The Smell of Peanuts

Everything looked so pristine and taken care of, the smell of kettle corn filled the air, and the hustle and bustle of the crowd all pointed towards them getting quite the show.

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Intoxicating Smell

Your smell is intoxicating the obvious lust in the air makes my senses go wild the smell of lust runs into my nose and then through my veins i cannot get enough you tease and taunt me with the smell putting your paw in front of my maw and

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The smell of love.

Sam, or Sammy as he was used to going by, never really understood why his mother never approved of his lifestyle choices; particularly the one where he enjoyed dressing in girls clothing. Sammy never understood why he loved his feminine clothes so...

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A Nostalgic Smell

The strawberries smelled nice, she had never really considered scent as part of one's wardrobe but daniel's attractive musk was making her reconsider. would smelling nice really be so bad? after all, she would smell it too?

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The Smell of the Ground

Outside the cell the time showed six o'clock in digital green, and the mouse woke with a startled squeak as the toy lodged bloated and full inside him pulsed and wobbled with the alarm. He mumbled and groaned, jaw held creaking wide by a clear plastic...

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Disgusting smells

He hated pasta, at least the smell of it anyway. "come on, colton," his mother pleaded. "it tastes amazing! you'll enjoy it a lot!" colton snorted. he began picking at his food. "eat, colton," his dad said.

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"Cursed" Part 3

I changed back into my human form and he told me that he could smell me from the road. he asked me some questions so i answered him. how many times have you sprayed something? does it feel good to spray? what is it like being a skunk?

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Something Smells Fishy

It certainly smelled real. the stench wafting off the precum oozing from the tip nearly made him gag. it was rank, smelling of the ocean and rotten fish and a bouquet of other aromas that forced him to resist the urge to vomit.

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That 'New Life' Smell

It felt nice, but at the same time was...oddly foul smelling? he rubbed his beak while he shifted on his feet.

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That Sweet Smell of Wolf

The insides were damp with rosco's sweat, mingling with the smell of soft oily skin from between his thighs. joe smelled lots of sweaty men at the gym, but not one of them compared to his big wolf.

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