Kal/Daz's Sultry Jungle Hideaway, Part 5/5

Story by TwilitDawnKnown on SoFurry

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#5 of Kalenidus & Dazen's Sultry Jungle Hideaway

At last, the final portion of the story! I personally consider it the best part, but that's up to you to decide once and for all! Don't forget to list your three favorite candidates for illustration!

Morning came quietly, yet again, but this time it was Kalen who awoke first. He blearily took stock of his state and discovered that one of Dazen's arms was loosely draped over him; he turned his head carefully, so as not to wake the hulking beastie, and noted with amusement that the strong outlines of his face were mushed into the pillow--clearly he was still quite asleep.

The liguar did his best to dislodge himself from the bed as stealthily as possible--he needed to cook something for the two of them, as he gathered from the sunlight that they'd probably been asleep quite a long time--but even in sleep the mercenary's senses were too keen: with a sort of broken-off snore, Dazen's eyes popped open as Kalen was attempting to lift and move Dazen's arm.

The smaller hybrid noted the movement a split second after it occurred and grinned semi-sheepishly at Dazen. "Mm--good morning, stud," he said, attempting to appear as nonchalant as possible.

Dazen gave a sort of grunt as he processed what was going on. "G'd morning yerself, Kal...why are you holding my arm in the air?" His tone made it evident that while he was technically awake, he wasn't fully alert and processing clearly.

Kalen peered up at the suspended arm and fished for clever responses, but it was early: none came to mind. "Uhm...well, I was trying to get up and make us some breakfast without waking you up, but your arm was on top of me..." he trailed off, letting inference work its magic.

There interposed a brief pause. "...mm. Guess it didn't work, huh."

The liguar's sheepish smile blended with hints of a scowl. "No, it doesn't look like it did."

"Well then," said Dazen, stretching his arms backward with a grunt, "since I'm awake, we might as well get to that breakfast stuff. With surprising speed--though less grace than usual, mostly due to his having been asleep so recently--he lunged out with his arms, embracing his partner with his upper arms and tickling him with his hands.

"Ack!" said Kalen, squirming helplessly. "What kind of Trojan-horse hug is this?" He giggled and writhed as Dazen peppered his torso with tickling.

"The excellent morning kind," responded Dazen, soon stopping his merry-making to end with a brief squeeze, after which he withdrew his arms and rolled aside to get off of the bed.

The two made their way to the kitchen, not bothering with clothing, as they were long past caring about such trifles--where they were suddenly confronted with the fruits of last night's merrymaking. "Oh no," groaned Kalen, "all the dishes and leftovers are still out on the table! Cleaning this is gonna be an absolute nightmare..."

Dazen brought his hand in upon the liguar's lower back, rubbing it gently. "Nah, I got it. You work on breakfast, and I'll handle the cleanup. Heavens only knows I can't cook nearly as well as you can.

Kalen stared at the mess, shaking his head. "If that's what you wanna do, okay..." He felt like he'd probably gotten the better end of the deal with getting to cook rather than clean, but he wasn't about to question an excellent offer--nor did he have any wish to slight Dazen's hospitality.

Some time later, the majority of the dishes were quite clean, though a few pots and pans remained for soaking; in the meantime, the house had again filled with the decadent aroma of bio-bacon--Kalen had decided that the few other meats that could potentially be used for breakfasting were rare enough that wasting them now might not be the best idea. The main entrée was French toast, a rather filling delight, which Kalen had expertly blended with cinnamon and sugar and just the right amount of ginger and nutmeg to give it a rich, spicy bouquet of gustatory notes; because it was made with eggs, he didn't feel as though any side dishes of eggs were at all called for--another reason in favor of the bio-bacon. Topped with as much maple syrup, butter, and powdered sugar as either of them could want, the wedges of toast were a simple enough preparation made exquisite by Kalen's masterful cooking skills.

After an initial round of compliments from Dazen beginning immediately upon tasting the impeccable entrée, he moved on to a more...sultry topic. "Y'know, I have to say that last night was amazing, Kal."

Kal nearly choked on a chunk of the toast, having not at all expected such a thing; Dazen's more direct lusty talk tended to be reserved for either when they were having sex or when Dazen was intending that they would be quite soon. On top of that, Dazen was admitting completely voluntarily that he'd bottomed and enjoyed it--a strange contrast to his tendency towards topping that boarded on compulsion. "Gak--really? You liked it that much?"

