Becoming his pet.

Story by DeathAvenged on SoFurry

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#3 of It's a crazy life.

Not bad for being dead tired.

Dean stood his ears up and stared at Celeste who was still straddling his lap with a bright blush and small grin on her face. The wolf was floored by what she had said to him and couldn't hide nor deny the fact he was hard as a rock now. He blinked and kept his eyes locked onto hers before finally shaking his head hard and slowly pushing her out of his lap. Celeste twitched her ears a few times and looked at him a bit confused before her ears folded back. She curled her tail around her legs tightly once she was standing as she bit her bottom lip lightly. "I...I am sorry. I..Shouldn't have." Dean moved to gently grab her hands but she pulled back some. It was strange to watch. She looked confident a few seconds before and now she was timid and looking like she had done something wrong. Dean folded his ears back and shook his head some. " It is alright's just...we shouldn't...your still underage...and I don't want to make you feel like I am taking advantage of you." Celeste blushed darkly now and nodded some but remained silent. She stepped back and moved off to her room quickly, closing the door behind her. Dean sighed and leaned back into the couch with his eyes shut tightly. What the hell was wrong with him? He had never turned down something like that but then again the girls he slept with were around his age. Dean rubbed his forehead before finally getting up and disappearing into his room with the door shut to try and calm himself down.

It was later that night after Dean had stripped down to his pajama pants and laid down in bed to sleep when his door opened. Celeste silently came into the room and moved to the bed, climbing in with him. Dean twitched his ears but remained still. He caught her scent as she climbed into the bed, getting under the covers with him and laying down against him. She made no sexual advance towards him which surprised him. He finally opened his eyes enough to glance to her only to see her falling asleep beside him. 'Well this is new...' Dean waited a minute or so before gently pulling the fox against him and beginning to gently rub her back. Celeste shifted against him until her face was buried against his chest and her tail curled around one of his legs lightly. The wolf only smiled and fell asleep like that. The two remained asleep until late the next morning when Dean finally began waking up with a groan coming from him. It took a minute or so before he remembered Celeste was in the bed with him.

Dean twitched his ears and opened his eyes, looking down at the still sleeping fox. By then she had her back against his chest and was curled up with her tail curled around both her legs. Dean remained there with her taking in the fact it felt nice to actually wake up with someone beside him. After a while his stomach growled and he let out a sigh, slowly pulling away from Celeste and leaving the bedroom after getting up. The fox shifted and let out a groan when she felt the difference of him being gone. Dean was heating up some left over pizza when he heard Celeste coming into the kitchen with a groan, her hands rubbing over her eyes as she leaned against the kitchen doorway. Dean looked to her and grinned a bit, looking at the messed up fur on her and her still sleepy expression. "Morning...or well close to afternoon I think."

Celeste nodded a bit as she stared down at the floor before going a bit wide eyed and glancing to him. Dean tilted his head as he watched her ears go down and saw the freaked expression on her face. He sensed she was about to apologize for getting in bed with him and he smiled, moving to her and gently putting his hand on top of her head, rubbing between her ears gently as he whispered. " It is alright Celeste...I am not mad about you getting in bed with me. Believe it or not...It was nice." Celeste blushed darkly and looked a bit stunned as she stood there with him before she finally managed to nod as she looked him in the eyes. Dean laughed softly and turned back to hand her a bit of food.

The two sat on the couch in the living room, eating in silence when Celeste gave him a curious look. "Dean?" The wolf blinked and looked to her with a questioning look while chewing on a bite of food. "How old are you exactly? is alright for me to ask." Dean twitched his left ear a few times as he swallowed before he answered her. "I am 25." Celeste blinked and stared at him with a blank look on her face." Really?" Dean laughed a bit and nodded. " Yes really..that is one of the reasons I pushed you away...your 17...still a would have gone differently if you were 18." The fox nodded a bit and shifted some as she went back to finishing her food in silence.

