Bound by Destiny 13

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#15 of Bound by Destiny

The wedding went smoothly and the entire family is resting up, but Elizabeth returns for a second round. This time however Tenchi is ready for her, but what foul action will venture the self-control of Tenchi? And will it be enough to put Elizabeth out of commission forever?

This story IS connected to actual lore.

Ainohi and Hikarinoai (Kari) © Me and

Jokeress, Ocarina, Phoebe, Sasha and Story © Me

Peridot © Me and SedrinTheStar on FA

Tenchi © (Co-author)

Length: 2,842 words. 15,761 characters.

Time used to type: 1 hour (with corrections and cleaning)

Bound by Destiny 13 - The Awakening

This story is copyrighted to SashaWS/ArtisticEastern, containing characters owned by various people used with permission.

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"Mom? Can you tell me how you and Peridot met?" Kari was asking as Tenchi was laying in a warm bubble-bath, the bubbles covering up her private parts and the like, making her sigh before looking at the curious dragoness, "You probably didn't hear when we spoke before on the wedding. Me and Peri met in a church ruin in England. She was... taking care of herself there and found me out, so I tried to leave, but she begged me to come back. At that point it might have been the heat speaking for her, but then deep down we found that we were meant for each other. I know, not the best romantic situation, but I do not really care, I got a loving wife, two lovely daughters and a wonderful family. I would not trade that for anything else." Kari listened through the short story, giggling a little at how it was true, it wasn't the most romantic thing to hear. Her eyes fixated on the bubble-bath quickly and she looked at Tenchi, "Mom? Can I take a bath with you? I promise I won't do anything stupid."

Tenchi was thinking quickly before giving Kari a smile, "Sure, but nothing sexual." Kari smiled before slowly standing up to remove her bra and panties, giving Tenchi a complete view of her body. Kari's purple body was glimmering in the light from the lamps in the ceiling, the red chest almost burning in Tenchi's eyes, if it was not for the fact that Kari's eyes were fiery orange like hers and she had grown long beautiful golden hair like her. Kari was proud over her body, matching Tenchi's breast size, just being a bit shorter. She had Peridot's physique, but what really got Tenchi's attention for a moment was what Kari had between the legs. Having gotten more of Tenchi's genes, Kari sported a reptilian erection with internal testicles. Tenchi proudly smiled as Kari slid down into the warm bubble-bath with her mother, "You truly became beautiful, Kari." A soft smile appeared on the maw of the younger dragoness, who soon smiled, "Can I help you with washing your back?"

Looking back, Tenchi did realize that her wings could use a good cleaning, nodding to Kari before turning around to expose her wings before noticing Kari grabbing the sponge before lathering it up with soap, moving closer to place it against one of Tenchi's wings, Tenchi about to warn her to be careful with the wings before it was caught in her throat when she was murring softly from the sponge rubbing itself gently against her wings, helping her relax while Kari was warmly smiling, "Mother, you are very tense. Do not be afraid, I will not hurt you." Tenchi could have sworn that Kari's voice soothed her worries and she let herself relax into the gentle touch of the sponge as it was making its way over to her other wing, lathering it up completely before Tenchi felt it moving away from her wings, "Wait, what are you... aaaah!" Tenchi was interrupted by a thick stream of water hitting her wings, feeling like many tiny punches hitting her wings, knocking the soap off while also massaging them. Tenchi was panting softly as it was feeling so good, but a soft whimper came from her when it stopped, but Kari's warm words woke her joy back up again, "Okay, can you do it for me now?"

Tenchi slid down into the water after turning around, watching Kari already having her back turned towards her, no wings visible on her back at all, but to Tenchi it was not important as it was still her loving girl. Grabbing the sponge, she lathered it up well and proceeded with placing it against Kari's back, the young dragoness leaning back into it with a warm smile, her eyes closing while she was enjoying the attention of Tenchi rubbing the sponge along her back, Tenchi's eyes taking in more of her daughter's body as it was resting against the edge of the tub. Deciding to show Kari what she had missed, Tenchi grabbed Kari by the tail, lifting it up to carefully rub the sponge along it as the sound of Kari panting was a clear reward for her, like Tenchi panting from the shower had been a reward for Kari. Smiling softly, Tenchi finished up the tail and grabbed the shower hose while aiming it at Kari before turning on the tap, the sound of a soft murr being heard as she was not used to having her back touched in such a way. Kari looked back as the beam of water disappeared, soon giving off a surprised yelp when Tenchi pulled Kari to sit on her lap, Kari looking at Tenchi with a light confusion before Tenchi gave Kari's neck a soft nuzzle, "No need to worry, I just wanna hold my beautiful daughter close to me." Kari was melting inside from Tenchi's words, allowing her mother to hold her closely as they both sank into the warm water, "As you wish, mom."

