Ember's mate

Story by Zippy Schmidt on SoFurry

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A/N: Sorry about the MASSIVE fucking delay between chapters. I just haven't had the motivation to edit the 4 (I think) chapters I have left to edit. I will do it, I promise!

Nick woke up a few hours later to his name being called softly. When Nick opened his eyes he smiled when he saw Ember standing over him.

"Good morning Ember." Nick said sleepily as he sat up.

"Good morning Nick. How did you sleep?" She asked as Nick rubbed the sleepiness out of his eyes.

"I slept alright. How about you?" Nick asked as he pulled on his pants.

"I slept alright. Kyla's relaxing in the stream if you want to talk to her."

Ember said as she watched Nick put on his over shirt. Nick grabbed his hat and he and Ember walked over to a large oak tree. After they were sitting Nick put his arm around Ember's shoulders and pulled her in close.

"Thanks for staying with us." Nick said as they watched a flock of pidgeys fly over the tree tops.

"You're welcome Nick. I figured that it would be nice if Kyla had a friend from her past." Ember looked up at Nick. "And I thought that you could help me." Ember said, and Nick looked down at her, smiling.

"I would love to help you any way I can." Nick said happily. Ember snuggled closer to him.

"Thanks Nick." She said. Nick said nothing but started stroking her head.

After a moment Kyla walked over to them, smiling. _"Hey Nick. How's your shoulder?" _Kyla asked, concern evident in her mental voice.

"It's alright. Ember did a good job at patching it up." Nick said with a smile on his face as Kyla sat on the other side of him. "When do you two want to leave?" Nick asked his two companions. "We should leave now so that we can be there before there are large groups." Ember suggested, and Nick nodded his agreement. "It should take us a little over an hour to get there." Nick said as they stood up. "Everyone ready?" Nick asked, and the two females stood beside Nick. Nick smiled and the three started walking towards the next town.

When Nick, Ember, and Kyla got to the poke center they walked straight up to Nurse Joy.

"Is the Snivy I found yesterday still here?" Nick asked, and Nurse Joy nodded.

"The last door on the left. But don't go in too far. If you do he'll attack you. And he bites hard." Nurse Joy warned, and Nick and his group started down the hallway. As they entered Snivy's room Nick looked around and spotted the Snivy.

"You two stay here. No matter what, don't attack. I don't want you betting hurt." Nick said as he walked towards Snivy. Nick swiftly walked past a set of bowls about half way in the room, presumably the farthest the nurses had gone. Snivy looked at Nick and unleashed a magical leaf, which Nick countered with a flamethrower. Snivy glared at Nick. Snivy then tackled Nick and bit his arm, and Nick bit back, just hard enough to get the Snivy to stop, which he did. Snivy jumped back and started growling at Nick. "You don't remember me do you?" Nick asked, and Snivy continued growling. "I was the one that bandaged you up and called for help. I saved your life you ass." Nick said, but Snivy didn't ease up. "I was going to ask if you wanted to come with us, but I think you might be too dangerous. " Nick said as he stood up. Nick started to walk away.

"Wait. I'm sorry." A crackly, broken male voice said. Nick grinned and slowly turned around.

"Well, I didn't know you could speak English." Nick stated simply. Snivy nodded slowly. "Is there something you would like?" Nick asked in a stern tone.

"I'm sorry about attacking you. My previous trainers caused me to not trust any humans. I was just trying to defend myself." Snivy's crackled voice said sadly. Nick walked over to Snivy and sat down, putting an arm around Snivy's shoulders and causing Snivy to tense up.

"It's ok." Nick said. "I understand. Would you like to come with us?" Nick asked in a tender voice, and Snivy looked up with a confused expression. Nick nodded towards the females who were standing near the door. Snivy looked at the females, then back up at Nick.

"Are you sure that you want me to come?" Snivy asked, and Nick looked down at him.

"Of course I'm sure. Why wouldn't I?" Nick asked.

"You said that I was dangerous and that you didn't want them getting hurt." Snivy said sadly. Nick hugged him.

"I'm sure." Nick said quietly. Snivy smiled and hugged him back. Nick stood up and him and Snivy walked over to the females, who were talking amongst themselves. Nick cleared his throat, and Ember and Kyla looked at him. "Snivy's going to be coming with us. Does that sound alright?" Nick asked, and the females nodded. Kyla stepped forward and put her hand out to shake._ _

"Hi! I'm Kyla." Kyla said happily in Snivy's mind. Snivy shook Kyla's hand gently.

"It's nice to meet you Kyla." Snivy said, before being tackled by Ember.

"I've missed you so much." Ember said loudly, and Snivy looked at Nick for help. Nick shrugged his shoulders before speaking.

"Ember, what are you talking about?" Nick asked, and Ember looked at him.