Dean relaxed on the couch after throwing away the paper plates and pizza box. Celeste was huddled up against his side which he didn't seem to mind at all while they were watching a movie he had found on tv. Dean felt more relaxed then he normally would, glancing to the fox as she shifted or yawned. He gently wrapped his arm around her and gave her a gentle squeeze. She laid her head on his arm and ended up dozing off for a while with him gently holding her to him. When it was time for him to get ready to head for the club he gently shook her until she woke, speaking softly as he stood. " Come on and get dressed. We need to get to the club." Celeste groaned a bit and nodded before standing up and stretching out with a soft squeak like sound coming from her. Dean smiled and gently rubbed one of her ears before heading to his room. Celeste blushed and watched him before doing the same, disappearing into her room and getting changed before waiting for him by the door to the apartment.

When he was ready he led her out of the apartment and back to the club. When they got there she was given a clean uniform and got changed before starting her night a few minutes afterwards. So far that night seemed to go well. She was getting more and more comfortable with taking the orders for drinks and food as well as walking with a tray of drinks and dodging dancers or some tipsy customers. Eventually she sat at the bar for a break, leaning on the bar top a bit while Dean kept an eye on her. The husky from the night before came up behind Celeste and gently put his hands on her shoulders making her stiffen up and fold her ears back. "Glad to see your still working here after one night." Celeste fluffed up her fur and had her eyes locked on Dean while his back was to them since he was serving someone at the other end of the bar. The fox took a deep breathe and shifted some, shrugging his hands off of her shoulders. "Please..d..don't touch me." The husky stood his ears up when he heard her trying to be firm with her voice but it only made him grin. He glanced over to see Dean still had his back to them. He took that chance and reached his hands around, cupping Celeste's breasts and giving a firm squeeze, making her let out a loud gasp of shock.

The sound of Celeste gasping caught Deans attention. He set down the bottle of beer to the male that had ordered it and turned in time to see the husky groping Celeste once more before pulling his hands back and moving to turn her stool. Dean let out a growl and moved down to them. "Celeste come back behind the bar right now." Celeste didn't even bother going around to the gate to get behind the bar. Instead she almost leaped right over the bar and moved behind Dean quickly, holding onto the back of his shirt while the husky glared at Dean. The wolf growled and pointed towards the door as he spoke firmly and with clear anger in his voice. "Out of this club now and don't come back. Groping the employees is not allowed." The husky growled and crossed his arms as he remained where he was standing. Dean was getting ready to go after him and throw him out when Shiva smacked the husky on the head a few times with a rolled up magazine. "You heard him! OUT!"

Customers and other employees laughed as Shiva chased the husky out of the club with a hiss coming from her. Dean moved Celeste to a small chair behind the bar so she was out of the way but safe with him. "Stay here for now Celeste alright?" Celeste looked up at him after she had sat down before nodding a bit to him while her tail instantly curled around her legs. Dean wondered why she constantly done that but saved that question for later. Shiva moved to the bar and looked at the two of them. Dean looked back at her and nodded a bit. " She is alright but I want her to stay behind the bar with me for now." Shiva nodded and headed off into the other parts of the club to check things were running smoothly now. Celeste bit her bottom lip, her cheeks a bright shade of red as she stared down at the floor while Dean began moving up and down along the bar to get drinks and such. More then once Dean stopped to check on Celeste, kneeling down to eye level with her when she only nodded without looking at him and gently poking her nose to make her grin after wiggling it. Dean grinned back to her before handing her a can of coke before going back to finish his shift for the night.

When his shift ended he moved to Celeste and gently gripped her shoulder. "Come on lets go home." The fox nodded and stood up, walking out from behind the bar with him and clocking out for the night. Shiva gently patted her on the shoulder as she headed out of the door with Dean. The wolf decided to put his arm around her shoulders as they walked, looking around them as if he was making sure the husky hadn't decided to hang around outside for them. When he made it back to the apartment with her he let her in and followed soon after, locking the door for the night with a heavy sigh coming from him. Dean didn't even bother ordering food or cooking it. He walked to his room to change into his pajama pants while Celeste was in her room changing into a old over sized shirt she sometimes slept in. When she came out of her room Dean was coming back from the kitchen with a bottle of water. He looked to her and motioned for her to follow him. Celeste stood her ears up looking a bit confused as she walked with him into his room only for him to smile. " I have a feeling either way your sleeping in my bed again so come on." The fox blushed lightly and stared at him before she nodded and climbed into the bed with him, laying down while he was sitting up going through a weeks worth of mail.

