Bound by Destiny 9

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Time has gone and Tenchi has grown closer to Peridot and also been completely accepted by her father. But Tenchi decides it is time to reward him for bringing Peridot into this world. Little does Tenchi know this whole thing was planned for her by Peridot and Sasha as a party for an upcoming wedding.

This story IS connected to actual lore.

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Bound by Destiny 9 - Love the Girl, Love her Father

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The sun was setting over the treetops as Tenchi was sitting with Peridot on one of the balconies of the giant castle, cuddling while watching the stars appearing one by one on the coming night sky, but also to watch how Tarja and Sasha was sparring, amazed by how well the brutal forces collided and the high-speed attacks from each other connecting with a well executed parry or dodge, "How fast are they going? I can barely follow their movements. And... why is my eye itching so badly?"

Peridot groaned at the question, "No one told you until now? Your eye has been replaced with a bionic one made by mom and Azula. I thought they had told you. I think this might answer why they did it." Without a single second to spare, Peridot brought out a small glass container with the charred eye in, Tenchi looking at it before covering her maw, "Did you have to show me that thing?" Peridot quickly put it aside before whispering something very secretly to Tenchi, making her eyes wide a bit before she grinned gently, "Ohhh, I like that idea. But how exactly would we be sure to make it happen?" Peridot smiles, "That is for me to figure out and for you to just wait for."

A sudden crash was heard as Tarja suddenly flew into a tree, causing a massive imprint before she looked back at Sasha who flew in the air with her two pair of wings before mocking Tarja a bit, "Come on, you call yourself my daughter. I thought you could match me." Tarja's eyes grew slitted at her mother's words, causing the imprint to soon grow larger as Tarja bounced up towards her mother in a massive speed, Sasha quickly parrying every blow before finding herself being trapped in a hold behind her back by Tarja who began to spin around quickly before diving like a missile towards the ground, both Peridot and Tenchi looking at this before they both noticed Sasha smiling as her body suddenly solidified, causing a light earthquake as they hit the ground and Tarja flew backwards into the same tree she had imprinted herself in before, rubbing her head as Sasha got up and Tenchi looked amazed, "How did she do that?"

The sound of the evening bell was heard and Sasha helped Tarja to get out of the tree before they headed back in, Peridot and Tenchi following their example before Tenchi whispered to Peridot, "How long will I have to wait?" Peridot simply grinned and replied, "About a day. I can fix it nicely. I just need a word with Tarja first." Tenchi nodded and kissed Peridot before they met up with Sasha and Tarja, Peridot pulling Tarja aside before Sasha smiled to Tenchi, "I need a word with you." Tenchi nodded before following Sasha into the dining room before Sasha looked at her, "Can you pull up your shirt a bit?" Tenchi looked confused before nodding as she pulled it up slowly to reveal the seal that Sasha had placed on her, Sasha preparing the claws before striking the seal, Tenchi growling out a bit in pain before feeling her teeth biting down on Sasha's arm, the blood from the matriarch calming her down before a massive surge of power began to fill up her body as Sasha simply smiled until she pulled her claws out, Tenchi looking confused at Sasha before releasing her bite of the arm, seeing the bite marks disappearing, "What did you do?"

Sasha looked at Tenchi before reaching over to take her hands, much to Tenchi's confusion until she felt the energy coursing through her again as Sasha began to grow in size and Tenchi herself felt the power intensifying before she was feeling her body growing larger too, but soon reverted to normal as Sasha let go of her hands, "You understand now?" Tenchi looked confused before Sasha sat down, "Listen, when I checked your body, you had this power inside you that was sealed and I could not remove it until now since I did not know how to without killing you. Now I removed it and Alexander is no longer your sensei, now I am your teacher. I can handle your power. But you need to train how to use it without losing control. If you got no training, you will end up like Alexander did." Tenchi looked worried until Sasha gave her a pat on the head, returning to normal, "Now, head back to Peridot and enjoy the night." Tenchi's worry only grew, but she nodded before bidding Sasha farewell and heading out the room to go back to Peridot for the night.

As the next day came, Tenchi and Sasha began their training early in the morning, Sasha teaching Tenchi the first step of slowly tapping into her new power, which was a bit dangerous since Tenchi's emotions about her mother made her nearly lose control, until Sasha hit her in the head gently with a stick, "Concentrate! You cannot let your anger overtake you or else you will end up an uncontrollable monster." Tenchi sighed as she kept on focusing, the same procedure going on for about two hours until Sasha nodded, "Enough for today. I heard that you are planning to have some fun with someone. I took the idea to heart to make something that will help them understand you." Tenchi was confused until Sasha slipped out a syringe containing a precise measurement of a green substance with a lightblue aura around, "What is this?" Sasha grinned, "It is a modified Lycanus Gene. It is a rare gene found only on the northeastern coast of the mainland. I had someone generously donating a copy of their own for this." Tenchi grabbed the syringe and looked at it, enticed by the looks of it before Sasha teleported them back into the dining room, just in time for the second meal of the day.

As the night rolled in, Tarja was bringing someone through a portal in a room, smiling to them as she soon laid them back on a bed, "They will be here soon enough. Sadly I cannot be here. It is Tenchi's hen night after all." The person simply nodded before Tarja hugged them and left, the lights still out as they began to undress, laying back down on the bed completely naked, waiting for the moment to arrive. While just a few rooms away, Tenchi and Peridot were smiling as they had just finished a big meal, Tenchi's appetite having grown since the release of the power Sasha had told her about, "Mmm, she sure knows how to cook. I have not eaten a shark before and she made it taste delicious." Peridot giggled, "She can turn anything that sounds tasteless into something tasteful." Tenchi nodded before kissing Peridot and the both of them began to slowly hit the wall before breaking out into a soft makeout session, softly murring until the familiar scent came to their noses, "Someone is in heat."

