I Can Tell

Story by Marthell on SoFurry

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A story about sex, the expected and the unexpected. I hope you like it.

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Whatever you decide thanks for taking a look! :3

I can tell he wants to fuck.

It's in the way his eyes zone in on me whenever I'm speaking, tracing across my body and then lingering on my face long after I've stopped. It's in the way that after the meal, and most of our respective friends have wandered off, he's one of the last four left at the table, staying quiet, staring uninterested into the distance until I have something to say.

It's even clearer when I make my intention to leave apparent, when I'm only a few steps away from the table and I hear a creaking chair and a soft, confident voice asking after me: "mind if I join you?"

It's not a question and he doesn't wait for a response.

By the time I'm telling him: "I'd be just fine with that," he's already two steps ahead of me, swaying his hips from side to side, playing me like whatever kind of instrument you prefer to use in this kind of metaphor. I follow him out of the restaurant and then I'm the one calling after him.

"Arv, wasn't it?" I ask the fennec. It's not a question. I know, he knows I know. "It was great meeting you tonight."

He pivots in place, takes a step towards me and puts on a smirk. He holds a paw out in front of him and flutters his eyelids dramatically.

"It was a pleasure to meet you too Nathan." His large ears lay back against his head leisurely as he speaks. "It would be a shame if we never met again."

"Well," I take a half step towards him so that there's very little room between us and he has to tilt his head up to look me in the eyes. "I was wondering if you might want to see a little more of one another tonight. Would you, perhaps, like to come home with me?"

"Why, Mr Nathan, it's almost like you're coming on to me. You were staring at me for almost the whole event too. I thought there might have been something on my face, but now I see I may have been mistaken." He stares unwaveringly at me and his smirk spreads.

"No, you were right the first time. You do have something on your face." I say in as unemotional a tone as I can muster. His ears flick back and forward and a look of confusion momentarily obfuscates his features. Got you. "You have beautiful blue eyes, a cute little nose, and a muzzle I can't stop imagining my cock inside of."

He barks out a short, loud laugh and his smirk melts into a smile as he shakes his head.

"I was rather enjoying that little façade, but you seem a bit more savvy than my last few lays so let's cut to the chase. Yes, I'll come with you. Partly because I think you're funny." He points a slim, well kept finger at me and tilts his head forward. "You're a lucky lion you know? I've had many glowing reviews about my muzzle, many partakers have even noted that it was, and I quote, 'the best I ever had'."

"That's where you're wrong. You're the lucky fennec. Every taste tester has claimed my cock was simply divine. A flavor sensation so to speak." The fox stays silent but visibly suppresses a giggle. Just talking to this fox is driving me crazy, my underwear is feeling tighter by the moment. "My ride is over there." I point roughly in the direction of my car and after he tells me that he came here by foot - it keeps him nice and trim - and so he won't be abandoning a vehicle, I walk him over to mine and let him in.

"You have a nice car, and a nice suit. It's all very impressive." Arv comments while I settle in the driver's seat. He stops and taps a finger against his lips before speaking again. His voice is lower this time and he reaches a paw over to rest lightly on my leg. "You have a nice everything actually."

"You can hardly judge until you've seen it all." I say in a quiet growl, starting the vehicle up and taking off out of the parking area.

"All will be out and easy enough for me to judge soon enough, I'm sure. And from that bulging outline on your pants I'm sure you wont disappoint me." He says before, back in his seat and staring out the front window wearing an all too convincingly nonchalant expression.

Damn this fox is good. I haven't met a bottom this assertive and in control since... I don't know if I ever have come to think of it. This is going to be one hell of a night. Thank you Ajax for allowing plus-ones to your meal. Your friend's friend is smoking hot and has the smarts to go along with it, and I only started talking to him about three minutes ago. I'm already becoming obsessed.

"You might just be right about that Arv." I say, gliding through the roads at a leisurely pace - I don't live far away after all. It's winter and it's late evening, that means it's dark and quiet, the thought may not have occurred to me except that it clearly occurred to my fennec passenger. We aren't even thirty seconds into the car journey by the time he is groping my shaft through the thick fabric of my pants. "Mmf, hell, maybe even sooner than I thought. You really know how to get a guy excited."

"I know a few more things than that," is all he says on the matter. For a while it seems like he isn't going to go any further until we're out of the car, but it becomes obvious that he was gauging my reaction before moving to the next level. It isn't long until he finds something else to be doing with his muzzle.

