A Night with Blitzen

Story by Jeeves on SoFurry

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#3 of A Night with Santa's Reindeer

Shakal calls upon one of Santa's reindeer to make a very particular holiday wish of his come true, and the reindeer in question is more than happy to oblige. ^^

This story was written for Shakal as part of my XXXMas Reindeer commission batch! It contains M/M sex between consenting adults. :3

A Night with Blitzen

"It's funny, normally when someone wants me badly enough, I go to them. It's not often I'm brought to someone else."

Blitzen didn't look the slightest bit shocked as he appeared in the room with Shakal, a dark furred jackal gently patting the panther upon one shoulder and winking at him before turning, stepping towards an ancient looking stone archway close by, and simply vanishing from this layer of existence as he approached it. After that it was just the two of them, both standing there, both naked, and both rock hard. The reindeer raised an eyebrow as he watched Shakal slowly raise a hand and place it on his cock, seeing how the other man would react to his obviously forward action, and Shakal growled happily in return when Blitzen responded by lifting one of his own strong arms and wrapping a meaty hand around his cock, so large and thick that even his sizeable hand could barely close itself around its girth.

"I assume you want me."

The reindeer gestured with his free hand to his crotch, to his cock as he began to stroke it while watching Shakal do the same to his own member, the panther's eyes locked upon the hulking reindeer's erection. Licking his lips almost absent-mindedly, Shakal nodded and purred loudly.

"And, you assume that because I allowed myself to be brought here, I want you too?"

Shakal continued to purr and nod for a moment, then blinked and raised his head to meet the reindeer's gaze head on.

"If I wasn't sure, I never would have tried to bring you."

Blitzen held the panther's gaze for a short while, peering deep inside the panther's mind and finding himself a little surprised by how... challenging it was to do so. Most mortal beings were an open book to him and his fellow reindeer, seeing into the very core of a person's heart and mind was after all one of the most fundamental parts of their duty. For this panther however, it was less that Blitzen was unable to read him, but more that there was just so much to read. Worlds upon worlds beyond the one which Blitzen was accustomed to, and experiences so wild and varied in their passion and intensity that for a brief while the reindeer really wasn't able to understand what he could offer to the panther which Shakal couldn't have gotten from a thousand other places that very same night.

The reindeer gasped, and blushed as he felt Shakal's influence within his own mind, and he watched as with their eyes still locked upon one another the smaller but still strong feline male padded towards him, placing one hand up upon the reindeer's chest and reaching out with the other to caress Blitzen's member, releasing his own shaft to do so.

"I've sucked a lot of cocks, and I could have my pick of which ones to suck tonight, and any other night. You're right about that, Blitzen. But... what you fail to understand is that volume doesn't take away from how special each and every one of those cocks and the people attached to them are to me. I don't just fuck to pass the time. I fuck, or suck, or do whatever else I want to do with a person because I truly want to experience what they have to offer. Maybe to get to know them better afterwards, or maybe just to experience what their body is capable of and what fun, exciting things they might know how to do with that body, and more things they could do to mine. But whatever the reason, I choose each and every one of them with the greatest care. And today, out of all the men in this universe and yours who had the potential to want me... I chose you, Blitzen. So, if you'll have me? I-if... if you'll make my holiday wish come true...?"

Shakal's voice trailed off, and though he was still gently stroking Blitzen's own cock, it was the panther's erection which strained and began to drool pre-cum in that moment as he stared up at the larger, powerful reindeer with an expression of the deepest sincerity and longing. An expression which was so heartfelt which for better or worse Blitzen couldn't help but believe to be honest, and which prompted the next words to escape the reindeer's lips as his own cock throbbed against the panther's touch.


He moaned deeply to the wide eyed, needy panther. Shakal nodded and whimpered lustily back, and a smile spread across Blitzen's muzzle as he gave a purposeful nod.

"Down on your knees, and open wide."

