Iron Dragon Chapters 165-166

Story by dieselmutt on SoFurry

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#82 of Iron Dragon

Roslyn had thought Tolthain had forgotten about the game, until Nodrog reminded her a month on the Velopian world was longer than earth. So while it was the end of April here, it was only the second month of the Velopian year. The start of the Velopian year was actually mid December on earth. A Velopian year was fifth teen months long earth time, with similar but longer seasons.

Roslyn and Jenny were rather excited about the trip. Since it would be something different, and for a change not something work related. It would be nice to see the rest of the large Velopian city that Dallarth and the others called home. Most of the city would be in bloom and Jenny was also interested in the flora.

Actually Alice was excited about the trip. After all Jenny had been mainly stuck at home since Harley was born. Not being able to go with Alice to races or field work, Jenny was probably getting a little case of cabin fever. Jenny was thankful for the two days she did get to spend with Alice before her little mouse had to head out again.

Nodrog was a little concerned about Jenny as he sat watching TV with Roslyn sitting next to him. Obviously she has spent enough time with him that she could pick up on his usually well hidden emotions.

"You been a little quieter than normal. Everything alright?" Roslyn asked.

Nodrog chuckled. "Just a little worried about a certain kitten."

"Ah. She hasn't been herself lately either. Probably bored being stuck here in the city while Alice and the others are out playing." Roslyn said and smiled.

"I am sure that is most of it. Though I know how happy she is to be a mom, I think the loss of her freedom was harder for her to take." Nodrog said.

Roslyn leaned up against him. "Well, that is a very large life changing event. And I can relate to her feeling a loss of freedom. Speaking of freedom, don't you have some place to be?"

Nodrog gave her a toothy smile. "Of course I have some place to be, tomorrow..."

Roslyn cooed as he put an arm around her and kissed her neck lightly. "Oh I see how it is."

Roslyn woke up before her alarm and started getting ready. The afterglow of their late night love still pleasantly lingering. Nodrog was, of course already gone as she got around for her morning run and was a little surprised to find Jenny lightly jogging over, pushing a stroller. "Morning."

"Mornin'. What brings you by so early?" Roslyn asked as she did a little stretching.

"Got bored running on a treadmill. Thought I would join you since it is nice out." Jenny said.

Roslyn smiled, and tried to keep her eyes from lingering on certain parts of the hot little cat. Jenny's jogging pants looked like they were painted on that firm little ass. "Samantha should be along any minuet and the three of us can go."

"That will be fun." Jenny said with a smile.

"Morning. Jenny are you joining us this morning?" Samantha asked.

"Yup. I have got to get out of the house." Jenny said.

The three of them laughed and started off. They ran past most of the hangers along with the giant hanger for the new starship. Most of its exterior was completed, the hard work of pluming the guts and inner workings lay ahead. They giggled about distracting several men and a few women doing their morning PT. It was a nice change for Jenny and while she was in great shape, Roslyn took over pushing the stroller the last leg of their lap.

"I didn't realize how much more work it was to push a kid in one of those." Jenny panted as they stood out front of Roslyn's apartment.

"You going to be alright kiddo?" Roslyn asked as she brought out a couple glasses of water.

"Yeah in a bit. Thanks." Jenny said.

"Did you set the brakes on it Roslyn?" Samantha asked.

"It has brakes?" Roslyn knelt down to look.

Jenny knew right where to look and sure enough they were set. "Oh for fu... No wonder it was so damn hard to push."

"You didn't notice?" Samantha asked.

Roslyn chuckled. "I just thought it needed a little oil."

"I feel like such a dope." Jenny moaned and plopped down on the step.

"We all have those days. I need to get changed and head to work. Don't forget tomorrow we get to go to a game." Roslyn said.

Jenny gulped down the last of her water and handed the glass back. "I can't wait to go."

"You will have to tell me how good it was." Samantha said.

With that the three parted ways to head off to their respective jobs. Which went by rather quickly for Jenny and Roslyn. Jenny got up early so she could take Harley over to Lucy, so Alice's mom wouldn't be stuck in their apartment.

"Well you have fun at the game, it sounds interesting." Lucy said as she held Harley in her arms.

