Balto Has Lost Or Has He!?!? ( Original Ending )

Story by SHIPPO on SoFurry

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Original story before the event changes were made for Blto Has Lost Or Has He!?!?!? series.

Written by Shaesullivan

Commissioned by Me.

Balto knew that his time with Jenna was coming to a close. Understandably since she and he had been together for almost four years and with several pups afterwards. However, that didn't mean he was any less bitter about it and even more so as he realized that his long-time rival, hated adversary and puphood bully was the one he was going to lose her to. A deep sense of bitterness welled up in Balto as he listened around the corner of the post office where he had come to see his son Kodi for the day, as he listened to Jenna and Steele's conversation. " know you should be with me now..." Steele muttered as he sauntered around the red husky female who alternatively was not trying to get away from him. "...can't do that do Balto...he deserves better..." Jenna said almost as an afterthought. "...he know it too...why not come with me..." "...It just doesn't feel right..." Balto turned his head around the side of the building and almost dropped his jaw at what he saw. There in the middle of the alleyway was Steele with his hind leg raised and his canine junk sticking out almost a foot away from his bunched up sheath. A pair of fat canine orbs was hanging loose from his groin and swung almost in time with the wind as the black and white malamute stood his ground while showing himself off to the female he desired. Jenna for her part didn't look as abashed as she would have years ago when Steele would have pulled this stunt. In actuality her eyes were almost completely focused on the red rocket that Steele supported and a tiny hint of desire welled up in her eyes as her nose wiggled and snuffed the rising musk from the other male's crotch. Balto, not really sure why, was getting turned on as well and his own canine spear was peeking out from the tip of his sheath. It was little wonder though since the wolf hybrid had spent much of his time with a pair of oversized bears and goose for much of his life. Being around Jenna had always curbed his desires but they had never really gone away. Not surprising that he had been in such a rivalry with Steele since the beginning, it was because for the most part Balto too would have loved to have been under the other male and submitting to him. If only it weren't for Steele's personality, both overbearing and egotistical, but not without merit at the same time. Balto watched as Steele lowered his hind leg back to the ground and then walked over and behind Jenna. " really should just give up on him and come with me..." "'s not right Steele...I have a family to think about..." "...we can always start a new one..." Balto watched as Steele got behind and then underneath Jeena's tail before dipping his head down and then doing something that made the red husky shiver and groan. The wolf hybrid would have growled 2 / 10 and gone over to confront the other but as he continued watching he failed to notice someone coming behind him. That was, until said person called out all of a sudden... "Hi dad!" Balto yelped making Steele and Jeena pull away from one another before he turned around and then found himself nose to nose with Kodi. The younger red husky looked him over with a curious set of eyes before licking out across Balto's snout all of a sudden stunning his father completely. Balto let out a sudden yelp and then backed up so fast that he bumped into someone behind him before collapsing onto his haunches. Said person behind him chuckled and made the wolf hybrid look up into a face that he really could have done without seeing. "Steele..." Balto said while getting back up onto his feet and shaking himself off. "Good day Balto." The malamute returned before walking off. "What happened?" Jenna asked all of a sudden making Balto snap out of his ire and then turned to face his mate. There was nothing on the other canine's face to suspect of her of unfaithfulness and that fact made Balto feel a little better about the situation he happened upon, but at the same time it worried him. There was no way he could really say what Jenna was feeling and with Steele things had always been in a sort of grey zone when it came to things between them. The incident a few years ago with Suzie and the medicine cart had damned the malamute in others eyes but it was becoming something of an afterthought in the coming years. Balto didn't say anything for several seconds, not wanting to betray himself by letting Jenna know that he had spied on her. No need to give her a reason to become hostile towards him because of Steele and give the other dog more ammunition to come between them even more than he already was. "Oh, uhm...I just got Kodi is all." Balto admitted halfheartedly. "Hi mom!" Kodi said in the backdrop making his mother look to him with an odd expression on her face before she turned to study her husband. "I...see..." Nothing was said as the family left without word from the area of post office building and then headed back to their homes. The two older canines sharing equal thoughts about a certain dog that made them both feel weak in the knees as well as unsure about their own standings with one another. The only one who was actually enjoying the moment was Kodi and that was because the young mail carrier was oblivious to the sexual frustrations of his parents; something that would impress upon him much later into the coming week, whether he wanted it to or not. Getting back home the family settled down and waited to be fed and after eating Balto and Jenna settled down by the fireplace on their special plush rug and then listened to their son yap about his day.

