Chapter 4: Epsilon's prisoner

Story by digiyifffan on SoFurry

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#4 of End Game: Destiny's End (Season 2)

"Davis, are you feeling better?" Veemon asked. He had devolved back to his rookie form. "NO! I am not!" Davis stomped a foot. "TK! TK! TK! She screwed TK!" "Davis, calm down!" Veemon shouted. "With that reject from Gilligan's Island! How could she?!" The spires began to take control of him again. Veemon jumped up and slapped Davis across the face. "Snap out of it! She was under the control of the spires, and you're going to be too if you don't simmer done." Davis mustered all off his rationality and buried the hatred towards TK, at least for now. "You're right Veemon." "Good, then we should go meet up with the others." Veemon smiled. "Excuse me, are you the one called Davis?" The two first noticed more digimon around them for the first time. A Redveggiemon along with two Veggiemon stood in front of them. "Our master Epsilon sent us." "You won't take us with out a fight." Davis put up his fists. "Now, we weren't sent to fight." Redveggiemon shook his head. "Far from it, we would like to invite you to Epsilon's quaint residence." The red plant motioned in the distance to a large bio-dome suspended on a gigantic pillar. "Do you think we're nuts?" Veemon asked, preparing to digivolve again. "You would be wise to take Epsilon's hospitality. She has one guest there already." Redveggiemon clapped his vines together. One of the Veggiemon walked forward and handed Davis a shirt. Davis looked at the shirt. He looked up at Redveggiemon. "If you hurt one hair on..." "You do not have to worry, our guest is perfectly safe." Redveggiemon turned and started to bounce away. "But Epsilon is not known for her patience, so I would hurry if I were you." The trio of plant digimon waddled back towards the castle. Veemon looked up at Davis. He could see Davis was angry, even angrier then he was at TK just a few minutes ago. "Calm down, don't let the spires take over. What is it?" Davis held out the shirt. On it several boys' names were written on it. "It's my sister's. Epsilon has my sister Jun"

"Be quiet." Davis announced for the umpteenth time. They strode through the dome, where the ambiance had a strangely ecological theme. They were in a hall now, lush with foliage, vines climbed up the side of the steel walls. There was even a waterfall that ended several stories down into an enormous pool they passed when they entered the building. Veemon did know how he could be quieter while still continuing to breathe. He just nodded and covered his mouth. The two had snuck into Epsilon's lair with no plan. He thought they should have regrouped with everybody else and attacked Epsilon's en masse. All he knew now is that he would follow Davis and defend him. "Welcome to my humble abode! I've seen you've had a chance to admire my décor. I've always had a bit of a green thumb." Davis and Veemon looked up. A loud speaker boomed throughout he hall. The voice was almost strangely melodic, but had a sinister tone to it. "I am delighted you decided to join me and my dinner guest." Davis shouted up at the loud speaker. "Let my sister go!" "Now why would I do that?" Epsilon's voice laugh echoed through the corridor. A door swung open in the side of the hall. "Please take advantage of my hospitality, and enter through that door." "I don't think so, you bitch!" Davis screamed. Veemon whispered for him to calm down, but Davis continued. "Do you honestly think we'll fall for that trap?" "But, my sweet boys, you already did." The room instantly filled with a mixture of Woodmon and Redveggiemon, popping out of the ground, behind walls, everywhere it seemed. "Digi-armor-energize!" Davis shouted. These were plant digimon, so fire would be more effective. Veemon was enveloped by flame, and Flamedramon appeared in his place. "Fire of Courage!" The speaker at the hall spoke again. "A whole champion digimon. Impressive. Don't kill them, but feel free to have a little fun. All work and no play...well you know the rest." The speaker exploded into shrapnel as Flamedramon fired a blast into it. A Redveggiemon jumped forward. "Time to tenderize!" The rest of the army followed suit. Flamedramon fired a blast, disintegrating the cocky first digimon, but strong wooden hands from the Woodmon grabbed him from behind. He bent down and threw his attackers over his shoulders, but he realized he wasn't going to win under such overwhelming odds. He needed to get Davis to safety. The question was where he could send Davis that would be safe? That was when Flamedramon remembered the waterfall. "Come on, Davis, we're leaving." Flamedramon grabbed the protesting child under his arm and jumped towards the waterfall. "Now where are you all going? We haven't even shown you the dungeon yet. You'll love it, trust us." The Redveggiemon's vines wrapped around Flamedramon's legs, pulling him down. "Sorry, Davis, but my first duty is your safety." Flamedramon threw Davis toward the raging waterfall, shortly before Flamedramon was slammed into the ground. Davis was flung into the raging torment and fell into the pool stories below. Flamedramon allowed himself a brief smile before a Woodmon ended his conscious thoughts with a blow to the head.