"Thanks for watching her on sort of short notice. I am excited to go." Jenny said.

"A grandmother is always happy to spoil her grand kids." Lucy said with a smile.

Jenny parked in front of Roslyn's apartment when she returned to the facility. She grabbed a backpack off the front seat and nearly skipped over to Roslyn's door. Roslyn may not need sun screen, but she did. She also had a big water bottle, a hat and a few other things for just in case.

When Nodrog summoned shadows he did so telepathically, Roslyn had to actually say an incantation. Jenny listened intently as Roslyn spoke in a very lovely sounding High Realm. Quickly a shadow appeared and this one bowed slightly. Roslyn asked if he could take them to Dallarth's home, the shadow responded and the two of them walked through him.

They stepped out into the large living room and were greeted by a large number of people. Lorain, Mianth, Tunrog, Alyvia and her boyfriend were all present. Dallarth had gone to the front door to let Inilth and Perenth in.

"Excellent we are all here then." Dallarth said with a smile.

"Oh good the two of you did make it in time." Perenth said.

"That was my fault, it took a little longer to get my baby to her grandmother's." Jenny said and blushed slightly.

"No matter, we had planned for it, since the time difference is so odd." Inilth said and held the door open.

Outside, hovering a foot off the ground was a vehicle Jenny and Roslyn guessed was roughly the size of a large van back home. At the wheel a young Velopian female with pretty red hair.

"Tunrog is the only one with a personal ride, and it is not big enough for all of us." Mianth said as they walked up to it.

"It hovers, that is incredible. You will have to tell me how it works." Roslyn grabbed the young dragon's arm, causing him to blush.

Tunrog did explain how it worked while the others talked more about the game they were going too. Jenny half listened to the dragon as he delved into physics and math she cared little for.

The odd craft was mainly open with seats along the sides facing inward. Its seating capacity depended mainly on who was occupying it. The Velopians took up a fair amount of room since they did not really sit so much as lay down. The woman driving was sitting a bit like a dog or cat, with only her hind legs folded beneath her.

It was a little odd to be speeding along and not feel the usual road imperfections or body roll from cornering. After you got used to that, it was a very quiet and comfortable ride to the stadium. Unlike the stadiums back home, the one they were heading to looked nothing like a stadium, or even an arena.

The odd hover cab as Jenny and Roslyn decided to call it stopped and they got out. "I thought we were going to a stadium?" Jenny asked as they followed Lorain and Dallarth.

"This is an outdoor game." Perenth chuckled.

"Okay, but it looks like a park." Roslyn said.

Mianth giggled. "I don't think what we call outdoor sports facilities translates correctly."

Jenny and Roslyn shrugged and they made their way through a short line. There was a single story row of buildings that made up the outside like any place. The difference was on the inside. As they stepped back outside the difference was very apparent. The stadium was actually a very large gully. The seating was along three sides and the far end opened up into a small valley and rolling hills beyond that.

The stadium made a U shape with the entrance they used sitting roughly a hundred vertical feet above the playing field. They followed Lorain and Dallarth down to about the fourth set of seats from the field. Roslyn and Jenny were surprised that they were sitting at the half field, or court on the side of the field Tolthain's team had the sideline of.

There was not a direct translation but basically Tolthain was the team captain of the Capital City Rangers or Militia. Neither were quite right, but they were not wrong ether. The opposing team's name did translate better although neither Jenny or Roslyn wanted to come across Hornet Hawks. Because the thought of a hornet the size of a hawk was rather frightening.

The rules as Lorain and Dallarth explained were very simple, it was basically field basketball. With each team having a maximum of eight players on the field at one time. The goalie could not move outside the zone around the goal, and three of the team could not advance past center field. Points were similar to basketball with more points awarded for shots made from farther out from the goal. The big difference came from the points a team earned if the goalie managed to make a score. That shot was worth ten since it was a very difficult thing to do.

Two points if a player ran into the goal with the ball, four for any shot made from the quarter field line, and six from farther out. Players were required to cut their antlers or horns down during the season. They also all covered the tips with a rubbery foam, to protect other players. It was a foul if you grabbed another player's antlers, or head butt them.

