A new bitch in the team

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#12 of Balto's family's love

New Chapter! We make a huge time gap of six month to end in winter. We find Kodi and his family. Kodi is happy, mated to Dusty with four pups to take care of. With winter coming, snow cover the lands and sled-dogs come back in work. With Dusty out, Kodi's musher is forced to buy a new dog to replace her. What will happen then?

Six months after Steele and Aleu's depart.

White. Everywhere around Nome was white. Snow had returned, covering everything of its white coat.

September 1929.

Balto and his family were all living peacefully now. Jenna had gave birth to five little pups, two females having the colors of their mother, one female with the colors of her father with the feature of a husky and two males with Balto's colors too. Happily, all of them found a good house with good masters to live with. Dusty and Kodi also had their own pups. Dusty had given birth to four healthy puppies, two males with a mix of their parents fur and two female with their mother's fur. Kodi and Dusty's master, Mr. Simpson, kept all the puppies to make them future sled dogs. Of course, Dusty had to take care of the pups, so, she couldn't run anymore with the mail dog team. So, it's why Mr. Simpson bought another dog to replace Dusty for this year.

The team was already harnessed and hooked to the sled, ready to go, when Mr. Simpson arrived near his sled with the new dog.

"Hey boys! Look, this is your new teammate Tanya!" The man said to his dogs.

The team looked at the new member of their team. Kodi who was in the lead, quickly examined the dog. It was a female husky, she had tan fur with a white underbelly. She also had two green eyes, and a white marking on her muzzle. She wasn't a purebred husky, that was sure. Kodi and the others wagged their tail slowly and welcomed the new dog.

"Welcome in the team Tanya!" The six male dogs said in chorus.

Mr. Simpson chuckled when his six dogs barked at the same time and wagged their tail.

"Thank you all. It's like a dream coming true. Being on this team, it's one of my dream since I arrived in town." Tanya said smiling.

"Well, we hope you'll do a good work in the team." Kodi replied.

Mr. Simpson harnessed Tanya and hooked her at Kodi's right, where Dusty was situated usually. Kodi didn't like that Dusty was replaced like that, but the team needed a dog in this place, so he didn't argued with his master. Kodi then turned his head back forward and waited for the musher to give the signal of the depart. Suddenly, he felt a cold nose brush his right hind paws. He looked back and saw Tanya look straight into his eyes.

"I'm really happy to be on your team Kodi. I heard you were one of the fastest team of all Nome." She said smiling innocently.

Kodi smiled back and replied:

"Well, I don't know if we are the fastest, but we sure do our best to be it."

Tanya chuckled, and all the team approved their leader. When Kodi turned his head back forward, Tanya's innocent smile became a big devilish grin.

"I can't wait to have you inside me so." She thought.

Dusty came out of the house and approached the team with the four pups following her behind.

"Hey hun. Good luck on the road today." She said, nuzzling Kodi.

"Yeah. And you, have a good day with the pups." Kodi replied, nuzzling her back.

Their four pups came running around Kodi.

"Yeah, you're going on an adventure dad?" One of the male pup asked.

"Can we come with you?" A female pup also asked.

"Hehehe, no sorry pups, you can't come with us." (All the pup whined, disappointed with their father's answer.) "But, you'll be able to come with us when you'll be older. So, in the meantime, be wise with your mother, understand?" Kodi asked.

All the pups yipped happily and hugged their father. Kodi hugged them back and then kissed Dusty.

"I'll miss you hun." She said.

"I'll miss you more babe." He replied.

Both lovers smiled, and then Dusty and the pups walked back to the door of the house, watching the team as Mr. Simpson finally finished to ready the sled.

Tanya wanted to throw up. All that lovey-dovey between Kodi and his family sickened her.

"How can he live with that. A bitch is a bitch, and little bastards are little bastards. He shouldn't care about them, he should only care about his own needs." She thought.

For Tanya, the leader of a sled dog team should have no bond with anyone. He should fuck every female he wants, have as many litter of little mongrel as he wants, and never care about the bitches nor the pups. She wanted to have Kodi on her back, to have him fucking her tight pussy, to have him filling her with his mongrels. He should have done this long ago now. She often saw him in town, walking with the team in the streets of Nome. She always tried to pose for him, but he never noticed her, although all his friends had.

_"This Dusty bitch won't prevent me to have my fun with you Kodi. You'll see."_She thought.