"Whoa, that was some party." Flamedramon rubbed his head. Strong hands rested against his shoulders. "Don't make any sudden movements." Flamedramon jumped up and landed on his feet, but nearly fell over again. "Who are you?" "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you." A shapely body stood in front him. Long green hair/vines hung over her pink skin. "My name is Lillymon. Who are you? I thought the council had all of the digimon either under their control or captured." "My name is Flamedramon, I am one of the chosen digimon." Flamedramon relaxed his stance. "A chosen digimon? Is that your champion form, Agumon? Or Gabumon? Did you learn to digivolve further without your digivice like I did? That's great!" Lillymon ran forward and hugged Flamedramon. Flamedramon shook his head. "I'm sorry. I'm not one of the original chosen digimon. I am from another time-line, one of the new chosen digimon." Lillymon looked confused briefly at first, but broke into tears. "I knew it was to good to be true. I haven't seen my digimon friends since Ladydevimon destroyed poor Patamon and scattered us over the world. I taught myself to digivolve to help save this world, but Epsilon captured me and I've been here ever since." "Well, I have some good news at least. Patamon is here too. He came from my time-line, and he's alive and well." Flamedramon smugly said. "Oh that's great!" Lillymon hugged even tighter. "I saw that... monster Ladydevimon kill Patamon, the rest of us fought back, but as Palmon I just didn't have enough power." Flamedramon was feeling a little awkward having this beautiful lady digimon with her arms wrapped around them. In fact, she was hugging so close and tight, his digihood started to poke out from his hiding place. He tried to gently pull away but Lillymon wouldn't let him. Lillymon fell to her knees, closed her eyes and continued, "She killed poor Patamon, but she let us live, just for spite. It was cruel." "It's all right, Lillymon." Flamedramon ran his claws threw her green hair. "My friends and I will do everything possible to stop Ladydevimon and her council."

