Bound by Destiny 11

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Sasha has killed Tenchi and is now shunned by the family for her action. To set things right, she travels to Spiral Gate to relive the torment of the past and bring back Tenchi again. But what happens when Sasha must face one of the four that was present during her creation? And can four travellers catch up to her in time, especially when three of them has to face a truth beyond their knowledge?

This story IS connected to actual lore.

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Bound by Destiny 11 - Frozen in Time by Regret

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"What have I done?" Sasha was sitting on the bed in her room, listening to Peridot crying outside over Tenchi's death, "Everyone trusted me to protect her and I kill her. They are right to hate me for it, I am a terrible mother-in-law to her." The door suddenly opened and Sedrin walked right in, his expression of pure rage only confirming what was coming, "Sasha! You are the biggest disgrace to the entire family. I thought you would not break Peridot's heart like that and you go and kill her own future wife! You did not do anything but hurt us. Of course, you got the betrayer to come out, BUT AT WHAT COST?" It was then that Sasha noticed what Sedrin was hiding as she was soon feeling a glass bottle hit her on the right cheek, shattering before the shards cut open wounds, a sudden sting filling them as the bottle had rubbing alcohol in it, "That is just the beginning of the pain you will feel for this!" Sasha looked away as the door shut after Sedrin, the blood pouring out slowly before her body stitched the wounds up before she laid back on the bed, her mind working to figure out what to do about all this as she soon pat her chest, "Diopia? I normally do not seek your wisdom, but this time I am asking for it. Please, what should I do?" The power within, belonging to a former god, spoke to her in the ancient tongue of her people, "I am not the wisdom, but I say you shall go to where you fought your first." Sasha was thinking to herself until the answer had come clear to her, "Of course!"

As the sun peeked through the window of Peridot's bedroom, the girl was rolling over with a warm smile on her face, reaching out to touch her mate, only to find the bed empty and her mind replaying the event that had transpired last night, "Ten-Ten... why did she have to kill you?" Peridot growled in pain of sadness before getting up to feed Ainohi and Kari, the only remaining parts left of Tenchi now, her smile worn as a mask to not reveal her sadness to them. She was just done with feeding them as the door suddenly opened and Azula stormed in, "Peridot! Tenchi's body is gone! And so is Sasha!" Peridot looked in shock at Azula, her words barely able to come out clearly, "W-What you mean gone?" Azula was panting and looked at her, "I am saying that Tenchi's body is not where we put it! And Sasha is gone too!" Peridot was going a bit pale until Jigo, the younger brother of Azula and Azura, entered with a note in hand, "Sis! You need to see this!" Azula quickly snatched the note and read it out loud, "Dear family, I am sorry for what I did to Tenchi. I didn't think it through and you all hate me now. But I am going to pay my debt for it by bringing Tenchi back. If she does return alone without me, then I just wanna say that I love you all. With sincere apologies, Sasha." Peridot stood confused before Azula finally had the token fall down, "We got to stop her! She is walking into her own death!" Peridot was still confused, but tagged along as the trio ran to get Azura.

A few kilometers away, Sasha was walking with Tenchi's corpse in her arms, tears falling from her eyes as she held her closely, "I am sorry, Tenchi. I thought I could help you escape from your mother, but instead I did her dirty work." The people walking by her on the bridge was turning around when noticing her carrying the dead dragoness, a dragoness rushing over to stop her, "Where do you think you are going with that body? Are you one of those corpse re-animators? You sicken me!" Sasha didn't even look at her, she only sprouted her wings and delivered a paralyzing shock before taking to the air, a few guards noticing her as they began to try hitting her with stun spells, which would miss her with nearly a few centimeters to spare as they watched her disappeared into the clouds.

Meanwhile, Azula, Azura, Jigo and Peridot were traveling through the electric network with the help of Azula's gift of being able to change herself and others into electricity, their rapid movement having brought them already halfway to the location where Sasha was heading. Azula had explained to Peridot why she was worried about Sasha before they had left to pursue her, "Sasha is heading towards Spiral Gate, the source of the flowing time. She might be attempting to reverse the time to revive Tenchi that way, but doing so will cause her own body to decompose and in the worst case even kill her. We need to stop her!" It had been the call they all needed to know. Sasha was willing to sacrifice herself to bring Tenchi back to life and doing so would not help their situation, especially since doing it wrong could cost Sasha the chance to bring back Tenchi at all. Peridot had cried when hearing it, "Mother..."