Celeste laid there watching him, listening to the sound of the paper while her tail once again curled around her legs. Dean couldn't stop himself after seeing the movement from the corner of his eye. "I gotta ask...why do you do that?" Celeste watched him as he put his hand on her tail for a moment as he asked her, gently petting over the fur as she shifted a bit and smiled some. "I don't know honestly...just something I have done since I learned to walk..guess it makes me feel safe or keeps me warm." She gave a bit of a shrug to her own answer while Dean chuckled a bit. He put the mail back on his nightstand before laying down with her after shutting off the lamp. He grinned when she nuzzled into his side but remained awake with her head resting on his shoulder. Dean laid there staring up at the ceiling for a few minutes before shifting onto his side so he was facing her.

When he rolled his nose gently brushed against her own as he looked to her. Celeste blushed and stared him in the eyes for a moment before hesitantly pressing her lips to his, kissing him softly. Dean stiffened up a bit but relaxed a few seconds later as he began returning the kiss, gently pulling her closer to him as he began deepening the kiss. Celeste let out a soft groan into the kiss as she pushed her tongue into his mouth now. Dean let it continue, his tongue rubbing along hers for a minute or so before pulling back with both taking deep breathes. Celeste blushed darkly as she nuzzled her nose to his softly for a few seconds before she spoke softly. " one needs to know." He thought his heart would jump into his throat when he heard her. She was being very controlled but made it clear she wanted it as much as he did. Dean looked at her as if he was debating on it before finally mumbling. "Fuck it." He pressed his lips against hers once more his arms pulling her closer while lifting up the shirt until it was up over her breasts. Celeste felt a small shiver run down her spine as she returned the kiss, pulling back long enough that he could pull the shirt off of her altogether, throwing it off into the floor.

Dean pulled back and cupped her breasts gently, his fingers pressing into her flesh gently before rubbing his thumbs over her nipples. Celeste let out a soft groan and relaxed with a look of enjoyment on her face which made Dean grin. He moved down after putting her onto her back, taking one of her nipples into his mouth and sucking gently on it while his other hand began pinching her free nipple, giving it a gently twist or tug before letting go and moving down along her side then over her hip before moving between her legs. Celeste laid her head back into the pillows letting out a soft moan as she gently ran her fingers through his hair, gripping it when she felt his hand moving up between her legs.

Dean rubbed her pussy through the thin panties she was wearing, feeling them already damp from arousal while he sucked harder on her nipple. Her scent and moans were getting to him, his cock already hard in his pants as he let go of her nipple, licking over her breasts then up along her neck until his lips pressed into hers once more while his hand moved into her panties, rubbing against her bare pussy now, his middle finger gently teasing her clit. Celeste let out a moan into the kiss as she returned it, gripping at his sides gently as she shifted her hips around. Dean broke the kiss and looked at her while he pushed two of his fingers into her pussy, thrusting them into her slowly as she let out a moan. She began moving her hips against his fingers slowly as she looked back at him, her eyes locking onto his as she blushed brightly. Dean smiled to her and kissed her cheek gently, his fingers thrusting faster into her for a moment before pulling them out of her and gripping her panties.

Dean sat up and pulled her panties off of her body, tossing them off to the floor with her shirt. He moved off of the bed long enough to get rid of his pants, exposing his thick ten inch cock before climbing back into the bed with her. He moved his head between her legs and licked up along her pussy slowly a few times before gently biting against her skin as he moved up along her body, drawing little gasps and moans from her until his mouth reached her breasts. He sucked on each nipple for a few seconds before pulling back and looking at her as she took a few deep breathes while staring back at him. Dean shifted and pressed the tip of his cock against her pussy, rubbing against her a few times before pushing into her.