Lillymon opened her eyes and looked up at Flamedramon. "Thank you," She smiled. Then something else got her attention as she felt something bounce against her chin. She looked down and saw Flamedramon's prick, unsheathed from his hidden pouch. Flamedramon blushed and stuttered. Lillymon opened her mouth, and Flamedramon thought she was going to say something. Instead, she wrapped her lips around his dick, and started tongue bathing his sensitive organ inside her mouth. "What... what are you doing?" Flamedramon stuttered. Lillymon removed the warm prick from her mouth to answer. "I've been in this cell for years. I finally have some company, and of the cute male persuasion." She looked up coyly at Flamedramon's dumbfounded expression. "It just gets very lonely when you're by yourself for so long. If you want me to stop, just say so." And she took Flamedramon's cock and began to continue her blow job. Flamedramon felt her tongue caress over the head of his prick again, licking the drops of pre cum that dribbled out of him. Flamedramon stuttered out, "Well, I didn't say I wanted you to quit..." Lillymon chuckled and sucked even harder. Her tongue moved as if it was trying to completely encircle Flamedramon's prick. Flamedramon groaned loudly, rubbing his claw hands through her green vined hair. Lillymon felt his dick growing hotter in her mouth as Flamedramon neared his orgasm. His species of digimon had dicks that also grew hot, like an Agumon's, except a warm flame surrounded his prick, like his fire rocket attack. Flamedramon groaned once more, and filled Lillymon's pink mouth with his cum. Lillymon relished the taste, swallowing every drop of cum that spurted out of Flamedramon's cock. She finally removed him from her mouth, and began tongue bathing his cock again, removing the last remnants of cum from his member. When the last trace was gone, Lillymon stopped and stood up again. She flew up on her wings. She kicked off her shoes and took off her gloves. She held her hand over her head, and shimmied her green dress to the ground. She landed gently in front of Flamedramon, her pink breasts waving in front of him. Flamedramon immediately grabbed them with his claws, squeezing them firmly. He bent his head down, first licking the left nipple, tasting the faint hint of strawberries from her tit. He finally took the better portion of her breast inside his mouth, sucking and licking at the same time. He moved to her right breast, repeating the same treatment as he squeezed her other breast with his claws. Lillymon shivered through out the entire experience as her nipples became rock hard under Flamedramon's wet massage. Flamedramon removed his mouth from her right breast and placed his mouth in between her ample cleavage. He slowly dragged his tongue down her middle, leaving a trail of saliva. He stopped briefly at her belly button, encircling it with moist circles for several seconds. He then continued on, reaching her crotch. Flamedramon was now on his knees, the smell of strawberries reaching his nostrils. Lillymon was already quite wet from Flamedramon's tongue bath, as well as the taste of his cum in her mouth. He began by rubbing his tongue over the top of her crotch first, teasing her until he moved to her pussy lips. He licked them thoroughly, savoring the sweet strawberry taste of her cunt in his mouth. He nuzzled his snout as close as he could get into her cunt. He just let his snout stay there for a little bit, breathing the aroma of her deep inside his lungs. The hot air he breathed out was causing Lillymon to shiver in blissful anticipation. Flamedramon would have probably been content just to sniff her twat for the rest of his prison stay, but his tongue had other ideas. His tongue snaked out of his mouth, and move deep inside her. Lillymon let out a large moan, as a wet feeling caressed her insides. She was quickly brought to her own orgasm. Sweet cum flowed out of her, lapped up by a hungry tongue. Flamedramon pulled his mouth away, licking his lips. Lillymon flew up and over to the bunk and sat down. She motioned to Flamedramon with a single finger. Flamedramon all but leapt over. He started rubbing her breasts with his claws again as Lillymon slowly lay back on the bunk. Lillymon ran her hand over Flamedramon's back, ending at his ass where she played with his tail. She gently moved him around so his dick was positioned at her moist cunt opening. Flamedramon, losing all control at this point, slammed into Lillymon hard. Lillymon let out a gasp, slightly out of pain but mostly out of pleasure. Flamedramon pulled most of the way out and slung himself in again. This time Lillymon groaned completely out of pleasure. Flamedramon went all out at this point, moving in and out. Warm fire surrounded his prick, increasing Lillymon's pleasure even more. The inside of her twat where bathed with his sexual fire, saturating her insides with warmness. Every sensitive point inside her was being warmed up, and with the added touch of Flamedramon's prick ramming repeatedly inside her brought her to a more powerful orgasm. She nearly squeezed the life out of Flamedramon's tail as her orgasmic scream rattled the cell walls. Pussy juiced soaked the cot underneath them as it flowed out of Lillymon's satisfied cunt. Flamedramon moved in two, three, four more times rapidly, bringing him to his own orgasm. A contented smile of pleasure crossed Flamedramon's face as he shot warm cum inside of Lillymon. Flamedramon squeezed her breasts tightly as his orgasm ran his course.

Their energy completely spent. Flamedramon and Lillymon both glowed brightly, and Veemon and Palmon appeared in their place. They both sat on the bunk. Palmon spoke up first. "Don't worry, I can digivolve whenever I want to. So what do we do now?" "Davis will be back shortly to rescue us and his sister any minute, don't you worry!" Veemon replied optimistically. "Sister?" Palmon replied confused. "But there are no human prisoners, in fact, I'm the only one in the dungeon, present company excluded." "You sure?" Veemon asked confused. "I mean, Epsilon had Jun's shirt." Palmon's eyes grew wide. "Her? But," She struggled to phrase her next sentence. "That's Epsilon's real name. Jun is Epsilon."

Chapter 5: The Corrupt Martyr

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Chapter 3: The Council of Five

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Chapter 2: Memories

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