Can't hide forever.

Story by DeathAvenged on SoFurry

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#8 of Her Escape

Crystal goes into heat for the first time in a long while and Dale finds them. Not sure on what he will do but eh it will come to me. Hope you all enjoy.

Crystal shifted a bit in the bed with a soft sigh coming from her. It had been a few days since coming to the cabin with Jason and Bonnie was sending them updates on Dale flipping out and demanding that she be found. Crystal didn't pay attention. She was surprisingly happy to be at the cabin with Jason and wished it would never end. Crystal shifted again when she felt Jasin kissing along her shoulder softly to wake her up, smiling when she purred heavily for a few seconds before opening her eyes and looking at him after rolling to face him. "We should go back need to file for divorce and get it over with...I know it is dangerous but we can't hide forever." Crystal lowered her ears for a moment before taking a deep breathe and nodding a bit in agreement. "Do you know a place we can hide near town?" Jason bit his bottom lip a bit before giving a soft shrug. "Look we can stay a few more can make some calls and see what you need to do and such to get out of the marriage." Crystal smiled some and nodded before kissing him softly a few times before nuzzling into him as he hugged her against him.

Jason laid there with her for sometime before his brother knocked on the front door of the cabin. Jason groaned and moved out of the bed and pulled on his jeans before going to the door and letting him into the cabin with a small smile. Jason moved with him into the kitchen to get some drink. "What is up Scott?" Jason sat with him at the table with some drink as his brother leaned back a bit. "Dale pulled some strings apparently...the Gym and your apartment have been majorly trashed." Jason folded his ears back. He was about to say something when he heard Crystal who had walked out wearing one of his sweat shirts. "I..he won't stop till he gets what he wants." Jason stood up and moved to her, gently putting his hands on her shoulders as he looked at her. "Don't you even think about it Crystal. You go back to him and it will be worse then before...the apartment. Those can be rebuilt but if something happens to you.." Crystal lowered her ears and pressed her head into his chest. Scott took a deep breathe and stood up. " can stay here as long as you both know that. If you need work then I can pull strings in town for the two of you." Crystal lifted her head and looked at Scott for a moment before nodding some.

Scott hung around to help keep Crystal calm for a while before he had to head to work. Crystal leaned against the kitchen counter, toying with a tooth pick as she took a deep breathe. Jason watched her from the table in silence before grabbing his phone and calling Bonnie. "Hey..Bonnie can you do me a favor? Go to the court house and get the information Crystal needs to file for divorce...hell bring the paperwork to us this weekend if you can...I am not going to let her come back anytime soon...not while Dale is on his rampage." After a few minutes he hung up and almost jumped when Crystal hugged him tightly from behind, nuzzling her head against his with a soft purr coming from her. Jason relaxed and smiled, turning his head to kiss her cheek softly a few times before getting up and walking with her back to the bedroom to relax. Later that afternoon Scott left him a message that they owuld start work at a local store the next morning.

Jason and Crystal both ended up falling asleep soon after, neither stirring till early the next morning. Crystal took a quick shower before moving to get dressed. Jason was already waiting after getting dressed. He walked with her to the Jeep and getting in with her before driving to the store they were to be working at. It didn't take long for them to fall into the rythm of how things worked and it was all going rather well till something off hit Crystal. The fur along her tail stood on end for a few seconds. She looked around for a moment with confusion before she went back to folding clothing to put on a shelf display. When she was let go for lunch she ran off to find Jason, her ears folded back against her head. When she found him he was getting ready to go to lunch. Jason let out a gasp when she grabbed his hand tightly and pulled him towards the back of the store into a storage room. She closed the door behind them and locked it. Jason shook his head some and looked at her with confusion as she stared back at him.

"Crys-" He stumbled back when she hugged him tightly while kissing him deeply with a soft growl coming from her. Jason went a bit wide eyed before returning the kiss as he moved back into a chair that was in the room. He pulled her into his lap with a growl of his own as he deepened the kiss with her, his tongue pushing into her mouth to rub against her own as he gripped her ass through her jeans. Crystal let out a soft muffled moan into the kiss, grinding her hips into his own hard a few times. Jason moved his hands to the front of her pants, pulling them open. He stuck his hand into her pants as well as her panties feeling she was soaking wet. He growled as she pulled back to take a deep breathe, his cock already hard in his pants. "Crystal...we cant...not here. Your going to have to wait.." Crystal almost whined and nuzzled him knowing if he knotted with her it would be a while for them. "F...fuck Jason I...please at least." Jason nodded and pushed two of his fingers into her pussy without another word. She let out a moan and buried her face into his neck, moving her hips on his fingers hard and slow as he curled them inside her, his finger tips brushing against her G-spot. He had to fight off the fact her scent was getting to him as he shut his eyes tightly. He pressed his palm into her clit hard, letting her grind against his hand as he fingered her.

Crystal panted against his neck as she held onto his shoulder, shaking a bit as she rode against his fingers. Jason hit his fingers against her G-spot hard a few times before she suddenly bit down on his shoulder with a loud muffled cry of pleasure as her orgasm hit her, her pussy clamping down hard on his fingers and squeezing them tightly as her juices gushed over his fingers. She jerked her hips hard a few times before she went still, panting heavily and growling as she let go of his shoulder. Jason folded his ears back and nuzzled his head against her own before whispering. "G...Go get cleaned up...fuck..Crystal...J..Just..." Crystal only nodded and moaned when he finally pulled his fingers from her pussy. When he pulled his hand back she slowly stood up and lowered her ears, glad her pants were black in color as she buttoned them. Jason pulled her to him and kissed her deeply for a moment before letting her go.