"He belonged to my old trainer." Ember looked back at Snivy, who was still confused. "You don't remember me do you?" Ember asked sadly, and Snivy shook his head.

"I'm sorry, but no." He said, and Ember nodded before helping Snivy up.

"I'm sorry then." Ember said, tears streaming down her face. Nick walked over to Ember and hugged her, Ember crying into Nick's chest. Snivy looked at Nick. I'm sorry. _Snivy mouthed to Nick, and Nick nodded. _

"Ember, who is he to you?" Nick asked quietly, and Ember looked up at him.

"We were best friends as kids. And when our first trainer captured us, we became mates. I'm just glad he's ok." Ember said sadly. Nick kissed her on the forehead, and she stopped crying.

"You two can become friends again." Nick assured her, and Ember smiled slightly. Nick smiled back and stood up. "Alright, are you three ready to go?" Nick asked, and Snivy looked up at him. The three Pokémon nodded in sync, and Nick smiled a little more. "Then let's go." Nick said as he walked out of the room. The four walked through the crowded poke center and got outside without being noticed. They quickly left the town and started walking North.

After a couple of hours the group started getting tired so they stopped in a small clearing for dinner and a break. Nick glanced at his watch. It was 5:30pm. Kyla started setting up the fire pit as Ember started gathering firewood. Nick took this time to get to know their new companion.

"So," Nick began as he sat down beside Snivy, "are you sure that you trust me?" Nick asked, and Snivy looked over at him.

"Why wouldn't I?" He asked, and Nick smiled while pulling out his knife.

"Well," Nick said, "I'm not the type of person people trust as quickly as you have. Especially when they have your kinda background. And I'm not exactly the mostfriendly looking person." Nick said as he put his knife to his side.

"You're right. But the others seem to trust you, so I think I can trust you. Still a bit weary though." Snivy said, still looking at Nick. Nick looked at him and smiled, Nick tried to put his left arm around Snivy's shoulders, but winced in pain. "What's wrong" Snivy asked, seeing that Nick was in pain.

"The night after you were taken to the center your trainer came back. He tried to shoot Kyla, but I took the bullet." Nick said as he took off his over shirt. "See?" Nick said as he showed Snivy the bandage.

"I'm sorry Nick." Snivy said sadly. Nick shook his head. "It's not your fault. And it's ok. We don't need to worry about him anymore." Nick said, looking at the ground.

"What do you mean?" Snivy asked, and Nick looked at him.

"I... Killed him." Nick said quietly. Snivy hugged him, catching Nick off guard. Ember walked up to Nick. "

I got the firewood." She said, and Nick could see that she was still sad about Snivy. Nick nodded, stood up, walked over to her, kneeled beside her, quietly told her to get to know him again, kissed her cheek, and walked over to the fire pit Kyla made.

Nick crouched next to Kyla and started setting up the fire. Nick looked at Kyla after he had started the fire. "Kyla, I have something to tell you." Nick said shyly. Kyla looked at him.

_"What is it Nick?" _Kyla asked, looking at Nick.

"Kyla,I hope this doesn't make things werid between us but... I love you." Nick said shyly, and Kyla hugged him.

_"I love you to Nick." _Kyla said happily in Nick's mind. Nick smiled and hugged back. Nick kissed Kyla on the lips.

"Kyla," Nick whispered after a moment,

"I need to start dinner." He said finally, and Kyla pulled away.

"Sorry." Nick said as he turned back to the fire. Kyla smiled and walked up beside Nick and watched him cook.

_"Do you mind if I help?" _Kyla asked sheepishly, and Nick looked at her and smiled.

"Sure. I wouldn't mind having some help." Nick said as he grabbed some supplies. "Let's see what you can cook." Nick said as he handed Kyla the cooking supplies. Kyla nodded nervously and began cooking, Nick watching as she mixed the ingredients like she had seen Nick do in the past few days. Nick smiled as he watched Kyla cook.

30 minutes later was done. Nick poured four bowls, gave Kyla 2, one for her ,one for Ember, and took two himself, one for him, one for Snivy. Kyla and Nick walked over to Ember and Snivy, who were talking as though Snivy knew everything about her. Nick sat beside Snivy and gave him his bowl, and Kyla sat beside Ember and gave Ember her bowl. Nick, Ember, and Kyla talked amongst each other, and Snivy sat silently. After a moment Snivy silently snuck away, only being noticed by Nick. Nick stood up and walked over to where Snivy was sitting, watching the sun set. Nick sat down beside him and watched the sun set with Snivy, who looked briefly at Nick. After a few minutes Nick spoke in a quiet voice.

"You remember her don't you?" Nick asked, and Snivy looked up at him.

"Do you promise you won't tell her?" Snivy asked, and Nick nodded without looking at him. Snivy looked at the ground. "Yes, I do remember her." He said sadly, and Nick looked down at him.

"Then why didn't you tell her?" Nick asked, and Snivy looked up at him.