The person laid on the bed, wagging their tail to spread the scent of their heat, softly murring while waiting until the door slowly opened and as the light filled the room, Tenchi and Peridot murred as Tenchi giggled, "Hello there, Sedrin." Sedrin just chuckled as he wagged his tail, watching as both Peridot and Tenchi began to undress near him, slowly crawling onto the bed as Peridot kissed him deeply, "Mmm, ready to do all we planned, dad?" Tenchi was looking confused before Peridot winked, "We all planned this and this is your hen night." Tenchi was blushing before looking at them both, "You all planned this without me noticing? No wonder you wanted this so badly!" Peridot winked before Tenchi was looking what Sedrin had hidden from her, soon lapping over the exposed pussy under the balls, Sedrin's eyes closing before one by one, candles began to light up and Tenchi was nearly cumming right there and then from the text Sedrin had written on the balls, "Tenchi's breeding bitch for the night? Are you really?" Sedrin chuckled with a blush before lifting the balls and winking to her, "Love the girl, love her father?" Tenchi smiled before watching Peridot climbing onto her father's chest, slowly pushing her dick against his maw, a soft murr coming from her while Tenchi was not wasting any time with getting herself into position, slowly pushing her reptile-like erection against Sedrin's pussy, sinking herself in slowly once she could push deeper, feeling the same warmth from which Peridot had come from once.

Tenchi took a hold of Sedrin's thighs when beginning her thrusts, watching his cock bouncing happily back and forth and also the view of Peridot feeding her old man with some horsemeat, which was a bit hot for her, even if it was incest. Sedrin's soft murrs filled the air, motivating them both on to continue while Sedrin's hands reached up to grab Peridot by the balls, gently rubbing them much to Peridot's delight while sucking on her big dick eagerly, Peridot openly expressing her delight "Mmm, this is feeling amazing." Tenchi nodded with a murr, "It is. And from the feeling of it, aaahh, I think he does too." Sedrin was nodding before tightening up a bit, feeling that Tenchi was going faster into him.

Peridot looked over at Tenchi, noticing how Tenchi seemed a bit sad from how far away she was, Peridot getting an idea quickly before pulling her shaft out, "Mmm, it is about to get better, dad." Sedrin was confused until Peridot was moving to sit down on top of his dick, Tenchi seeming a bit worried at this until Peridot's tail was lifted and Sedrin gave off a loud murr with Peridot as soon the erection disappeared right up the warm ass, Tenchi hugging Peridot tightly from behind as the both of them began making out again, Peridot slowly bouncing on the big dick in her butt while Tenchi was speeding up her own thrusts, Sedrin only laying there and murring happily, his eyes closing tightly as the memory of the night with Sasha came back to him, the warm sensation of her gentle thrusts, the soft scent of her hair, the joy of becoming pregnant and giving birth to Peridot. All of it coming flowing back to him.

Tenchi and Peridot didn't stop their makeout session, both moaning softly as a gasp soon came from Peridot when Sedrin grabbed her dick and began to stroke it, "Mmm, you both are just like Sasha, so warm and wonderful." They both smiled while keeping up the makeout session before Sedrin was beginning to leak pre from his erection, Peridot noticing it aswell as her own one leaking, only Tenchi being in control of her needs. Peridot moaned out happily until her hips signaled her pleasure hitting its peak, her warm sperm flying over Sedrin's chest, causing him to murr when his own sperm was shot right up Peridot's warm behind, Tenchi merely continuing to thrust.

Outside the room stood Tarja and Sasha, both smiling as they listened in on it before leaving, "It seems they are really enjoying it." A loud moan from the inside made Tarja smile softly, "Yes, I can hear it." Sasha giggled before pulling her away. From within the room after the moan, Peridot was standing on all four over Sedrin, kissing him softly while Tenchi was licking up some of the cum leaking from Peridot's tailhole, her own cum slowly approaching the signal from her body, the pre warning Sedrin, who quickly wrapped the legs around her and without letting her have a chance to slow it down, forced Tenchi gently to cum inside of him, their moans loudly telling everyone that Tenchi was having the best hen night ever.

Sedrin had to agree as his womb was being overfilled with warm seed from his daughter-in-law, a warm smile coming to his face before Peridot moved aside when Tenchi collapsed on top of him, her weight holding him down, but for the first time ever, Tenchi got to see the purple blush on Sedrin's cheeks before she kissed him softly, making Peridot giggle from Sedrin's shocked expression before he was murring out and relaxing under the softness for a few seconds until Peridot began to tuck them all into the same warm blanket, the candles burning out one by one before Sedrin felt a soft sting on his arm, waking him up a bit before Tenchi quickly hid the syringe before he returned back to sleep with Tenchi following him soon. The moon shining in through the window as Sedrin's hair grew longer and his body becoming more furry, but hidden under the fur was muscles beginning to grow and the next morning Sedrin would wake up with a soft gasp, "What have happened to me?" Peridot looked at Tenchi, who smirked back with a wink, making Peridot giggle before they both broke into a giggle fit, watching Sedrin's clueless face as the morning sun beamed in to warm the big belly now resting on Sedrin, "Mmm, life begins anew."

The End.

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