Sure enough, within a handful of seconds Shakal dropped to his knees, opened his muzzle, extended his tongue, and gurgled happily as without even the slightest hesitation the reindeer began to feed his huge cock into the feline male's muzzle. The panther's eyes bulged with joy as he felt the cock brush against the back of his throat, and a soft grunt of pleasure escaped Blitzen in turn soon after as he watched Shakal's throat begin to bulge with the cock stuffing its way further and further down its length without the slightest sign of anything but bliss on the panther's face. In fact before long Shakal's hands were reaching out to grasp at Blitzen's hips, dragging him ever more urgently forward until his shaft was hilted within the panther's maw and his pubic fur was tickling Shakal's nose. Only then, with the feline male's hands grasping at his ass and Shakal's throat squeezing and milking his cock even as the panther's tongue began to lash the portion of its underside which it was still capable of reaching, did Blitzen begin to thrust his hips. Only then did he begin to give the panther what even without his heart and mind-reading abilities Blitzen could tell that Shakal was craving. And as he began to fuck the panther's throat deep, while peering down to see the other man's own cock twitching and drooling liberally over his hooves with every thrust, he found himself increasingly convinced that he had done the right thing by letting himself be dragged to this place in this world. After all, a holiday wish was a holiday wish no matter who or where it came from, and it was plain to see with every last thrust of his cock that this was precisely what Shakal had wished for.

"Ah. Ahhh... ahhfuck, t-take it..."

The more Blitzen gave to the panther, the more he could see the panther craving an even harder muzzle-fucking and even more of his vast cock. Before long the sheer force of his efforts was drawing deep bellowing grunts from his lips, and the more he reached into Shakal's mind to find not specific thoughts or memories but definite impressions of what the panther wanted from tonight, the more loud, rough, and shamelessly unrestrained his actions against the panther grew. He grabbed at Shakal's head and began to drag it back and forth alongside his thrusts, face-fucking the panther harder and harder, grinning as he watched Shakal's eyes roll back and strands of drool and pre-cum dribbling out from the corners of his wide-spread maw fighting just to contain that vast cock shamelessly humping it.

"Yeah. Yeah!! Y-you... ahh, you fucking love it. You want my cum in your belly. You want every drop of it, don't you!"

Blitzen continued to tease Shakal with cries of passionate and confident desire, but as he made that particular comment, he saw a flicker of something in the panther's eyes and even felt the slight pang of something discordant inside the other man's head. His eyes widened, and he snorted lustily as he continued to hump at Shakal's face with unrelenting vigour even as the reindeer shook his head.

"No, wait... you don't want a bellyful, do you. You want my cum, but... not in your stomach. So, where is it that you want it, Shakal? Hmm? Do you want it in your muzzle, so you can taste every drop on its way down?"

Abruptly and without the slightest warning to the panther, Blitzen pulled back enough to draw his cock all the way out of Shakal's throat. To the reindeer's wonder there wasn't the slightest hint of a gag reflex as his thick cock pulled itself free and left its first four or five thick inches resting within the panther's muzzle, but even as he tossed his head back with a cry of pleasure and felt Shakal going to town on the sensitive head of his cock with lips and tongue and all the suction capability his maw possessed, he could still feel that this wasn't what Shakal was hoping for.

"No, not a muzzleful either. Oh. Ohh you lewd little panther, do you want it stuffed in your ass? Do you want me to paint your insides from the bottom up?"

Shamelessly Blitzen pulled his cock free from Shakal's maw entirely, and with one strong hoofed foot pushed against Shakal's chest and sent the panther sprawling onto his back, only to grab him first by one leg, then the other, and wheelbarrow the feline into position where he could grind his cock between the cheeks of the panther's buttocks.

"I could fuck you in half and leave you dripping for weeks. Ass or muzzle, I'd cum in you so hard and so much you'd still believe that you could taste it when I was done."

Shakal roared in desire and excitement at that suggestion, and yet much as it was obvious he would have loved to be filled with Blitzen's cock right then and there, the reindeer could still sense that this wasn't what the panther had been thinking of from the start. But, if he didn't wish to have his belly, ass or muzzle filled with cum, then...

Blitzen's eyes widened, and he grinned from ear to ear as it dawned on him what Shakal wanted. What Shakal needed from him and his thick cock, and heavy, achingly full balls. He released Shakal's legs, and snorted loudly down at the panther once again as Shakal tumbled down onto all fours, only to roll over onto his back and stare up at Blitzen while the reindeer stepped forward to loom over him.

"You don't wanna be painted on the inside, do you? You want a nice sticky coating all over your outside. So you can look yourself in the mirror afterwards and see what I did to you. So you can smell me on your fur for days to come. You want to be marked. To have anyone who sees you, who smells you know exactly what I did to you, and to wear that fact like a badge of honour."

The reindeer reached out and grabbed his cock with not just one, but both hands, beginning to pump it rapidly while letting its already pre-cum oozing tip drool and dribble over Shakal's panting, blushing, still prone figure. He watched as Shakal's cock began not just to twitch, but to strain and bounce utterly untouched in pure elation. Even without his connection, however fragmented, to the panther's mind, it was clear that he'd found the root of Shakal's wish. And now that he knew it, he was more than eager to fulfil it once and for all.