He unzips my pants and wastes no time in groping my rapidly hardening cock before unbuttoning my boxers and letting it spring forth. It's even less time until he dips his head down and starts licking at my stiff shaft.

Driving, even on empty streets like these is not the best time to get distracted. That doesn't stop me from letting out a few grunts of pleasure though, nor does it stop me from almost - almost - driving straight into a lamppost. But either way I get us both back to my house in one piece and horny as fuck.

The street is dark and completely empty so I don't bother covering up my erection. Instead I step out of the car, walk around the front and half help half pull the fennec out of the car before giving him a firm slap on the ass and pointing towards the door of my detached home. Our wordless understanding of one another buzzes in the air between us, I can tell he is every bit as excited as I am and when I open the door to my house I have to hold myself back from just scooping him off his feet, running us upstairs and onto my bed.

Instead I extend an arm and nod my head to indicate that he should go inside, he does and I follow slowly - as slow as my overenthusiastic body can manage, that is - shutting the front door behind me, turning on the lights and giving off a low growl at the fox. He flashes me innocent puppy dog eyes and gets onto his knees in front of me, turning his gaze to my still erect, still exposed cock and licking his lips. I wag a finger dismissively at Arv and grin. He frowns and lets out a high pitched little whine, but I ignore him.

"Let's at least get somewhere comfortable first eh?" he nods an eager, submissive nod and stares up at me with wide eyes, his bushy tail wagging behind him. "So why don't you follow me upstairs like a good pet, hm?"

"Pet?" He asks in a tone lost halfway between accusatory and accepting. "Hm, I rather like the sound of that. The big lion is going to teach me a few new tricks, does that sound about right?"

"Something like that." I click my fingers at the fennec while walking past him up my home's spiralling staircase. "You'll find out the details as we go."

The sound of him padding up the stairs behind me, clearly down on all fours, is such a vibrant combination of cute and sexy that it almost makes me want to grab him and fuck him right here and now. I'm not going to lie, it isn't easy to deny that urge, but I manage. Hard wood stairs aren't the most comfortable place to fuck.

When we reach the bedroom I flick on the light and finally let myself get a good look at the fox. His pale, sandy fur is so immaculately kept that it actually seems to glimmer in the artificial light. His sky blue eyes look up at me with anticipation and I have to admit that seeing the confident, self assured fox on all fours on my bedroom floor licking his lips in anticipation is one of the sexiest things I have ever seen. Time to get those clothes off of him and make it even sexier.

I carefully perch on the edge of my large sized bed, tearing my shoes and socks off before, more deliberately, undoing my shirt. Arv's eyes attentively follow my progress button by button, only occasionally getting distracted and darting down to my cock for a moment before returning to my paws and chest. I can't claim that I don't love the attention. The fennec is so eager I'm half surprised he hasn't leapt forward and started deep throating my cock already.

"I know you're anxious, but before we get to business I want you to do something for me." His ears perk up and his eyes widen. I finish unbuttoning my shirt and I slide it off, fold it and place it beside the bed. "Surely those clothes are getting a little stuffy? Why not get rid of them for me, and maybe you could even give me a little show while you're at it."

Arv gives out a cute, little laugh and stands up. He isn't a particularly tall guy, but from my sitting position he looms above me and looks down into my eyes. He winks at me, a toothy, mischievous grin appearing on his face.

"Only if you finish the show you started giving while I'm at it." He says leaning down and whispering into my ear in a soft, breathy tone which simultaneously warms me and causes an involuntarily shudder. Fuck, this fox is good. There's no way in hell I'm going to deny him his request.

I don't reply out loud, instead I reach down to my belt and unfasten it as he watches. He takes a step back and after stripping off his footwear he gracefully lifts a paw to the top button of his shirt, undoing it with a motion so swift and perfectly executed that I can't help but wonder how many times he has performed it. By the time I've wrestled my belt off he has half unbuttoned his shirt, exposing his short, perfectly kept chest fur. Afterwards he reaches one paw over to the opposite sleeve and tugs the shirt over his head, away from his bare, slim form in one smooth motion.

"Oh don't let all of this distract you," he says with an air of sarcasm, running his paws down his chest. "You have a show to perform too." He points at my pants and mimes pulling them down. "Get a move on, I'm already catching up."