"Yeah," said Dazen, not pausing to reconsider in the slightest. "I know taking it isn't my usual M.O., but I was kinda blown away how effective it was. That orgasm freakin' came outta nowhere. One minute I was getting soundly fucked by my little liguar friend, and the next I was blasting jizz all over the room...the surprise made it a little hotter than that, even."

Kalen was slightly dumbstruck by the revelation--not so much that it was happening, but that it had come in out of left field during breakfast. "Um...yeah! Yeah, I'm really glad that happened. For me it was more about, y'know...it being different for me than what we usually do..." He caught himself and gave a little start as he realized that his surprise was causing him to act far more humble than he usually would.

Dazen gazed at him flatly for a couple moments before chuckling and cutting a chunk of his toast. "It's funny when I catch you off-guard like that."

"Well, I'm glad you enjoy it," said Kalen, raising an eyebrow in a slightly-peeved fashion. "So...any news from that maybe-customer of ours?"

"In case you hadn't noticed," Dazen responded, amidst mouthfuls of toast and syrup, "the last time I checked the feeds was last night, just before your dinner caused me to lose my mind and ask you to fuck me."

Kalen scoffed. "Well excuuuuse me. For all I know, you got up in the middle of the night like some kind of sex ninja and checked it again while I was asleep." He stabbed his toast and raked it with a long sweep of his knife, cramming the wedge into his mouth.

A quick food-filtered laugh escaped Dazen's mouth. "Sex ninja...it's not quite 'sex god' like usual, but I can't say it's bad...but no, no news."

"Hmm," said Kalen, chewing and swallowing before continuing. "You'd think mysterious people seeking covert demolition would be a little more anxious to get the job done. I mean, obviously there's something going on in whatever that place is that they want stopped..."

Dazen took another large mouthful of the toast, chewed, and shrugged. "Whatever. We're good, most people know it, it's all we need. As long as the customer doesn't chicken out on the deed itself, I'd say we have this one in the bag."

Though cleanup took a little longer than it would ordinarily, due to the still-leftover dishes from last night's culinary extravaganza, it was still only a minor delay after their breakfast to see to it that the dishes were stripped of culinary remains and ready for reuse.

While they were cleaning, Dazen conversationally brought up the game he'd been playing the previous night before dinner, and asked if Kalen had loaded it on there for him. Kalen's reply was that he had, having heard excellent reviews about it but not played it himself, and also mentioned that he'd loaded another game on there that was designed for two-player play. "I'm game," said Dazen to the suggestion, whereupon Kalen felt quite justified in slugging him playfully in the arm.

It was a cooperative game that blended elements of first-person shooter and RPG play, and it demanded interaction between the two players to meet goals, all the while setting them against each other in terms of competitive scores.

At first the game's built-in tutorials seemed a slight challenge to both of them, and the first level took a little getting used to, but as they progressed, Kalen developed an edge over his partner that only seemed to wax sharper as they continued. While Dazen was still carrying his own weight, and he wasn't exactly holding up gameplay, Kalen seemed to have developed a panache at the game that left Dazen's machismo stinging.

After Kalen's character finished off the third boss with a move that required carefully-timed inputs and ended in its own climactic cutscene, Dazen lightly tossed aside his controller and began to tickle Kalen next to him with a growl. "You're way too good at this, Kal...I'll bet you've played this before and you're just trying to show me up, aren't ya?"

Kalen giggled amidst Dazen's mirth-inducing treatment. "Ack! Geeze, what would it matter if I have?" The truth was that he'd never played beyond the demo of this one, which itself only had a few elements from the tutorial and first level--hardly anything to claim an advantage from. But he had a feeling that suggesting the possibility might provoke some interesting reactions from Dazen...

Dazen growled again. "Then I'll just have to show you that there are some things I'm still better at than you..." Without warning, his body turned to a black haze, though despite this, Kalen could still feel the larger hybrid's hand upon him as though it were solid.

Kalen's mind whirled before recalling the last time this had happened. He turned his head slowly to look behind him, an expression of something between shock and anticipation--

--and came face to face with Dazen, just as solid-looking as ever. His teeth were bared in a fangish grin. "Long time no see," said that face from an almost uncomfortably close distance.

