the otter depths part 1

Story by nitro_wolf on SoFurry

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starting a story about a charter i made up

I walk to the door of my apartment and get my keys out and started flipping trough them, trying to find the right one, lightning flashed behind me followed by thunder making me drop my keys in surprise, a few fumbles at the key ring trying to pick it up as the rain comes down in a big sheet making me jump up as the cold rain water hits my back "god blessed, mother f-er, Jesus f-ing, son of a, m m m m" i mumble on.   I pick up my keys and see the right key, the one for my apartment door it is a old silver-ish key and is bend and cracked, from all of the water it slips out of my paw that drop being enough to break the key, I just look at it like why the hell do you hurt me I say in rater loud voice "fuck you mate".My neighbor (Robert) steps out of his apartment and says "looks like you 'ave a problem." I open my eyes widely and smile and say "you think!!", come on in my place he says and i follow him to his apartment and step in "hold up and wait for me to get you a ... a towel" I nod, the otter speed walks through his apartment to the bathroom, I realize how similar his place is to my place, you know... like a small place with all of the necessities, the otter comes back out and kind of awkwardly hands it to me, I guess it is awkward having a wolf you know almost nothing about and hardly ever talked to in your apartment, he says "step in here" and steps in the bathroom, he says "take off the shirt" I take it off " the pants" he says, I sigh and take them off, he puts my cloths in a hamper and says "you take a shower here and i will get some of my old cloths for you to wear" i shrug at him and he steps out and comes back with some P,J pants, a green shirt and some under-where that looks... a little big for him, he says "i got a pizza in the oven so don't be too long, i made one way to big, and i wanted a 6 pack but i could only find a 12" he steps out and i get in the shower.I get out of the shower, dry off and put on the cloths he gave me, the pants are a little tight and have like little fish on them. I step out of the bathroom and the oven timer goes off "PIZZA!!!" he shouts out and i meet him in the kitchen and the pizza is about 3/4 of the size of a cookie sheet he is using, he took it out and cut it in half then the half's into thirds, and put 3 slices on a plate and handed it to me and put the other 3 on his plate and said "follow me to my room" as he grabs the 12 pack and leads me there, he turns on the TV and as of course nothing on, the only thing decent on was The Simpsons and it was going off. I open a beer and say "good pizza... hot tho" he giggles a bit, "so... Robert, what do you do for a living?" i ask, he says "i work at a gas station, you?" I say "I work in a shop not far from here" "yah the gas station i work at is not far from here too".After the pizza is done and the beer is gone I say "I should probably get home" he says "man its still raining out, your key is broken, you should stay

here" "no man i don't want to be a burden to you" I say "nope, you could only be a burden i you leave, i would be worried 'bout you" he said, so i respond with a smile, give him a pat on the back and say "thank you, your sweet" "besides"(he gently grabs my crotch) "I want to have some fun.  alright guys & galls that was part one to be continued in part 2

the otter depths part 2 (sexy time)

"Besides" (Robert gently grabs my crotch)"i want to have some fun!" and gave me a sly look, before i could even respond he leans next to me and starts kissing me, for a second i did not know what to do, should i kiss the otter back and leave or should...

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