Chapter 3: The detention of his lifetime

Story by Donker on SoFurry

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#3 of Finn's Story


[All the characters in this story are over the age of consent.]


Hello everybody. This is the third and final part of Finn's first story. Be prepared for some serious scat action.

While this is the final part of this story, it is by no means the last you'll hear of any of these characters.

If you like what you read, be sure to leave me a comment or send me a note. If you have suggestions for my next project, let me know!


Finn could not believe his eyes. Right infront of his face hovered the most beautiful and big brown butt he had ever seen. It was so close he could already smell its lovely scent. His teacher, Ms. Annabell, was holding one of her voluptuous cheeks with one hand, spreading her ass and exposing her lovely brown pucker. She had just discovered Finn and her daughter Brigit fucking in the bathroom stalls. He had been sure he was expelled. But this did not look like it was going in a way he could have imagined. His nose shivered. He was able to smell her lovely smell, lavender with a hint of musky sweat. He gulped again.

"Well then, young man. What are you waiting for? Get in there!" The cute butthole seemed to wink at him. As Finn continued to hesitate, his teacher suddenly grabbed the back of his head with her hand and shoved his muzzle right into her crack. he gasped for air as she wiggled her big butt, inhaling more of her sweet scent that made his dick grow in his pants.

"Yes, just like that. I did think you had a thing for ass. Let's see how much exactly you love butts. Get your nose in there!"

She shoved his face deeper into her crack, so that his nose was right on her puckering starfish. He inhaled deeply and his eyes rolled into the back of his head. The smell made him dizzy. His dick was already aching in his boxers.

"Carefull now!" his teacher cooed, as her butthole puckered outward and released a noisy fart right into Finn's stallion nostrils. The smell made his stomach churn. His dick however seemed even more eager now. He continued to sniff.

"Well. Seems like someone likes what he is getting. Be carefull what you wish for!" Ms. Annabell moaned, as she released another hot stinky fart into his face. Finn moaned, and let his tongue flick over the twitching butthole of his teacher.

She gasped and groaned, shoving his face and his tongue deep in her ass. Finn started licking her like crazy. He could feel her cunt leaking juices on his chin, and the taste of her butt together with the overwhelming smells of her continous farts made his rockhard dick leak precum like crazy.

Her farts became more and more sloppy and wet, and Finn eagerly tasted all of them aswell as the inside of her butt. She was rocking back and forth now, positively fucking herself with his long tongue.

But just as Finn started to take his dick out, she released another long spluttering fart right into his mouth and pulled his face back. She turned around, adjusted her skirt and looked down at Finn, who had been sitting on his knees by now, panting and with his huge leaking dick in his hands. She bent down and scooped up a big drop of precum with her finger. She inserted it into her mouth, savouring the taste, and smiled.

"I do appreciate your eagerness, but I believe you have class. How about we continue this sometime later, say 7 p.m. tonight at my place? You better show up on time, considering it is a detention. If you are late, I will have to call your mother and tell her what kind of young stallion you are. You do not want that, do you?" She gave him a smirk. He looked from her face to her revealing cleavage and back again. He shook his head.

"Good. Run along to your class now. Tell Ms. Jones to see me after the lesson, I will explain your absense. And in the time being, try not to relieve yourself too much, in both ways of the word, if you know what I mean." She winked at Finn and shooed him out of her office. He was left standing in the halls, his huge balls already starting to ache.

He hobbled back to his class. As he entered, he told his Biology teacher Ms. Jones, an older female Eagle, what Ms. Annabell had told him to. He thought he could see her wrinkle her nose when he talked to her. He blushed and hurried off to his chair, where he tried to concentrate on the rest of his biology lesson, with no success whatsoever.

Later that day, he walked back home with his little sister Jessy. She was exciting since she was getting pink highlights in her tail this afternoon.

"Why are you so silent Finn? Something on my big brothers mind?" she asked him and gave him a warm smile. Finn murmured "I don't wanna talk to you about it okay?"

She wrinkled her nose.

"Yuck, you smell bad! What did you eat today?" She shot im an intrigued look

"Nothing okay?! Just leave me alone!" Finn exclaimed and started walking faster.

