Her happy ending.

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#12 of Her Escape

Ending! Yay! XD

Jason and Crystal stayed in that hotel for several days after Scott made his way into town with the divorce papers that Jason had hidden to keep them safe. Scott arrived at their hotel and handed the folder over to Crystal with a small smile on his face, a guilt ridden look in his eyes as he looked at her. Crystal purred softly and smiled to him as she took the folder from him, shaking her head some. " Scott your not to blame...you tried to stop them..and you had mind enough to call Jason after they drove off with me." Scott lowered his ears a bit then smiled as she hugged him tightly while Jason was coming out of the hotel room with his car keys. He looked at Scott and smiled to him before taking a deep breathe and motioning for him to join them in the car. Once they were settled Jason drove to the court house and walked with them inside to get her divorce started while looking to her. "They might ask you to press charges against him. I honestly am not sure how that will go but either way...his ass is in trouble now." Crystal chuckled a bit and nodded some before disappearing into the lawyers office.

It took a while for the paper work to be filed and more to be filled out but Crystal got it done. When she came out of the office she moved to Jason and hugged him, purring softly to him while he began petting her head gently. After a moment he took her out of the court house with Scott then headed to the bar Jason owned. They walked inside and settled down at a table. Crystal shifted a bit in her chair, still feeling a bit sore while Jason moved behind the bar and grabbed some drinks for them. Scott sighed and rubbed his head some not sure on what to say or do but he just smiled as Crystal gently rubbed her hand over his arm a bit before Jason returned and sat down with them, giving each a bottle of soda while they relaxed.

Through out the day Scott had headed back to his own town to get some work done. He offered Jason the chance to own the cabin they had been staying in to which Jason agreed and thanked his brother before hugging him and watching him leave. Jason walked with Crystal to the gym and inspected the damages done by Dale and those that he paid to help him, sighing and rubbing the back of his neck. Crystal lowered her ears as she walked around with him, her arms crossed lightly as she looked to him. "Jason...I am sorry you lost this.." Jason stood his ears up and looked to her then smiled, shaking his head some. "It is just a building Crystal...I got something more important then this old place." He moved to her and gently ran his fingers through her hair before kissing her softly. Crystal blushed and returned the kiss then hugged him tightly for a moment before Bonnie came through the door looking for them. "Crystal! The cops have said you can go back to your home now. They got the evidence they needed from the basement. Dale is in jail for a while now and the case is going to be brought before the court soon." Crystal looked to Bonnie and smiled with a small nod. She looked at Jason then left the gym with him, holding his hand with her fingers laced together with his own.

He took her back to the house and walked inside with her. Bonnie came in behind them with a big plastic garbage can which made Crystal give her a questioning look. Bonnie grinned and moved to a picture of Dale on the wall, pulling it off with both Jason and Crystal watching as she threw it into the garbage can with the frame. Crystal smiled while Jason laughed softly and nodded. "Go ahead. I know you have wanted to do it as bad as me." Bonnie giggled and with Jason's help began getting rid of anything that had been Dale's starting in the living room while Crystal headed upstairs. She walked into the master bedroom, the cuffs from the night he trapped her in the bedroom still on the headboard of the bed. She folded her ears back and moved to the closet, pulling both the doors open and starting to pull Dales clothing out of it, throwing it into the floor behind her. Jason had come looking for her soon after and was watching from the doorway of the bedroom, his head tilting to the side a bit. She took a deep breathe as she pulled the last of his suits out, throwing them to the floor before running her fingers through her hair then looking to Jason who smiled and moved to her, hugging her gently with a soft nuzzle that made her purr softly before letting go and watching him take the clothing downstairs for Bonnie to take a pair of scissors to.

When he give the last of the clothing to Bonnie he returned to Crystal who was in her side of the closet, pulling out her wedding dress. It wasn't the greatest looking dress and she cringed looking at it. She shook her head and sighed as she threw it to the floor right when Jason walked back in. "Good god who picked that out?" Crystal looked at him and smiled some. " Dales psycho mother." Jason laughed and moved to her, grinning as he gently cornered in the back of the closet. Crystal blushed lightly and looked at him with a curious look on her face before smiling and playfully swatting him with one of her scarves. "wait till Bonnie leaves!" Jason laughed and grabbed her wrists, pulling her to him as he kissed her deeply for a moment before pulling back and looking her in the eyes. " I love you Crystal." She purred heavily as she smiled after returning the kiss, her cheeks turning a brighter shade of pink as she nuzzled her nose to his. "I love you too Jason." She hugged him tightly and laid her head against his chest before she heard Bonnie. "Oh god you still have that thing?!" Crystal and Jason both laughed before Jason walked out of the closet. Crystal pulled a few boxes down from the top shelves and moved out of the closet to sit on the floor with Bonnie going through the old pictures from her wedding and the years she dated Dale, ripping up almost all of them.