The liguar whirled his head back towards where he'd been originally facing, and encountered a second Dazen--or rather, the same one that had been there all along. "Smoke-shifting...!" said Kalen breathlessly.

The original Dazen nodded knowingly, smirking quite widely. "Bet you're glad now that we never got dressed, aren'tcha."

Kalen felt heavy hands upon his lower back, and he followed their impetus as they guided him onto Dazen's lap. Just the memory of what had happened last time Dazen had effectively cloned himself like this was making him harden up in record time. "Oh gosh...you sly devil! This hardly seems reasonable in comparison to just being better than you at that game--"

"That's true," said the second Dazen from behind Kalen. "But then, you did also make that excellent French toast."

"And besides," chimed in the original, "you really shouldn't be complaining, when you know what's coming next." Seeing his own impeccable body moving into place behind Kalen was adding to the eroticism of the moment, and Dazen found his own erection firming up--so his copy's did as well.

Kalen's tail was lashing back and forth rhythmically, betraying the emotional fugue that was coursing through his mind. Sure, it tended to be a little painful to take both at once, and between them both he usually had very little he could do but let them take him so incredibly...but the experience was always mind-blowing in the extreme. Dazen was right--there was no real reason for complaining here. "Uh...that's true, yeah...just be careful not to stretch me too suddenly, 'cause that might hurt..." His hesitance was token, however; he was perhaps more eager than Dazen to get this rip-roaring experience into gear.

The original Dazen slouched in his seat a bit, displacing his hips and lap further towards its edge. "Oh, don't worry," said the large mercenary, his voice throaty, "I'll be sure to stretch you out just right..."

"With both of my cocks," his copy finished. He leaned in over the assemblage, resting a hand on the back of the couch for balance's sake. He leaned his hips in, depositing his shaft between the upper portion of Kalen's rump cheeks and along the base of his soft, whippy tail, letting it firm up completely amidst all that velvety silken pelt while he ran his free hand along the liguar's back. He dipped his head, nibbling just alongside the vertebrae in Kalen's neck.

Kalen gave a gasp as he felt that solidness against his rear, but relaxed when he realized it wasn't entering him yet. He'd certainly provoked Dazen, but he wasn't sure just how much yet, so he couldn't be certain how quickly all of this was going down. He tilted his head slightly aside as those ivories went after the back of his neck, giving a soft little "oh" of enjoyment. He found it hard not to melt entirely already, his arms reflexively stiffening to hold himself up against the back cushions.

Dazen (per se) grasped the liguar's cock and his own, his massive hands able to nearly encircle the two entirely as they were side by side. He used the heel of his hand to push against the root of Kalen's shaft while he stroked them slowly, causing frottage to occur even as he pleasured the both of them with his hand. He leaned up, licking softly and also nibbling alongside the front of the liguar's neck and jaw, pausing to say "You want this, don't you..." in that delicious, mellifluous bass of his.

Another gasp escaped Kalen's lips, this one louder than the first. Sure, he wasn't about to orgasm like this, but the erotic bliss of the moment was saturating his mind. "Oh gods, yes, yes...mount me hard, drive me wild, you stud...ugh, no one else is this good..." Were he to hear himself saying those words any other time, Kalen would likely wonder what he was thinking, but in that moment, he wasn't thinking about anything other than wanting that experience to wrack his body and mind in all of the pleasure Dazen could flood it with.

"With pleasure," said the clone behind Kalen, and with a smooth motion he drew his hips back, then down, then forward, and with no further ado he forced that solid spire of flesh into Kalen's body, driving apart that entrance that had already seen so much intrusion that weekend. "Ahhh, so tight and warm...you feel so good around my cock, Kal..."

Echoes of that pleasure reached the real Dazen, who used his thumb to ply the tops of their adjacent shafts, expertly teasing the apertures at the crowns of both. "You really do make me hard, Kal...all the better that I can let you feel it so clearly, and intimately..."

Kalen's back gave an undulation as he felt that flesh entering him, that familiar girth and solidity sending sparks of pleasure up his spine. "Agh, you stud...why else do you think I'm yours..." His breath was becoming labored, despite the fact that there was virtually no effort involved in being where he was right now, and there wasn't much he could do anyway, what with Dazen's hand clamping their cocks together.

