Mariel of Redwall: Behind the Bushes, Part 1

Story by ShamanSquirrel on SoFurry

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#8 of Redwall: Behind the Bushes

Takes place some time before Mariel of Redwall by Brian Jacques. All characters are (c) the author, except for Urthboar, Rawnblossom, Rawnflower, and Rawna.

Rawnblossom, a female badger, was the daughter of Rawnflower, and grandaughter of Sunflash and Rawna. She and her husband Urthboar were farmers at their home in Salamandastron. Recently, they had a son, Rawnblade.

Rawnblossom and Urthboar loved their hares, and enjoyed playing with them immensely. One young hare, Meadowclary, was their favorite. He was called Clary for short.

Urthboar approached Clary and said, "come on buddy, my wife and I have something for you."

"You'll really enjoy it," said Rawnblossom.

"I trust whatever it is, wot!" said Clary, following the badger couple into their bedroom.

Both Urthboar and Rawnblossom started to undress. Urthboar noticed that Clary looked ashamed to see them undress. "Don't be embarrassed, Clary," said Urthboar.

"Please, Clary," said Rawnblossom, "take off your clothing." Clary did as he was told, albeit slowly.

"So, Clary," said Urthboar. "Have you ever seen a naked badger before?"

"Not until bally now, wot!" said Clary nervously.

"Come closer to us," said Rawnblossom. "We won't bite."

Gently, Rawnblossom stroked Clary's chest fur. Urthboar started to rub Clary's back. "This f-feels bally good," said Clary. "You're right, I'm enjoying it so far, wot!"

Rawnblossom worked her way down Clary's abdomen, and lightly touched his penis. Meanwhile, Urthboar was working his way rubbing Clary's lower back. Then Rawnblossom started to stroke Clary's shaft. Clary moaned in excitement. His moans got louder when Urthboar began to gently stroke Clary's buttocks.

Clary got hard from the intimate caressing by the badger couple. Rawnblossom turned around and got into the natural mating position. "You know you want it right now," she said.

"Yes, I do!" said Clary. "And I want you too, Urthboar!"

"That's about to be arranged," said Urthboar. Behind him, Urthboar spat on his paw, and wet Clary's anus.

The two badgers pressed themselves towards Clary, who inserted his male harehood into Rawnblossom at the same time Urthboar inserted his male badgerhood into Clary's anus. Clary was sandwiched between the two badgers, feeling an immense double pleasure as he was thrusting in and out of Rawnblossom while Urthboar was thrusting in and out of Clary.

What the three did not know was that the door to the room was slightly ajar. Little Rawnblade pushed the door open, and stood there watching his parents doing their threesome with the hare between them. "Mommy, daddy, Mr. Clary, what are you doing?" asked Rawnblade.

Rawnblossom looked toward her son and said, "We're doing grownup things. You can stay to watch and learn if you want."

"Okay," said Rawnblade. The little badger dibbun sat and watched the three go at it, with curious contemplation.

The three of them continued with their threesome, all of whom were moaning in pleasure. Then, Clary made one long moan as he blasted his hare spooge into Rawnblossom. Knowing what Clary's sound and movement indicated, Urthboar was aroused seconds later and gushed his load of badger spooge into Clary's rectum. They all lay down on the large badger bed.

"That must've been fun!" said little Rawnblade. "You look tired now!"

"Yes, we are," said Rawnblossom. "Want to sleep with us?"

"Yes!" said Rawnblade. He hopped into bed and slept with the trio.


Several seasons had gone by. Urthboar had died in a battle with searats, but had saved Salamandastron in doing so. Rawnblossom was still alive, but wasn't quite the same badger. A rare affliction took hold of her, causing her to grow very large and barely mobile. Her intelligence had diminished to that of a primal beast. She had to be kept in a large cellar at the bottom of Salamandastron for the safety of the hares and other inhabitants. She only communicated by roaring and grunting, and her sounds were best interpreted by her son Rawnblade who had grown to a young adult. Some hares also learned what her sounds meant. She used different sounds to indicate if she wanted food, sex, or to have her cellar cleaned.

Thyme, a hare who recognized Rawnblossom's "want breakfast" roar, came to her cellar to deliver her favorite delights. She thanked him with a low murmur.

When Thyme came back towards the banquet hall, Rawnblade stopped him and said, "we have a guest coming from Redwall."

"Oh, Redwall!" said Thyme. "I've heard of that place. Bally friendly creatures, wot!"

"Yes, and my cousin Mellus recently became Badger Mother there," said Rawnblade.

Thyme and Rawnblade went outside to greet the visitor.

"Joseph is the name," said the mouse. "I have come because you are in need of a bell?"

"Why yes, of course," said Rawnblade. "I have specific instructions on how it is to be made."

"No problem for me," said Joseph. "Bellmaking is my profession."

Then a loud groan could be heard from the cellars.

"What was that?" asked Joseph.

"That was my mother," said Rawnblade, with a combined expression of sorrow and embarassment. "I'll need to go down there to see what she needs. You may follow me, but I must warn you, my mother is very huge and scary."

"I've met my share of scary creatures," said Joseph.

When they arrived at Rawnblossom's cellar, she made a rather distinctive groan, which slowly increased then decreased in tone.

"Now isn't a good time, mother," said Rawnblade.

"A good time for what?" asked Joseph.

"Sex," said Rawnblade. "She wants sex. Sometimes she wants it with me, or with Thyme or Clary the hares. She has to get what she wants, or we risk dealing with her Bloodwrath."

Rawnblossom groaned again. "Wait, with him?" asked Rawnblade. Then he turned to Joseph. "You won't believe this, but my mother wants you to have sex with her."

Joseph was shocked and flattered at the same time. "I... don't... think I can," said Joseph. "Besides, I'm a family mouse with a wife and a little daughter named Mariel."

"Sorry," said Rawnblade. "But you must mate with my mother to avoid her Bloodwrath."

"Okay," said Joseph. "I'll ... I'll be brave and do this. I'll just think of it as a challenging mission!"

Then Rawnblossom made a more complex sounding moan. "She said, 'Brave little mousey come to mama'," Rawnblade translated.

So Joseph slowly and nervously approached Rawnblossom, removing his tunic. "Wow," said Joseph. "You are one huge majestic beast."

Rawnblossom made a low murmur that sounded like a "thank you." She squatted down, exposing her lady bits to the mouse. Joseph began by gently stroking the wide gaping vulva, which retracted and oozed lady juices with each touch. Badger musk filled the air, causing Joseph to become aroused. Finally, he inserted his male mousehood into Rawnblossom's huge vagina. Despite the size difference in parts, Rawnblossom groaned with pleasure with each of Joseph's mousey thrusts. Then he climaxed, sending mouse seed into the oversized badger in copious spurts.

Joseph was exhausted after the sex and almost passed out, breathing heavily. "Mission... complete," he said between breaths.

"I guess I can call you my daddy now," said Rawnblade.

"And... I suppose my daughter Mariel can be your sister," said Joseph, managing an exhausted laugh. "Now back to what I was here for."

"The bell," said Rawnblade.

"Of course," said Joseph.

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