Dragon... sucio dragon

-respondio el otro dragon glaurung se levanto y se acerco al dragon... le miro ladeando la cabeza. -¿que deseas?

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Alpha dragon and dragon

Though, it would help to understand this story more. --- alpha dragon and dragon --- morning begins to roll in and everyone was relatively busy with their own chores.

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But the book "dancing with dragons" can go into much further detail then i can.

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The Dragon

The dragon would you like to hear a story? it is a new story i have just thought of. tell me, if you like it. lets start with the gold dragon named hrothgar. he was a proud dragon, very big and strong.

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Of Dragons

Details far simpler than any magical shape or dragon history were embedded in his dragonic memory. he had no plan yet and there would be no point chasing the other three now; they would most likely be long gone.

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No dragons in this story! _this is an old story i did probably five or six years ago. very short. no dragons._ \* \* \* the tiger breathed hard. his feet flew above the floor as he danced round and round.

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The Dragon

There were no set rules for the dragon, no real wrong way to go about his job.



He's a inferno built of flames with wings of scales with eyes of a snake flies at night with the moon as his companion views from beyond the horizon sleeps at day he likes to be cool want more life, if possible he's a dragon


To Be With a Dragon

It then dawned on him that he knew the dragon's name. the voice of the dragon whispered in his brain through this time; speaking seuraka's name at the same time.

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#3 of the furs fortune cookie book "a dragon furry is an individual who 'forges thier own way', known for being _bold_ in thier opinions and positions in life, dragon furries are incredibly _tenacious_ and _ambitious_ in the objectives they set out to achieve

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To Be a Dragon

The dragon apparently didn't chase him off, because, '[the dragon] surmised a legless creature like [him] had no need for chairs.'

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There Be Dragons

There be dragons (11/17/2017) a secret you keep tucked under your bed, hiding it well for exposure you dread, you dare not reveal the contents of your heart, or family and friends may all soon depart, but the world in your mind is uncharted

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