Suddenly, Mr. Simpson gave the order.


And the whole team moved forward. They at first went to the post office to take the mail of Nome. Then, when the mail bags were bond on the sled, the team headed out of town toward their usual destination, White Mountain. They reached the little town a little after midday, which means they were late.

"Huff huf, first race of the season and we're already late." Ralph panted out.

"*Pant pant* Don't worry guys.*pant* There's still plenty of race for the whole winter."

Tanya, her, said nothing. She had enjoyed the trip. In the whole trip, Kodi had been in front of her with his tail high enough for her to see his furred balls dangling just under his tailhole.

_"Soon they'll be emptied into my womb. Soon."_She thought, licking her lips with delight as she continued to pant.

Kodi turned his head to her and she smiled with her tongue out.

"So, how was this first run for you, Tanya?" He asked.

"It was great. The view was wonderful, and the run wasn't too tiring." She replied.

"Good. I must tell you, I managed you bit back there."

Tanya snapped.

"What?! You managed me?! This little run was nothing for me! I ran twice that distance without stopping already! So don't ever manage me again!!" She growled.

Kodi and the team were surprised by the sudden outburst.

"Alright Tanya. We'll go faster for now. But don't forget you asked for it." Kodi said then.

Tanya huffed.

_"If you fucked me already, you would know I have a lot of stamina."_She thought.

Mr. Simpson finally finished to bond the bag of mail on the sled and jumped at the back.

"Have a good trip back to Nome, Mr. Simpson!" The postman said at the young man.

"Thank you Mr. Miller. Have a good day! Mush!" The young man replied.

And the team headed out of town toward Nome. On the road, Tanya thought:

"Well, it's time to fast this team up."

She lifted her tail high, giving a good view and whiff of her pink wet vagina for the four dogs behind her, her Heat making her pussy bulge with need. Kodi suddenly felt the sled lighten on his harness.

"Well, I think we can speed up a little." He thought, quickening his pace.

The team reached Nome with twenty minutes ahead of the planning. Mr. Conner was impressed.

"Well Mr. Simpson, it's the first time you come back early." The old postman said.

"Yeah, the dogs were pretty fast this evening." Mr. Simpson replied.

All the dogs were panting.

"Well *huf pant* Good job team.*pant pant* We all did a great job today." Kodi said.

Tanya grinned while panting, seeing Kodi sniff the air around.

"*Sniff sniff* And now I see why you were all that fast today." The leader said.

"Yeah, I see that too." Ralph added, looking at Tanya.

Kodi turned around and spoke to the four dogs behind Tanya and Ralph.

"Guys, seriously. Tanya is only a new member of the team and you're already running after her?" He said.

"But, boss..."

"Leave it Kodi. I'm not offended, but better flattered." Tanya said, fluffing her tail behind her.

Mr. Simpson unhooked the dogs and retired their harness off them.

"Well, you're free to go for today. Go rest guys." The man said, petting Kodi's head.

Then the man knelt down in front of Kodi and said:

"And you, go join your family."

Kodi smiled and licked the man's face before coming away with the team.

"Alright guys, go rest. I'll see you tomorrow. Tanya, can I have a word with you?" Kodi said.

"Of course boss." Tanya replied with a big smile.

The two dogs went toward an alleyway to have more privacy. Kodi sat on the cold snow and looked at the brown husky.

"Alright Tanya. You're in Heat, the whole team is aware of that now. I have a question to ask you." Kodi said calmly.

"Oh my God, he's already gonna fuck me." Tanya thought. "It was easier than I thought."

"Tanya, do you want to stay in the team while your Heat or do you want to wait until it fades away to continue running with us?" Kodi asked.

"... What?" She said, dumbstruck.

"I asked you if you-"

"I heard what you asked! And it wasn't the question I wanted to hear!" Tanya cut Kodi.

"What do you mean Tanya?" Kodi asked.

"I thought you would ask me if I wanted to let you fuck me while my Heat or not! Not that stupid question you asked me!"

"Tanya, I'm mated with Dusty, remember? I have pups with her, remember?"

"I don't care about that bitch! I did everything I could do in my willpower to end up in this team with you only to have you fucking me! And the only thing you speak about is that fucking little inexperienced bitch and those fucking little mongrels!" She shouted.

Kodi suddenly jumped on her, making her fall on her back, and he pressed his right front paws on her throat.