While Tenchi and Kari were enjoying a warm bath together, Ainohi was laying naked on top of a massage table with Peridot sitting on her back, pressing the hands into her back much to the dragoness' delight. Ainohi had gotten Tenchi's red body, but Peridot's creamy chest. Her icy turquoise eyes being closed at the moment while the long golden hair with blue tips coincided with the rest of her body. There was a few signs of muscles on her chest and belly, something she might have gotten from training herself in secret. Her breasts was on par with both her parents, but she was a bit taller than Peridot and Tenchi. While her sister had gotten an erection to sport between her legs, Ainohi was showing off an enticing jet black vulva, giving an idea of what color her nipples were too. Peridot smiled as she applied some pressure on her spine, "I got no idea how you managed to pull off those movements in the dance, but you truly are my daughter. I am proud of you." Ainohi was blushing cutely and covering her face, "Awww, please. I am nothing special like that. I just love dancing and expressing my joy through it." Peridot smiled to her and applied pressure right on a tense spot, making Ainohi softly whimper as she asked, "Ever thought of trying parkour? You might actually enjoy it." Ainohi just smiled, "I am not built like you, mother, I am more of a dancer." Peridot gave a second before nodding, "Then at least come with me tomorrow and try it out." Ainohi felt Peridot laying down on her back, softly kissing her cheek to make her blush, "Fine, I will come along, just do not kiss me that much."

The day was floating along nicely and towards the evening Ainohi and Kari were sitting outside the castle, talking about their mothers, "They are really close to one another. It is really like they are made for one another." Kari was smiling to her sister, "You think we will ever find someone we feel that close to?" Ainohi nodded and was about to reply, just as a portal opened and four armored soldiers came running through, quickly grabbing them both before they could flee. Kari and Ainohi were screaming in fear and tried to fight back until the portal revealed the tall and sinister queen, Elizabeth, "Oh, who may you be?" The girls were looking at her and Ainohi called out loudly, "Let us go! Our mother will not be happy about this!" Elizabeth simply grinned, "Oh, I am not afraid at all. Just tell me where Tenchi is." Just at that moment, Tenchi came running with Sasha, her eyes looking at Elizabeth, "Mother! Let my daughters go!"

Ainohi and Kari looked at Elizabeth, "Mother? you mean this is another grandmother? Damn, she is huge!" Elizabeth simply smirked, "Ah, I see you are still alive. My spy did his final report when he died at the hands of you!" She was looking at Sasha before looking back at Tenchi, "Since you are alive, I will make you a deal. Either you surrender now and die, or I take your daughters with me and have them being my guard's breeding bitches! Choice is yours!" Tenchi was looking at Elizabeth, her eyes narrowing, "You wouldn't dare." Elizabeth grinned at her, "Oh, I do. Guards, disrobe them." Tenchi's eyes narrowed even more as the guards tore off Ainohi and Kari all the clothes, Elizabeth grinning wider, "Well? You gonna surrender or not? Your precious daughters are not worth your own life?" Sasha began to see how Tenchi was fighting herself, "Tenchi, no! Do not lose it. She wants you to get angry so you will do something stupid." Tenchi was seeing one of the guards undressing himself, her mind replaying the scenario over and over again, a scenario burned into her memory. Her eyes suddenly turned red and a loud growl over-voiced Sasha's own voice, Elizabeth looking at Tenchi who was bulking up with more muscles as a pentagram formed around her feet, turning into a hexagram before sparks of electricity began to flow over her body, burying themselves into her body to form tattoos, her loud roar of pain making her unable to hear Sasha calling out to her as her eyes soon turned from red to yellow and a blue orb formed on its surface. It wasn't a major transformation like Sasha's, but the pressure was enough to crumble the ground below them, the sudden increase of gravity forcing the soldiers onto their knees while Ainohi and Kari ran away.

Elizabeth watched how Tenchi was completely out of control, her fear growing a bit from Tenchi's new appearance, "What in the? You undid my seal?!?" Sasha looked at Tenchi and then at Elizabeth, "It was really not a safe one. I could get through it after just two days and it left you open for an obvious mistake now. The power of love for someone else! Oh, by the way, hope you get a casket in the ugly's cemetery." Tenchi's roar began to generate sparks over her body as she jumped towards Elizabeth, her body using the electricity to make her quicker, enabling her to swipe her claws across Elizabeth's chest to leave a deep claw mark, the gravity now going back to normal.