As the night began to fall, Sasha arrived on the four borders' midpoint, Spiral Gate. Sasha could feel the flowing time brushing along her sides as she made a hempen rope with her powers, feeling the time already getting to work on her as she tied Tenchi's corpse to her back, her mind focused on conserving herself for the ritual. A soft breathe and a determined speech to herself, Sasha jumped onto one of the pillar sides, beginning to slowly climb up towards the top, just as the quad arrived at the spot nearby where Sasha had been standing, their eyes quickly searching for her, "Sasha! Where are you?" Azula called out, but to no use as a blizzard began to form around the pillars, muffling her voice and reducing their sight to only a few decimeters in front of them, "Mother..."

Sasha felt the chilly winds biting on her body, looking back to see Tenchi's corpse resting in her wings, looking so peaceful there as she kept on climbing, knowing it had to be done for her to at least make amends to everyone in the family for killing Tenchi, one of her hands soon slipping as she almost lost her grip of the side of the pillar, her eyes turning to look at Tenchi again before remembering her lesson from Alex, slowly closing her eyes before pushing her chakra to the feet, allowing her to run up the pillar instead of climbing it, "Soon, Tenchi, soon." Just then she noticed the edge of the pillar, smiling softly before finally setting her feet on the solid flat surface, looking back at Tenchi once more before looking forth, taking a giant leap before making her way to the highest point, followed by the other four, led by Peridot who was leaping between the slippery surfaces of the pillars like a real parkour expert, "Mother! Stop!"

As Sasha landed on the highest pillar, she felt the time flowing harder as she laid down the frozen corpse of Tenchi, taking a short break to rest up before hearing a voice speak out clearly to her, "Sas'Ha. A pleasure to finally see you again." Sasha looked up in shock, coming face to face with a green male dragon with long white hair and yellow eyes, "Honorable Neo! The Wichan god of wisdom! What are you doing here?" Neo looked at Sasha before looking down at Tenchi's spirit sitting there, not speaking a word until Sasha's jaw dropped when Neo spoke up, "Telling my granddaughter here about why you did what you did." Tenchi looked at Sasha, her eyes clear as day, waiting for her to say something, "Hi Ten. Are you cold there?" Neo facepalmed at her question, "Really? You came all the way here to make amends for your action and the first thing you asked is if she is cold. She was living alone in the wilderness for years, she is not bothered by cold."

Just at this point, Peridot, Azula, Azura and Jigo had caught up to Sasha and heard everything. Azula, Azura and Jigo stood frozen in their places, "Wait... you said granddaughter... does this mean?" Neo saw the trio of surprised dragons before he nodded, "Yes. I was going to tell you three when you got old enough. I am your father." Sasha looked confused at this before her adoptive siblings went on their knees, "Is this true? Father?" Neo smiled, "And since one of you broke your own promise. it is time to reveal the big secret." They looked in confusion before a pink ray of light appeared next to him and a purple dragoness with an ice-blue chest had appeared, covered in the most skimpy clothes around with black hair and the most clear sky blue eyes ever existing, her warm smile making Azula and Azura cry until she spoke, making Jigo nearly wet himself in shock and joy, "It cannot be... IT CANNOT BE... MOTHER?" The dragoness simply smiled before opening her arms, "Come here, Jigo. Give mommy Izae a hug." They jumped onto their mother and cried while hugging her, Sasha smiling a bit before noticing Peridot walking over to her.

"Peridot... I am so sorry." Sasha spoke before Tenchi's spirit got up and walked over to her body, slowly laying down before the wounds were healing rapidly before Peridot looked over, noticing Tenchi slowly awakening before sitting down and helping her up, crying tears of joy with the rest, Sasha standing in-between them before Neo moved over to her, "You wanted to do the right thing here, but you shouldn't pay with your own life if it hurts the ones around you." Sasha lowered her head before Tenchi softly spoke up, "Mother... A wise male told me once. Some times the best way to save someone you love and care for, is by hurting them." Sasha felt struck by the words and so was Peridot and the rest, the two divines witnessing as they walked over to Sasha and hugged her, "We're sorry for that we did not understand your intention." Sasha held them closely, "To be honest, even I questioned my own action. I am just happy I could make it right. But right now, we got more important things to deal with." Sasha said with a soft smile.

As the blizzard finally stopped and the sun was shining down on them, they waved off the divines and slowly went back down the pillars, spending the next ten minutes jumping between the pillars before landing back on solid ground again. Tenchi and Peridot were resting in Sasha's arms before Azula looked at them, "So, more training now?" Sasha looked at Tenchi and Peridot before closing her eyes and smiling, "No. It is time to make the best thing for these two. Azula, can you make some festive lights? We got a wedding to plan." Tenchi and Peridot looked up at Sasha who smiled to them, "That's right, my way of saying sorry will be to fix a first class wedding for you both." And it was said that the joyful screams were heard as far as the temple of the gods that day, as a dark chapter ended and a better one began.

The End.

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