I feel like I can do nothing but exactly what he wants. He's enchanting. Then I'm unbuttoning my pants, wiggling them out from under my ass and sitting here in nothing but my boxers, my cock still unbuttoned, hard and waiting. Arv watches me the whole time, amused and, I hope, a little impressed.

"Letting your pet order you around like that? What kind of master are you?" He asks, wagging a finger disapprovingly. I open my mouth to object, but before I can say anything he has his paw over it and then he's climbing onto bed, straddling his legs across mine, leaning down, taking his paw away from my mouth and kissing me. His mouth opens slowly and so does mine. Our tongues dance and play with one another for what feels like an unjustly low number of moments, then he pulls away. "At least you're a good kisser." He pushes me onto my back and leans down over me, his paws behind my and over shoulders.

This fox is full of surprises, he's not exactly what I'm used to, but... I kind of like it.

He pulls back a little and nuzzles into my chest fur for a moment before straightening up and kneeling above me, his paws unbuttoning his pants. He sidles them down around the large bulge in his underwear at a knowingly patient pace, letting me savor and examine his every perfect motion, then when he's got them as far down as they can go with his legs over me he brings a paw to his underwear. In one swift, practised motion he's lying beside me, pulling his legs up to his chest, and sliding off his clothes. Then he's there, naked and radiant, laying beside me. A look of self aggrandising accomplishment covering his face. He knows he's got me, it's obvious, not that it wasn't so entirely obvious before. Hell he is gorgeous. And fucking sexy. Not to mention talented.

Damn, I want to roll him onto his front and fuck him right now. Patience, just a little longer. It takes me a few seconds of staring into Arv's expectant face to realise what I should be doing. My paws shoot down to my underwear as I finally join the fox in his nudeness by slipping them off under his approving gaze.

"Now then Arv, why don't you continue what started in the car?"

There's no hesitation. The fox's paw is at my cock in moments, shortly followed by his tongue. He slowly starts to lick up and down the length of my shaft. Oh fuck yeah, this is the life. He opens his muzzle around my member and takes me in deep with impressive flair and ease. I can't help but shiver with the pure intensity of it all. I place a paw on the back of Arv's head and give him a gentle push to take in even more of my cock.

I push myself up into a sitting position, with the occasional unavoidable shudder of pleasure interrupting my movements as the fox bobs up and down on my cock. I stroke my paws down his head and across his back as the fox does his work, letting out little grunts of pleasure every few seconds. This fox is amazing, it's like he's been training for this day for half his life. Fuck, I could finish here if he keeps doing what he's doing, especially with this sexy-as-all-hell view of his rhythmically bobbing head, exposed ass and wagging tail I'm getting from up here.

It's like he can read my thoughts. Moments before I'm about to tell him to get off he lifts his muzzle off my shaft and stares into my eyes as if asking what he should do next. So fucking perfect. I push him off and onto his back beside me on the bed, I roll over on top of him, staring down at him and taking every strand of fur on his body in, internalising the image as best I can. Something this perfect should not be forgotten.

I prop myself up on my knees and run a paw down Arv's chest. He closes his eyes and tilts his head back into the soft quilt making a contented little humming sound. I bring my other paw round to feel across his sheath and balls, intentionally avoiding his stiff member. When my paw gets especially close to it I pull away swiftly causing the fox to shiver and exhales hard.

"You are a fucking tease Nathan." He breathes out between exasperated pants as if he's just been on a five mile run. He affords himself a small laugh before returning to squirms and cute little high pitched sounds as I continue exploring his body with my paws.

"Maybe if you weren't such a delightful little specimen to tease I wouldn't be doing it so much."

"Hm, a specimen? Oh my is that all I am to you?" I look up to him, he rolls his eyes at me, looks thoughtful for half a moment then rolls over completely and raises his slim, shapely butt up towards my saliva-wet cock. "It's so disheartening to hear you objectify me like that."

"I can't really take you seriously when you say that if you're begging for me to plough your ass with your body movement." He only responds with a laugh before wiggling his butt at me and giving it a light, invitational slap.

"Was I really being so obvious?"

"If I start fucking you will you stop saying ridiculous things?"

I take hold of the fox's side with one paw while manoeuvring myself and, more importantly, my cock into position with the other. After a few moments of calibration the tip of my cock is sitting between Arv's butt cheeks and poised right at his tailhole.

"What about lube?"

"You're saying your spit isn't enough? What kind of a fox are you?"

"Stereotypes aren't useful."