The copy of Dazen drew his lower fangs carefully up the back of Kalen's neck, leaving little furrows in the fur where they passed. "Gotta stretch you out nice and good so that we can get both of these in you, runt..." He gave a throaty noise that hinted at a growl, close to Kalen's ear, eliciting a quiet moan from the liguar. He began to thrust straightaway, his hand on the couch serving as an anchor for when he needed to withdraw.

The original Dazen's free hand moved onto Kalen's hips, bracing the liguar's hips against the force of the thrusts. His head inclined upward, directing his quiet and sultry speech towards the liguar's folded ears: "And then you'll be so full...so full of my thick cock, you'll always want it, more and more..."

"Fuck, yesss...!" said Kalen, his voice breathless and somewhat distant. Dazen's dirty talking was inundating what little higher thought processes he still possessed, filling it with lust-inspiring images and memories of past encounters they'd had. "More, yeah, please more..."

But the thrusting did not go on long before Dazen was ready to escalate--whether or not Kalen's body was as ready and waiting for it as his desires were. He leaned his head aside briefly, catching the eye of his clone, and together they nodded; the original lifted Kalen's rump with both hands, letting go of the two cocks the one hand once held, while the copy pulled out most of the way, leaving a narrower portion of his shaft within the liguar's body. Then, with a small movement of the liguar's lithe hips via the hands that held it up, both versions of Dazen pushed, impaling Kalen upon both rods at once, not stopping until the two would not be admitted further.

The liguar gave a strangulated moan, eyes flashing open. He was so far gone in the treatment that the two Dazens had been giving him that he'd almost not noticed when they'd moved him up, but the feeling of what was now two shafts inside him was something he couldn't possibly miss. Without all the sex they'd been having all weekend, he'd likely have been too tight to accommodate the two side-by-side without intentional adjustment, but since that wasn't the case, he'd been stretched out enough recently that he could fit both, even if it was a touch painful for now. "Ahh--! Ohhh, both, agh--ahhh!"

The copy leaned in further, his body coming in close over Kalen's arched back as his second hand now clasped the top of the couch, preparing for more leverage. "Ready to move on, Kal?" it asked him sultrily, close to his ear.

In response to the liguar's fervent nod, the real Dazen lifted Kalen's hips with his hands, pulling the smaller hybrid most of the way off of his cock. But the clone kept his cock in, moving alongside the liguar until the movement was about half-complete, desynchronizing their motions and adding the sensation of their twinned shafts sliding across one another, making the feeling extra-stimulating for the both of them. Then as the real Dazen yanked those slender hips downward once more, it forced both shafts into Kalen's body, pulling down upon that of the clone due to its angle. Then the clone pulled out much of the way with the real Dazen hilted, thrusting in just as his original began to lift again, adding most of the momentum needed to wirhdraw.

Kalen was completely lost, his body writhing, his tail flailing and all sorts of inarticulate half-words and indistinct sounds of pleasure fleeing his muzzle. He wasn't doing a thing except letting all of this happen to him--and the result was practically above anything he'd ever felt before. It completely escaped his notice that his own erection was being essentially unattended to, save for when it occasionally rubbed or slid against Dazen's cobblestone abs with the leftover impetus from how both Dazens were moving and impaling him.

With overtones of pleasure resonating into his mind from his copy, not to mention the sensation of the stretch-induced tightness of Kalen's passages and the blood-hardened shaft of his copy sliding against his own with monumental force, Dazen wasn't about to last very long. Growls and grunts escaped the cavernous chests of both instances of the flawless mercenary, pre coursing from both of those shafts to further intensify the feeling of Kalen's body enfolding those spears.

The lines between the sex and the orgasm blurred to the vanishing point for Kalen, leaving only a scream-like rise in the torrent of sounds issuing from his body to signify his crushingly imminent orgasm. When he came, it was like nothing before, a spurt of the thick liguar's essence shooting up and grazing the wild hair of the clone above him before arcing through the air and landing somewhere well behind the couch. His shaft flailed and spasmed as it unleashed jets of the liquid, the thrusting of both Dazens only making its course more unpredictable.

His climactic myotony seized both shafts inside him, and when combined with the primal nature of the experience and seeing Kalen wracked by it, it made up more than the remainder of Dazen's distance to climax. The two versions gave growls that built to air-rending roars as their climaxes set in, then surged, both hilting as hard as they could as their viscous seed shot out from the heavy orbs clenched beneath each instance's shaft. The fill was imperfect, due to the shapes and angles of the shafts, and some of the torrent dribbled out from between them, staining the fur of the real Dazen's inner thighs with its leakage.