"The reason for that is the game's origins started as a blood sport when we were still a young race and were more tribal focused. Wars were costly so the game was invented to settle conflicts. A neutral tribe was asked by both competing tribes to oversee the game. Or in later history, dragons made sure the games were fair." Alyvia said.

"After the tribes grew into nations, the game was toned down a bit for entertainment. While there are other sports, this is certainly the oldest game the Velopians play." Dallarth said with a smile.

Jenny and Roslyn found the opening ceremony interesting in its differences and its similarities. A famous Velopian sang an anthem, and a dragon shaman offered a prayer for each team's safety. With that the players took to the field. Besides the rubber things on their antlers, the players all wore leg braces. The team captains and one forward stood in the center with a referee for a coin toss.

Tolthain won the toss and accepted the ball from the ref. With that they took their starting formation and waited for the ref to blow his whistle. Upon the whistle blow Tolthain quickly jinxed to his left and took off down the field. With two defenders in front he quickly tossed the ball to another player back up the field.

The game was very easy to follow, even if you couldn't understand the language. Although Jenny found it a little odd to be sitting next to possibly the second most powerful dragon in existence... who was currently wearing a jersey and waving a giant foam finger in the air. They even had gotten some Velopian beer. It was something Jenny thought Alice would find amusing.

It was an intense game with the score staying very close through the first half. The ball was passed frequently and while Tolthain was the captain, he did not hog the ball. Actually he had yet to score, but had several assists. Due to the goal being smaller and the goalie being bigger it was not a very high scoring game. From the ongoing explanation, it was a very typical game, and from the general cheering and noise it was a good game.

Aside from a few calls, Jenny and Roslyn did not need much explanation for what was going on. Despite the fact Roslyn was a different species, watching the handsome and athletic Velopian males play... Well it was hard to take her eyes off the game. Neither Roslyn or Jenny were too keen on vegetable healthy food for snacks, but thankfully the Velopians did have a form of nachos that were damn good. The beer was really good, nearly brain freeze inducing cold and was cheap. That was a little bit of a shock, since they were used to paying a lot for warm beer and luke warm hot dogs.

Jenny enjoyed the halftime show a little more, since the collar translated song lyrics fluidly, and the dancers were primarily scantily clad females. Actually it was straight out, kick ass rock and roll, so even not understanding the lyrics, Roslyn still liked it.The magic translator Roslyn had, couldn't really translate the song lyrics well.

Music and alcohol seemed to transcend cultural boundaries with little trouble. At least that was Jenny and Roslyn's take after the banquet with the Amazons and now at the field ball game here on the Velopian world. Really in this setting the cultural differences were rather small or insignificant even. Everyone has at least one sports team or athlete they get behind and cheer on. So it was easy for the two of them to get swept up in the excitement as the second half began.

In the second half Tolthain showed a little more poise and skill making two, four point goals in quick succession. Which pulled his team into the lead by six points. The four legged Velopians could not stop and turn on the grass as quickly as a man on a basketball court could; but they could probably blind pass better. Roslyn and Jenny were surprised with how quickly they could snap the ball to a teammate without looking.

There was however a point which drove home the fact they were far, far away from home. During a play one of the defenders on the opposing team suffered a leg fracture. The refs halted play of course, while a Velopian and dragon hurried out onto the field. The two quickly assessed the player and fully fixed the injury out on the field. He got back up onto his hooves and jogged a little around the medics and after only five minutes play resumed.

Mianth did explain that certain injuries would sideline a player for just a game. Simply because muscle tears and such took a little longer to diagnose and heal. Now with the imaging equipment the humans had given them, the time was cut in half or more. It was rare for someone to suffer a career ending injury. All of the large schools would have an X-ray machine at the very least by the end of the year.

Not to be out done, the other captain ran in for two points and managed to get a four point goal as well. Jenny's curiosity got the better of her earlier in the game so she had to figure out what the time clock was counting. Turns out a Velopian second is just under two earth seconds. With only seconds left till the end of regulation Tolthain's goalie held the ball and with the crowd standing on their hooves and feet, he hurled the ball down field.

