Deviant Pack (2) - Home Sweet Home

Story by Tristanna on SoFurry

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#2 of The Deviant Pack

The second wonderful episode in the continuing saga of the Deviant Pack, after Alexandria's long and stressful night she's ready to simply come home, meet her roommates, and get some sleep, but unfortunately things never go as planned, and in this case, not even remotely.

The sun slowly began to climb to its perch, shining down upon the watery landscape the sky had left behind during the night. Alexandria had a joy in her step she had never had before, quickly walking down the street from work with what little possessions she had in a large duffel bag, to find her new home. She passed business and condo alike with an almost never ending bleak hatred, until suddenly she finally found it, nuzzled between two very large buildings was an old three story victorian styled cottage with chipped paint and clear structural issues appearing on the front of the building.

The young wolf pulled herself together, and calmly began to walk up to the front door. Inside she could hear two people yelling, and although it sounded like Henrietta and Greg, she was unsure, but she could hear one voice getting louder coming towards the door. "...In the face this wouldn't have happened, and I wouldn't have had to grab Michael!" The door swung open with Greg yelled back into the cottage, his focus at someone inside while getting his tie neat and straight, nearly running into Alexandria, "I'M ALMOST ALREADY LATE NO-". He stood for a moment nearly on top of the young wolf covered in fear of her hearing the entire conversation. "You must be the new roommate right?" Greg asked, still a bit shaken. Alexandria slowly nodded her head, her eyes void of emotion while she focused on his tie. "Well I'm Greg, love to stay and chat, but SOMEONE DECIDED TO GO OUT LAST NIGHT FOR SOME GOD DAMN BEER" he screamed into the cottage before walking down the road in a hurry.

Alexandria slowly walked into the cottage and closed the door. The first room looked to be the living room with a set of stairs directly on the right that led upstairs, with two large brown satin couches, a coffee table with several empty beer bottles, and a large TV that was off. On one of the couches was Michael laying on his back, his button up shirt hanging off of an antler, his pants unbuttoned but still on, and one sock on his left foot. The young wolf could hear rustling in the kitchen just beyond the living room, so she proceeded after placing her duffel bag next to the empty couch. Upon entering the kitchen she could see Henrietta, but this time the feline was only wearing a black t-shirt and black skirt that reached just past her knees, showing her short cut red hair, and her near pale fur. Her tail was poised up, moving back and forth seemingly to a beat with several hair bands in various colors separating her tail fur, each in almost a perfect distance between them. In front of the feline was a pile of dishes in the sink nearly towering over her of various plates, bowls, cups, mugs, and silverware.

"Morning" Alexandria said, as she walked into the kitchen. Henrietta immediately turned around with such force that the dish in her hand flew into the wall next to Alexandria and smashed into pieces. The young wolf jumped back into the doorway, trying desperately not to fall, clinging onto the edge she was leaning on. Both just looked at each other in stark fear, neither moving nor speaking a word, until Alexandria began to slide down and finally landed on the floor, losing consciousness. If fur reacted to emotions, the young wolf would have been a ghost. The commotion awoke Michael, who jumped off the couch in a hurry and attempted to run to the kitchen, unfortunately his pants drifted slightly down causing him to trip and land directly next to Alexandria. He looked over and saw the broken plate and the young wolf on the floor, and began to panic.

"You killed her! You killed the girl from the Rust Barn!" Michael screamed, trying to get himself and his pants up. Henrietta was still overcome with terror, looking between Alexandria and Michael frantically. "Jesus Christ what do we do" Michael exclaimed, trying to get himself together. "I-I-I-I... I-I'm going to ask the forums" panicked Henrietta, running over to the living room. A moment later she came back into the kitchen with a tablet, quickly scrambling over it and typing. "We need to call an ambulance, maybe they can save her" Michael said, shaking and trying to pull out his phone. Henrietta looked up and then smacked his hand down, "NO!" They both looked at each other in fear, "You call and then they link us to trying to steal last night and they'll think we did this because of some blackmail or something, then we'll go to jail for who knows what else" she explained, staring him down. "We just need to be rational and wait to see what the forum can come up with and then go from there". "You know they really have bad answers to your life sometimes" Michael responded with a sigh, "Maybe we should just call Greg" "Really? And tell him what? 'Hey Greg, sorry to bother you at work but we just murdered that lady who rented out the room, what should we do?'"