The experience wiped all coordination from Kalen's mind--so much so that as it began to subside, he momentarily blacked out, much to Dazen's surprise. His orgasm was in its terminal stages, and his roar had already died away, but still it jolted him somewhat as Kalen flopped onto his chest. "Kal?" he asked, panting amidst heavy breaths. "You okay?" He listened carefully, and heard the liguar still breathing, so he decided to wait it out.

Sure enough, Kalen sat back up groggily a few moments later, blinking as though arising from a nap. "Ughhh...oh gods--" He arched his back briefly, then looked down at his rear, stopping as he noticed the clone still there. "Oh--ohhhh! Oh gods...did I just--?"

Dazen nodded with a breathy chuckle. "Yeah...you did. I take it you liked it." He gave a brief lick to Kalen's jaw.

"Gods, yes!" said Kalen, drawing in a raggedy breath. "But--oh sheesh...If you stay in me like that with my passages tightened up, I might not be able to walk for a while..."

Dazen took the hint, and for a moment his body blurred into haze. His clone dissipated, and Kalen's stretched hole was suddenly left without a second staff to plug it, causing it to relax closed around the single one belonging to the real Dazen.

"Ah...much better..." he said. He wrapped his arms around Dazen now, seeing as he already had most of his weight being supported by the larger mercenary's front, and purred in sweet contentment and gratitude.

For several long minutes, Dazen just held him there, softly rubbing the liguar's body, not feeling a need to say anything. He was worried, on some level, that he might let slip a joke about their encounter being a "knockout."

But all good things eventually come to an end, and in time he realized that he hadn't checked the feeds. It'd been an entire night and almost half a day since the last checkup. So he made known the fact to Kalen: "Well, now that I've ensured you'll be able to walk, let's see if our mysterious patron has gotten back to us about that job. That'll be something good to walk for, eh?" He lifted gently on the liguar's hips--not hard enough to remove him, but enough to give him the hint.

Kalen's eyes fluttered open. "Oh...well, I guess you're right..." he sounded distinctly displeased that they wouldn't sit and cuddle for a while longer, but their weekend was almost over anyway, and if they had a job to deal with, there would be no excuse for lollygagging, even if their sex had been utterly rapturous. He slowly got up, the feeling of his stretched rump slightly sore as Dazen's member slid out of it.

He hadn't counted on there being quite so much of the hybrid's seed inside of him, though--which was kind of silly, when he thought about it, considering that there had been two rather than just one Dazen contributing--and a good deal of the substance squished out around his entrance. When the air hit it, it immediately began to cool, leading to a very odd sensation. He squirmed. "I'm...gonna go get a towel, okay?" he said, promptly getting off of the couch and heading for the bathroom, trying not to look rushed.

Dazen followed him with his eyes out of the room before giving a quiet chuckle and getting up to pop open the feeds. There was a brief interval as the terminal display warmed up, and then he noticed--a response. He brought it up, and sure enough, there was a confirmation from their potential patron: the job was a go. He regretted it somewhat, as he would have liked to spend perhaps another day or two indulging in more than one way with his liguar, but duty called--and food wasn't free.

"Hey, Kal," he called down the hall, "our do-bad-er has given the green light for the demolition."

"What?" said Kalen from the bathroom. He thought he'd heard right, but wanted to be sure.

"I said, we're go on the job we were talking about...we're gonna have to pack up and head out."

Kalen grimaced. "Alright...well, gimme a minute to at least get all this cum off me, y'great big faucet."

Dazen chuckled as he uploaded the info to their ship's computer, then shut down the terminal. No matter the situation, Kalen always seemed to have a witty comeback. Just one of the many reasons he kept the little guy around, he mused to himself.

Two hours later, what belongings couldn't stay at the cabin had been loaded onto the ship and the cabin's defense systems had been engaged. The odds of it being found were small, but Kalen couldn't help but wonder as he gazed back at it one last time before he got onto the ship--would they see it again? He hoped so, and further that it would be a time when they were there volitionally, rather than when on the run.

After all, it was so much harder to have good sex when you were worried about being caught.

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