Choose The Adventure! Prologue

Story by Were Siberia on SoFurry

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You Choose The Adventure


The Hero Is Born

So everyone seems to be doing "choose your own adventure" like stories and I thought I might as well as hop on the band wagon. Well that is one reason but the other is that I grew up with these books for the longest time. I would have four fingers marking places in the book in case I got an ending, a bad ending, or to see what other journeys I could of taken.

So I decided to revisit my childhood and start one of my own. But instead of you being the character you will play a much more different role. You will play fate. You will decide the choices the hero will make and how it will all end. There are no right and wrong choices but I will tell you immediately what you missed out on with the other choice. As for your choice, well you will have to read on. This will be a gay centered hero so leave if you wish, you were warned. But there will be other couples in the story.

The story will take place in a world that does not exist but the culture will be mix of mid evil and old Victorian. If you have no idea what old Victorian is and you can't use Google for some reason, watch "Pirates of the Caribbean" and that's what it is sort of like. Now to make our hero.

Every Hero has a background that comes with a social class

Option 1: Poverty. The streets were your home and money was something that was never in your grasp. Your mother died giving birth to you and you father drank away whatever money you got. You can read very little. You learn to be resourceful when it came to getting food and money when none seem to be possible. You have contacts in many places, but they can't help much, but they are free. You start with 20 gold

Option 2: Orphan in church. For reasons that you will never really know your parents left you at the door of the church and the church essentially adopted you. You were taught the ways of the religion doctrines and scriptures, you can read very well but penmanship can improve. You know etiquette and can get favors from the church, but it's a near impossibility at times. You start with 10 gold

Option 3: High class. Pedigree, the highest etiquette, wealth, and given whatever you desired; is the life you were given. You can read and write very well. You are not used to being on your own so survival is very difficult for you when you are alone. You can gain favors from other high class officials, but more than likely they will want a boon and this can come back and hurt you. You start with 100 gold

Now you have chosen a past. This will affect how you will interact with some and who you will be in your party. Who you will love. Who you will trust and such. But now our hero needs a form. A kingdom and species to fight with!

Feline (subspecies of your choice): While the weakest when it comes to physical means, felines are the cleverest, most agile, and silver tongued.

Canine (subspecies of your choice): Canines are well balanced but excel as hunters. They are the fastest, have the best instincts, and have amazing survival skills.

Ursine (subspecies of your choice): Ursines are the strongest but not clever. They are not stupid but tend to think more in the box than outside of it. Are very strong, high empathy, and can withstand the forces of nature better than most.

Great, the mighty hero now has a form and in case you are wondering how you choose examples are ex: Feline (Tiger). Canine (Fox). Ursine (Polar). Now your hero has a past and form. Now he needs power and way he chooses to use it.

Battle Mage: You tend to fight with magic and steel. Your equipment is a long robe with modified runes that is battle mage armor. You have two one-handed swords, a shield, a tome and a magic satchel that allows you to carry more than most. You robes are enchanted to make it as strong as iron and to augment your spells. Unfortunately do to the runes lacking control magic does hurt your more. You fight with with your weapons and use your magic more for healing wounds or enchanting your sword with fire or frost. You can cast minor spells such as fire balls and status enhancing spells.

Moving Shadow: You tend to fight with the shadows and magic. Your equipment is very light leather armor. You have two light steel daggers and light bow with a quiver of thirty iron arrows. You have a very special enchanted cloak that allows you to blend in with the shadows and be invisible during the day but this will drain magic. You cannot carry as much as the average adventure due to the encumber-some bow. Your magic is rarely used for offense you tend to leave that up to your arrows, daggers, and poison when you get some. You use magic more for being invisible, helping your aim with bows and sending shadow decoys for the more dumb enemies to chase

Reaver: You tend to fight with shadows and steel Your equipment is studded red leather armor, a rapier that is can be enchanted but you need a mage or some knowledge of magic to do so, one one-handed sword, two daggers, and twenty throwing knives. You can carry as much as the average adventurer. You tend to try to eliminate enemies from the shadows. Quietly or as far away as you can. You can fight close range if the need be and you can fight as well as any solider. You are a little stronger, physically, than the other classes.

Great you have given our hero power and a way to channel it in his own unique fashion. But with power comes a weakness you must choose a weakness for our hero now that can greatly affect his adventure.

Flashback: As a child you got to witness a group of guards beat, torture and ultimately kill a slave for stealing bread for his family. Now the sights of intense gore or torture will send you back to that time and leave in a vulnerable trance.

Voices: Your father (Or pastor who raised you) believed that cruel discipline was the only way to raise a proper man. Unfortunately it was too much and split you mind into two. So now, with intense anger, you other, more cruel personality becomes free and goes on a rampage. Even though he may help with fighting, he is reckless and is hard to regain control.

Demented: As a young child you realized that the longer you body went without the proper refurbishments, water, food, sleep, etc. The more crazy like you became. And as adventurer you may have to go without this and will affect your performance in battles and making sensible decisions.

It's a little hard to hurt your hero that you wanted to succeed but it's only one weakness and your adventurer will soon shape the land even though he does not know it. Now you are not the only string of fate, there are others who might deem another path more reasonable. You are all a council of fate and will vote on his beginning and what future decisions he will take. The most popular voice will rule his fate. (You will be voting with others!). For the beginning I only need a few words. Ex; Option 2, Ursine (Grizzly) Moving shadow, Demented. And Wa-La you just voted. The most popular of all of them will win. I will give this a week or so unless I get a lot more comments than I will work with that. So strings of fate choose wisely.

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