Regulation time was up, but the ball was still in play. While the team and fans thought he was just trying for a goal, he wasn't. Tolthain leapt into the air snatching the ball from the opposing defender and with two steps got it in the goal. Pulling out a two point win on the final play. Which caused the fans to roar in celebration.

"And that's why he is the team captain." Dallarth said with a smile.

"I can't believe you waited so long to agree to going out with him." Roslyn said causing the dragon to blush.

Dallarth had another little surprise, since she was dating the team captain and Lorain was his sister. After waiting for the post game interviews they got a chance to meet all of the players on the team before they headed to the locker room. Jenny did join in with the cheering when Tolthain grabbed Dallarth and gave her a kiss.

There was also a post game barbecue at Dallarth's home. Which Mianth had said was a first for the shadow dragon. Because there were dragons and the two humans, Dallarth did have meat for them to eat.

Mianth had gotten Jenny to follow her to a little quieter part of the yard. "Do you know what Dallarth and Nodrog talked about?"

Jenny glanced over at the lovely dragon. "No. I don't know they had a private talk."

Mianth blushed. "Oh, maybe I should not have said anything then. I had figured you and Alice knew."

Jenny chewed on her meat on a stick. "oh... Oh, you must be referring to when he left to take care of something at Glados' castle."

"Yes, Nightrunner had requested Dallarth to help him with something..." Mianth and Jenny both paused looking at the other wide eyed. As Nodrog let them both know, it was not something they were to be discussing. Period.

After the slightest pause they both blushed and giggled. "So what did you think of the Velopians' favorite sport?"

Jenny smiled. "It was entertaining, and easy to follow. I enjoyed the whole experience."

"Good, I am glad. While certain things are not to be talked about. You have to know how happy all of us are that she has opened up a little more." Mianth said. Clearly looking at Dallarth as a little sister would to an admired older sister.

"That's good. To think that a petite little mouse could cause all of this." Jenny smiled as she thought about Alice.

"How do you figure?" Mianth asked.

Jenny looked at Mianth. "It was Alice who found Nodrog, and it was her blood alone that woke him. It was Alice who told me to try to love him. I may be his blood slave, and Roslyn may be his life mate. But Alice, she holds a place higher than anyone."

"He did search endlessly for Roslyn and you." Mianth said, pondering what Jenny had just said.

"If they thought his reaction to us going missing was bad... Heaven and hell would not stand a chance if they took Alice." Jenny said with a sly smile. She smiled because Jenny knew that Alice would always be safe with the Iron Dragon in their lives.

Mianth actually shivered at the thought, because Perenth had told her just how close Dallarth and Nodrog had came to simply tearing apart everything in their anger. It was down to just the wrong person saying the wrong thing. Just the slightest nudge and the two typhoons would have laid waste to worlds. With no one being able to stop them. Still Mianth was happy to see Dallarth smile and laugh. It had been a long time since the shadow dragon had shown much emotion at all. Mainly in part of the Velopians' nature, news traveled quickly. Meaning all of the dragons that lived and worked with the Velopians knew about Dallarth's relationship with Tolthain. The fact that the two dragon typhoons did have important people in their lives was seen by many dragons as a good omen. Though Tolthain, Jenny and Alice were mortal, they still had tremendous influence over the shadow and iron dragons.

Actually Jenny and Roslyn found out that Roslyn was no longer the only reincarnated Valkyrie. Two more had taken what some now called their second breath. One was an Amazon and the other a young Velopian. Both of them had beautiful white feathered wings and gained the longer life span that Roslyn also had. Their memories a bit more hazy and murky than Roslyn's but still that was incredible news.

"I wonder what caused them to awaken?" Roslyn asked.

"I doubt either had the rude awakening you did, but it might have been triggered by a near death or stressful situation." Inilth said as they stood by a fire.

"You should go and meet them." Jenny said.

Roslyn blushed. "What would I even say? Besides there is no telling if we would even have know each other in that life."

"That is true, there were millions of Valkyrie. Spread across hundreds of worlds." Perenth added.

Mianth put a hand on Jenny's shoulder. "I think what Jenny meant, was that the three of them should meet. So they know they are not the only ones."