By the time Kodi was finished he was well on his way to drifting off to sleep from the combination of his stuffed belly and his fatigue from work. Jenna ushered her pup off to his corner of the room and then watched as Kodi went and literally fell to sleep once he got over to where he normally slept by the couch. Chuckling to herself the older husky sighed when she felt a cold wet nose bump into her backside followed by low whines of want. Turning to face her mate Jenna gave Balto a small but shaky smile and then shook her head at him. Balto got the message and accepted what he was being told, but not without a heavy sigh leaving his own muzzle. This had been a major turning point in the relationship between the two of them for a while now. Ever since having her first and only litter Jenna had become almost completely sexually unresponsive to Balto's approaches. Not too odd considering that this sometimes happened to females once they birthed a bundle of pups but it was straining their relationship as Balto was left to 'take care' of his own needs somewhere else while longing for his mate. This usually ended up with the wolf-dog having to go out and hump his paw somewhere far away from prying eyes so as not to be the talk of the town by the other canines. It was embarrassing enough just to have a beautiful mate not to be responsive to his advances, whether from hormones or loss of interest, but it was made worse because Steele had decided to capitalize on the situation by making himself available for Jenna. The older malamute had always been a thorn in Balto's hide but this was a new low even for him. Before the events of the epidemic everyone in town knew that Jenna and Steele would be together as a couple. The husky female and malamute male were a smart match between one another, both physically and genetically so everyone counted on some strong pups from the two but at the same time...Steele's personality was so inflated that it had turned Jenna off multiple times when he had made advances to her. After Balto's heroic rescue mission everyone had dropped Steele from places of glory in their eyes and raised Balto up, however, it was very hard to forget why it was that the others had been so hostile to one and so enamored with the other as time went on. After all, Steele, while arrogant and obnoxious at times as he could be, was still a champion sled dog as well as the lead sled dog for other teams. His owners had seen to that and since none of them could tell what happened back there at the time, they all assumed that Steele hadn't been completely at fault. Since what human could understand the language of dogs when every canine in Nome seemed to disregard Steele for some apart reason that they knew nothing about? So Steele was moved away to another part of Alaska to retrain and reassert himself as a leader of canine kind while leaving Balto as a day glow hero. However, time passed and feelings began to change with them. The once hero, still glorious had become something of a has-been in the eyes of the others. The humans tolerated him more openly, that was true but at the same time...Balto was still a half-wolf and somewhat of a suspect in the eyes of the others. This fact became especially true when he and Aleu had disappeared only for the older half breed to show back and saying that his daughter had found her own pack to live with. Like a cold splash of 4 / 10 water onto the face Balto's wolf nature showed itself out in the open and everyone was left to see the naked face of their hero for what he really was. Half wild and half domesticated, but all outsider to their structured and orderly frame of thinking. After all, what dog would go out into the world and embrace his wolf heritage without thought while letting his pup go off on her own to become wild? So things changed and then Steele reappeared like a ghost from the past and now things were all just waiting to boil over into an unknown pot of trouble. Balto made his way outside of the house, leaving Jenna to rest by the fireplace while he went to gather himself and his thoughts. Out of the dog door and into the world Balto made his way to the old ship which he knew would be deserted this time of the year, Boris having gone south and the two bears having been getting ready to find mates of their own. This would leave Balto the space to paw off while mourning another night alone without his mate. Of course life had the timing of an hour off coo-coo-clock and Balto found himself coming face to face with the last dog he could ever not want to see in the middle of the late afternoon. "Good evening Balto," Steele said as he padded up to the other, but this time with a satchel on his back. "All alone now?" "What do you want Steele?" Balto raised himself up so that he could stare the other directly into the eyes while trying to keep his hackles from being raised in a sign of outward aggression. "Just wanted to say hello. You seemed like you were in the slumps and I wanted to see if you were alright." Balto could have almost believed it to be true from the malamute's tone if it weren't for that all-knowing smirk on his monochrome muzzle that spoke volumes. "I'm fine." "I see. Well if you ever need someone to talk to just know that you have a friend right here." Steele said while stepping directly into the wolf-dog's personal space and bumping noses with him. The hot breaths coming from Steele's muzzle would have normally made Balto back up several feet as it would have been a sure sign that the other would have been looking for a fight, however, this time it made Balto pause for several seconds. Something about the way the other canine just seemed to be looming over him made Balto wonder just what exactly Steele's game was. The other dog despised him with a new passion, that was a fact from the past and the malamute made no intention of hiding it from anyone, but today...he seemed to be casting an aura of...civility outwards and that made Balto very much uncertain of things. "What are you after Steele?" "Hmmm, this and that and maybe something that should have been mine from the start."

