "Get on the table. Arms up over your head and keep them clasped together until I say otherwise. Am I clear?"

He obliged with a 'Yes Mistress.' I looked at the tail dangling from his stretch tailhole making it hard not to resist his delightful ass. "Count out loud." instructing as I stepped quietly in my boots until I was sure the brand was ready. Listening to him count as I spread a little oil of sorts to not ruin his fur across his ass.

"I do not need you. It is you who needs me. That is why you do as I say. Your was is broken. You need me to break you down completely so I can rebuild you properly. You need me to teach you how to be disciplined so that you do not run off with anyone who shows you a little bit of attention. You need to obey me without question. Every time you decide to act out, misbehave it hurts your relationship with me." With the words dangling thick in the air I pressed the burning tip to his ass hearing his whines, yelps and cries of pain before I removed it. The proud letters of 'P.O.L' stood in a bright red color on his behind.

"I do not have to care about you to dominate you. I do not have to like you. I will get someone better then you and they will become someone special to me if you are dare to repeat your little stunt. Pressing my buttons by deliberately disobeying and neglecting my needs isn't going to get you out of punishment either." I tried not to laugh at his pathetic whimpers as I put the tool away having ran my hands over his thigh. He dares to not ask for a moment to relieve himself and some of the fluid was dripping from his asshole. Glaring at him, "Get up and empty yourself before you make a mess on my table!"

He scurries off like the dog that he was with his tail tucked between his legs. Taking the time to prepare myself as I needed to be milked, my tits where very full and feeling heavier than normal, he returned to find me waiting at the milking station. Except it wasn't about to be used for me. He liked to breed the sluts around this club, so what better than his seed for better use, he crawled on his hands and knees across the dungeon. His obedience wasn't about to get him out of the trouble he was in. Nice try. Stopping short at my boots, "Kiss each one." He obeys trying to keep me pleased. Bending down enough to have my swollen tits smother his muzzle I took the hose of the machine strapping it around his waist and clasping it to his cock.

"If you stay still. I'll be very eager to give you a taste of my milk." cooing ever so sweetly into his ear as the machine came to life. Squeezing and releasing only to tighten the hold of his cock, I pressed my tits to his face smothering him. Trying not to smoosh them up fully in case milk decided to spurt out like a water fountain, his breaths became choppy and short. He focused hard on her tits, licking his lips and the sides of her breasts, "Mistress, please?" He begged as he humped his hips to the hose having his cock get pumped vigorously, the suction getting tighter around his cock until it was pulling on it to its full extend. Reaching down I stroked his balls feeling them get tighter and tighter, I placed kisses and bites along his chest and neck until he yipped in excitement dumping his breeding seed into the hose.

One load of many more to come. Gripping my tit in my left hand I ran my nipple across his lips watching as little beads of milk were left formed, "Want a taste puppy?" Coaxing him as he parted his lips taking in my nipple. I groaned at the warmth of his mouth as he latched onto it, suckling hard to drain me of my milk. I arched into him, moaning in pleasure of the release, sliding my hand into his hair as I forced his head back pressing my tit more into his mouth. The way my milk flowed through my breast had my pussy aching, again I found comfort in the touch of my own hand. Rubbing my pussy lips against the host that vibrated against the clenching and releasing of his dick.

Each movement of my hips had the hose vibrating in all the right places, using my fingers to spread my mound exposing my clit as I rubbed it slowly in gentle circles until I felt my tit drained. He clasped it as I demanded he latched to the other dripping one. My milk was precious to him. He wasn't about to let any go to waste. He licked from the rolling drops all the way to my nipple. Aggressively biting down and sucking on my swollen nipple soothing my ache as he squeezed and squished my tits together.

Moaning the name of my pet, the way I gasped and pleaded for him to drink more, his humping became harder to ignore until I found myself laying on my back. He wasn't allowed to remove the hose without my consent, but it didn't stop him from shoving his fingers inside of my pussy. Pumping them in and out hard and fast. Jerking my body forward as I screamed in ecstasy for him to go harder as I rubbed my clit faster squeezing my thighs to his sides. Eyes rolling to the back of my head, digging my claws into his back with my free hand, those lovely black spots returned. Swarming every bit of my vision till I saw nothing but a metallic silvery replace all the color of the room as my body exploded in high ecstasy climax. Forgetting to breathe, forgetting the simple concept of where I was or the way my mind worked, I collapsed on the floor blacking out for good.

It felt like hours until I came around, feeling the rough licks across my overly sensitive pussy, whimpering softly as I moaned for more. My body felt heavy, every muscle jumped at every lick, "Relax Mistress, I'll take care of you."

The end.

Written for Hiero Kasumoto

Written by Driana Le Souris

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