Friendship Unbound! Henry's Not-So-New Experience!

Story by Ernest258823 on SoFurry

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Henry decides that he wants to join in on the fun. While Terriermon and Guilmon plan some fun of their own. I don't own Digimon.

It was another fine day in West Shinjuku when Takato woke up. "Well...another day of work." He said as he got into the shower. Once he was nice and clean, Takato went back into his room to get dressed. When he got back to his room, Takato saw that Guilmon was still sound asleep. "Hmph! Found the worlds laziest lizard sleeping in my bed." He said as he put on his pants. "If you're gonna mumble to yourself, you could at least make sure that no one can understand what you're saying." Said Guilmon as he rolled over and opened his eyes. "Tch. Well I wouldn't have to mumble to myself if you would actually get off your fat ass and did something worthwhile." Takato said as he playfully hit Guilmon with a pillow. "Heh. Me and my fat ass have been doing something worthwhile." Said Guilmon as he got out of bed. "Oh yeah? What've you and your fat ass been doing that was worthwhile?" Asked Takato with a smirk. " fat ass has been letting you give it a good lick every night." Said Guilmon with an arrogant tone in his voice. "Heh. Fine you win." Said Takato. Guilmon chuckled and started up a game while Takato went downstairs to meet the morning rush.

After about three hours of work, Takato finally took a lunch break. He was about to take some bread up to Guilmon when he heard the door open. "We're closed." Said Takato as he walked up the first step. "You need a new line man." Said a familiar voice. Takato turned around and saw his friend Henry standing at the front of the store. "Heh. And you need to stop coming in here on my lunch break." Said Takato. Henry chuckled to himself. "So. Where's the brain half of your team?" Asked Takato. Henry pointed to the stairs and Takato saw a flash of green shoot past him and up to his room. "Yeah alright. I'll look after him." Said Takato. "Thanks." Said Henry as he waved goodbye.

"Hey Takato. How's it going?" Asked Terriermon as Takato walked into the room. "Eh...nothing much." Said Takato as he handed the two digimon some bread. "Well...I guess it's just going to be you, Terriermon, and my fat ass tonight." Said Guilmon. "You called him a fat-ass?" Asked Terriermon. "No. I called him a lazy fat-ass. There's a difference." Said Takato. "Tch. If you say so." Said Terriermon rolling his eyes. The trio sat there for about ten minutes when Takato got up and went downstairs to meet the afternoon rush. Three hours later, Takato called the two Digimon downstairs. "What's up?" Asked Guilmon as they walked into the kitchen. "Dinner time." Said Takato. "What's on today's menu?" Asked Guilmon. Takato placed a pot of soup on the table. "Gruel, slop, and the same crap he always makes." Said Terriermon. "It's soup asshole." Fumed Takato as he sat down.

"I thought I told you not to piss him off." The trio quickly turned around and saw Henry standing behind them. "What are you doing here?" Asked Terriermon. "We were already thirty minutes late getting to the airport so by the time that I got back to the car, they were already gone." Said Henry. Takato gave a little chuckle and spooned more soup into his mouth. Guilmon patted the seat next to him and Henry sat down and helped himself to some soup. "I did tell you not to piss him off right?" Asked Henry. "Yeah, you did." Said Terriermon. "Cut him a break Henry." Said Takato. Henry sighed and grabbed some more soup. "So...what are we gonna do tonight?" Asked Henry. Terriermon shrugged. "Beats me. We hadn't planned anything yet." He said. Takato looked at Terriermon. "What?" Asked Terriermon. "Nothing. I was just wondering when you were planning on not being a god awful liar." Said Takato. "Oh come on Takato. He's not that bad of a liar." Said Henry.

Terriermon scoffed and crossed his arms. The room was silent for a few minutes when Henry spoke up. ", Guilmon, and Terriermon spend a few hours playing video games while Takato spends those same few hours under our ass?" He asked. The other three looked at each and shrugged. "Sounds about right." Said Guilmon. "Let's do it." Takato said getting up. "So Henry, does this mean you're finally gonna let someone give you a rimjob?" Asked Terriermon. as the group went upstairs. "How about I give the same answer as last" Said Henry. "He did say that I had to spend the day under your asses. So that means his ass as well." Said Takato as he whispered in Terriermon's ear. Terriermon rolled his eyes and chuckled.

Once they got to Takato's room, Guilmon began setting up the game while Takato, Henry, and Terriermon sat and talked. "Anyways, since when did Guilmon learn to hold a controller?" Asked Henry. "Beats me. I walked in one day and found him, quite casually I will add, playing video games. It was as if he had been playing for years." Mused Takato. "Heh. If you say so." Said Terriermon as Guilmon handed him a controller. Guilmon was about to hand Henry a controller when he stood up. "You know what? I'll do it." He said. "Do what?" Asked Terriermon confused. "I'll let Takato give me a rimjob." Said Henry. "Change of heart?" Asked Guilmon. "That, and I'm willing to try anything so long as it gets Terriermon to shut up." Said Henry. "Heh. Even if you were to try and like it, there's still a good chance I'm not going to shut up. But you're welcome to try." Said Terriermon. Takato and Guilmon looked at each other. "Is it just me, or is Henry trying to put this off for as long as he can?" Asked Takato. Guilmon just shrugged. Henry sighed. "Come on. Let's just get it over with." Takato scooted back on the bed and laid down on his back. Henry got up on the bed and hovered his ass above Takato's face.

