Violet Dreams

Story by AnubusKiren on SoFurry

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"How boring." the angel thought. "Another lazy day in this strange town I've found myself in."

Ildac sighed softly, lounging in the grass in the square of Hypnoville, a town accurately-- and not at all subtly-- named for its population of mind controllers. Everyone seemed to have their own little method of bringing another under their power, whether it be through mystical powers, the typical hypnotist's pocket watch, or extreme relaxation. Ildac would have wondered how such a town even held law and order, but newcomers here quickly learned of the woman in charge. So that question remained redundant, and Ildac reminded himself of how glad he was to be an angel. To be someone who abided by the law. The angel was still very new here, so the last thing he wanted to do was upset the surprisingly balanced order that this place held.

"Letting my mind wander again... How typical of me." the fox mumbled as he glanced around at the various inhabitants of the village. Even under the scrutiny of the public eye, most of the residents held very little or no shame, and would commit to even the kinkiest of sexual acts right in the middle of the square. Normally, Ildac would find such a thing distasteful, but there was something about this place... an aura around it, perhaps, that made him feel more relaxed about his sexuality, and the sexual displays of others. He shook his head, cursing himself for letting his mind wander again, and focused on the people around him. Becoming distracted-- or in his more popular case, intoxicated-- was a dangerous thing to do here if one valued one's will.

There were two women cuddled up close to each other, one in the other's lap, with the girl acting as the ‘chair' whispering something in the other's ear. The one sitting in the lap seemed to be dazed, her eyes glassy and empty, a tiny smile on her face as the other girl continued to whisper. Ildac chuckled softly, deciding not to be rude and continued to glance about. There were a few others doing the same thing he was-- just lazing about, probably just as bored as him. His eyes idly traveled across a blonde, a girl with rabbit ears, and a serpentine woman who stood out from the others. He did not think much of any of them until the serpent woman returned his gaze.

Ildac's interest was instantly captured. Surely she'd noticed him looking. It wasn't just coincidence that their eyes had met. It was more than a little awkward for him, so he did what first came to mind: Smiled and waved politely. The lamia smiled in return, though Ildac immediately recognized the menacing look in her eyes as she slithered closer, hips swaying slowly as that beautiful snake tail moved her effortlessly-- almost seductively-- along the grass toward him. She spoke in a voice sweeter than the finest honey, hissing her words in a beautifully serpentine manner that gave Ildac chills, "Ssshade hasss no qualmsss with men ssstaring at her body... but ssshe asksss that they introduccce themselvesss firssst."

The angel found it hard not to stutter. This woman was even lovelier up close, and he could not even think to tear his eyes away from her irresistible violet orbs. He extended a paw in a gentleman-like manner, "M-My apologies, miss. I am Ildac, a humble angel with the simple desire to help this village's residents live better lives. At your service, Miss Shade."

The snake woman, Shade, took his paw so gently and brought it to her equally violet lips, flicking a forked tongue across them slowly before placing a kiss on the back of the paw, "Sssuch kind ambitionsss, noble Ildac. Ssshade admiresss such selfelessnesss, asss it isss rare in thesse timesss, indeed."

Ildac melted as his paw was kissed, almost missing the glimpse of that tongue as his eyes remained glued to hers. He brought Shade's hand to his muzzle to return what he thought was a simple, friendly gesture, "Please, you give me far too much credit. I'm only doing what any decent person would do, after all."

"Nonsenssse, kind angel... Take a look at your fellow residentsss, and you will sssee that your selflessnesss isss indeed very unique." the lamia said softly, slowly pulling her hand away and moving it to his cheek, brushing the fur there softly.

Ildac's cheeks grew hot, a tiny tint of red appearing as he felt that soft hand touching him. He cleared his throat awkwardly, knowing in the back of his mind that he was playing a dangerous game by continuing this conversation, but finding himself unwilling and unable to stop himself, "I see your point, Shade... I guess you're right. But I'm sure there are some here who care for more than their own needs, and I am glad to be among them."

