The Adventures of Knut, as Written by AI Dungeon

Story by MaxPorny on SoFurry

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#1 of AI Dungeon

This is an erotic adventure as written by AI Dungeon, plus a couple of personal additions to maintain the flow of the story

Featuring the OCs Knut, Klyton, Lyssa and Cathul

You are Knut, a knight living in the kingdom of Larion. You have a steel longsword and a wooden shield. You are on a quest to defeat the evil dragon of Larion. You've heard he lives up at the north of the kingdom. You set on the path to defeat him and walk into a dark forest. As you enter the forest you see a large black dragon flying through the sky. She looks down upon you as if she's trying to decide whether or not to attack you.

"Hello," says the dragon. "I am Klyton."

> You flirt.

The dragon is clearly attracted to you, but her attention is focused elsewhere; so you take advantage of this fact and start flirting with her.

> You flirt.

"Hi!" you say. "My name is Knut."

The dragon smiles and nods at your compliment. It seems that she likes what you're doing!

> You seduce.

You put your hand against the dragon's chest and begin stroking it. The dragon lets out a low growl, which sounds very similar to the one you gave him earlier.

> You lick the dragon's pussy.

You push your tongue inside the dragon's vagina. The dragon lets out a low growl, which sounds very similar to the one you gave him earlier.

> You penetrate the dragon's pussy with dick.

You insert your penis into the dragon's vagina. The dragon let out a low growl, which sounds very similar to the one you gave him earlier.

> You thrust harder.

You thrust harder into the dragon's vagina. The dragon lets out a low growl, which sounds very similar to the one you gave him earlier.

> You orgasm.

You climax inside the dragon's vagina.

The dragon Klyton wants more sex, so she pushes Knut to the ground and proceeds to ride him hard, while you continue to kiss her on the lips.

The dragon Klyton intends to breed with Knut, and makes her intentions known to him. he agrees and proceeds to thrust all the way into klyton's womb.

The dragon Klyton wants more sex, so she pushes Knut to the ground and proceeds to ride him hard, while you continue to kiss her on the lips.

> You orgasm.

You climax inside the dragon's vagina.

The dragon Klyton wants more sex, so she pushes Knut to the ground and proceeds to ride him hard, while you continue to kiss her on the lips.

after hours of sex both Knut and Klyton orgasm one final time, semen erupting from kn's member and filling Klyton's womb.

> You impregnate klyton.

After hours of sex both Knut and Klyton orgasm one final time, semen erupting from Knut's member and filling Klyton's womb.

you impregnate her with your seed.

Knut asks Klyton if she wants to marry him and live together. excited and in the throes of sex, Klyton says yes and hugs him. She then gives birth to a baby dragon.

the baby is named "Kryten" after the name of your father, who was also a dragonkin.

kryten grows up to be a strong male dragon. he has many children, each with their own dragons.

kryten seduces Klyton's daughter, who is a human woman. he takes her back to his lair where they have sex several times before giving birth to another dragon.

he names this new dragon "Lyssa".

You approach Lyssa, who is still lying on the bed, but now she notices you.

"Hey!" she greets. "I didn't expect anyone to come visit me."

> You flirt with lyssa.

You put your arm around her waist and begin kissing her neck. She responds by putting hers around yours and begins caressing your chest. It seems that she enjoys it when you touch her there, so you do as well.

> You suck on lyssa's breasts.

You take your mouth off of lyssa's breasts and move your head down to lick them. Lyssa smiles at you and kisses you back.

> You lick lyssa's pussy.

You start licking lyssa's pussy, which makes her moan loudly.

"Oh god... I love your tongue..." she moans.

She moves her hips forward and starts grinding against you.

lyssa orgasms from the licking and grinding.

"Ah! Oh fuck... I'm gonna cum soon too..." she says.

You grab her tail and start pumping your cock inside of her.

klyton walks in to Knut and lyssa having sex. both Knut and lyssa are embarrassed but klyton is clearly aroused and asks if she can join in.

Lyssa agrees, but only because she wants to see what will happen next.

klyton places her aching pussy on lyssa's mouth, who eagerly licks it. meanwhile, Knut is still pumping his cock inside of lyssa.

"Agh! Agh! Fuckkk!" she screams. "I'm gonna cum soon too!"

You grab her tail and start pumping your cock inside of her.

with one final thrust Knut cums deep into Lyssa, and both lyssa and klyton orgasm together.

Knut pulls his still-hard member out of lyssa's pussy, now dripping with cum, and klyton spreads herself, eager to be filled to the brim.

"That was amazing," she says. "Now we have to go again."

Knut inserts his member deep into klyton's pussy, who groans in pleasure as he begins to leak pre-cum.

With that done, they begin fucking each other in earnest.

Knut thrusts in and out of klyton's pussy, and at every thrust klyton's moans reach a higher and higher pitch.

"Oh god, oh god, oh god... I'm gonna cum..." she cries.

You grab her tail and start pumping your cock inside of her.

