The Life of Ernest E. Okumura: The Duel Academy Years Part I

Story by Ernest258823 on SoFurry

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It's my first human-only fanfic! So...yeah I like Yu-Gi-Oh! and I decided to go with Duel Academy because out of all the different series, GX has the most characters that I can relate to.Jaden-because I can easily be described as happy and go-with-the-flow. Syrus-because I can be unsure of the decisions I make and I can easily be underestimated. HOWEVER...this one is between me and Syrus Truesdale. Why? Because...I FUCKING CAN!!!! I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh!...yet. evil laughter.

"Slifer Red...Slifer Red...." Ernest walked along the path that led from the school. He was just starting his first year at Duel Academy and was pretty good at dueling. He was at least good enough to start his first year as a Ra Yellow student...if he hadn't pissed off his test instructor that is. The weird thing is...he didn't even know what he did wrong. *Oh well. I think it's better that I start with the Slifer Red dorm anyways.* he thought to himself as he slammed into a tree. "Owwww! That hurt." He said clutching his face. There was only one thing that Ernest was better at than dueling, and that was getting lost. "A-are you okay?" Ernest looked up and saw a light-blue haired boy standing over him. "Yeah I'm fine." He said getting up. "I'm glad. Oh I'm Syrus by the way. Syrus Truesdale." He Said offering his hand. "Ernest. Ernest Okumura." Ernest said shaking Syrus' hand. They stood there talking for a bit, when Ernest gasped. "Oh by the way, I'm looking for the Slifer Red dorm." He said. Syrus smiled and motioned for Ernest to follow him. The two finally reached the dorm. Student initiation came and went and everyone went to bed.

---Friday, October 6th---

"All right! Another day another adventure!" Shouted Ernest as he walked towards the school. The school day went by surprisingly faster than Ernest thought it would...not that he cared. Ernest walked back to the dorm, when he heard Syrus shouting behind him. "Hey Ernest, can we walk back to the dorm together?" Asked Syrus. "Sure. I could use the company anyways." Said Ernest as he playfully gave Syrus a noogie. The two walked along and chatted when Ernest heard a small squeaking noise. "Syrus...was that you?" Asked Ernest not looking at the embarassed Slifer. "S-sorry. I-it slipped." He said. Ernest laughed and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Don't worry about it. Happens to everyone." He said. The two reached the dorm and went to the cafeteria to wait for their appetites to emerge. Once the two were done eating they said their goodnights and went to bed. Or at least Syrus went to bed. Ernest laid in bed. He wasn't thinking about anything, he was just staring at the ceiling trying to empty his brain. He stretched his arms out when he heard Syrus muttering. "Huh. I had no idea that Syrus' room was above mine." He said to himself. He listened to Syrus' muttering and eventually fell asleep.

---Friday, October 6th, 9:00 pm---

Ernest woke up and looked at the clock. "9:00? Seriously?" He complained. He heard Syrus muttering in his sleep again. But this time...he was muttering about a toilet saying it felt good. "Oh thankful that you have roommates that snore louder than you mumble." He said with a small chuckle. Suddenly, he heard Syrus get up and walk downstairs. "He keeps saying toilet. It's annoying." Ernest said quietly. All of a sudden, Syrus opened the door to Ernest's room. Syrus looked around, walked in, and closed and locked the door. Suddenly as this happened, a thought occurred to Ernest. * he really think that this is the bathroom?!* he thought to himself as Syrus looked around. The Slifer's eyes locked on the spot where Ernest was sleeping. And to Ernest's surprise, he began walking his way. *I knew he was brain dead when slept. I just didn't know how brain dead.* Syrus was right by the bed now and staring at Ernest with eyes closed. Syrus got up onto the bed and stood over Ernest holding his stomach. *What the hell. I'll see where this goes.* Ernest thought to himself.

Syrus groaned and slowly pulled his pants down revealing a pair of little boys underwear. Syrus groaned a little louder and slowly pulled his underwear down as well. *Oh my god...* was all Ernest could think once he saw the Slifer's unbelievably childlike ass. Ernest didn't have time for sightseeing as Syrus began to descend onto his face. First, it felt like a smooth semi-leathery couch was being pressed against him. Then it got warm and VERY SMELLY. *Geez! Does he actually not know how to wipe his ass?!* Ernest complained as Syrus placed his asshole in Ernest's open mouth. Syrus sighed in relief as he unleashed a monster of a SBD into Ernest's mouth. *OH MY GOD!!!! WHAT THE HELL!!!!* complained Ernest as his eyes filled up with tears from the stink. Syrus moaned and Ernest heard a small crackling noise. Ernest knew what was coming and braced himself. Syrus pushed a thick log into Ernest's mouth. *What's with this kid? His farts smell like dead meat, skunk, and sulfur mixed into one but his crap taste about the same as one would expect it to taste.* Ernest wondered as Syrus pushed another log into his mouth. Ernest felt the Slifer's asshole flex in his mouth. FSSSSSSSSSSSSST! Ernest almost bit down on Syrus' ass right there and then. *OH GOD!!! I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU ATE SYRUS...BUT...But...d-don't...* his thoughts were interrupted when he saw the Slifer crying. "I-I just can't... I just can't tell him..." Syrus groaned and pushed another log into Ernest's mouth. *What? I've never been able to eat and focus on something else before. And what did Syrus mean by "he can't tell him?"* Ernest looked up and saw Syrus looking at his deck. "Alright... I'll duel Ernest tomorrow. And if once I win...I'll tell him." He said as he pushed another log into Ernest's mouth. Ernest looked at Syrus. *That determination...all right Syrus bring me all of your fighting spirit and prove to me the power of your deck!* By this time, Syrus had ripped another fart into Ernest's mouth and began to wiggle his butt on his face.