"Because last time she saw me I was being taken by Nurse Joy. When I woke up I escaped the poke center, and Ember was told I died. I've cause her so much grief, I don't wanna risk it happening again." Snivy said sadly. "I thought that it would hurt her too much if I talked to her. And I couldn't hurt her any more that I already have." Snivy said in his crackly voice. Nick nodded and put his right arm around Snivy's shoulders and pulled him closer. "You should tell her. You know that don't you?" Nick asked, and Snivy nodded. Nick looked down at him and smiled, before kissing the top of Snivy's head, causing Snivy to look up at him and blush. Snivy smiled and leaned into Nick's right side and they continued eating in silence.

Kyla and Ember's POV.

"What do you think their talking about?" Ember asked Kyla as they watched Nick and Snivy talk.

"_I don't know." _Kyla said as they watched as Nick put his arm around Snivy's shoulder and pulled him closer. _"It seems sad though." _Kyla said as the females continued eating. Ember nodded her agreement. Kyla watched as Snivy leaned on Nick and the males continued eating like that, Snivy leaning on Nick and Nick holding him with his right arm.

"Maybe they know each other. Or maybe they're gay." Ember suggested, and Kyla shook her head.

_"If they knew each other, Snivy wouldn't have attacked him. And Nick can't be gay, he told me he's in love with me." _Kyla said as she looked at Ember, who was starring at her.

"Do you love him back?" Ember asked. Kyla nodded sheepishly, and Ember gave her a one-armed hug. "Congratulations." Ember said as they finished their dinner.

Back to Nick and Snivy's POV.

"Thanks for coming with us." Nick said as they put their bowls to the side.

"Thanks for letting me." Snivy said quietly, and Nick smiled.

"You're welcome Snivy. I figured it'd be nice if you were with people you could trust." Nick said as he and Snivy started walking back towards the camp. "When do you think you'll tell her?" Nick asked, and Snivy thought for a moment.

"I'll tell her now." Snivy said as he started running towards Ember before tackling her and passionately kissing her on the lips. Nick walked over to Kyla and sat beside her, also giving her quick a kiss. Snivy pulled away from Ember and smiled. "I remember you. I've always remembered you." Snivy whispered into her ear, and Ember fire punched him off of her, and Nick turned to look at her, only to see Ember trying to hit Snivy with another fire punch. Nick tackled her and held her down, using his hands to hold her arms and his legs to hold her legs down. Kyla was checking over Snivy when Ember unleashed a flamethrower attack before she realized Kyla was there. Nick looked at Kyla with a concerned look on his face and shot a large aqua jet to stop the flamethrower. It worked, but also got Kyla in the process. Nick looked back at Ember.

"Why did you attack him?" Nick asked, not letting Ember up. "Because he lied to me! He said he didn't remember me even though he did!" Ember told him, and Nick shook his head.

"That's not true. He didn't want to hurt you any more than he already had." Nick informed her, and Ember starred wide eyed at him. Nick let her up and teleported over to Snivy and Kyla. Nick began checking Snivy over for any injuries, and was relieved when Snivy only had a few small burns. He then turned his attention to Kyla, who was sitting next to Nick. "Sorry about that." Nick said nervously.

_"It's ok Nick. I understand why you did it, and I'm ok." _Kyla said and Nick nodded before picking up Snivy and carrying him over to the fire. Nick looked at Ember, who was standing a little ways away and starring at the ground.

"Oi, you coming to join us or what?" Nick yelled to her, and Ember nodded sheepishly. Ember slowly walked over and sat beside Snivy, who looked up at her and smiled.

"Snivy, I'm sorry. I didn't know you had a reason for lying to me." Ember said sadly as Snivy stood up. Snivy pulled her into a loving embrace.

"Sweetie, I would never lie to you without a good reason." Snivy said romantically, and Ember smiled and hugged back. Nick put his arm around Kyla's shoulders and pulled her closer to him, and Kyla looked up at him, smiling. "

_You're quite the match maker aren't you?" _Kyla asked, and Nick smiled back at her.

"Yup. Just take us four as an example." Nick said before kissing Kyla. Nick stopped kissing Kyla and looked up at the sky, saw that it was starting to get dark. "We should be heading to bed." Nick said to Kyla, who looked at Ember and Snivy, who were sleeping in each other's embrace. "Let's let them sleep. They've both been through a lot today." Nick said as he stood up with Kyla beside him. Nick and Kyla walked over to the center of the clearing, which had a small stream running through it. Nick laid down and Kyla snuggled up to Nick's side, and Nick kissed her head lovingly as they fell asleep in each other's embrace.


**Authors Note: Sorry it's been so damn long since I've uploaded. I actually have up to chapter 10 finished, I just have to edit them. If you have any suggestions just leave a comment, I'll be sure to read it. Enjoy this chapter!** When they were...

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