Knut continues thrusting into klyton until they both eventually orgasm hard.

Afterwards, Knut stands up and wipes off her sweat-soaked body. She looks at you with an expression of pure lust.

"We're going to have so much fun tonight," she says.

Knut and klyton continued to have sex all throughout the night, with lyssa joining in as well every once in a while. It was a bit more intense than the first time, but it didn't seem to bother either of them.

The next day, you come to and see both klyton and lyssa asleep from exhaustion, their pussies still pouring with semen. you smile fondly at the sex-filled night and go out to gather food for their breakfast

Knut returns with fresh deer meat and begins cooking it. as he does, klyton wakes up and smiles at him, and looking over to lyssa comments "you know, considering her age I would have expected her to last longer"

Knut nods and starts eating his own meal. You look over at lyssa who is now lying on the floor, completely naked.

the smell of cooked deer eventually wakes up lyssa, who seeing both Knut and Klyton eating joins them as well.

"So, what are we doing today?" she asks.

"Well, I think we should head back home." Knut replies.

"Yeah? Well where do you want to go?"

Knut proposes that they should go to Klyton's home, and klyton agrees.

"I don't mind going there, I've never been there before." Lyssa says.

"Oh, okay then," Knut responds. You agree and everyone heads to Klyton's home.

As Klyton flies Knut and lyssa to her home Knut realises that they are going towards the north of the kingdom of Larion. Knut tells klyton about his quest to defeat the evil dragon of Larion who lives in the north, and jokes that maybe that dragon is Klyton's father.

The journey to Klyton's home takes a long time, but eventually they arrive at Klyton's cave. Klyton calls out to her father, but no one responds. Klyton says that he must be out, and tells Lyssa and Knut to make themselves at home.

Klyton tells Lyssa and Knut that she's going out to look for her father and leaves the cave. Lyssa and Knut decide to stay inside the cave while Klyton goes outside to search for her father. She flies around the area looking for any sign of him, but finds nothing, so she chooses to fly further.

Meanwhile, Lyssa and Knut decide to explore the cave a bit. They realise that what they thought was a cave is actually a maze of caverns, able to house a dragon twice Klyton's size. Lyssa and Knut split off, Lyssa finding a naturally-created thermal pool to bathe in and Knut preparing a small campfire. While Knut is making the fire he hears the thud of a dragon landing at the front of the cavern, and turns around expecting it to be Klyton. Instead, it is a far bigger male dragon, who angrily says "who are you to enter my home?" Before Knut can answer, the large dragon swipes at Knut, tearing his clothes.

"For invading my home, you will pay dearly!" he says, as his now-erect member slams on the ground. Knut can only get a whimper out before the large male dragon penetrates Knut's tight asshole with his large member, causing streams of pain to shoot to Knut's brain.The large male dragon's throbbing member painfully thrusts in and out of Knut's asshole, forcing Knut's body and his erect member to jerk forwards and backwards.

"This is what you get for invading Cathul's home" the large dragon rumbles as he nears orgasm. "Agh! Aagh! I'm gonna...!" Knut cries as the dragon continues to fuck him. "You're not getting away that easy."

With one final thrust, Cathul emits a stream of flame at the ceiling as he ejaculates litres of sperm into Knut's anus, causing Knut to also come, spilling his seed onto the floor. Cathul pulls out his flaccid member, causing Knut to fall to the floor with Cathul's seed spewing out of his aching anus. Knut lies there, panting heavily. He looks up to the entrance, where he sees that it has grown dark. His eyes slowly open as he sits up.

Knut sees Cathul looking down at him, but is too exhausted to say anything. Cathul says, "You might taste disgusting with my seed in you, but I have to eat". Knut can't even react as Cathul moves in for the kill.

Just then, Lyssa cries out "great grandfather, wait!" She runs over to the two of them.

The large dragon roars, and is about to send flames flying towards her when she screams "I'm your great-granddaughter! Klyton is his wife" pointing to Knut. Cathul suddenly stops, and is about to speak when Klyton lands at the entrance. She sees Knut on the floor, naked and in a puddle of sperm, and puts herself between him and her father.She asks Cathul "what did you do to him?" and Cathul tries to explain himself.

"You see, I came into my home to find a stranger making his home-" Cathul says.

"So your first thought was to FUCK HIM?!" - she replies angrily.

"No, no, I came here to ask if you had any children."

"Oh yes. We have several. They are all fine. Our son is an excellent fighter and leader." Klyton replies with marked sarcasm. "Of course, none of them have the abnormal impulse when they find a stranger to FUCK THEM IN THE ASS AND THEN ATTEMPT TO EAT THEM!"?

Cathul can do nothing but squirm in embarrassment as Klyton turns around to check on Knut.

"Are you ok?" she asks him. "I was supposed to slay the evil dragon but I guess the evil dragon ended up slaying me" Knut responded with a weak smile, attempting a joke but only succeeding at making Klyton more worried about his wellbeing. She gently picks him up with her mouth and brings him to the pool, where she places his sore self to relax and recuperate. Turning to Cathul, she says "we will discuss this later, father" and flies out og the cave to get dinner.