" I gonna have to hold you down or are you gonna a big boy and sit still?" Asked Takato. "Tch. As if you could hold me down." Said Henry as Guilmon handed him a controller. "I way at least 90 pounds more than you and he held me down just fine." Said Guilmon. "Yeah well you're his partner. You trust him." Said Henry. "HA! And that's supposed to make it easier?!" Said Takato. Henry just shrugged. "Or did you forget that he's ticklish from the back of the kneecaps UP?" Asked Takato. Henry shrugged again. "You ladies done arguing over your looks, or do you need another ten years." Asked Terriermon pointing to the TV. Henry and Takato looked at each other. Takato laid back down and Henry lowered his ass onto Takato's face until it was wedged in there nice and snug. Terriermon started up the game and he and Guilmon chose their teams. "Who's team am I on?" Asked Henry. Guilmon pointed to Terriermon. "His. We all know he needs all the help he can get." Said Guilmon. Terriermon stuck his tongue out. Henry took his place on Terriermon's team but Guilmon didn't start the match. "I knew I was forgetting something." he said as he clamped a hand on Takato's foot. Takato by this time had his arms wrapped Henry's waist. "Heh.!" Said Guilmon. Henry screamed and flailed around. Eventually, he calmed down when Takato slowed down. Guilmon chuckled. "Like I said, didn't even last 5 seconds." He said as he scored another touchdown.

"Nobody likes a showoff Guilmon." Said Terriermon. Henry chuckled to himself. "You're a showoff Terriermon, but we still like you." Said Henry. Terriermon turned to Henry and flipped him off. Takato forced his tongue deeper into Henry's ass. "Ahhhh! Damn it, Takato." Complained Henry. Guilmon laughed. "Hey Terriermon, I think I figured why you're such a god awful liar." He said pointing at Henry. Terriermon laughed. This game had went on for several minutes when it finally ended. "Well...that was interesting." Said Guilmon. "You're actually worse with him on your team than you are by yourself." He said. Terriermon laid down and sighed. "Yeah well it didn't exactly help that I was getting attacked from all sides." Said Henry. Both digimon laughed. "Still...that was awesome." Said Henry as he tried to get out of Takato's grip. Guilmon looked at Terriermon. "What?" Asked Terriermon. "I'll trade you." He said pointing at the two Tamers. Terriermon simply shrugged. "Okay sure." Said Terriermon.

Takato and Henry looked at each other and smiled. "Don't you just love it when they ask us for our opinion?" Asked Takato. Henry chuckled. "Yeah. They're so considerate of our feelings." Said Henry. The room was dead silent for ten seconds when they all burst out laughing. "Oh man...oh man that was a good one." Said Terriermon still laughing. "'s fine with us." Said Henry. Guilmon and Terriermon cheered. "Just...don't lick my ass...okay?" Asked Henry. "Sure." Said Guilmon. "You'll regret that choice." Said Takato. Henry rolled his eyes and laid down by the bed. Terriermon stood by Takato's head. "Any requests before we start?" He asked. "Yeah. Guilmon...give him hell." Said Takato. Guilmon nodded as Terriermon jumped onto Takato's face. Terriermon and Guilmon looked at each other and nodded. FRRRRRRT! Guilmon felt Henry tense up and got up a little bit. FRRRRRRT! Takato breathed in Terriermon's fart and waited. Guilmon snickered and ripped another fart. FRRRRRRRRT! Henry tensed up even more but Guilmon stayed right where he was. FRRRRRRT! Terriermon rubbbed his butt on Takato's face. PHEEEEERRRRRNT! Terriermon sighed and patted his stomach. Guilmon answered with a lot more effort forcing Henry to kick around. "Crybaby." Muttered Guilmon. Terriermon laughed. " sense in continuing if he's like that. Blow him away." Said Terriermon. Guilmon sat full weight on Henry and indeed "gave him hell." Guilmon farted for another two or three minutes before Henry's legs went limp. Terriermon got off of Takato's face and stood up.

"You guys have a farting contest?" Asked Takato. Guilmon nodded. "Yeah. And Henry lost." He said. Takato rolled his eyes. Terriermon walked over to Henry and checked his pulse. Then he walked downstairs and came back up with a roll of duct tape. He then passed the tape to Guilmon and latched onto his butt. Guilmon took the tape and wrapped it around him. Takato laughed. "Nice underwear Guilmon." He said. Guilmon laughed and pointed to Henry. Takato got the message and laid down with his face in Henry's ass. Guilmon flipped Henry onto his stomach and taped Takato to his ass and then taped Henry to the floor. Guilmon didn't really feel sleepy so he just sat on Takato's head forcing it deeper into Henry's ass. After awhile Guilmon could tell Terriermon was getting restless so guilm got into the bed and farted himself and Terriermon to sleep.

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