The soldiers were getting up and ran over towards Sasha, Ainohi and Kari, grinning widely as Sasha was about to defend, only for a wall of cards to appear around them and Jokeress' voice speaking, "Pick a card." The soldiers were looking around, pissed as they could not predict anything now with their vision shielded off as one of them moved over to a card and touched it, only to scream as they were pulled into it with a few others that touched cards too, Jokeress coming out of one of the cards before swinging her scythe to cut them into two pieces, "Wrong." The remaining three soldiers watched the smaller bunny and one of them drew their sword, getting ready to fight her before Jokeress brought all the cards back into her hands and quickly shuffled them to disappear into the deck of cards, surrounding them again before getting closer and closer, the soldiers drawing their weapons to try and cut the cards down, only to find them being hard as steel. Two of them noticed a gap big enough for them to get out, waving for their third companion to get out, only to witness the cards crushing them and splattering blood and organs around the area before Jokeress appeared from where the cards had crushed the third one, this time with Ocarina standing there, "I guess someone had a Royal Straight Splash there."

The remaining soldiers growled at the mocking of their fallen allies, charging towards Ocarina who shuffled her own cards, dodging each strike perfectly before grabbing her scythe and spinning it around her head until she had enough speed to swing it down at the next soldier moving in, cutting their body cleanly in half before she was charging in close to the final soldier, cutting their belly open for the organs to spill out, the soldier crying out in fear and pain before Ocarina shuffled her cards and began to throw fifty-one of them into the intestines before the last one was thrown right into the forehead of the soldier, cleaving the helmet open and severing all connections to the brain completely as Ocarina just smiled, "I guess that was a clean cut."

During the time, Tenchi was pulling her new katana out, looking angrily at Elizabeth who was in shock from actually having Tenchi damaging her, soon noticing Sasha throwing Tenchi something, "I think it is time for this!" Tenchi noticed what it was and her face turned into a sadistic smirk. It was her hand cannon, upgraded and looking twice as badass as before. Tenchi was sheathing the katana before taking aim at her mother to fire off a round, Elizabeth expecting it to be the same as usual, until she felt the round pierce her chest and she growled out in pain, missing to see Tenchi disappearing until her feet gave in and she fell onto her knees, Sasha calling out to Tenchi, "Finish her off!" Tenchi however was not going to have it like that, "After all the things she put me through, I will let her go this time with a warning!"

In front of the eyes on the entire family that was watching, Tenchi placed one of her feet against Elizabeth's back, grabbing her wings hard before pulling on them, Elizabeth screaming in pain as Tenchi was beginning to dislocate the bones, the sound of bones cracking making most cringe while Tenchi was almost finding it orgasmic. Remembering what she had talked about with a certain family member for the next time, Tenchi was pulling even harder, the sound of tissue slowly ripping soon filling the air until the sound most wanted to hear was ringing out clearly as Tenchi finally pulled the wings out of Elizabeth's back, making the larger dragoness growl out loudly in pain before a striking thunder was heard and Elizabeth coughed up blood as a bullet pierced into her chest, Tenchi looking at the wings before stepping away from her mother who was in major pain, deciding to make a mockery out of her, "I think these would look good on my back, if we glued them on." Elizabeth was growling in pain as she got up, just about to leave before Sasha grinned, "Oh, leaving so soon? Well, at least you had some manner to politely accept the parting gift." Elizabeth was looking confused before she began to notice her blood turning black, causing her to panic as she was quickly headed for the portal and back home.

As the portal closed itself, Tenchi was growling out as her body was beginning to tear itself apart. Sasha was noticing this quickly before grabbing Tenchi, "Calm down! Do not lose your control!" Tenchi was looking at Sasha with a growl, "Shut it! It hurts! Make it stop!" Sasha looked at Tenchi and with a sigh, she closed her eyes, "Forgive me, Peridot." Tenchi was about to growl again, before she felt herself stopping for a second and calming down as Sasha gave her a kiss, the gasps around them both making her realize what was happening, but she did not fight it as her body was turning back to normal and even healed itself up, allowing Sasha to break the kiss once she was calm, "I am sorry, but it was the only way to break you out of it." Tenchi was looking shocked at Sasha, hearing Peridot coming running towards them before Sasha was the one turning to face Peridot, "I can explain, I..." Peridot simply put a finger on Sasha's maw, "I let it slip this once because you had to, so savor that taste."

Sasha was thinking before looking at Tenchi, who still was shocked by what had happened until Sasha was leaving and Peridot was looking after her mother and then at Tenchi who finally snapped back to reality and looked at Peridot with a soft blush, "Ummm, Peri?" Peridot was knowing that look and giggled, "What is it, Ten-Ten?" Tenchi covered her face in shame, "I actually kind of liked that kiss." Peridot and their daughters began to giggle and soon Tenchi joined in, happy that she was finally capable of defending the family against her tyrant mother.

The End.

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