"That's what all foxes say." Arv turns his head just to roll his eyes at me particularly emphatically. "Now, will you shut up when I fuck you or not?" I'm half joking, but damn I need to be inside of this fox more than I have ever needed anything.

"There's only one way to find-" the word out is lost to the aether as I thrust my hips into him, feeling a warm tightness surrounding my cock. He lets out a small yip and clearly spends a couple of moments recovering before he regains resolve and pushes his ass even further back onto my dick. Oh fuck, this fox is the best.

Surges of pleasure and exhilaration course through me as intellect loses out to instinct and I rut deep into the fennec fox's cute butt over and over. His face is buried in the quilt as he moans out curse words and intermittent, incomprehensible sounds of pleasure.

"I knew you were big, but..." his voice trails away into a long moan followed by a few seconds of panting. "Fuck. I need to get into bed with lions more often."

I slow down and let out a short, deep growl as I lean over him and put my paws down on the bed just below his shoulders. I pull almost all the way out of him and lower my mouth to his ear, it twitches and he pulls back momentarily before letting his ear fall back towards my mouth. I take a deep breath, then growl softly into his ear as I push forward deep inside of him. Arv gives off a high pitched oh and I revel in his reaction. Not much in the universe is better than making a guy squirm and squeak in ecstasy like that.

"Your ass is fucking perfect." Arv doesn't respond. I don't think he even could if he wanted to as he writhes in pleasure under me. Hell, even I can't contain myself. If I'm not careful I'm going to end up filling him with cum any second. This is too good to let end so soon.

I take a deep breath and keep careful control of my thrusting speed. Looking down my eyes search over every strand of fur on the fox's body once again. He's so beautiful, so perfectly proportioned and positioned. The best thing of all is that right now he's mine. I lift a paw off the bed and up to his rump, stroking down a soft butt cheek as my thrusts cause it to delightfully wobble before coming at it with a fast, hard slap that causes the fennec to make another cute little yelp.

Despite all my attempts to slow things down I can tell there's no way I'm going to make this last much longer. Arv rocks his rump back and forth on my cock as I grab hold of his hips with both paws and let out a long contented sigh. I feel his fuzzy balls slapping gently against my own and... well... I'm finding it difficult to think about anything other than filling and covering this slut of a fox with my cum.

Yeah. I'm done fighting it.

I pull my member all the way out of the fox. He turns his head to me wearing a puzzled expression and he opens his muzzle as if to say something. Before he can let out a syllable I shove my cock hard and deep into the fox's tailhole until the very base of my shaft is all that isn't inside of him. I start rutting into the fox, each stroke harder and faster than the last, all the while gripping firmly onto his hips keeping the fox exactly where I need him. He's moaning loudly now, if the neighbours are in they might well be getting a good earful right now. Lucky them.

Oh fuck yeah. I can feel release building up inside of me as I pound the fox's ass. No way I'm going to hold it in much longer. He's so fucking tight and sexy and oh fuck this feels amazing. I'm so deep, out and in, making him squirm and moan. Oh hell yes I was made for this. I can feel a growl building up in the back of my throat and for once I don't have to hold it in, or keep it quiet or anything. I just roar, let out my primal dominance and feel the power coursing through me. A rush of adrenaline hits and my hips buck into Arv's ass faster than ever. I can feel myself rushing towards climax and I lose myself in that feeling, letting it build up and up and up and- Oh. Fuck. Yeah.

With one last hard thrust deep inside the fennec I let out spurt after spurt of cum in his ass before pulling out and letting the last few shots paint his already beautiful butt cheeks into an even more exquisite work of art. I give off a long, satisfied sigh as Arv makes an equally long and satisfied moan. I collapse on top of the seed covered fox, not caring that my cum is soaking into my fur, and nuzzle into his large ears.

"Good thing I decided to go to that stupid meal after all," I whisper to Arv. "You were worth the tedium and pleasantries."

"Was that not pleasant?" He asks, I can hear the sarcastic half grin in his words so I just chuckle and close my eyes.

"You're a funny one aren't you? I could do with some sharp wit around here. Maybe you should start coming by regularly." I nudge my paw towards his cock to find it still hard. I run a finger along it's length and he shivers.

"Mmf, maybe. You are pretty damn good."

"I'm better than good." I pull myself and Arv over onto our sides so that I can properly get at his hard member. I close my paw around his length and begin stroking up and down.