By late that night Bonnie had shredded almost all of Dales clothing and Crystal had burned her wedding dress. After Bonnie left Crystal ordered a few pizzas for dinner and sat with Jason on the couch, leaning into him with a soft sigh coming from her as she nuzzled into him a bit while he began laughing softly. "What is so funny?" Jason shook his head some before looking to her, gently rubbing one of her ears as he spoke softly to her. "Just...never thought I would have this happen...falling for someone like you who was married to an asshole and now here I am with you beside me in said assholes house while he is in jail hopefully getting ass raped." Crystal laughed as she hugged him tightly before nuzzling into his neck a bit with a heavy purr coming from her while he chuckled a bit more.


Over the following weeks Dale was given prison time for his abuse and attacks on Crystal. Her divorce from him became final and she was free of him for good. The same night that the divorce had become final Crystal found out she was pregnant and almost fainted when she looked at the test she had taken. Thankfully Bonnie had been with her and helped her before the excitement hit her and she ran downstairs to Jason who was in the kitchen on the phone with his brother. Crystal knocked into him, almost making him drop the phone as she yelled to him that she was pregnant. Jason had to hang the phone up as he hugged her tightly, leaning back against the fridge as she buried her face into his chest with tears rolling down her cheeks. Jason gently pet her head while Bonnie was giggling near by.

Jason began bending over backwards to Crystal after she gave him the news. One night while she was sleeping on the couch after a movie had started he brought out his phone and began browsing the web looking intently for something until he finally found the phone numbers for her father and brother. He gave her father a call after leaving the living room so his voice wouldn't wake her. Jason spent over an hour talking to her father and arranging a surprise for Crystal that he knew would make her day when it happened. Jason began making plans as he hung up the phone, sending a message to Bonnie to let her know what he was up to before hunting down a engagement ring online. When he found one he made sure Crystal was still asleep before leaving a small note on the table for her then heading out to the nearest store that was still open.

The next few days Jason and Bonnie got things set up at the bar for Crystals surprise. Jason put her father and brother up in a hotel and had them stay out of sight until it was time. The night of the party he set up Jason had Bonnie get her father and brother to the bar and have them stay towards the back while he went home to get Crystal who was starting to feel the symptoms of being pregnant. He walked into the house and smiled to her then chuckled, urging her to go get dressed and telling her he had a surprise for her. "Jason...I don't feel that great!" Jason sighed and looked at her. "Come on Crystal. It is a surprise for you and Bonnie helped big time with it. She is waiting at the bar for us." Crystal lowered her ears and stared at him for a moment before sighing and smiling some then heading upstairs to get dressed.

When she was ready she left the house with Jason who drove her to the bar. He insisted on putting a soft blind fold on her and she relented after a minute of protesting. He got out of the car and after getting the blind fold on her he led her into the bar gently where Bonnie, her two brothers, Crystals father and brother as well as Scott were waiting. Jason wagged his tail with a grin as he looked to them before slowly pulling Crystal into the middle of the room, moving behind her and pulling the blind fold off of her. Crystal blinked a few times before the first face she saw was her fathers. Her ears stood right up and her eyes widened with shock as the large brown feline smiled to her and moved to her when he saw her tearing up. Crystal hugged him as tightly as she could with her ears going down against her head as her brother, a dark grey male walked up beside them, gently putting his hand on her shoulder and getting her to look up. she stared at the two of them like she was having a hard time believing they were both standing there with her. "Daddy...Drake...How?" Drake smiled as he looked at his sister before looking to Jason as he stood off to the side with Scott. Crystal looked to Jason with tears rolling down her cheeks before pulling away from her father and moving to him, hugging him tightly as she began purring heavily.