"You speak about my mate or my pups like that again, and I'll make you suffer like you never suffered before!" He growled loudly.

"*Gasp* Gggahh! P-please, f-fuck me." Tanya whimpered.

"If you threaten my family again, I'll make sure you suffer until the end of your life, that's clear?!" He added.

"F-fuck me!" She whined again, trying to move her hips and tail to rub his lower region.

Suddenly Kodi backed away and came back into the main street. He looked at the female with an angry look on his face, and then walked away toward Mr. Simpson's house.

Tanya got up and breathed deeply. Then she said to herself:

"You want to play it like that? So, let's play it like that. You're gonna fuck me, like it or not."

Kodi reached his house and entered by the doggy door. The other member of the team were here, resting from the run. Dusty was with the pups playing in a corner of the main room. Only Ralph was missing. The big husky/wolf mix entered soon after Kodi and set himself under the table. Kodi approached Dusty and kissed her cheek.

"Good afternoon my dear." He said then.

"Good afternoon hun. Did you have a good day?" Dusty asked, licking his nose.

"It could have been worse."

"Daddy! You're back!!" The four pups yipped happily.

"Hey, pups!" Kodi yipped back.

The four pups were pretty big now. They were almost six months old, which means they were half of their adult size. All four pups jumped on their father and nipped his ears and tail, wagging their own tail happily. Dusty only laughed, watching her mate play with their children. Dusty had to say, Kodi often told her he wasn't a very confident father. But as she saw him take time with the pups, play with them, listen to them and care for them, she was sure he was one of the best father that ever existed.

Some minute after the beginning of the playtime, Mr. Simpson entered into the house and sat on a chair at the table in the center of the room. He had a paper folded in his hands. He put it on the table and unfolded it. Then he read out loud:

"The first sled dog race of the season will occur in November. The depart will be at Nenana and the finish line at Nome. Two thousand dollars and the Golden Collar for the first one to reach Nome. Five hundred dollars and the Silver Collar for the second. One hundred dollars for the third."

All the dogs listened carefully to their musher.

"Guys, I think a race is coming." Ralph said.

Kodi approached his musher and sat next to him. The young man looked at his dog.

"Are you ready for a race, big guy?" Mr. Simpson asked.

Kodi licked the man's hand and barked one time.

"So, I suppose this is a yes. Alright then, we'll do it." The young man said.

All the dogs barked in joy. Mr. Simpson smiled and patted Kodi's head.

"We'll do it big guy." He whispered.

The night was falling when Tanya came back home. The bitch entered by the doggy door and lied in a corner, wrapping her tail around herself. Her entrance disturbed Kodi a lot, and Dusty soon noticed it.

"Kodi, you look edgy. What's happening?" The gray husky-wolf mix asked.

"Can we talk somewhere else please?" The male asked.

Dusty looked surprised, but she followed Kodi outside after telling her brother to look after the pups. Kodi led his mate to the boiler room. No one was there that night. Kodi let Dusty in before closing the door behind.

"Alright, what's going on?" The female asked.

Kodi sighed deeply before speaking.

"I think we have a problem with the new member of the team."

"Tanya?" Dusty asked.

"Yes. This afternoon when we came back, I had a little talk with her. She is in Heat, so I asked her if she wanted to stay home and take some day of rest while her Heat or if she wanted to keep running with us. And you won't believe what she told me."

"She asked you to mate her?" Dusty asked.

"... Yeah, how do you know that?"

"She is in Heat, you are the leader of the team and an awfully handsome male, I just figured that..."

She stopped to speak when Kodi looked at her intently.

"What?" She asked then.

"Dusty, I know it when you hide something from me."

"That's not what you think, I... Oh, alright. I asked Ralph to keep an eye on you this morning before your depart. I never trusted that Tanya. Ralph told me he already saw her in town, trying to show off to you." Dusty said.

"Dusty... Really? You really asked that to your brother?" Kodi asked chuckling.

"*Sigh* Yes. I worry for you. I'm worried that one day, you won't find me attractive anymore."

"Dusty, let me tell you that no other female could take your place in my heart. I love you Dusty. And no female will be able to rip you out of my heart." He said, hugging her on his chest.

"I love you Kodi. I don't want to lose you to some other bitch. I want to be your only one bitch." Dusty said, snuggling her head deeper into his chest's fur.

"Hehehe, you will stay my only one bitch Dusty. You are what I love the most on this Earth. I won't let anyone take me away from you."