Ernest was confused for a second but once he got the message he smiled. He lightly licked the Slifer's asscheek as to not wake him up. That got a moan out of him and he rubbed his butt faster. *I think it's safe to say he's brain dead beyond belief.* Ernest thought to himself as he went full speed on the Slifer's ass. Ernest licked Syrus' asscheek, then the other, and finally his pucker. His ass was clean, but Syrus wouldn't get up. Instead he scooted back until his pucker was covering Ernest's nose. FRRRRRRRRT! *Oh come on...* Ernest sniffed up that fart. "Keep...sniffing...toilet...feels good." Muttered Syrus. BLOOOOOOOOORP! *It's so weird. His farts are rancid, but I still can't help but...* Ernest's brain was spinning. Syrus bounced up and down on Ernest's face forcing his nose deeper and deeper into his pucker. Finally, Ernest's nose was wedged in so much that his nostrils were actually IN the young Slifer's poopchute. Ernest smiled, happy that Syrus was having fun...even though he was completely oblivious to what was going on. Ernest kissed Syrus' butt. "Keep...please keep..." Moaned Syrus. Ernest planted a kiss on Syrus' butt and kept it there. Syrus moaned and released the most unforgettable fart in Ernest's nose. It started off as a low rumbler, then changed between a poot, a trumpet, and a warbler. And Ernest happily breathed it all in. As Ernest shifted into unconsciousness, he saw Syrus pull his pants back up and leave.

---Saturday October 7th morning---

Ernest woke up when he felt something wrapped around his head. He pulled it off and saw that it was the pair of underwear that Syrus had on last night. Ernest looked over and saw Syrus sleeping in the other bed. *Tch. Little nub probably crashed here after our little episode.* Ernest placed the underwear under the mattress and placed a fresh pair of his own on Syrus. He walked towards the cafeteria and after eating breakfast, walked towards the spot they first met, and left Syrus a message. Syrus finally woke up and saw that Ernest had left him a message. "A duel huh. All right then now's my chance." Syrus said now brimming with confidence. He changed into his school uniform, grabbed his deck, and went to the duel site. "Yo. About time." Ernest said as he saw Syrus walk up. Syrus smiled and activated his duel disk. "All right." Ernest said as he placed his deck in his disk. The duel was on.

"AHHHHHHHH!" Yelled Syrus as the final blow struck him. Ernest walked over to him and offered his hand. Syrus took it and lifted himself off the ground. "Thanks for the duel." Syrus said walking away. "You love me...don't you Syrus." Asked Ernest. Syrus instantly stopped and walked over to him. "Yeah...I do. Forget it though there's no way you're into guys." He said. Ernest grabbed his collar. "You're right I'm not. Then again, I'm not really into girls either. But if you want, I'd be happy to give it a shot." Said Ernest. "Really?!" Asked Syrus. Ernest nodded. Syrus hugged Ernest. "Woah...take it easy." Ernest said. Syrus chuckled. "Syrus..." Began Ernest. Syrus looked at Ernest and smiled. "What's wrong?" He asked. "Nothing." Said Ernest. They walked around until it was dinner time. "" Muttered Syrus. Ernest chuckled and began to eat. A few minutes later, Syrus grabbed his stomach. "You okay?" Asked Ernest. "That duel made me even more hungry than I thought." Said Syrus. Ernest laughed and handed Syrus his plate. "Dueling does tend to do that. Don't worry I'll take my punishment later." He said. Syrus smiled and hesitantly began to eat. After Syrus was done eating, they went straight to Ernest's room. "Huh? This is the room I woke up in." Said Syrus. "Yeah. You were in here since last night." Syrus gasped. "Since last night?! B-but...!" Ernest chuckled and pointed to Syrus' pants.

"You thought they were Jaden's boxers didn't you." He said. "Wh-what did I do in here exactly?" Asked Syrus. Ernest looked at Syrus. "Just don't apologize. And here's a hint. You came down here muttering toilet the whole time." Ernest said. Syrus had the most horrified and hilarious look on his face. Ernest laughed. "Oh man...oh man...that look on your face...PRICELESS!" Ernest said still laughing. Syrus was beet red. "It's not funny! What did I really do in here?!" Yelled Syrus. "Calm down. I was serious when I said toilet. I was literally only laughing at the face you were making." Said Ernest as he changed out of his uniform. Syrus was dead silent. "The floor? Or was it you." He asked. Ernest answered his question by taking Syrus' underwear out from under his mattress. Syrus groaned.