When he got home, he immediately went up to the bathroom, hopped into the shower and tried to relax. He made sure to wash out his mouth. He did not dislike the lingering taste of his teacher's delicious butt, but there was no way he would let his mother question him about his strange smelling breath.

He had a really hard time not masturbating then and there, since his dick had been aching for some relief the whole day. But he did not dare to touch himself in fear of what his teacher might have in store for him tonight.

Finn spent the rest of the afternoon working on his homework. He even got some of his chores done, and was now putting on some fresh underwear and got ready to head out. He smelled his mother cooking dinner in the kitchen. He had not told her about his detention, and thought about what excuse he could tell her why he was not joining her and his sister tonight.

When he got downstairs, his mother Joelle was bent over the stove, revealing her round bottom in a pair of comfty leggins. Finns dick raged up. He was under so much tension that the mere sight of his mother's butt got him horny as hell. He felt ashamed and quickly moved towards the door. On the way, he grabbed two apples from the fruitbowl.

"Heyyy mom, I'm gonna head out now. Gonna meet some new friends over some drinks!" he called, already half out the door.

"Not so fast Finn! You didn't tell me about that at all! I have been cooking your favorite food!" his mother exclaimed as she grabbed him by his collar.

Finn spluttered something about being sorry and having his mind on his schoolworks, but his mother already looked him up and down.

"My, you look fine for a night out with your new classfriends. Don't worry, I think I know what you are up too. But next time, tell me when you are going out on a date, then I don't have to cook my ass of for you!" She smiled at him warmly. Finn gave her a bashful smile, feeling a bit bad for her, but nonetheless being happy that he was in the clear. He made his way to the adress of his teachers home, eating his fruit snack on the way there.

When he arrived, he checked his watch and realised he was five minutes early. He sighed. "Atleast not too late" he murmured as he rang the doorbell. A few uneasy seconds passed. Then the tall wooden door swung open, and he was greeted by his teacher wearing a dark nightrobe.

Finn wished the sweat from his forehead.

"He-Hello Ms. Annabell" he stuttered.

"Hello Finn. Please, call me Daphne. Even if this is your detention, you are still my guest" the beautiful middle-aged bovine cooed. She gave him a sly look and beckoned him inside. Finn looked around.

The living was tastefully furnished, with dark wooden dressers, coffe table and a few pictures showing Daphne Annabell, her daughter Brigit and what Finn presumed was Brigit's grandfather, an old dark-furred bull. His teacher came up behind him and massaged his shoulders. Finn jerked at her soft touch.

"If you wonder where the picture of my husband is, I burned it years ago after we got divorced. Don't worry about any of that."

She took his hand and led him do a fancy armchair and sat down crosslegged on the opposite side of him.

"This is your detention. You will do what I instruct you to." She looked at him with stern eyes. Finn nodded.

"That being said, it is not forbidden to enjoy yourself. I know I will." And with that, she opened her legs, revealing that she was wearing no panties under her nightrobe. Finn gasped.

His teachers already damp folds were right there across the room. He saw the had short dark blonde pubes, and the lips looked puffy and soft. His dick immediately sprang to full attention. Daphne lay her fingers on her outer pussylips and slowly pulled them apart, revealing a pink entrance that was already leaking the first signs of her bovine juices. Finn thought he could smell her female scent.

"Do you like what you see?" she asked him with a smirk. Still he could only nod in response.

She started to slowly rub her pink swollen clit with her hand and softly moaned.

"You know the game Finn. I show you mine, you show me yours..." she sayd, as the looked at his bulging pants.

Finn unzipped his jeans and took out his fully erect dick, holding it firm in one hand, still staring at his teacher's folds.

"Mmmmm yes. That's the one. I can see why my daughter chose you for her ill advised affairs." Daphne purred.

"You must understand, I cannot allow you two to mess about during school time. If someone found out, we'd all be in trouble.

At home however, this is an entirely different affair."

With the snap of her finger, the door behind her opened, and Brigit walked into the room, wearing her school uniform. Finn could not believe his eyes.