Henrietta let out a yawn and sat down against the fridge, still scrolling over her tablet. Michael, finally a bit more calm, went back out to the living room and sat down, moved a few beer bottles over and grabbed the remote, and turned on the news. After a few minutes of weather he began to doze off, when suddenly Henrietta nudged him on the shoulder, "I found our problem, I just need you to get her into the bathtub". Half asleep, Michael simply got up and went with it. He slowly picked up Alexandria and walked into the bathroom with her, and placed her into the empty tub. "Okay so, now what, we use water and electricity to shock her back to life?" Henrietta giggled, "Of course not, we're going to make an acid mix and destroy the body". Michael's eyes immediately grew, "WE'RE GOING TO WHAT?" he screamed. "IT'S NOT LIKE SHE'S A HORSE! WE CAN'T JUST DESTROY HER BODY". "You wanted to know the best idea, this was it" Henrietta replied, "Just gotta figure out how to make this stuff, pretty sure we have bleach and some lighter fluid..." Michael was in disbelief, but he knew that she was right if he wanted to forever enjoy the many tastes of ale and beer the outside world had to offer. He slowly nodded with a tear down his eye, whispering "For the ale..."

Henrietta gave him a glance, slowly began to walk out, gave him a second glance, and then finally after getting out of the doorway, a third glance while walking to the kitchen. She sorted through the various cleaning products under the sink, trying to locate what they could use. Sadly because of the limitations of not having a backyard, or even roof, lighter fluid was sparse in the cabinet. Henrietta came back into the bathroom with bleach in one hand and a tablet in another trying to figure out alternatives. She was halted by a horrible stench she believed was a body, but then she looked up and made eye contact with Michael who was on the toilet with his pants and underwear at his ankles. Neither spoke a word for a few moments, until Henrietta broke the silence. "You... eating okay?" Michael slowly nodded, "Yeah... just trying out some new pretzels..." "Good, glad... glad they're not causing any issues... I'll just wait out here then." Henrietta slowly backed out and next to the door, waiting to hear the flush of the toilet.

Suddenly the sounds of sirens echos through the cottage. Henrietta quickly jumped to her feet screaming, "WHAT THE FUCK MICHAEL, WHY DID YOU CALL THEM?" "I DIDN'T!" Michael retorted, trying to pull up his clothes and stand up. "Shit shit shit, we're so fucked" panicked Henretta as she tried not to cry. "Get yourself together girl! I can handle this, just deal with the body!" exclaimed Michael as he dashed out of the bathroom, through the living room and up a set of stairs. About halfway up Michael stopped and looked at the TV, and realized it was a commercial they both heard. 'Oh she'll get a giggle from this' he thought to himself as he slowly came back down the stairs, "Hey it's all good it was just the TV" he said coming back into the bathroom. As he entered Henrietta was holding a cloth over her face and scrubbing the toilet bowl. "Do you know how nasty that was? And now we're out of bleach, so now what?" "Well we could just bag her up and stuff her into the trash" Henrietta stopped for a second with a perplexed look on her face, "Huh... wonder why I didn't think of that in the first place."

Michael gave her a thumbs up and walked back to the kitchen, looking for a few large trash bags from under the sink. By this time Henrietta was finally done cleaning the toilet bowl and sitting on it, scrolling through her tablet and waiting. Alexandria slowly gained consciousness, but she had been in situations like this before, and believed she was either about to be raped, or murdered. She slowly looked around to see where she was, trying hard to not move at all or be noticed that she had regained consciousness. "Where's the trash bags?" hollered Michael, as he began checking every cabinet and moving items around. Henrietta let out a sigh and slowly got up, walked into the kitchen, "Don't tell me we forgot to buy any, because this is going to be a lot harder if we don't have any." Alexandria's fear began to take the best of her as she began to cry, fearing this would be the end of her life as she knew it. After she was left alone she began to slowly climb out, when suddenly she heard the front door close.

"I'm home" exclaimed Greg in a less than cheerful demeanour, clearly he was tired and did not wish to continue anymore shenanigans like that morning. Alexandria was unsure what to do, so she slowly crept to the doorway, trying to listen in on the conversation. "What are you two looking for?" asked Greg as he walked into the kitchen, watching both Henrietta and Michael sift through cabinets. "Trash bags" replied Henrietta, "I thought we weren't going to tell him" Michael responded, with a bit of fear in his voice. "What the fuck did you two do" Greg stated, growing angrier with each word. Michael then began to panic, "We killed the new roommate!" "You DID WHAT?!" Screamed Greg. At this point Michael began to break down, "It was her fault" pointing to Henrietta, "she smashed a dish over her head and killed her!". Henrietta just shook her head "It's fine, we're just going to bag her up and toss her in the trash, done deal". "No it's not a done deal, you two tried to steal from the place she works at last night and they're going to question us first if she goes missing... Jesus Christ, why did you just do an armed robbery why you were at it last night? At least you would have made off with some money!"