"Ooh. You even care enough about the guy you just fucked to treat him to a paw instead of falling straight asleep? Maybe you're just as good as you say." I speed up my paw movements and lightly nibble at Arv's ear. "Mm. You know? Maybe I would like to spend some more time around here, I could get used to this kind of treatment." Suddenly he wriggles out of the grip of my paws and kneels up on the bed, looking down at me. "Although, if you want some more of me in your life - and we both know you're going to regret it if you never get inside this ass again - then there is one condition." He grins that perfectly mischievous grin that all foxes seem to universally know and use.

"Mhm." I scratch the top of my head and frown. "I would normally never trust a fox who is looking at me like that, but you're right, I would like to see you again. Go on, what's your condition?"

"Well..." He puts a finger to his muzzle and feigns deep thought for a few moments, but I can't keep concentrating on his expression. Somehow my gaze keeps dipping down towards his hard cock. Hell, I just want to make him squirm in my paws and shoot his load all over my bed and his fur. Just imagining it is making me excited. "You're a confident, perceptive guy," He contiues. "You could tell couldn't you? It only took a few moments for you to realise we were going to end up in bed together."

"I'm a lion of many talents," I say with a smirk and an overacted shrug. "Although I get the impression you're every bit as talented. You obviously knew what was up, and you got exactly what you wanted. That's what makes me want to keep you around. You're different than most guys I meet."

"Different is the word." He smiles wide, it's a wild kind of smile. A wonderful confidence and an almost perverse sense of joy exudes from it. "Here's something you didn't guess quite so easily." He extends an arm over me and before I know what's happening he's giving my ass a firm squeeze. "I'm not one of those subby bitches you're used to. I'm greedy, I like it both ways."

"Uh.." There's a pause. We stare at one another in silence for a few moments. "Both ways?" Suddenly I'm tensing up. "I, uh, really didn't get that vibe from you."

"Ah well..." He strokes a paw across my backside and rubs his cock with the other. "You only see what you want to see I suppose. A willing, horny fox, a good way to spend a night. Most people don't tend to see what they're not expecting. Now lift up that butt so I can pound you so hard you'll forget you ever thought you were a top."

His eyes glisten with an intoxicating blend of confidence and glee as a moment of silence lingers. For a couple of seconds my mouth flaps uselessly open and shut as I try and find words. On one paw there's a hot as fuck Fox offering sex to me. On the other paw it's not the kind of sex I thought I was getting myself into. I mean I'm not one of those prudes who has never tried the other side - okay it was only a few times and I was drunk for at least one of them - but, it's not my preference and this was certainly not what I was expecting to get out of tonight. All of a sudden I feel out of control. I thought I read him like a book the moment I caught him staring at me, I was wrong, he read me inside and out while I only glanced at the front cover. There's a lot more to this fox than surface detail. I have to give credit to him for that, and I admit I wouldn't like this to be the last time we met.

"It's up to you in the end of course," Arv assures me, stroking a paw across my side. "Although I would certainly be happy putting this arrogant, powerful lion into his place." He makes a mock roaring sound.

"Um..." I just about manage to garble out amid mixed, racing thoughts. "I... I mean... uh..."

"Spit it out." Arv says, kneeling above me, slowly stroking his member.

Looking up at him my heart plummets. I have kind of missed trying out other things. It's just my partners seemed to prefer taking it and I was always up for giving. It just became a habit I guess. It's been so long now though. I wouldn't know what to do, how to act. Ah hell. I can't believe it. I'm seriously considering it.

It doesn't help things that he's so fucking hot. Out of nowhere I look at him and he's gone from my quirky, confident bottom for the night to the feisty fox who is about to fuck me. Oh hell he's got to me. Dammit. And, yeah, I'm going to let him fuck me. After staring at that cock for so long I can't help but admit I want nothing more than for it to be inside me. The fox riding me like a...

Hell, I haven't felt like this in a long time. It feels good

"I... um..." I half say, half croak. "Yes."

"Yes?" He asks with a laugh and rolling eyes. "You really haven't had much experience with this, have you?" He gently pulls me up so that I'm on my hands and knees and, less gently, shoves his cock towards my face. "Don't worry, I'll give you a good training session. I'm sure you can remember what the bitch is supposed to do in this situation."

"Don't you think we're moving a little fast," I ask, looking up at the smirking fox. He just shakes his head and points down towards his cock. "All right. Fair enough."

"Muzzle open."