"Actually I was thinking meeting Roslyn would jog their own past memory. From Nodrog's memory she was his mate when he controlled the largest army that ever was. She would have been well known." Jenny said.

"The Iron Raven was well known, so even if they never met in that life the other two would know who she is. I am certain of that." Tunrog said.

"But the real question is if they want to remember more or not. We were slaughtered... I wouldn't want to force those memories on anyone." Roslyn said and sipped at her tea.


"Actually Mianth is taking Sharn and some other officials to the Amazon world next week I believe. They know the history better than anyone save for the elders, perhaps it is something to ask the Queen." Perenth said.

"I would be more than happy to ask if you wanted Roslyn." Mianth said cheerfully.

"It might not hurt Roslyn. After all Alice maybe famous to mortals, but you and I are well known to monsters and immortals." Jenny said.

"You have a point there, and it might be better to make formal introductions, so I don't have to worry about surprise visits. If one or the other decide they do want to find me." Roslyn said.

"So should I ask about it?" Mianth asked.

Roslyn smiled. "If you really don't mind. It might be something the other two do not want announced to everyone. Though with the sudden appearance of wings, people would probably figure it out."

"As I already said, I would be more than happy." Mianth said.

"I appreciate it. Also I don't know about Jenny, but I really enjoyed today. Thanks for inviting us to come along." Roslyn said.

"I enjoyed it a great deal. It was so nice to get out of the house and do something. So yes, thank you for inviting us." Jenny cheerfully added.

"You are both welcome any time." Dallarth said.

"I suppose we should head for home kiddo. Its past your bed time." Roslyn teased.

Jenny glanced at her watch, forgetting the Velopian world had a much longer day. It was eleven o-clock at night back home. "Actually it is well past my bedtime."

With a good laugh and a goodbye, Roslyn and Jenny passed through a shadow and into Roslyn's apartment. "That really was a fun, if long day." Jenny said.

"It was. I might have to see about getting tickets to another game." Roslyn said.

"I am glad you thought ahead and got us tomorrow off as well. I totally forgot how long their day was." Jenny said with a smile. Actually she was smiling for a different reason as Roslyn took off her shoes and socks.

"Sort of like forgetting the brakes this morning?" Roslyn said and went to the kitchen to get them some water.

"You and Samantha will probably never let me forget that, hu?" Jenny said and plopped down on the couch.

"I am sure we will eventually." Roslyn said sitting on the far side of the couch. Her now bare feet up on it.

Jenny turned slightly and started to rub Roslyn's feet. Much like the massage on the starship, Jenny was thinking maybe she could convince Roslyn to play. They talked for a little while and Jenny was just about to push it a little further when Roslyn smiled wickedly.

Before Jenny knew it the tables had been turned and she was pinned under Roslyn. "So you were thinking of taking advantage of the situation. Such a naughty little kitten with that toy hidden in the bottom of you backpack."

"How, how did you know about it?" Jenny asked.

Roslyn smiled. "It started buzzing when you went to the bathroom."

Jenny blushed as Roslyn looked down at her. "I had asked Nodrog first..."

"I know, and I already got permission from Alice. So we are going to play, but you are going to be on the receiving end of that particular toy." Roslyn said seductively before kissing Jenny.

The kitten was not entirely sure about Roslyn's plans and was a little frightened with the sudden turn of events. Mainly because she had never considered what might happen if Roslyn had figured it out. Really all of those thoughts went out the window as Roslyn teased her with magic. Suddenly it didn't matter that the lovely otter was going to have control.

Roslyn smiled as she stood up. "Be a good little kitten and come along."

Jenny followed as best as she could on weak legs, Roslyn having already brought her to the edge of climax. The otter had grabbed the backpack and Jenny's eyes fell to the fantastic ass leading her to the bedroom. It still amazed her how strong Roslyn had become as she picked her up and laid her on the bed.

Jenny moaned quietly as Roslyn slowly removed her clothes and continued to keep her close. Once she was completely naked Roslyn removed her own clothes quickly and smiled.

"I think I am starting to understand why some guys like a bald little muff." Roslyn said softly and leaned down, her breath teasing Jenny. "You know after seeing you in those shorts the other day, I have wanted to get another taste."