Celeste let out a moan when he pushed his cock into her, her arms wrapping around him and hugging him to her as he filled her with every inch of his cock. Dean shuddered a bit as he held himself there for a few seconds, biting along her neck and shoulder lightly before he pulled his hips back only to thrust back into her hard. Celeste growled softly and gripped the fur on his back lightly as he began thrusting into her more, his speed slow but his impact with her was hard. He pulled his head back with a groan as he felt her beginning to push her hips against his own, starting to move against him as she held onto him. Dean grinned to her before he began thrusting faster into her, the sound of his cock moving into her hit his ears as he kissed her again in time to muffle her moans.

Dean returned the kiss as he began thrusting harder and faster into her now, his tongue pushing into her mouth to rub against hers as she pushed back against him. She soon broke the kiss and arched her back up with a moan as he adjusted enough to start hitting against her G-spot with his thrusts, his ears folding back a bit as he bit down on her shoulder lightly at first. Celeste was digging her claws into his sides as she gripped at him, her pussy clenching and rubbing against him with each of their movements. Dean could feel his knot beginning to form and hit against her as he began pounding into her harder and faster then before, letting go of her neck and sitting up while he gripped onto her hips tightly, pretty much pulling her into his thrusts as he looked down at her. Celeste had her eyes closed tightly as she arched her back up more, her breasts bouncing hard from him pounding into her while her hands gripped at the headboard of the bed now, leaving scratches in the wood from her grip. She could feel herself getting closer to cumming and opened her eyes to look up at him with a bright blush coming to her cheeks. "D..Dean..I-" She was cut off when he leaned down and kissed her deeply, his thrusting becoming much harder then before until he finally slammed his hips into her own, his knot stretching her until it popped into her and locked him with her. Celeste returned the kiss until she felt him knot with her, pulling back from the kiss with a loud moan coming from her. She bit her bottom lip hard as she bucked her hips into him as hard and fast as she could until she let out a small cry of pleasure when her orgasm hit her, her pussy tightening and clamping down on his cock while her juices washed over him.

Dean let out a growl as he buried his face against her shoulder, his hips slamming into hers once or twice more before he released in her, his cock throbbing hard with each wave of cum that came from him before the two finally went still. Celeste was panting hard as she wrapped her arms around him. Dean put one arm under her as he moved them so she would be laying on top of him. He laid his head back into the pillows as he breathed heavily. They were both silent as she laid there catching her breathe while her head rested on his chest. After what seemed like forever she lifted her head and looked at him, letting out a soft murr sound as she smiled to him while he smiled back and gently pet her head then down along her back slowly. Celeste groaned softly from the petting then laid her head back down on his chest, closing her eyes as she relaxed. Dean closed his eyes as he took in one last deep breathe, relaxing under her before an odd question came from him. "Celeste...would you want my pet?" The fox stood her ears up as she lifted her head and looked at him with a raised brow. Dean laughed softly as he opened one eye to look at her. "It would help keep jerks off of you at the kinda fun to." Celeste got a thoughtful look on her face as she mulled the idea over in her head. She was fond of Dean and felt very safe with him. She bit her bottom lip lightly before smiling and nodding.

There is no safe place.

A few days passed since Crystal had gone into heat at work. They made up for the missed day of work by going over time which Crystal didn't seem to mind and she seemed to enjoy having an actual job. She was sitting in the break room at the store...

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Can't hide forever.

Crystal shifted a bit in the bed with a soft sigh coming from her. It had been a few days since coming to the cabin with Jason and Bonnie was sending them updates on Dale flipping out and demanding that she be found. Crystal didn't pay attention....

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Attack in the Library.

A few days passed since Belle and Andy had been on the school roof together. It was now Monday morning and Andy was rushing to get ready. He and Belle had been up with each other studying for tests until they passed out cold against each other. Andy...

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