She was showing a lot of cleavage aswell, and her skirt seemed a lot shorter than the regular uniform she had worn this morning. She looked at him with lustfull eyes as she walked over to her mother's chair and stood behind it. Finn's mind was racing. What was Ms. Annabell suggesting? Should they make out right in front of her? The truth was about to shock him even more.

"Anyone fancy a drink?" the bovine milf asked, and raised her hooves to place them on both armrests of her chair. Her pussy was now fully exposed, leaking juices that dripped to the living room floor.

As she did so, Brigit quickly stood in front of her and dropped to all fours. She instantly dove right into her mother's snatch and Finn could hear slurping and licking noises.

His dick was aching, as he started stroking it, fascinated by the picture of incestious love that unfolded right in front of him.

Daphne moaned.

"Carefull, here it comes! Don't spill any of it!"

Finn heard the familiar hissing noise, and an acrid smell of urine found his nostrils. He was in awe as he realised Brigit was eagerly drinking her mother's piss. Mouthfull after mouthfull she gulped down, breathing hard through her bovine nostrils, all while her mother moaned in ecstasy and Finn was stroking his leaking dick.

After a minute or so, the stream seemed to ebb, and Brigit resumed her regular licking. Her mother gave Finn a knowing smile.

"Intrigued, big boy? Well then come over here, so I can have a taste of you." She did not need to ask twice.

Eager for relief, Finn got up with shaky legs and walked over to his teacher. When he stood in front of her, Brigit between his legs, he dropped his pants completely. His dick hang right in front of his teachers muzzle.

She gave it a long and hard sniff.

"Aaaah yes. I have not had a stallion for so long." And with that, she engulfed his long member in one go, making him groan in delight.

While she was still being pleasured by her own daughter, she expertly sucked his dick with eager lust in her eyes. He could feel her tongue flicking over his knob and his little hole, and soon she started to dive deeper, making him hit the back of her throat.

Finn started humping along, speechless at the feeling of her tight throat. He heard her gag and heave, but she continued on. Her spit was drooling down her big breasts and stained her fur as she sloppily sucked the life out of Finn. His balls twichted and jiggled back and forth.

From time to time, Daphne got rid of her excess drool when she spat a mouthfull in her daughters face, still between her legs. It made Brigit moan, and Finn knew she was enjoying it as much as her mother was.

He started to feel his dick getting ready to cum, and he sped up his pace. His teacher seemed to understand, as she kept his dick deep inside her throat, making swallowing motions to send him over the edge. His balls jerked heavily as he shot load after load right in his teachers muzzle, right down her throat. She gulped down every drop of his cum. After a good minute of cumming, he finally winded down. She let his dick slide out of her muzzle and licked her lips.

"Mmmm very nice. You did save up for us, just like I knew you would."

Finn felt a sudden urge in his bowels and bladder. After he had just orgasmed, his shyness came back in an instant.

"Uhm Ms. Annabell, where do I find your restroom?" he asked timidly. Both Daphne and Brigit laughed.

"Oh I don't think you'll need anything like that dear. Not tonight. Brigit!" And with that both of them got out of the chair and guided Finn towards the middle of the living room. The mother smiled at him warmly while Birigt got rid of his pants. The young bovine then got down on her knees in front of her and took is flacid dick in her mouth. She swirled it around and caressed it with her warm, broad bovine tongue. His teacher meanwhile moved towards his back and started to caress his buttocks.

Finn felt uneasy as the pressure on his bladder increased. "I don't know if I can hold it much longer!" he squeeled.

He heard the milf's warm laughter from behind him, and felt her warm breath on his ass.

"I think you know what to do. My daughter did tell me all about your encounter." And with that, she spread his buttcheeks and he could feel her nose on his pucker. He jerked as he felt her breathe in heavily. He could hear her groan, while Brigit still looked at him with her big brown eyes, his dick in her mouth.

He could feel his urine leaking out, and slowly let go of his tension. His stream flowed down her throat, while her mother was sniffing and smelling his backside. The combined feeling made his dick hard again, and Brigit took his still pissing manhood out of her mouth, letting him see his piss filling it up to the brim, before she gulped everything down and sucked him again.

Releasing this tension also meant that his anus had relaxed aswell. He could feel a windy fart slip out, just as his teacher was inhaling the scent of his backside again. She moaned as if in pure ecstasy.