"How did you do all this?" Crystal held onto him as they sat down at a table while the others began getting drinks and food onto plates. Jason smiled, gently wiping away her tears as he kissed her forehead softly before he answered her. "I looked them up. When I found the numbers I called your dad...told him what happened and that I was wanting to bring him and your brother here to have you together again...and for you to tell them about being...you know." Crystal blushed as she looked him in the eyes, holding onto both of his hands in hers as she nuzzled her nose with his gently, purring happily and smiling when her father sat down on the other side of her. Her father put his arm around her shoulders and gently hugged her close, nuzzling his head against her own. " I am glad your free of Dale Crystal...Your mother worried about you till she took her last breathe but..your free now. And with a man that clearly would die for you." Crystal blushed again as she nuzzled her father in return with a sheepish smile on her face before looking to him. Jason glanced to him with a grin while he was keeping Crystals attention. "I was shocked when I got that call from him...when he told me what happened I was booking the first flight I could find to get here with your brother. We met Jason at the hotel when we got here and talked for a while. He asked me for something soon after." Crystal raised a brow and tilted her head to the side with a curious look on her face as she stared at her father while Jason held onto her hand still, having pulled the ring from his pocket and very gently put it on her finger as her father grinned more. " He asked me..if he could marry you." Crystal stood her ears up and blinked, looking from her father to Jason who looked back at her with a grin. It took her a moment to realize he had put the ring on her finger but when it hit her she teared up again and nodded to him before hugging him tightly with a purr.

Those around them clapped and hugged Crystal before she turned back to her father and gently took his hands into her own, nuzzling her cheek against his fingers before she spoke softly as she looked at him. "One more thing daddy." He stood his ears up while looking at her. Jason smiled with his hands on her shoulders, giving a soft squeeze before she answered. "Daddy...I'm pregnant with his child." Her father and brother both looked at her with wide eyes. Her father smiled big and pulled her into a tight hug, purring coming from the both of them while Scott moved to Jason and gently patted his shoulder with a grin of his own.


Over the coming weeks Crystal and Jason decided against having an actual wedding. Crystal wanted to save money for the baby when it came and Jason agreed with her. The two went to the court house with her father and his brother to have it done which didn't take long at all. Once they were announced as married he kissed her softly then nuzzled her. She purred happily and smiled as she looked to Scott. "That cabin was two rooms right?" Scott stood his ears up and shook his head some then grinned. "No...but it can be fixed so it has two rooms." Crystal smiled and nodded happily. Scott hugged her before leaving to get that little project under way for them. Her father gently pet her head and rubbed her stomach which by then she was showing in the pregnancy. That alone was a roller coaster for the both of them. Some nights Jason was very gentle with his words and actions when her emotions got the better of her. He even stocked the kitchen with every snack he could think of for her odd cravings and random night time hunger pains.

During the rest of her pregnancy Crystal had pretty much forgotten about Dale and her life with him. Her world was now wrapped around Jason and the life she was making with him. By the time her due date rolled around Scott had managed by some stoke of luck to get the addition to the cabin finished for them. He even had it decorated with colors that were gender neutral since Crystal didn't want to know what sex the baby was until after it had been born. Scott, Jason, and Drake all got them moved into the cabin. More then once Crystal tried to help but her brother or Jason would make her sit down on the couch and rest. Jason had become paranoid the closer it came to the due date and almost never left her side. That ended up being a good thing. The night after they moved in and were getting the rest of their things unpacked Crystals water broke and she went into labor. Jason could have left a trail of smoke behind him if it was at all possible. He had heard the sound of her water breaking and hitting the floor. He dropped whatever he had been handling and moved to her, scooping her up into his arms and getting her into the car then driving off to the hospital, almost breaking the speed limit as he did.

When they got to the hospital Jason carried Crystal inside, forgetting about the fact their were wheelchairs to use until a nurse calmly asked him to set her down to which he gave a sheepish and nervous smile to her before they were admitted and taken to a birthing room. Jason had called her father, brother, Scott and Bonnie to let them know. By the time they arrived to the waiting room Crystal was in the process of giving birth. They hadn't been able to get her the pain meds she needed before the doctor had told her she needed to start pushing. Jason held onto her hand, wincing when she gave a grip he never knew a woman could have until now and was almost certain she had managed to break it. It took over an hour or more for her to give birth to a screaming infant girl. Jason let the nurse check his hand only for her to giggle afterwards and assure him he was fine while the others cleaned the infant off before wrapping her up and handing her to Crystal while she was being cleaned up and positioned comfortably soon after with Jason sitting on the bed with her.

The infant whimpered between little grunts and growls. She twitched her tiny little ears while Crystal moved some of the blanket to look at her fur, seeing it mixed with grays and whites as well as black swirls against her sides. Jason grinned some and shook his head. " I so figured she would have some if not all your colors and markings." Crystal grinned back to him as she held the infant close to her before looking to him again and purring softly. "What do you want her name to be?" Jason raised a brow and stared at her for a moment as he thought on it before smiling brightly and kissing Crystal softly before he answered. "Emerald." Crystal returned the kiss and purred with a small nod before a knock came to the door and her father stepped in along with the others. Jason took Emerald into his arms and got up to let the others hold and see her while Crystal rested with a big smile on her face and feeling happier then ever.

The end to her hell.

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Crystals Hell.

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An unexpected twist.

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