"You want me to cum for you, Shakal? To cum on you?"

The panther huffed and groaned in delight, nodding feverishly.

"Yes. G-god... god yes..."

Blitzen grinned, bucking his hips against his hands which themselves were almost a blur upon his cock. Pre-cum flew thicker and faster as he rapidly rose towards the peak that Shakal was begging for him to reach, and the closer he got, the more he could see Shakal's own rock hard cock pulsing and quivering in impending euphoria of its own.

"A-ah. Ah, fuck... you asked for it. Oh god, Shakal. You wanted this, s-so... aahhfuck, gonna... so take it. Take every drop. Every... mmhhhnhhhhhaahhh... hhaaahhhyesss, cumming. I'm... ah! Ahhh!! Yes!"

With a bellowing cry as his masturbatory efforts carried him what little portion of the way that Shakal's maw and throat had not already achieved, Blitzen's first streak of cum shot clean over the panther's head,drawing a roar of dismay from his lips as only the trailing end of that first ribbon splashed down across his body. If he was worried about missing the majority of the load which Blitzen had to offer though, Shakal needn't have shown any concern. All it took was for the grunting, snorting reindeer to tilt his cock downward ever so slightly, and the next surge of cum hit Shakal square in the chest, splashing up against his face and down to his own twitching, quivering cock. The panther tried to cry out in renewed delight, but his roar turned to a sticky gurgle as the third of Blitzen's eruptions hit him square in the face, every bit as hard and copious in its output as the first two.

"Yes! Yes!"

Shakal roared in triumphant glee as another wave of hot cum hit him just below his chin, spraying up into his face and leaving him dripping when it trailed off, only for a fresh spurt to follow almost immediately in its wake. Another followed after that, then another, and another. Shakal's eyes would have bulged was his face not already so coated in cum that he could feel his eyelids almost sticking together, and even as he blindly dragged himself to his knees and finally wrapped a hand around his own quivering cock, he felt the touch of a straining cock against one cheek, howling in rapture as at far closer range he felt the sheer pressure and volume unleashed from the reindeer's vast cock as it erupted right beside him all over again.

" B-Blitzen!"

The panther let loose an echoing wail of gratitude as his own cock began to spasm and throb just a short while later, unleashing its own load in what would normally have been an impressive volume, but on this occasion barely registered as more than a full minute after Blitzen had begun to paint him with cum, the masturbating reindeer continued to douse Shakal from head to toe, grunting, huffing and bellowing in pleasure all the while.

"Mnnh... aahhyess, j-just because... ah, just because you've cum, d-don't think I'm done yet."

Blitzen gasped breathlessly to the trembling, utterly cum-soaked panther, the male's black fur glazed from head to toe like a frosted donut and growing even more so as he let loose another powerful wave of cum and sprayed it full force into Shakal's blushing, happily roaring face.

"You want my cum... y-you want all of it! You want to... a-ahhyes, to drain me dry, right?"

Blitzen grinned while the panther mewled and gurgled and pumped his own still twitching cock. A feverish cry escaped Shakal as he took another load across the face and chest, a substantial amount of seed dribbling down to his own erection and making it hard to tell if he was still cumming, or if it was just Blitzen's cum spraying off him as his hand lubricated his cock with the reindeer's excess. The cum-coated feline nodded with frantic glee, and the reindeer bellowed joyously, shamelessly back at him once more.

"Well then, you'd better start... ohhhgod, t-thinking about all those things you turned down before. Your ass. Your muzzle. Your belly. Because... ah , there are so many places I want to put some of this cum, a-and... aaahhyesssss, now that you've got me started, it's going to be a long, hot, and sticky night until I'm spent."

Shakal's eyes bulged open through the copious cum covering his face, and he groaned in overwhelmed joy at what the reindeer was suggesting. As if to make the point another powerful spurt of cum hit him square in the face just moments later, and as he gasped and gurgled his way through that latest facial in absolute glee, his cock made his opinion on the matter all too clear with an undeniable fresh spurt of its very own cum.

"Yes! Yes! C-cover me... coat me, s-soak me in it!!"

The panther begged as he rolled over onto all fours, as he pressed his head low to the ground, raised his ass and tail up high, and lay there quivering, gasping, still cumming as he felt the underside of his balls, his buttocks and the pucker of his ass getting soaked by a first direct gush of the reindeer's cum.

"Oh god. Oo-ohhhhgod, Blitzen. Inside and out. Everywhere. A-all night long! Please, god yes. Please, j-just... just give me your cum!"

By Jeeves

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