There is no safe place.

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#9 of Her Escape

It is a short one I know but I am working on more for these two.

A few days passed since Crystal had gone into heat at work. They made up for the missed day of work by going over time which Crystal didn't seem to mind and she seemed to enjoy having an actual job. She was sitting in the break room at the store with Jason who yawned and stretched out in his seat with a soft groan coming from him. Crystal purred and smiled as she chuckled softly before finishing the drink she had been sitting on. They had been going about their days like normal, relaxed and happy with each other but neither knowing Dale had been in town and was watching from a distance for the time being. Crystal had filled out the divorce papers Bonnie brought for her then handed them to Jason to put in a safe place till they could get back into their town to file them and get the process rolling. Jason groaned and stood up, rubbing the back of his neck before looking at her and smiling. "They are letting me off early tonight. I am going to go grocery shopping while your shift finishes then come back to pick you up alright?" Crystal nodded and purred, standing up and hugging him with a soft nuzzle to his head before he kissed her softly then moved to clock out and leave. Crystal had been given closing shifts at the store and was stuck hanging out there to clean up and get things back in order before turning out the lights and locking the doors as she left.

Crystal walked with Jason to the front of the store with a purr as he gently rubbed one of her ears before kissing her forehead and heading out. Crystal grinned some and moved to the check out to take over for another worker so they could take their break. Crystal worked rather quickly with the customers as she got them checked out with a smile until she saw something that made her heart almost stop. She had looked up to watch the store after the small rush of customers had left when she saw him standing among the racks of clothing watching her with his eyes narrowed. Her ears folded back as she locked eyes with Dale, her fur beginning to stand up slowly wondering if she was really seeing him or just being paranoid. She finally had to look away when another customer came to check out. When she finished with them she looked back to see he was gone. She took a few deep breathes telling herself she was just paranoid now that she had filled out the divorce papers.

Crystal remained there at the store for another half an hour before closing the doors for the night. She still had to clean up the shop and wait for Jason to return for her. She left the shop doors unlocked but flipped the sign from open to closed so no one would walk in. She turned and began picking up discarded clothing and hangers, tossing them into an empty shopping cart to sort through them the next morning. as she was moving through the clothing Dale jumped out from behind a rack of clothing, grabbing at Crystal and pulling her down to the floor, snarling as he covered her mouth with one hand while the other gripped her throat tightly. Crystal kicked and grabbed at a display, pulling it over with them as she was drug down to the floor. Dale grinned and spoke into her ear. "Time to come home dear..." His claws were starting to break her skin as he gripped her throat. Crystal grabbed a mannequins arm, breaking it off of the body before flinging it blindly until she made contact with Dales head. Dale hissed as he let go of Crystal while pulling back and shaking his head a bit. Crystal scrambled to her feet, knocking over a small rack of child's clothing as she ran for the door with tears rolling down her cheeks.

Dale was right behind her, grabbing her by her hair right before she could get to the door. The two collided into the door, cracking the glass a bit from the impact. Dale growled and pulled back on her hair hard, forcing her head back as he took a deep breathe. "You can come willingly or I will knock your stupid ass out and drag you back!" Crystal panted heavily before slamming her foot down on top of his as hard as she could making him yell out in pain. She shoved him back away from her, running out of the store as fast as seh could right when Jason was pulling into the parking lot. He slammed on the breaks and watched her sprinting to the car, jerking the door open as she climbed in and yelled for him to drive. Jason gave her a confused look but done what she told him as he headed out of the parking lot. As he drove away from the shop Dale stepped out, growling in anger at the fact she had gotten away again. As Jason headed back to the cabin Crystal was silent with tears streaming down her cheeks. When they got back she headed into the cabin, rubbing her head. Jason folded his ears back, bringing in the grocery bags before going to the bedroom and checking on her. "Crystal what in the world is going on?"

Crystal was sitting on the bed running her fingers through her hair a few times before she looked at Jason with her ears down against her head. " Dale was in the store Jason...he...he waited until I was cleaning up after closing and attacked..." Jason folded his ears back and snarled, moving to her and sitting with her as he hugged her against him tightly and gently rubbing along the back of her head slowly a few times while she held onto him as tightly as she could. Jason growled softly the entire time he sat there with her, his hand rubbing along her back slowly as she closed her eyes. He didn't leave her side until she fell asleep. He moved her to lay her down and gently covered her up before going to the kitchen to put things away. He called their boss to let him know of the attack and asking if he had security cameras in the store. Jason grinned when he was told they did and they were in working order. Jason asked for a copy from that night having plans of exposing Dale as the monster he was.

When he was done with the food items being put away and the phone call he went back to the bedroom after locking the cabin up, checking all the windows and doors twice before joining Crystal in the bed and holding her close while kissing along her cheeks and forehead a few times before he relaxed to fall asleep. Crystal was relaxed for a while until the early hours of the next morning when she began whimpering in her sleep. Jason shifted some and opened his eyes, looking at her for a moment before gently shaking her awake. She stood her ears up as she looked at him before taking a deep breathe and rolling over onto her back, staring up at the ceiling with a worried look on her face. "It will be alright Crystal...he will get his ass handed to him in more then one way if I see to it." crystal looked at him in silence before gently kissing his lips a few times and nodded. Jason smiled to her as he gently pet her head, kissing her cheek before he hugged her against him once more. "Sleep Crystal...your safe here with me." She purred and curled her tail around his leg softly as she closed her eyes, holding herself against him a bit more as she fell back to sleep with a soft sigh, unable to stop herself from worrying over Dale knowing he was in town now and after her.

Can't hide forever.

Crystal shifted a bit in the bed with a soft sigh coming from her. It had been a few days since coming to the cabin with Jason and Bonnie was sending them updates on Dale flipping out and demanding that she be found. Crystal didn't pay attention....

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Attack in the Library.

A few days passed since Belle and Andy had been on the school roof together. It was now Monday morning and Andy was rushing to get ready. He and Belle had been up with each other studying for tests until they passed out cold against each other. Andy...

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A shy fox changes.

Dean soon knocked on the door to the club. Shiva pulled the door open and let him in. She looked at Celeste as she followed him inside. Shiva shut the door and locked it then looked to the two of them. "Alright wolf boy any idea on how we do this?"...

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