"I didn't mind." Said Ernest. Syrus gasped but walked over and tried to kiss Ernest. Ernest lightly pushed him back. "Remember what I said after our duel? Besides...they're a lot more useful down here." He said pinching Syrus' ass. Syrus recoiled. "Please don't do that ever again." He said. Ernest gave him a nervous chuckle. Syrus blushed and looked away. "What?" Asked Ernest. "Can I...can I pee in your mouth?" Asked Syrus. Ernest smiled. "Eager are we? Well...I don't know...CAN you?" Ernest asked with a hinting tone. "MAY I pee in your mouth?" Asked Syrus. Ernest laughed and knelt down in front of Syrus and pulled his pants down below his member. Syrus looked at him with uncertainty. Ernest sighed. "I guess I'm going to have to hold your hand through this whole thing huh?" He asked. Syrus looked away. Ernest stuffed Syrus' member into his mouth and held in place. It took awhile, but Syrus regained his ability to take a piss and placed both his hands on both sides of Ernest's head. After pushing his head closer to his body Syrus let go of his urine and sighed. *Salty as hell. All though all things considered.* "I had to go more than I thought." Said Syrus as he rubbed his balls across Ernest's face.

Another few seconds and Syrus was finished. Ernest moved his mouth off of Syrus' member and stopped. Syrus wouldn't let go of his head. "All right you win." Said Ernest. Syrus pushed his head back into his crotch and rubbed it around. That cycle went long enough for Syrus to pee in his mouth again. "Not bad...but you might want to cut out the salt a little bit. " said Ernest. Syrus blushed and pulled his pants back up. Suddenly, Syrus' stomach began to churn. Ernest motioned for Syrus to come over. Ernest turned him around and pulled his pants down. "Am I going to have hold your hand for this too? Or are you going to be a big boy?" Ernest said as he laid down on the bed. Syrus huffed and got up on the bed as well. "I think I can manage. But...let's see if you can." Syrus said with a devious smile on his face. Syrus pulled his underwear down and revealed his ass to Ernest. "You do like what you see." Said Syrus. Ernest nodded and rolled his eyes. Syrus sat on Ernest's face and shifted around until his pucker was as deep in his mouth as possible. Syrus moaned and clutched his stomach. BRRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAP! Syrus sighed and rubbed his stomach. "Oh come on...if that's fazing you then you're in for a rough ride." Said Syrus as he noticed Ernest's expression. Syrus ripped a few more farts before he finally reached his goal. Ernest heard an all too familiar cracking sound and opened his mouth.

Syrus pushed a huge log into Ernest's mouth and followed it with a fart. FRRRRRT! Syrus pushed another thick log into Ernest's mouth and looked back. "You okay? It's not too much is it?" Syrus asked in concern. Ernest gave him a thumbs up and closed his eyes. Syrus farted in Ernest's mouth for a good five minutes before the next log was sucked down his throat. "Hey looks like it's going to be one of those days where I'm just super gassy." Said Syrus. Ernest did his next job as a toilet and began to lick Syrus' ass clean. "Oh man..." Moaned Syrus. Ernest licked the right side of the Slifer's ass, then the left, and Ernest made sure to take his time cleaning his pucker. Syrus was about to get up when Ernest wrapped his arms around him. "What do you want?" Asked Syrus. Ernest crammed his nose into Syrus' asshole. "Well...if you wanna smell my farts then I can't stop you." Said Syrus as he bounced his as up and down on Ernest's face. Syrus kept bouncing until Ernest's nose was all the way in his asshole. FRRRRRRT! BLOOOOOOORP! BRRRRRAAAAAP! FSSSSSSSSSSSSST! "Ahhhhh! You'll never understand how good that felt!" Laughed Syrus. Ernest was busy sniffing and just ignored him. Syrus farted in Ernest's face for a good 55 minutes before he finally ran out. Syrus got up and sat on Ernest's stomach. "That was awesome!" Said Ernest.

"Glad you enjoyed it. Although I'm surprised you could even breathe under there." Said Syrus. "That's because I actually couldn't." Said Ernest. "What!? Why didn't you tell me?! I would've gotten up."Asked Syrus. "And that's why I didn't tell you." Ernest said happily. The two sat there and talked for a few minutes when Syrus spoke up. "I'm going to rub it in your face...okay." Syrus said pointing to his crotch. Ernest nodded his approval and scooted down on the bed. Syrus grabbed Ernest's head and slowly buried it in between his legs. This seemed to please Syrus the most. First, Syrus rubbbed Ernest's face against his underwear covered sack while he bucked against him. Syrus then stuffed Ernest's head down his pants and grinded his face into it like that. After he was done with that, he sat on Ernest's stomach. "You enjoyed it. I can tell you that much." Said Ernest. "Hey Ernest..can I have my underwear back?" Asked Syrus. Ernest handed him his underwear. Syrus got under the covers and pointed to his crotch. Ernest shrugged and placed his face in between Syrus' legs. Syrus then wrapped his legs around Ernest's body and after saying goodnight to each other, they fell asleep

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