"Hey don't start that! I do make money!" Henrietta exclaimed as she marched over to Greg, getting in his face. "Oh right, I forgot you make all that money from pretending to be a human and telling other people who pretend to be humans on that forum." "Well it's better than teaching people about writing, that'll surely make them loads of money!" The fight continued on for several minutes with Alexandria slowly trying to come out of the bathroom. Michael looked over and saw her at the entrance to the bathroom and immediately charged towards her, hugging her with tears running down his face, "YOU'RE ALIVE! IT'S A MIRACLE! SHOTS!" As quickly as he hugged her, Michael turned around and ran up the stairs, seconds later he came back down with two very large and unopened bottles of hard liquor, one with a large black bull on it and the other with a green oriental dragon twisting around the entire bottle.

Both Henrietta and Greg continued arguing in the kitchen, oblivious to Michael grabbing shot glasses from the top cabinets. He sat down on the couch with a huge goofy grin on his face while motioning to Alexandria who was standing next to the bathroom door still a bit shaken. She slowly came and sat down while Michael began to pour shots from the large black bull bottle. The liquid invaded each glass, removing any empty impurities and replacing it with pure alcohol perfection. He picked up the first shot and did a toast, "To you being alive and my continued freedom to enjoy hard liquor!" Alexandria slowly raised her glass, faked a smile, and then downed the shot with him. She immediately felt as though she had a bull made from pure alcohol smash into her, burning her throat with the flames of life. She let out a few coughs as Michael just laughed, "careful, that one-ninety proof can get to you".

Alexandria sat back for a moment to pull herself together. Was fate using her as a fiddle to play the songs of Greek comedy, or was there a greater purpose for her being there in the first place? As she continued to think, she felt a nudge on her shoulder. As she looked over, Michael was holding another full shot with a huge smile on his face. Out of kindness she grabbed the shot glass and downed it. Once again, it smashed into her, knocking the young wolf against the couch cushions behind her. As she went back she heard Henrietta stomping past and up the stairs, though she paid no attention to what any of the yelling was about, as she went back into deep thought. Greg came from the kitchen and took a seat next to Alexandria, taking a shot from Michael and downing it. "You'll get used to it after living with this alcoholic, or beat him for giving you kidney and liver issues" Greg muttered, kicking back and relaxing. Michael let out a laugh, "she's young, she'll survive."

"Like surviving you and Henrietta trying to get rid of her body?" Greg then became irate, "What the fuck were you even thinking Michael, you could have ended her life because you freaked out?" Michael took a deep breath and looked down in shame, "I just couldn't live on one flavor of alcohol for the rest of my life." He looked over to Alexandria, "I'm sorry, we should have done more to try and make sure you were okay." Alexandria attempted to shrug it off, but with her hand in the air, which turned into partially lifting her arm, flicking her wrist, and then dropping it back down. Michael looked over to Greg in confusion, who shrugged his shoulders with a perplexed look on his face.

Michael took another shot, "How's the college courses been Greg?" "Difficult, not too many people have actually wanted to pay out what the college is asking for a course on writing." Greg downed another shot and let out a sigh, "I might have to seek other employment since the board might see me as just another expense that isn't turning enough profit." Michael slowly nodded his head, "Have you tried to maybe look at other work or even freelance your skills? I'm sure some of those idiots that Henrietta deals would pay out to write their porn better." Both began to laugh hysterically and downed another shot. "I may just look into that, I'm sure those idiots would love to be able to write their porn better, God damn fucks" replied Greg, as he began to get up.

By this time Alexandria began to gain some of her consciousness back and looked around, blinding several times to get her eyesight to straighten out. Greg looked over at her as he got up, "Would you like me to help you to your room?" She took another moment and nodded her head while getting up. "Alright" he said as he placed his hand upon Alexandria's back and began to guide her to the stairs. She began to take a few steps up, turned to Michael, and opened her mouth. Both Greg and Michael waited just a moment, expecting a 'thank you' or some kind of appreciation, but the only thing that came out was the entire contents of the young wolf's stomach in waterfall form straight over the banister and onto the wall and floor adjacent to the stairs. As it began to end, Alexandria blacked out and flopped onto Greg who quickly stopped her from falling.

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