Balto almost sighed reflexively before he caught himself. This was the Steele he knew how to deal with. "Jenna and I are happy together. What don't you get about that?" Balto half snarled as he pushed the other's snout back with his own while baring his canines slightly. Hackles fully raised at this point. "Who's talking about Jenna?" Steele asked while licking over his chops. "What are you talking about?" Balto actually had to blink at that before the gears in his mind began to start turning again. "Oh you know...since I know you were listening to me and Jenna today." "I don't know what you're talking about." "Heh, alright then," the malamute backed himself up and then looked Balto over several times before speaking. "I guess then the smell of you getting aroused must have just been in my mind since I could have sworn that was what I sniffed on the wind this afternoon." Somewhere between shock, annoyance, and embarrassment Balto stood on a chasm looking down into oblivion. Huffing and turning his head the half-breed shook his head before turning to look back at his former rival. "I'm not sure how to answer that on grounds that you actually know what I smell like when aroused?" "Heh, oh yeah, I know what you smell like and I've always wondered what you would smell like covered in the scent of a stronger male, preferably underneath them, moaning and panting as they got off inside the underside of your tail." Steele sauntered up to Balto and then lifted his leg the same as he had done before with Jenna, showing off his canine anatomy to the wolf-dog and watched as Balto didn't immediately turn away. Balto looked, out of curiosity mostly, and then licked his lips unconsciously as he saw a few red inches peeking out from between a white sheath that looked too big to be on a regular dog. Balto sniffed the air and caught the scent he had smelled before and it made his knees quiver. This should have not have been happening to him but yet it was and looking up into the malamute's face Balto wondered what Steele was playing at. "Come on Balto, just go under and give it a small taste. You know that you want to. Just a small one," Steele chanted happily. "F-forget it Steele! I don't know what you're going on about and I really don't care but I know that you are one sick dog." Balto exclaimed and then brushed passed the other on the way to his ship. Behind him the malamute in question lowered his leg and then huffed before going about his way. The thoughts rolling through Steele's head were complicated but no less complicated that what was going on in Balto's mind. The two of them had just come to a bridge between one another and it looked like Steele had managed to take the first step. This left Balto at odds with himself because now he had to 6 / 10 really go back and figure just what all of this meant. Something told him that Jenna was now a minor factor in whatever Steele was trying to play at since the malamute had sequestered him into his little web of deviancy. Whatever had just happened between the two of them it had left both dogs aching, though in ways that would not be questioned until later on. And once it was answered, things were going to change dramatically for everyone involved and even those not.