I do as he says and before I can change my mind he's shoving his shaft into my mouth. I missed this more than I realised. I keep my mouth open wide around his hard, warm cock and I taste a hint of precum as his member glides over my tongue. It's an incredible feeling; every drop of precum is a satisfying new reward for being a hardworking bitch. I didn't even hope tonight would go this well, hell, I didn't even think fucking a fox and then sucking his cock was in the realm of possibility. Foxes eh? Sneaky bastards. You can never tell what will happen when you take one home.

"See? You're not so bad at this." Arv says cutting through my wandering thoughts and alerting me to the reality of his sizeable cock resting deep in my mouth. "Now get to sucking."

I move my head back and forth down the length of the fennec's dick, lapping at it with my tongue as I go. If I'm going to do this, I'm going to try and do it right. Arv let's out a satisfied grunt and I know I can't be doing too badly, and honestly, it makes me feel pretty great hearing him in a completely different state of pleasure.

In a few moments the fox's paws are at the back of my head and he's pushing further towards his crotch, his cock sliding deeper and deeper into my throat. So this is what it feels like. I've never taken a cock this deep before and for a moment I consider pushing back against Arv to make sure it doesn't become uncomfortable, but I brace myself and let the fox fit almost his whole length down me before finally pushing a little to let him know I'm at my limit. Considering how little experience I've had I think I'm doing pretty well at it. I bob my head back and forth on his cock again, each stroke longer and deeper now. From the fox's moans it's clear I'm doing just fine.

Arv grabs my head again and pulls me a little away from his groin, at first I think he wants to move on to something else, but he soon proves me wrong as he holds my head still and starts repeatedly thrusting into my mouth. Every few thrusts brings the taste of a little more precum. Fuck yeah, this is awesome, I can see why so many guys like it. Doing everything you can to make another guy cum is pretty damn exciting.

"Mph. Hold up, hold up." Arv let's out a happy sigh, gently shoves me off his cock and leans down towards me as I look up at him, he licks my nose and smiles wide. "Okay, you're not so bad at this. I think you have more practice then you let on."

"Maybe I've just got a knack for blowjobs." I lower my head back down towards his cock and lick around my muzzle.

"In that case I should test what else you're well suited for."

My ears fall back flat along my head and I instinctively flinch a little as I guess at his meaning. It's not that I'm not interested in doing something a little more intense, it's just that... fuck, I'm nervous. It's been so long. Yet I can't keep my eyes away from the fox's hard, wet cock, and the thought of it sliding into me makes my mouth water. Fuck it.

"Maybe you should. If that's what it takes to keep a fox like you around then I suppose I could make such a sacrifice." I say, licking around my muzzle instinctively once again.

"Sacrifice? I thought it was us foxes who were supposed to be the mischievous little liars." He leans over me and grabs my exposed ass with both paws giving it a firm squeeze. "You have a very nice muzzle but it's time for you to show off that butt."

I give the tip of the fox's cock one last farewell lick and then do as Arv says, turning about on the bed as gracefully as I can, only to be met with a firm smack on the backside. I let out a small involuntary yelp and then dig my face into the bed covers feeling silly. Arv doesn't seem to notice as he carries on groping my ass.

"You're going to be begging to take cock more often after tonight." He says. I might have argued with him a few minutes ago, but now all I can think about is getting his cock buried deep inside of me so I can't exactly think of a witty retort. The fox closes the small distance between his groin and my ass and rubs his dick against one of my butt cheeks. "Honestly though I wasn't entirely sure that I would manage to convince you to try this out."

"I wasn't either." He slides his cock between my cheeks, his tip teasing at my tailhole. Hell this reminds me of those drunk, experimental college nights. It feels good. Why did I ever stop doing this?

"You're not going to regret it." Arv assures me, taking firm hold of my hips. "Now just get onto your back so I can look into those gorgeous eyes while I give you the best fuck you will have ever had."

I can do nothing but exactly what he wants me to. I roll over onto my back in one efficient motion, full of excitement. Arv grabs hold of my legs and pushes them up over me as he repositions his cock under my tail. I get a tingling sensation along my spine and a wide grin involuntarily takes over my face for a moment before I manage to wrestle back control and assume a more seductive expression looking up into Arv's eager, powerful eyes.

"See? Isn't this better?" The fox licks around his muzzle in anticipation and rubs his tip against my hole.

"Much." I agree, reaching out and grabbing the bed with each paw to help anchor my position, I'd rather not go sliding around the mattress while I'm getting railed.