Knut sits there, still feeling pain from his asscheeks being ripped off by the dragon. He tries to stand back up, but falls again.

Knut decides to just rest in the warm water, as Cathul retreats embarrassed to his chamber and Lyssa searches for herbs to soothe Knut's ass.

The next day, Knut wakes up with a start. "What time is it?" he asks. "It's morning." Lyssa answers. "Here, you haven't eaten since yesterday morning", Lyssa says giving Knut a piece of cooked deer.

As Knut digs into his food, Cathul approaches them, with his tail between his legs.

"I wanted to say-" Cathul begins saying, but suddenly stops. Swallowing his pride, he continues. "I wanted to say sorry for how I treated you. It was wrong and I have insulted you, my daughter and myself".

Knut pauses, then replies with a cheeky smile "To tell you the truth, I actually enjoyed that quite a bit", leaving Cathul speechless. Cathul looks at Lyssa who seems to be in shock, while Knut is eating the meat. The pair of them are silent for a moment before Knut speaks again.

"I think Lyssa would love to try it" Knut says with a smile.

"No I wouldn't" Lyssa replies red-faced, but is immediately proven wrong when Knut swiftly removes her trousers and panties, showing her soaking wet pussy. She attempts to cover herself, but Knut has other ideas.

He takes her hand and leads her over to the fire where they both strip naked.

> You suck on Lyssa's breasts.

You take your tongue out from Lyssa's tits and begin sucking on her nipples. She moans loudly, which makes you even more turned on.

Cathul begins growing a noticeable boner which he attempts to hide from Knut but fails.

Lyssa is enjoying this too much and starts bouncing up and down on your face. You eagerly accept every inch of her delicious body, until she finally cums all over your face.

Lyssa spreads her legs invitingly, causing Cathul's member to reach its maximum size. He thrusts inside of her, making her scream in ecstasy.

Knut comes over to see what happened, worried that Cathul is too big for her, but Lyssa quickly pushes him away.

"Thrust harder" Lyssa tells Cathul between moans as both of them begin getting worked up. Their groaning increases in volume until eventually Cathul ejaculates his load, filling Lyssa up and causing semen to spew out of her pussy, as Knut watches.

When the two of them finish, Lyssa smiles at Cathul and kisses him.

"Don't worry, you can get in on some action too" comes a familiar voice behind Knut. As he turns around, Klyton gives him a passionate kiss on the lips and proceeds to suck on Knut's swollen member, eliciting moans from him. The heat of Knut's member in Klyton's mouth is enough to cause Knut to cum hard, and Klyton licks up all of Knut's sperm eagerly.

Knut stands there with an erection, completely satisfied. He then walks over to Lyssa and hugs her tightly.

Knut props his back against a rock, and Lyssa begins riding him in reverse cowgirl, while Klyton moves over her as Cathul takes her from behind. Knut and Cathul thrust into Lyssa and Klyton, who begin to moan loudly and kiss as the males' thrusting increases in speed.

The pair of them are now so close they're practically touching each other, and it feels like their bodies are merging together.

"I bet I can make Klyton come faster than you can make Lyssa come" says Cathul to Knut, who accepts the challenge, while both Lyssa and Klyton are lost in the throes of sex.

Cathul sneakily removes his member from Klyton's pussy and rams it into her asshole, causing Klyton to cry out in a mix of pleasure and pain.

"Fine. If that's how you wanna play it" says Knut, and does the same, shoving his cock into Lyssa's asshole.

Lyssa and Klyton can do nothing but moan and gasp as their assholes are ravaged by such strong penises.

Lyssa continues to ride Knut, and she reaches orgasm just as Klyton does. Both scream in pleasure and orgasm, and both Knut and Cathul unleash their loads in their assholes, filling both of them up to the brim.

Completely exhausted, Cathul, Klyton Knut and Lyssa fall off of one another, and lie on the floor panting, sleep taking them on a blissful calm.

You lay down next to them, your dick still hard and throbbing. You don't know what happened between you and Cathul, but he seems very happy with himself.

> You decide to get a little bit of revenge on Cathul by having anal sex with him.

Knut is so horny for some sort of release, that he decides to give Cathul a taste of his own medicine.

> You penetrate Cathul's anus with your meaty cock.

Knut takes advantage of Cathul's weakened state and thrusts his hips forward, forcing his cock deep inside Cathul's rectum.

Cathul is surprised but unable to resist Knut, and as Knut thrusts harder and harder both males begin to groan with greater intensity.

Eventually, Knut reaches climax, and both of them cum heavily, Cathul covering the floor in his seed and Knut filling up Cathul's rectum with semen.

Both of them fall asleep, completely spent from the ordeal. "This has been the best day ever" thinks Knut as he falls asleep surrounded by his partners.