Balto got to his ship and found that it was deserted, just as he had expected and once he settled himself into the broken cabin the wolf-dog immediately set himself up in such a way that he was resting on his rear while one of his legs was stuck up into the air and his sheath was positioned towards his face. Balto wouldn't have admitted it but this was the way that he found the most pleasure when he would come out here for his little romps whenever Jenna was in one of her moods. The wind whistling through the cracked glass, his fur stuck on edge from desire and his cocktip slowly coming out from the folds of his bunched up flesh all made for sensual pleasures rise up into Balto's spine as he lowered himself down to where he could get at his rising erection. The first slurp of his tongue out against his length made him shudder at the familiar taste and texture of himself. The musk alone was enough to make Balto murr in pleasure as he caught the familiar sweat soaked scent of his caninehood and balls as he lapped over himself more and more. The warmth from his tongue as well as the hot feeling from more and more of his cock rising up out of his sheath, covered in a light film of his own inner juices made Balto's tongue move at a frenzied pace. In a matter of minutes the wolf-dog was completely unsheathed and standing at no less than ten inches before the knot. His long column of flesh was bright red and covered with crisscrossing viens with a dripping tip pointed at his nose and the first telltale signs of the bulge at the end of his length starting to inflate in time with his beating heart. Balto always thought that it was an impressive tool but that was because he was being modest with himself. The years having been spent alone had made the mixed breed unsure of his own sexual prowess because the only person who he had ever been intimate with had been his mate and his muzzle. The pulsing spire could have easily rivaled most dogs in girth and many more in length with the exception of maybe a certain malamute. Why that thought made Balto whimper inside of his chest he didn't know but what the wolf-dog did know was that as he dipped his head back down and then began to tongue at his length of canine meat, making sure to swirl around and then lap just over where his sheath was bunched at the bottom. One would think that a feral canine should not have been able to do such a thing with a maw not meant for it but Balto was many things if not skilled at the act of self-pleasure. Minutes ticked by with the mutt doing as such and without meaning to Balto found himself thinking more and more about the male who was supposed to be his rival. Thoughts of what the other had said made Balto blush some as he swallowed around his cock some more, taking the whole stalk in between his lips and then sucking on his as hard as he could. 7 / 10 The strong form of the other male coupled with his thickness swaying between his legs had Balto groaning and humping up into his muzzle at a pace that would have looked painful to anyone else. The heady scent of Steele's musk and the wide smirk on his strong face made their way into Balto's mind and as he hammered up into the roof of his mouth and backwards into his throat. There was something haunting about those eyes that it made Balto feel as if he were being watched as he continued to fuck his maw harder and longer. "Dad?" Of course when you think you're being watched half the time you are and upon hearing his title being called out by a familiar voice the wolf-dog snapped a single ear up and then his own head from around his cock to look and see a dark form looming in the door of the ship's cabin. Mouth sticky with his own drool and with the sexual fluids coming from off of his length, still seeping on end even without direct stimulation from the tip, Balto grunted and then corrected his position so that he was standing and looking at the intruder with at least a modicum of dignity. "Kodi!? What are you doing out here?" Instantly in parent mode Balto walked over to his pup and then looked the other directly into the eyes. "Mom got worried when Steele came by and said that he saw you heading out here all by yourself, so she sent me to look for you." Kodi replied with sniffing at his father across the snout. Balto ticked at the roof of his mouth with his tongue as he realized that that was exactly something Jenna would do when she felt that she wanted to be alone. The fact that Steele had come by only made it a bit worse for Balto as he realized that more than likely his mate had made a decision for herself about what male she wanted to be with. It was a heart-wrenching prospect but undeniable now. After all, why else would she send Kodi out here to look for him when she knew that he wasn't going to go further than the beach anyway? "Thanks son. You can go back and tell her that I'll be sleeping out here for tonight, okay?" Balto said before bumping his head into Kodi's. The younger canine whined a bit before returning the gesture. "Are you sure?" "Yeah..." "Then do you mind if I could stay with you for a while? I don't feel like going home just yet." This made Balto look at Kodi for a minute in confusion. "Is something wrong Kodi?" "I don't know. Mom gave me her scarf and then told me to come look for you, but I think she just wanted some time alone to talk with Steele." Balto looked as Kodi pulled out the familiar scarf belonging to Jenna and then noted the expression on his pup's face. Wow, Balto thought silently, even Kodi can tell that something is going on between me and Jenna. We must really be two pathetic sights if the pup can tell. 8 / 10 "Well if you want to stay out here with me then you need to put this on and come and bundle up." Balto ordered as he took the piece of cloth from Kodi's muzzle and then wrapped it around the younger male's neck. "Thanks. Hey dad," Kodi asked as Balto was turning to go over to where he had a few blankets set inside of the dusty old cabin. Thank Boris for being such a pack rat. "What is it son?" The mixed breed asked with a flick of a single pointed ear. "Is mom going to have sex with Steele?" Balto felt like he had just been slapped in the face with a trout. "Uhm...I-I'm..." the wolf-dog started to say before Kodi cut him off. "It's okay; you can tell me the truth." "...yeah...probably..." Balto said with a tight throat. "Dad?" "...yeah son?" "What's it like to be with another male?" Again that trout seemed to be coming out of nowhere to smack him into the face and Balto was starting to get pretty annoyed with it. Turning to look at his son Balto was again unsure of what to