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#1 of Creeping Fear

Okay so since I know I'm not really good at drawing or anything I decided to give a shot at writing a bit I hope you enjoy. This story will have multiple chapter updates this is just a bit of an intro to set the mood a bit and so I can get a feel for writing something original. Anyways for anyone who may have any questions on the design of the adolescent fearlings in my head I had two creatures for inspiration for them but inspiration only I'll leave links to the images of them below but be sure to tell me what you think and if you want to see more. Thanks and see you all next time, love, Zyn (P.S. rating may go up or down dependant on future chapters.)

( adolescent fearling inspiration for antenna:

inspiration for head and face:

Creeping Fear Chapter 1 (prologue)

A lone wolf sat on a couch deep in thought, the sun hadn't risen yet so most of his black fur on his body faded into the darkness the only things even remotely visible were the red highlights and markings on his fur and his piercing scarlet eyes. In truth however what had him so deep in thought was why he had not seen the sun yet as it was already six in the morning. This led him to look outside to see ominous dark purple-black clouds lingering over every inch of the sky allowing not even the faintest light to escape it's inky clutches. Soon after a voice had broken his steely concentration on the meaning of these strange clouds, "Morning Zyn sweetie..." a Grey and white wolf yawned as he flopped down onto the couch next to the other wolf known as Zyn who's only signal of noticing the new arrival was a flick of the ear. Suddenly Zyn's cell phone on the table rang as he picked it up his commander was on the other end of the phone, "Agent Zyn, we need you and Harper at HQ immediately there is a massive anomaly!" The man sounded frantic. Zyn had a feeling this had something to do with the mysterious clouds looming ever present in the sky, he looked over to the Harper with a bit of worry on his features as one thought crept through his mind, 'Where will everyone be when the world goes to hell?...'.

_ _Then the gruff voice of the commander snapped him out of his thoughts "Zyn you still there?!?!?" he barked. Zyn nodded to himself as he confirmed with himself that he was going to defy a direct order from his commander not bringing the wolf beside him to HQ this time having a feeling Harper would be safer at home until the briefing. "Yes Commander Leon, be there shortly..." Zyn said before hanging up. Without another word to Harper despite his questions Zyn got up got dressed kissed Harper on the head and left. Zyn felt horrible for brushing off all of harper's questions and concerns but in truth he didn't know what to say or the answers to any of those questions of "what's wrong?" and other very similar questions all he could muster to respond was an "I love you" as he hurried out the door.

Zyn made record time to HQ and stepped immediately into the central command center standing before the commander, a gruff looking lion with a scar over his left eye otherwise he looked pretty average and in his mid to late 40s. The commander was standing among the entire research team, "Zyn, where the HELL is agent Harper?! I specifically requested you BOTH here" Commander Leon barked angrily, but Zyn's stone cold expression hadn't faultered he was by no means intimidated by Commander Leon right now only felt anger at him. Anger which poured out of him like a broken dam before he could stop it his mouth spouted words that at any other time may have gotten him fired, "With all due respect commander Leon sir, technically me and Harper are on a leave of absence right now so you're lucky even my ass is here right now, however that being said I understand what it is you called me here for.... Or at least I have a pretty damn good idea, so yes I decided to leave my MATE home where it's safe at least till I know what it is we are dealing with sir!!" Zyn dug into his commander at this point his face was inches from Leon's with faint traces of tears in his eyes. Commander Leon's expression softened as it really hit him how Zyn was feeling right now, "Understood agent Zyn I apologize, but let's get down to business the sooner we brief you the sooner you can get home and catch agent Harper up..." Zyn's body and even Zyn himself relaxed significantly at the change in demeanor in Leon before joining him over near a giant computer screen. The screen lit up and showed a couple images one of which as Zyn predicted was an image of the strange clouds that appeared overnight, the other image however caught Zyn by complete surprise.

The image was of a bizzare creature if you could call it that the entity was small maybe only one to two feet it was the same color as the clouds. It stood hunched slightly and it's tiny hands were tipped with razor sharp claws, it's face was slightly pointed and imp like in shape with it's only facial features being two angled sharp pure red eyes, and a sharp toothed mouth twisted into an insane grin. It also had two zig zagged lighting shapped antenna that drooped backwards almost like ears. Commander Leon noticing how intently Zyn was staring at the image of the creature decided to speak up, "We have been calling these things Fearlings, let me explain why that is..." Leon began, Zyn nodded for him to continue signalling he had his attention. "So these clouds had appeared all over the world around midnight last night and in a few areas the clouds produced a purple inky rain and when the rain hit the ground it took shape as these creatures, however upon reaching maturity which from our understanding can vary in time depending on fearling they take on the shape of a nightmarish version of the deepest fear of someone within close proximity to them." Once Commander Leon said this next to the image of the adolescent fearling appeared an image of an inky shadowy looking feral bear with exaggerated teeth and claws and the same eyes as a fearling.

The bear also had spike like protrusions all down it's back giving it a twisted and nightmarish look that would scare anyone even those not scared of bears. Zyn visually cringed at the site of the monster on the screen before turning his attention back to Commander Leon, "So where do myself and Harper come in?" Leon nodded realizing that Zyn just wanted to get straight to the point, "Well agent Zyn we do not know the full extent of what these fearlings are capable of and further how to destroy them or why they are here in the first place so I want you and Harper to start looking into it, you have the entire HQ and it's resources at your disposal so..." Commander leon couldn't finish that statement as a claw came through and impaled his chest a black inky substance mixed with the blood seeping from the wound. Leon coughed up blood as his body slid off the clawed hand and slid to the floor lifeless. Now standing in front of Zyn was a giant fearling that for some odd reason looked like a bigger and more exaggerated variant of an adolescent fearling with bigger claws a long blade tipped tail and razor sharp spines down it's back with huge talon tipped toes. Zyn was confused as to why this adult Fearling had stayed so close to it's original form, but he didn't have the time to really ponder it as he had to quickly dodge slashes from the creature's massive claws as well as thrusts from it's tail.

Zyn quickly drew out two swords as he somersaulted away from the beast using one of his blades to parry a strike from the Fearling's tail. As Zyn kept holding the creature off as the remaining HQ staff escaped he pondered if he should try to take the beast out here or find the best opportunity to flee and regroup as he still had no idea if his current weapons could truly harm it. Deciding it was worth a shot to at least see if he could wound the fearling with his swords so he whipped around behind the beast jump up and thrust his sword down into the fearling's head. The fearling shrieked in agony trying as it might to reach up and grab Zyn. With the knowledge he needed for now Zyn decided to remove his sword from the creatures head but before fleeing slashed at both it's eyes blinding the creature before slipping away quietly with only one thought in his head as he ran out of HQ, 'Please be okay Harper...'.