Jenny moaned louder as Roslyn went down on her. Finally Roslyn pushed her the rest of the way. For a novice lesbian, Roslyn knew how to use her tongue rather well. Jenny lay on the bed feeling a good deal better as Roslyn got the toy out of the backpack. It did not take Roslyn long to figure out how the thing went on.

Roslyn giggled softly as she clicked the vibrator on. Jenny had a small bottle of lube in the backpack as well. Roslyn lubed up the toy and climbed back on the bed. Jenny shivered as Roslyn ran her tongue lightly from the girl's lower abdomen up. Jenny moaned as Roslyn lightly rubbed the tip of the low buzzing toy between her lips.

Jenny was glad that at this point Roslyn was done teasing and thrust the toy all the way in her. Jenny wrapped her legs around Roslyn's waist pulling them together. Roslyn could not use her magic and the toy at the same time, but the otter could work the plastic phallus with surprising skill. The moderate vibration adding to the firm long strokes Roslyn was using.

Alice never got the hang of using the toy in this fashion. So this was the first time Jenny had really been on the receiving end of the plastic dick, and it felt so good. Roslyn held her tightly in her arms as she humped the toy into Jenny; moaning in Jenny's ear as the toy worked its own magic on Roslyn.

Roslyn felt Jenny tense up as the kitten was about to cum a second time. Her arms and legs squeezing Roslyn as she kept humping her with abandon. Jenny kept whispering 'oh fuck' softly and repeatedly until she moaned loudly as she climaxed a second time. Digging her finger tips into Roslyn's back as she came.

Roslyn kissed her passionately before rolling over, so Jenny was now on top. Jenny let out a soft moan as Roslyn thrust into her again, a little deeper this time. The otter smiled wickedly as she started working the toy into Jenny. Roslyn held onto Jenny's firm little ass tightly as Jenny lowered her head to lick Roslyn's nipples. The plastic phallus soaked with Jenny's fluids as Roslyn humped her.

Jenny took a hold of the toy's controls and turned it up as high as it would go. Causing both of them to moan loudly. Jenny bucked her hips in rhythm with Roslyn's thrusts grinding the toy into each harder. Jenny came a third time as Roslyn climaxed for her first time.

Roslyn turned off the toy and pulled out of Jenny. The kitten lay on top of her breathing heavily and with a little sheen of sweet all over her nubile body. They cuddled a short while before Jenny quickly fell asleep.

Jenny yawned as the sun brightened up the room slightly. She was still naked and in Roslyn's arms. The toy was someplace forgotten at the moment the two of them were facing the same way, under the covers. While Roslyn was taller and considerably bustier than Alice, being held like this was comforting. Jenny tried to very quietly and softly pull away, but met quick resistance.

Roslyn hummed as she smiled. "Just where do you think you are running off to little kitten?" "Actually, I really need to use the bathroom." Jenny said and blushed.

Roslyn gave her a little squeeze and a kiss on her cheek. "I suppose that it acceptable."

Roslyn's apartment lacked a bathtub, but it did have a fairly large shower. While Nodrog and Roslyn had been living together for months now, there were not any signs that Roslyn had a roommate. Aside from a second toothbrush and towel, it was a rather bare apartment. "Would it be alright if I took a shower?"

"Of course. I was thinking the same thing." Roslyn said.

The shower was strictly to get cleaned up and Roslyn even washed Jenny's hair for her again. After they were both dressed Jenny found the otter still delaying her departure.

"Oh, you can't leave just yet." Roslyn said and steered Jenny to the kitchen.

"Didn't I get punished enough last night?" Jenny asked.

Roslyn smiled and pat the top of her head. "Last night wasn't your punishment. Last night was just enjoyable. Your punishment is making me breakfast."

Jenny laughed as Roslyn sat down at her table and waited. "I think I can manage breakfast."

After breakfast the two headed off so Jenny could put on clean clothes and go pick up her daughter. Where the party of two turned into three and a half. Jenny needed to do some shopping before Alice came home Monday. Unfortunately Roslyn was more than happy to tell Lucy all about Jenny forgetting the brakes were set on the stroller the other day.