Jason had to stay in the storage room and help himself after that before slipping out and going back to work, both working feverishly to get done. When their shift was over Crystal almost ran to the Jeep and waited on Jason. When he came out and got in she had to fight from jumping into his lap. "C..Cabin NOW!!" Crystal blushed as she looked over at him before he started the car and headed off. He almost broke the speed limit getting back to the cabin. When he finally pulled up and parked Crystal growled and moved into his lap. She wasn't going to wait for him to get out and go into the cabin. She began grinding into his lap hard as she kissed him deeply with a muffled moan. Jason was already undoing his jeans after pushing her back enough that he could work. Once his cock was free from his pants he kissed her again, reaching to get the seat pushed back as far as it would go to give him leg room.

Crystal got out of his lap long enough to alost rip her jeans and panties off, throwing them into the back seat before moving into his lap once more. She didn't give him a chance to say anything as she lowered her pussy onto his cock and shivered hard with a moan coming from the both of them. Jason gripped her hips as she began grinding herself on his cock, starting to ride him hard as she held onto his shoulders tightly. "F..fuck Crystal.." She felt hot to him as well as tighter then before. He gripped her hips tightly and bucked his hips up, thrusting his cock up into her a few times as she let out another loud moan. She was blushing furiously as she closed her eyes tightly with pants coming between her moans. She was starting to speed up her movements on his cock, the soft thud sounds of her landing on him beginning to fill the jeep along with the wet sounds of her riding him. Jason shuddered as his cock throbbed hard inside of her, his claws digging into her hips from his grip he had on her.

Crystal didn't even notice the pain from his claws. She was riding him as hard and fast as she could, her breasts bouncing under her shirt as she let out loud moans. "Jason..I...I." She was trying to tell him she was feeling close. She let out a growl when he pulled her into a kiss, muffling her moans as he pushed his tongue into her mouth to rub against her own. She was starting to tighten up a bit more as her movements began to get almost frantic. Jason could feel his knot hitting her pussy lips with each impact she made on him and knew he was going to cum soon. He grabbed ahold of her hips as hard as he could before pulling her down hard enough that his knot stretched her open and popped into her, locking the two together. Crystal broke the kiss as she cried out in pleasure, her orgasm hitting her and making hte fur along her tail stand on end as she rode him hard while her juices washed over his cock and knot. Jason let out a grunt and tried to keep her held down as his cock throbbed hard as he released, cumming hard inside of her before they went still. Crystal laid against him as she panted heavily while Jason felt around the door of the car before hitting hte button to roll the windows down then relaxing as he laid his head back against his seat with his eyes shut. "Holy fuck Crystal." He took a deep breathe, blushing darkly as he began to relax under her. Crystal blushed as well and only shook her head some as she closed her eyes.

The two stayed like that until he was able to pull out. They quickly went into the cabin and spent the rest of the evening in bed with Crystal jumping him more then once, even knocking him out of the bed by accident at one point. By the next morning they were relaxed and sleeping soundly after Jason had called into the store to let them know they would be coming in the next day instead. Crystal didn't stir until a knock sounded against the front door. Jason patted her hip to let her know it was alright as he got up and pulled on his pants before going to the front door. When he opened it Bonnie was standing there with a smile. Jason grinned and chuckled. "Damn you move fast." The mouse giggled and walked into the cabin, sitting on the couch with him in the living room as she handed him a large folder with the paperwork Crystal needed to divorce Dale. Jason smiled as he thanked her again while she nodded some. "She is alright?" Jason nodded some as he looked at her, chuckling. "Yeah...she is happier here then she was there...and more relaxed. Once she is divorced she can get her own life and such." Bonnie nodded and smiled, standing up and stretching out a bit with a soft groan. " Good. I am going to my hotel for the night then heading back in the morning. Dale is still pissed off...and I am sure you know about the attack on your gym..." Jason sighed and nodded some as he stood up, setting the folder on the coffee table while he grumbled. " I know. Scott told me yesterday would be easier to go through this if he wasn't blowing sunshine up the cops asses and we could show how he is towards her." Bonnie nodded as she rubbed the back of her ear a bit before she looked to him. "Crystal is...a sweetheart and I guess she hoped in the beginning it would stop. But she is happy with you...I haven't seen her smile as big before." Jason smiled to her and nodded some before walking her to the front door, letting her out. "Be careful Bonnie and steer clear of Dale until this is all over with." Bonnie nodded and left with a smile.

As Jason shut the door while Bonnie was driving off he didn't notice they were being watched from a distance. Hidden in some bushes was a black feline, his short tail twitching as he pulled his phone out and brought up Dale's number. " Found her...she is shacked up in a cabin with that wolf...Yeah I have the address and will send it to you...some mouse chick just left. Had a big folder in her hands when she went in...alright I will see you when you get here." The feline hung up and left to get back to his hotel room while Dale was getting his car and heading off as soon as he was sent the address to the cabin and had it punched into his GPS, hell bent on dragging Crystal back by her tail if he had to.

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