"Oooh yes Brigit my daughter you did not lie. His farts smell like filthy heaven!" Finn was too horny to feel embarassed.

Daphne started to lick his anus, and her huge tongue slatherd all around his puckered hole, while Brigit was still sucking him off. He felt his milf teacher's tongue trying to wiggle inside his pucker, and the feeling made him gasp. He tried to relax, and another wet fart escaped his backside. The bovine mother sucked it in and groaned. Her tongue was now inside his ass, and he was humping back and forth, filling Brigit's throat aswell as shoving her mothers tongue up his butt.

After a while of sloppy groaning and moaning, his teacher pulled out of his crack and said: "Allright. I need this dick in my ass right now!"

They all switched positions, with Daphne on all her fours in front of Finn, and Brigit's face right beside his crotch. She pulled up her mother's nightrobe and pulled her asscheeks apart. Finn was greeted by her lavender smell and the sight of a brown puckering donut.

"Honey, get my ass ready will you" Daphne cooed, and her daughter's tongue slathered across her anus for a few times. When she drew back, she spit on it one more time and guided Finn's knob towards the lovely wet entrance.

She placed his dick on her hole, and her mother started moving backwards, so that his dick was slowly sliding into her rear. He gasped at her tightness. She groaned.

"Oh my, you are a big one!" she exclaimed.

When his dick was halfway inside her, he felt it hit a solid mass. He stopped moving forward. Daphne looked back and gave him a wink.

"Been constipated for a week. Terribly sorry about that, but maybe you can help with that. Start fucking me now you stud!"

With that, she started humping his dick, and Finn joined right in. Her tightness together with her shit made his dick feel incredible. With each thrust, the solid mass became more soft. Soon, his dick was surrounded by her goo, and he fucked her deeper and deeper. Her moans became noticably louder and more high pitch. The deeper he went, the louder she groaned.

Brigit meanwhile placed her head between his legs. She was now right underneath the action, with his dick fucking her mom's ass right above her face. She started sucking his big leathery balls, and he neighed at the incredible feeling. He pounded his teacher harder and harder turning her ass inside out.

After a few minutes, he started to smell the by now familiar smell of cow shit. He looked down and saw it caking his dick. Brigit was still right underneath, and she started to rub her clit aswell. With her licking and sucking his balls, and the feeling of fucking the shit out of her mother, Finn felt his dick orgasm for the second time this night as he plunged deep inside his teachers ass, shooting load after load of sticky horsecum inside her bowels. She started mooing as she squirting her pussy juices all over her daughers face.

After he had finally regained his breath, and Daphne had stopped whining and twitching, he slid out his completely messy dick. It left his teacher's ass with a wet *pop*, followed by a wet splattering fart. His teacher turned around.

"Oh what a mess I made. Sorry about that, here, let me clean you up."

And with that she started sucking her own shit from his flacid dick. Finn could not believe it

She was sucking and licking every speck of dung of his member, until her lips were brown and his dick positively shining. When she was done, she leaned back and smaked her lips.

"Mmm I did not taste myself in a week." Brigit got up from under Finn's balls and gave her mother a deep kiss.

"Neither have I." she laughed, and they both started making out, tongues slithering mouthes and faces, spit swapping, trying to get as much of that lingering taste of shit as they could. Finn was in awe at this sight. His dick gave a desperate twitch.

Daphne broke the kiss.

"I know honey, I am sorry. I have been constipated for a quite some time. But now, Finn's dick made sure I am all loose and soft down there." She looked him in the eyes and winked. Brigit gave him a warm smile.

"Ready for your dinner honey?" the mother asked.

"Yes! Finally!" Brigit squeeled. In no time, she lay on her back, her hand massaging her clit. Finn was still standing there, dick in his hand.

The bovine milf got up and slowly squatted over her daughter's face. She looked at Finn.

"What do you think about that?" she asked. He was lost for words.

