Living a Life Forgotten Ch.1

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Darkness. This was all that I could see when I opened my eyes. But that doesn't matter, what does matter is who do those eyes really belong to; who am I?As my eyes begin to adjust I find myself in a bedroom.  Rich brown wooden walls surround me as a white ceiling, red carpet and a beige door completely box me in. I try to sit up but a searing pain burns my torso and I let out a pained yelp and collapse back down. I remove the blankets shrouding my body and find myself completely nude with a large bandage wrapped around my midsection. Small blotches of dried blood that had seeped through line my side where my pain is centered.I hear movement above me and voices that I can't understand. I begin to feel worried as I think of what has happened to me and whom might have done it. I force myself up to lean against the headboard much to the dismay of my body and re-shroud myself with the blanket so I am not seen naked. I notice now that I am a fox, about the age of 18 maybe 17. And from what I can tell, a very run of the mill fox. Normal red fur, normal white chest and belly, and normal black gloved paws running up to my elbows.The noise draws closer now and I hear a feminine voice say "I'm positive I heard him yelp his side is probably giving him alot of pain and he is likely wetting his sheets thinking how he nearly got sliced in half!" I realise now that the voice had an angry tone to it but at first I really couldn't tell. "Ok ok jeez, but did you really need to wake me up? It's like 6 A.M" says a more masculine voice a bit closer I notice that there are no windows in this room so I have no idea what time it is. The feminine voice replies in a nonchalant tone " You would have been up in an hour for breakfast anyway." The two voices continue to bicker until their foot steps  reach the door.The door was opened by a young male wolf about my age completely average for a grey wolf but with a very impressive physique and a pattern on his left ear like two triangle stuck side by side barely touching in red fur and a small silver earring looped between them. He was wearing only briefs which made me blush a little. Behind him was a pink wolf almost a foot shorter but obviously older she was wearing a white tunic   and her eyes looked scoldingly at the male in front of her like a mother would her son. Hmm.The grey wolf turned to face me and approached me cautiously the female right beside him their eyes studying my conscious form.The female was first to speak "Hello good to finally see you awake. My name is Rose and this is my son Grey," hmm how ironic "can you tell me your name?" I thought this would be coming soon " I don't know..." I say looking down as they give me pitiful looks "Oh..." says Rose "well do you remember anything?" I think hard for a moment and nothing pops into my head so I shake my head in

disappointment.Grey sits next to me on the bed kind of side saddle like. "Then what should we call you?" Now my mind is coursing with thoughts on how to name myself and how embarrassing it is for me to sit naked with only a blanket next to a male in only briefs and being stared at by both him and his mother.Finally I come up with a name, a name from an adventure book I read a while ago... wait why do I remember that? Anyway I state the name which I will live by from now on "Fang." Grey looks at me bewildered obviously not expecting an answer so soon and asks "You sure? That was kinda fast." "Yeah I remember it from a book I read but I guess I shouldn't huh?" I reply. Both he and Rose look at me shocked, staring silently until Rose asks "Do you remember anything else like that?" I think and can recall many things but nothing that would tell me about my past self "Yeah I remember things from books and historical events but nothing that has anything to do with my life."Grey sighs and mumbles "Well that sucks" I smile seeing that he was obviously hoping I'd remembered something. "Yes it does Grey" I say then quickly continue "Um so what happened to me?" I ask gesturing towards my midsection where pain still danced in its agonizing linger.Rose responds by grabbing Grey's arm as she walks toward the door "We will discuss what we know at breakfast but first I'll have Grey bring you a change of clothes after he himself gets dressed and he can help you to the kitchen. Can you get dressed by yourself?" I reply trying not to act embarrassed "I think I'll be fine Rose, but thank you and you too Grey." They both nod and after the door closes I hear their foot steps travel away.Wow I know he's a male but he's HOT!! And why did he have to be so close to naked? I lift the blanket and sigh in relief as I see my little friend is still hiding. Once Grey comes back he opens the door and sets the clothes; a pair of red briefs, a pair of black athletic shorts and a grey t-shirt, down on the bed. He points behind his back and says I'll be outside if you need me call me when you're done he says then heads out the door when I give him a nod.I get dressed with slight trouble but luckily the clothes were slightly loose from Grey being larger then me so they didn't hurt my side. I raise my voice slightly and say "I'm done." as I scoot myself to the edge of the bed.Grey enters and asks "Do the clothes fit?" I nod "A little loose but that's good with a wound." He smiles and adds "That's good those were some of my smallest but at least they fit." I laugh carefully as to not hurt my side "Yeah true." "Try to stand." He says. "Ok" I reply and I force myself up it hurt quite a bit but, I was standing straight facing Grey, noticing my 4 - 5 inch shortage of height that I had compared to him. He smiles