Lucy gave Jenny a hug as they walked down an aisle at the store. "Everyone makes silly mistakes like that. Ron put all of Alice's clothes on backwards one day."

"How did he do that?" Jenny asked.

"I have no idea, even his mother didn't know how. My most embarrassing mistake was bringing Alice's brother to the doctor's appointment I had made for Alice."

"That would be pretty embarrassing." Roslyn chuckled.

"Life was pretty hectic back in those days. Things really only settled down after the kids moved out and Ron retired." Lucy mused as she looked over some fresh ears of corn.

"Really, I always thought it was so much nicer at your home..." Jenny looked down at Harley. At least her daughter would never have to go through the same hell she did. Because Alice would never beat her and Jenny would never ignore her.

Lucy smiled. "I am glad we always let you stay."

"I think we should speed this up a little." Roslyn said and nodded in a few peoples direction. "I have a feeling we might have a lot of company otherwise."

Jenny and Lucy both noticed that a small group was looking and pointing at them. Most likely recognizing the two of them as being Alice's family. Jenny sighed. "I guess that can't be helped."

"Don't worry, if they get to pushy, I am carrying." Roslyn said as they moved on.

Lucy's brow showed her concern over that matter. "Don't you think that is going a little over board?"

Roslyn shrugged. "That is something you would have to take up with the Boss and a nine hundred pound metal dragon. Any of us that are trained in combat are to be armed when accompanying Jenny or Alice any where off site."

"Plus, despite our age differences, and my best efforts... I have gotten a little attached to the two of them." Roslyn said and gave Jenny a wink.

"It means a lot to me, probably more than you will ever know." Jenny said as they grabbed the last few things she needed and made a hasty retreat.

Roslyn and Lucy stayed in the apartment to put things away, while Jenny headed down to Kathrin and Frank's office to help with some things.

"It has occurred to me, that I do not believe you had wings the first time we met." Lucy said as they sat in the living room.

"I didn't. Did they tell you about Jenny and I having to go with Nodrog off world for something important?" Roslyn asked.

Lucy gave it a little thought. "Not in much detail."

"I got them during that trip... turns out I used to be a Valkyrie of some note thousands of years ago. Actually I even knew Nodrog from that previous life." Roslyn said careful not to say too much. She figured Jenny did not want everyone knowing what had happened.

"That explains why you and him are so close. So what about you and the two girls?" Lucy asked.

"Its odd. I never had children of my own and while I am as old or older than you. They treat me more like an older sister than a mother. They drag me shopping, and point out good looking guys to me like we were sisters or long time friends." Roslyn said and looked Lucy in the eyes.

"They don't care about my past, just like they don't care about Nodrog's past. Our past sins and problems are in the past. Jenny and Alice see us for who we are now, not who we used to be." Roslyn added.

"I thought Alice had said you piloted aircraft for fire fighting." Lucy said and they both paused as Harley did something amusing.

Roslyn smiled. "I did a long time ago. However when I met Jenny and Nodrog for the first time I was my own boss and only worked for cash. Medical supplies to weapons, refugees or mercenaries. Who ever paid the most, didn't matter if it was legal or not."

"Been shot down twice, and taken prisoner twice. I only survived the second time because of Nodrog... I guess I am not the kind of person most people would want looking out for their kids or grand kids." Roslyn sighed.

Lucy looked out the window. "I have not been very trusting of the people Alice has befriended. I should know better by now, every one of those misfits and hellions are all saints... Even Wes turned out to be a good kid once he got out of the mob. I should not have pried, sorry about that."

Roslyn smiled and felt a little better. "No need to apologize, you are just doing what most moms would do... Pretty sure my own mom was not thrilled by some of the people I called friends."

"You ever date a race car driver?" Lucy asked with a chuckle.

"I dated a guy that thought he was. Are you telling me Ron was not always the quiet nice guy I met?" Roslyn asked.

"Well he has always been a nice guy, but neither of my parents were thrilled when I had him over one night to meet them. They wanted me to find someone with more intellect, like the boy next door who went to med school." Lucy said.

"I got that talk one night as well. Course joining the military really upset them." Roslyn said.

"I wonder if that is the connection?" Lucy mused, and picked up on Roslyn's confusion.

