The Human

He was trying to combine aspects of humanity with those of animals to give future generations of humans longer life spans.

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._ _let nothing stop you in your fight against yourself to win,_ _to win the honor of calling yourself human._ _poem: human_ _from the book::heart of pure light and darkness_ _made by: rogue wolf_

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human lion

Daniel, sasha and johnny do belong to me human lion alions feelings part 2.

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No Human's Sky

The atlas does not like to waste life however, so when he dies as a human, the atlas repurposes him as something more appropriate for what he was trying to do.

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Feral Humans

He couldn't believe it, the beast was using him, and his ass, like a human flesh light to wank off its own 12 inch dick.

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The End of Humanity

In that moment, fear is contrasted by an absurd humor as i notice its dick hanging out, limp and still human compared to the rest.

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To A Human World

The person has to be quite mentally unstable to turn feral- and there are treatments to help bring a feral back to be part human again, going feral isn't necessarily the end of your humanity.

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Domesticated Humans

She'd especially learned how the scent of a pregnant female, even a human like her, drove them wild.

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Human by Day

"it's a human costume head for fantasy role playing," i explained. i grabbed the chin and moved the jaw up and down and chanted "human human human human mushroom mushroom."

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The Human Pup

I was tasked with, saving the humans and investigating the circumstances for the crash. the humans has been going through a lot of turmoil, and thus they had a lot of poorly made ships. which, means that it could be caused by anything.

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The human tounge....

The human tounge... the most powerful, deadliest weapon in the world. the human tounge... the most powerful weapon in the world... the deadliest in the world... there are those that use it for good... there are those that use it for evil...