Both canines stayed cuddled in each other arms until Kodi smelt a smell he knew very well.

"Dusty, my dear, you're in Heat?" The male asked.

"Y-yeah. I-I noticed it this morning." Dusty said, suddenly moving away, looking away from him and blushing.

"Dusty..." Kodi thought before talking. "What do you want my dear?"

"I-I don't w-want to have another litter yet. I-I don't f-feel ready-"

"Dusty, don't tell more. You know I would never try to make you do something you don't want to do. I respect you and your choice." Kodi said, nuzzling her affectionately.

"Kodi... I love you."

"I love you too my sweet wolfess."

Dusty blushed more at the comment. Kodi only called her his 'sweet wolfess' in their love-making.

"Kodi... I don't want you to breed me... But I'd like you... to satisfy me in another way." She said.

"What can I do for you my love?" Kodi asked, smiling.

Dusty turned away from him and lifted her tail out of the way of her crotch. Immediately, Kodi's eyes fixed on her burning red pussy lips. The male could feel her warmth without even touching her.

"Could you... lick me and make me cum?" Dusty asked, her paws shaking under her.

Kodi slowly approached and breathed in her wonderful scent.

"Everything for my sweet wolfess." He said then in a sigh.

He extended his tongue and sloowwwly licked her from the bottom on her clitoris to the very top of her labia. Her juice were licked off of her puffy lips, only to be replaced by another wave of fresh female cum.

"Oohh... God..." Dusty moaned in a whisper, closing her eyes at the great feeling of being licked.

Kodi's second lick sent shivers up her spine again. Then, Kodi grinned and put his cold nose on her lips. Dusty gasped at the foreign touch. Instinctively her tail flared up upon her back and her chest lowered to the ground, her tongue lolling out of her mouth in a loud pant.

Her butt was now lifted high for her lover, her tail far away from her crotch, giving full access to Kodi. The male began to dig in and slurped her juice away, gulping it down his throat. His cock was half erected, her alluring scent and sweet taste exciting him. Dusty was lost in her pleasure. Her whole body wanted just one thing, being roughly bred by the wonderful male behind her. How much she wanted just right now to feel Kodi get on her back and fuck her senseless full of his wonderful hot sperm. She moaned and panted as Kodi licked her clitoris.

"Oohh Kodi!*pant* You're the best..."

Kodi grinned in her pussy. Then he suddenly put his front paws on her butt and he stuffed her vagina with his muzzle and tongue. Dusty gasped and moaned louder, feeling his tongue dig deeper into her needy folds.

At the beginning, Kodi only sucked her pussy, his tongue slurping her walls inside. But then, he began to seek her G-spot. His tongue rubbed a part inside her pussy and Dusty moaned louder than usual. Kodi began to lick this place more, making Dusty gasp and moan louder, and also making her try to buck her hips back onto Kodi's muzzle.

"Ooohh Kodi!!*gasp* Fuck Kodi, that's so good!!*pant*" She cried.

Kodi lashed his tongue furiously onto Dusty's G-spot, making her body become crazy. He felt her vagina spasm around his tongue, her juices spurting on his muzzle.

"*Gasp* Yes Kodi, yes!! Right there!!" Dusty shouted.

She suddenly barked, and Kodi's face was drenched in her juices. She bucked her hips back furiously on his muzzle, her vagina tightening around his tongue. She bucked and howled for three minutes, Kodi slurping her juice and keeping his tongue on her magical spot to extend her orgasm, until Dusty became only a trembling mess in front of him, panting loudly with her tongue lolling out of her maw.

After her orgasm subsided, Kodi slowly withdrew his drenched muzzle from her wet labia. Then, after cleaning his muzzle, he softly lapped Dusty's wet pussy to clean her. The female whimpered and purred in delight at his soft touch. Then with a heavy sigh, she collapsed on her side. Kodi came lying next to her back and licked her head with love.

"Do you feel better my love?" He asked.

"*Purr* Yes Kodi. Thank you my wolf." Dusty replied.

"It was all my pleasure my sweet sexy wolfess."

"But... And you?" She asked suddenly, feeling his hard meat rub her back.

"Don't worry, it will go away. Now, just rest my beauty. I watch over you." Kodi said, licking her cheek and then putting his head on her neck.

Dusty sighed happily and soon, she was asleep with her lover.

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