"Then let's get this started." He lets out a sound that's somewhere between a purr and a growl and pushes his tip into my hole.

I let out an involuntary squeak of shock mixed with just a little pain as the fox slides deep inside of me. Wow, I'm really not used to this. The consolation is that the fox is dripping with precum and lubing me up quite effectively as he begins to rhythmically thrust into my butt. Oh, and the other consolation is that this feels fucking amazing.

His paws grip tight against my waist and he stares into my eyes. He exudes power and lust and I can't help but be lost in it all. He pounds me while I'm sighing and moaning in a glorious mixture of pleasures. There's something about being fucked by a guy who has an ass filled with your cum that is especially amazing. His movements grow more intense with every passing moment, he's so deep inside of me now. Oh hell, this fox is amazing.

Arv leans down over me and smiles a powerful smile, he tilts his head and opens his muzzle bringing his face towards mine as he thrusts particularly deep and hard. I respond in kind and move in for the kiss as I push my ass even further onto his cock. Our tongues tangle and explore each other's mouths for a blissful few more moments before he pulls away, straightens his back and winks at me playfully, renewing his thrusting even faster than ever.

My cock bounces up and down uselessly on my chest with every one of Arv's movements. I'm rock hard despite relieving myself only a few minutes ago, this whole thing is just too damn sexy.

"This..." I start, but my words are stolen from me and replaced with quiet moans with successive, forceful thrusts of pure fox cock. I start to try and finish my sentence before realising enough has been said. This.

It's only a few moments later, when I remember that important little detail about canines and that there's a knot pushing up against my tailhole, that I lose a little calm, okay, a lot of calm. It's so thick. I've never been knotted before. Oh my. Oh my.

"You're not going to..." I let out a gasp as Arv's knot smacks against my hole particularly forcefully. "You're not going to knot me are you."

The fox ceases his thrusts for a moment causing me to let out a little whine before I can stop myself. His signature mischievous grin adorns his visage once again and as he slowly pulls his cock so far out that only the very tip is still inside of me. He stares into my eyes and says: "Only if you tell me not to."

It takes all of two seconds for me to make my mind up.

"Just stick it back in and fuck me already."

"What a wordsmith you are." Arv snidely comments as he takes my breath away and pushes back deep inside of me, resuming his thrusts, his knot pushing up against my hole with every stroke and somehow it seems thicker every time.

There are no more words. Arv is left with only satisfied grunts and sighs and I'm either breathless or moaning. Hell I'm enjoying this more than I ever thought I could, looking up at a guy while he takes pleasure from plowing your ass is a pretty special feeling.

I can tell he's getting close. I do as best I can to push my ass towards his cock to let him fuck me deep with every thrust. He speeds up his pace and loses any vocalisation other than excited panting. My body is overwhelmed with senses and emotion as the fox preludes his climax with rough, emotional movements. My mind does it's best to simplify the jumble of different feelings coming its way and ultimately consolidates it all down to pure, ecstatic pleasure.

Arv's thrusts increase in power and his knot presses up harder and harder against my tailhole until with one final glorious thrust the fox's knot squeezes entirely inside of me with an exhilarating pop. The fox continues to gyrate his hips as he continually spurts his seed into my ass. He looks down at me as if, not only am I his, but as if I am his world. Looking back up at him feels like watching the sun rise over a perfect horizon, the beautiful start of something new. I can't do anything but lay my ears back and look embarrassed, I never think all romantic and trashy like that. This fox has got to me.

Arv's movements finally stop, he sighs an exaggerated, gleeful sigh and stares into my eyes, smiling. He leans down a little and kisses my nose once again

"See that wasn't so bad now was it?" He asks. I can't help but laugh. All I do in response is wiggle my butt on the fox's, now firmly stuck, cock. "I'll take that as a no."

Arv's upper body falls on top of me and he holds me tight in his arms, his cock still snugly knotted to my ass. After a momentary lack of breath I appreciate the gesture and hug him in return. Fuck, this night has been incredible.


After a few seconds of worn out, contented silence the fox responds: "Yeah?"

"I really want to see you again." I say, my mouth goes dry, my head spins. Why did I say that? I never do this kind of thing. What am I thinking? Ugh. That's not why I'm scared. Fuck. It's true. I really want to see him again.

The fox lifts his head up off me so that he can stare down into my eyes once again, he smirks.

"I can tell."