Mariel of Redwall: Behind the Bushes, Part 2

Story by ShamanSquirrel on SoFurry

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#9 of Redwall: Behind the Bushes

This is based on "Mariel of Redwall" by Brian Jacques. It takes place near the beginning of the book. All characters are (c) the author.

Yes, this is very short. I don't have time to write super long stories.

On the island of Terramort, Gabool, a corsair searat, had recently decapitated a rival searat named Bludrigg. At the cellar of Bladegirt, where some of his slaves are kept, he placed Bludrigg's head on a short column to intimidate his slaves. Blood still spurted from the head, and it dripped down the column onto the floor. "Haharr, this traitor challenged my authority," he said, waving his bloody sword around. "That's what 'appens to those who defy me. Anyone 'ere wish ter defy King Gabool of Terramort?" A terrified young mousemaid was in her cell weeping. He went up to her and said. "How 'bout you, little lady? I know yer was a friend of that h'other mousemaid I threw inter the sea." He was speaking of Mariel. "P-please, don't kill me," she said.

"Now, now, little mousey. I ain't goin' ta kill yer," said Gabool. "I have somethin' better in mind. You're comin' with me to my bed chamber." He picked her up by the scruff of her neck, and she was kicking and screaming all the way to Gabool's bed chamber. Then he threw her onto his bed. She regained a sitting posture, shaking with fear. "I want yer to take a good look at me ugly face," said Gabool, pointing especially to his scraggly beard.

"W-why?" asked the mousemaid. "'Cause that's the face of the rat who's 'bout ter rape ye!" said Gabool. He then unbuckled his corsair rat tunic. "No," she said. "P-please, no!" Then Gabool ripped a piece of his tunic off, and wrapped it around the mousemaid's mouth to gag her. "I do all the talkin' 'round 'ere!" He then proceeded to rip off her dress, exposing her virgin nudity. The mousemaid could only make muffled sounds under the gag. She could smell the rancid stench of searat. Gabool then fondled the mousemaid all over her body, and started licking her vagina. He forced her in the missionary position so she could see his ugly face, holding her wrists down on the bed. "Mmmmph!" she said through the gag, while closing her eyes tightly and shaking her head right and left. Every time she did that, he slapped her. She gave up and looked into her horny attacker's hideous face. Then, Gabool thrust his erection deep into her. "Yes! You're so tight!" said Gabool. "You like having a big ugly searat willy in yer? Haharr!" He continued thrusting roughly until he climaxed, sending his evil seed deep into her innocent young vagina. She felt an unwanted orgasm, causing her to feel like it's her fault that she just got raped by the huge ugly searat leader. Then Gabool grabbed her by the scruff, and carried her back down to the slave cellar. He then threw her with the other slaves. Shaking with fear and disgust, spooge was dripping down her legs. The other slaves instinctively knew what had happened to her. When Gabool left, two small hedgehogs, Barty and Dorcas, were conforting the raped mouse. "We're going to get back at Gabool for this and all the other horrible things he's done," said Barty. "That's a promise!" "That's right," said Dorcas. "We may still be small, but there's a lot of fight in us!" "See that head?" said Barty, pointing to the ghastly head of Bludrigg. The little mousemaid didn't want to look. "That was only put there to scare us. But we're not too scared to resist Gabool!" "And resist him we will!" said Dorcas. The two hedgehogs had later become influential in forming TRAG, Terramort Resistance Against Gabool.

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