"Jenny talks about you quite a bit actually. Her grandfather was a military man, before being a police detective. I was wondering if that was the connection of why she seems to like you so much. Her grandparents; Jim and Carrel; Nodrog and you are the only people she seems to talk about in any detail." Lucy said and looked down at the floor.

"She never talks about her own family, I know why, but I still don't understand it. There had to be the rare good things that happened." Lucy said as tears formed in her eyes.

"I don't know, she has never brought up her family in any of our conversations. The little I know about her I got from our boss or Nodrog." Roslyn said.

"It was difficult to be happy around her back then. There were days when it was clearly visible that she was terrified to go home. You could hear it in her voice, she wanted help, but knew asking would only make things worse." Lucy said.

"She is safe now. Especially since that scum of a father is gone." Roslyn said.

"I take it you had dealing with him?" Lucy asked.

Roslyn nodded. "A few times, I had interrogators in POW camps that were more charming and likeable."

"I was there when he hit her in the cafeteria... I have only been truly scared to the core a few times. But none of them compared to the fear I felt when Nodrog just appeared out of thin air, his temper completely gone." Roslyn said and visibly shivered.

"I did not know he ever lost his temper. They have told me a few things..." Lucy said.

"It is rare for him to lose it... He is incredibly powerful, yet he can be so caring and comforting. Alice, Jenny and I are lucky to have him as a friend and lover." Roslyn said.

"Why is that?" Lucy asked.

"Because there is nothing for us to be afraid of anymore." Roslyn said.

They both turned to look at the door as it opened, they were surprised to see Stacy coming in. Stacy was a little surprised to see them and not Jenny. "um hello."

"Hey, what brings you by?" Roslyn asked.

"Jenny asked if I had any dinner plans, and invited me over." Stacy said and closed the door behind her.

"It is a lot later than I thought." Lucy said as she looked at her watch.

"Have a seat, she should be back any time now." Roslyn said.

"Ah tool" Harley said cheerfully as one of the shadows appeared in the apartment. Lucy quickly picked the girl up as a blue haired female stepped out of the shadow.

"Oh, Hello. I had expected to be in your apartment Roslyn." Mianth said cheerfully.

"I got a little side tracked and hadn't expected you to come by." Roslyn said, and chuckled. "Sorry, Lucy this is Mianth. A friend of ours. Mianth this is Alice's mother."

Mianth smiled and bowed slightly. "Pleased to meet you."

"What was that... how did you?" Lucy stammered clearly confused.

"That was Azule, he is a shadow that you can walk through to travel great distances instantly. I would have thought they would have told you about them." Mianth said.

"Alice did, but nothing really prepares you for it." Lucy said sitting down. Perhaps a few too many revelations for one day.

"Why didn't you just talk to me telepathically? I would have thought you too busy to leave." Roslyn said as Mianth and Stacy both sat down.

"I tried, but your mind was a little noisy. All of my ship duties have been taken care of for the day and Perenth said after my shift I could come talk to you." Mianth said.

"I thought the ships only had one navigator. Wouldn't you always be on duty?" Stacy asked.

"They do only have one navigator, but we still have down time. Plus with the ship docked at the Amazon space port, it is pretty safe." Mianth said.

Roslyn leaned back. "Am I correct in thinking you talked to the Queen already."

Mianth smiled. "Yes, I did get a few minutes yesterday to broach the subject with her. The young Queen was very excited about it, while her mother was a little more subdued."

"What subject are you talking about?" Stacy asked.

"I am no longer the only reborn Valkyrie, there are now two others. Mianth was going to ask the Amazon Queen about the three of us Valkyrie meeting each other." Roslyn said.

"The young Queen and her mother are going to talk with the woman and see what she wants to do. Sharn and Perenth will talk to the Velopian and see what she wants to do. They all agreed that the matter does need to be discussed." Mianth said.

They all turned as Jenny came in to a rather crowded apartment. "Hello all."

Mianth turned down Jenny's invitation to stay for dinner, maybe she could stay another time. Jenny was making spaghetti, and had planned on a few people being over. Since Lucy was by herself while Ron was out with Alice.

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