"Get ready for the surprise of the evening." she exclaimed. Her butthole started to bulge outward. She released a wet fart right in her daughter's face that made Brigit moan in mad delight. Finn saw glob after glob of his sperm dropping down in her waiting mouth. She swallowed them, savouring every drop of it. As Daphne continued, her droppings became more and more brown, until finally Finn could see the first of her logs peaking out of her butt. It looked brown and firm, as it slowly descended towars Brigit open mouth. When it reached the back of her throat, Brigit closed her mouth and started sucking on the brown log. She was in ecstasy, furiously rubbing her wet pussy. Her mother moaned.

"Carefull honey, I am not sure for how long I can control it!" she squeeled. Brigit stopped her sucking and started chewing her mothers shit. The sloppy noises made Finn dizzy, and the smell of her shit made his stomach churn. His teacher grunted again, and more shit flowed from her fucked asshole right into Brigit's chewing muzzle. She sealed her mouth over her mother's pucker and started to swallow her shit. Log after log was flowing out, right into her throat, and she swallowed them down into her belly, heaving internally at the taste. She was in heaven.

Her mother whimpered. "It's coming too fast! I can't stop it!"

With that, Brigit released her seal on her mothers anus, and soft gooey cow shit started overflowing, caking her face and nostrils. It ran down her hair and her chin, until it completely covered her face. She was still chewing down, her teeth brown and dirty from all the muck.

Finn was speechless. His dick was rockhard, and he was stroking it absentmindedly. He felt like throwing up. Never in his life had he seen such a beautiful sight.

Daphne's ass was making the most obscene noises one could imagine. Load after load was flowing from her beautifully stained asshole.

"Come on Finn! Look at Brigit, she is in heat! Help her out will you?" the mother moaned. Finn understood and dropped down, his dick pointing at Brigit's steaming pussy. He shoved his rockhard knob inside of her, making her squeel under the pile of her mothers shit. He started pumping, loving the shitty smells that engulfed the entire living room by now. Brigit seemed in a complete frenzy. She bucked and heaved while trying to swallow the insane amount of shit flowing from her mother's backside. Finn stared at Daphne's shitting asshole while he fucked her daughter senselessly.

Daphne's dung was getting more and more soft. By now, Finn saw bits of undigested food being splattered from her farting pucker, and the gooey soft shit had turned into rancid waves of diarrhea. She was mooing and moaning, grabbing a handfull of mud and rubbing it over her swollen pussy, inserting four coated fingers insider her cavern. She then sucked the muck from her fingers and bent forward to kiss Finn, her tongue darting in and out of his muzzle while continously fingering herself with her shit coated fingers. They were swapping spit, and Finn could taste her dung in his mouth. He surpressed the urge to vomit and continued to fuck Brigit, who was still moaning and swallowing.

By now, the stream of shit had finally stopped, and Brigit's tongue was visible again. It was caked in brown muck and looked absolutely disgusting, but nobody in the room cared about that. They were all approaching their orgasm together, and Brigit and Daphne both cried out in unison as they bucked and twitched as wave after wave of pleasure came crashing down on them. Finn felt the young bovine's pussy twitch and squeeze, sending him over the edge aswell, milking his balls for the last ounces of cum they could produce.

Finally, after what seemed an eternity, they all broke down on top of each other. Finn was so tired he felt like he was falling asleep right then and there. Daphne moved over to her daughter and wiped the shit from her eyes and out of her nose. They both grinned and kissed, sharing the filthy cow shit one last time. Brown streaks of drool ran down Daphne's chin, and Brigit's belly seemed bigger than before. Finn thought about the amounts of shit that were inside of her stomach and he wondered how she had managed to eat so much of it. Then he realised.

"Hey, the shit I took in the broken toilet stall! You cleaned that up, you ate it!"

She grinned at him.

"Of course I did! I am not letting that stallion shit go to waste!"

Daphne smiled.

"Oh yes, she told me about that. I am eager to try it for myself someday." She winked at Finn.

"But it is late now, and you must be tired. You are dismissed. I am very pleased with your performance, and I hope you will be in trouble soon enough for your next detention."

With that, she led the way for him, out of the house on the street. When she closed the door, she blew him a last, filthy kiss.

Finn stood on the street. He still did not fully realise what had just happened. His dick was aching from exhaustion, and he still tasted his teacher's shit in his mouth. He had a feeling he would be having the time of his life at his new school. He walked home.

The End...?


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