" Good to know I didn't have to carry you bridal style to the kitchen." he says laughing. I laugh back lightly while blushing thinking how romantic that would be. "Well come on let's head to the kitchen." He states still smiling. I nod and h stands close to me my arm on his shoulder as we walk to the kitchen.************************As we arrived in the kitchen he pulls out a chair for me and sits down with a shy smile. I look to Rose to see that she is cooking breakfast; a delicious assortment of eggs, bacon, and sausage in the many pans on the stove. "So," Grey began "you wanted to know what happened?" I nod. "I want to find my family, I mean I can't be someone I don't remember being around people I don't really know, but I want them to know that I am alive, even if part of me is gone forever." I state. Wow I just shocked myself, that sounded really poetic. Maybe I was a bit of a romantic? Hmmm."Fang," Rose started with a grim smile "your family is gone." This shocked me but I wasn't sad just ... guilty. I was left mouth agape and Grey and Rose both looking down.I tried to say something, anything, but I just couldn't. Rose saw my dismay and began to explain further. "You were found outside of an orphanage about a week ago with that wound," she gestures toward my midsection "the only thing you had on you were school transfer papers to our highschool here in Lakeridge, and a note saying your parents had passed in an accident and that you needed to come to our town for educational purposes."This hit me all at once and the guilt grew but the sadness stayed away. "W-why am I here then?" I asked my voice shaking. Rose was going to say something but Grey intervened, "The orphanage couldn't offer the care you needed while you were out and no body else would step up and do anything so we took you in." He stated fairly blankly but to me that seemed awkward. Why would he remove the emotion from his voice to say that? It should have been full of emotion and self praise. "And we didn't adopt you so you don't have to "become part of the family" we just took you in to take you in." Wow that was kinda sweet. Wait he's still a guy. Why am I thinking this? I must have gone insane in that accident, yeah that's definitely what happened. "That's not the only reason." Rose chuckled."Mom!" He yelled, glaring at her. She skipped over to me and whispered in my ear, "A girl he likes said you looked cute do he wanted you to stay here so she would have to see him when she came to visit you." She said giggling "Mom! You didn't tell him did you?! You better not have told him! You are so unfair!" He fumed shaking his head with both hands covering his face. "Woah, Grey don't worry I won't tell anyone. I'll stay out of your way man, she's all yours.Grey sighed in relief and gave a thanking look to his mother (Hmm, I

should check that out later) before saying, "Thanks, Fang." And held out his fist to be bumped. I obliged bumping my fist with his and as we pulled our fists away from each other a blue spark shot out between them like electricity. But with that spark came another, a spark of memory. And a memory too valuable to be forgotten again.END OF CHAPTER 1Hi I'm Joss. I'm kinda new to writing so forgive me for any typos or story problems. If you have any questions about the story don't be afraid to ask and know that I am available for messaging and RPing. Also sorry for the short chapter and cliffhanger. Trust me the chapters will get longer but I can't guarantee there won't be more cliffhangers. I will upload every friday and answer comments on wednesdays. Hope you guys like my story, bye!!!