say before emotions started to churn inside of him and logic began to war with good sense. One the one paw he was just too frustrated to bother with the whole systematic outlining out the process and on the other he was just too tired to even oblige the question. Thinking about Jenna with Steele, his youngest knowing about it and his own lack of fulfillment Balto let his feelings take over when he shouldn't. "I can show you if you really want to know." Balto said suddenly and moved over to Kodi's backside while the pup looked at him oddly. "W-wait a minute...I-I just wanted to know that's all...y-you don't have too..." The younger canine stuttered as he found himself immobile for some strange reason. His legs seemed to almost lock up as his mind went into slow panic and Balto wasn't interested in helping much as he went and then hopped up onto his son's backside with practiced ease. "Experience is the best teacher and besides from this end with that scarf on you really look like your mother." Balto said as he began to dip his fuckstick around the underside of his pup's body trying to help himself find the other's tailhole. "And besides, you get to see how you and your brothers and sisters got into this world when your mother and I were actually getting along." 9 / 10 If Balto had his wits about him he would have known that he actually sounded like a bitter ex, but at the moment there was nothing more on his mind that trying to get back at both Jenna and Steele through the available body of the dog beneath him. Kodi whimpered as the body above him rocked him back and forth way too fast for his liking and then he yelped out loud when pay dirt was struck right into the folds of his rectum. The pain was like hot fire lancing through him as his too tight insides were forced open by a shaft that was thoroughly lubricated but not gentle in its ministrations. Tears welled up from the forced pressure at his ass and as Kodi ground his paws into the hardwood flooring of the boat's cabin he inhaled deeply as pain like no other racked itself up his back making him nearly gag. Balto, for his part, was slobbering and rutting his hips without any sense of decorum as he thrust hard and long into Kodi. For too long he had been without this pleasure and for too long had his sexual frustration built up inside of his loins. There was no way his muzzle could compete with the warmth and depths of another dog wrapped around his seeking erection. Balls slapping into the younger canine's own testicles, Balto hammered himself deep inside of Kodi's anus with abandon, hardly even noting when shudders raced up the husky's backside as he was throughly educated into the fine art of dog fucking by his sire's restless desires. The sounds coming from the cabin were a mixture of grunting moans and yelping barks as one dog fucked another there under the stars inside of the little boat. Balto's pants sounded like a train's engine as he puffed and whuffed over Kodi while clenching the smaller dog' sides with his front paws. The thick fur of the other kept Kodi from feeling Balto's long dewclaws scratching into his side but that did nothing to stop the aching fullness that was centering on the underside of his tail as his old pushed deeper into him. The large mound of flesh punching at the back of his tail wasn't helping much and as Kodi's tailhole began to flower open more and more to let the engorging knob push further and further into him. Hot liquid poured into the husky from Balto's rapid paced humping and as more time went by with the younger canine taking what his father had to give him Kodi found himself liking it a little more than before even though he was still in a rising tide of pain. Gritting his teeth and trying to take what he was being given Kodi lifted his tail and then barked out for the other dog to do him even harder. This made Balto hiss and start a series of jack hammering that actually forced Kodi to slide somewhat forward as Balto began to put more and more strength into his every movement. Grunting and groaning with huffs and yips sounding out between them neither canine noted when a presence began to look out over them from the doorway of cabin. Balto was lost in a frenzy of sensation while Kodi was trying to keep from collapsing onto the ground as he was taken without pause by the other male. When Balto's knot actually popped in and locked the two of them together the husky yipped in surprise before groaning as hot wetness began to flood inside the inner depths of his body. Without having to say a word Kodi knew that his father was cumming hard and fast into him but at the same time Balto wasn't letting himself up as he kept on pounding hard and harder. There was no time for breaks as his first orgasm came up on him, because Balto was sure that before tonight was over he was going to dump every load that he could into Kodi's behind. 10 / 10 Slowing down to catch his breath while still rocking forward Balto barely had time to blink when a heavy form jumped up onto himself and then began to piston forward at the underside of his tail. The wolf-dog was just able to look up and see a familiar face looming down over him before he felt the same heat Kodi had spear underneath his tail and then drive home before a low voice whispered something into his ears... "First I did Jenna, now I'm going to do you and then when it's all over I'm going to do your pup Balto." Steele said before taking the tip of one of Balto's ears in between his teeth and nibbling on it. "Steele!" Balto yelped but couldn't do anything more as the malamute began to dance against his rear with his massive legs and take Balto the same way as he was taking Kodi. "Just think Balto, the reason it was so easy to get under your tail is because I'm slick with Jenna all over my cock. And by the time I'm finished the pup here is going to have both mother and father in his guts along with my own seed. Isn't that a fun thought?" Steele said as he humped Balto who humped a panting Kodi who was trying to figure out why the weight on his back had just gotten so much greater. For the half hour Steele humped Balto as the wolf-dog rutted Kodi. The three males were locked into some strange kind of twisted mating frenzy that would last well into the morning with Steele keeping his promise and filling up the two other dog's with his cum until both would end up leaking out of their nether ends all the way back to town.

This is how the story was originally set to end and Im thinking of having this story become a series itself. Any volunteers to help me out?

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