Shade's devious smile turned into a grin, a hint of a sharp fang glinting in the pale moonlight that illuminated the square. She moved a bit closer, to where they were barely a foot apart, and hissed softly, "You ssshould hold thessse noble ambitionsss clossse to your heart, dear angel... and beware..." her eyes seemed to gain a light of her own, their violet hue brightening and shining in a mesmerizing way that Ildac could not quite describe, "...of those who might wish to corrupt them."

Ildac's eyes widened slightly as hers began to shine. If he could have pulled his gaze away from her before, he certainly could not now. There was power in her eyes. He'd sensed that from the beginning. Now it was being released, concentrated and used on him, and this seductive serpent was not about to stop now that she had him succumbing to her power. The angel whimpered slightly, trying to find words to reply with in this confused, but increasingly blissful state, "C-Corrupt... No, no one can... no one will corrupt me..."

"Of courssse not, dear Ildac... No one would-- no one could ever do sssomething ssso deviousss asss to dissstract you from sssuch noble idealsss, and fill your feeble mind with lussst and carnal desiresss. No, of courssse not..." the lamia teased, her eyes starting to pulse softly, their hypnotic light intensifying and quickly lulling the angel fox under her control. It was almost too easy.

Ildac's mind was quickly numbing, each moment of eye contact bringing him further and further away from conscious thought. He knew he was in trouble, but something within him was feeling something entirely different than fear. Something deep inside of his mind was excited... ecstatic to be falling into such a submissive stupor and being hypnotized by this woman. It was this part of his mind that was doing any of the thinking now, and he knew without a doubt that looking away was simply not an option. He continued to gaze into her eyes, his heterochromatic orbs slowly starting to glaze over as thinking became more and more of a chore, "Lust..? Lust for... carnal... wha..?"

Shade smiled evilly, seeing that she was clearly in control now. She took her hand off of his cheek and turned slowly toward the inn, beckoning him with a "come hither" motion, "Come now, sssweet angel, ssso Ssshade can properly educate you in thisss manner in a much more... private location..."

Ildac mindlessly obeyed, quickly standing and moving clumsily with the lamia who'd entranced him, not knowing or caring where she was taking him. That was irrelevant now. All that was important was to obey this amazing woman. To do otherwise was impossible.

The Club EnTrance was a nice establishment, complete with a tavern, rooms and a nice fireplace to sit by. Shade led her helpless angel thrall to the fireplace, slithering over to one of the benches and coiling up luxuriously, gently guiding Ildac to sit on a cushion of scales. She turned him toward her, eyes still shining with their hypnotic violet light, "Thisss isss much more sssuitable for our needsss, I think, my little fox toy..."

Ildac, whose mind was now nearly completely fogged over, could only nod in agreement and dreamily stare into her eyes, "Yes Miss Shade... Much better..."

Shade moved herself closer to him, eyes right in front of his now, forked tongue flicking not even an inch away from his lips. She touched his chest fur with her soft hand, slowly moving lower with her fingers tracing random patterns on their way down, "Do you like Ssshade, little angel?"

The angel moaned softly as he felt her touching him, every little tickle of her fingers seeming to be enhanced by the trance he was in. He whimpered as he felt her hand at his waist line, nodding slowly, "Yes... angel likes Shade..."

"And what if Ssshade were to tell you..." the pupils of her eyes narrowed and lengthened to a more reptilian look, as her hand moved into Ildac's pants and started to slowly stroke his already hard cock, "...that ssshe was one of thossse that ssshe warned you about? What if ssshe wishesss to twissst your feeble mind, and darken your selflesss desiresss, replacing them with the desssire to control, and enssslave, and corrupt? How would that make you feel?"

Ildac gasped sharply as he felt that velvety soft hand on his cock, his back arching in response as his nerves lit up in pleasure. He knew, in the now suppressed parts of his mind, that this was bad... that it was wrong. But he also knew that it was utterly impossible to stop her. All he could do was submit... and submit, he would. His eyes glazed over completely, and his mind fell into a deep trance, his breaths becoming gasps and moans as the seductive lamia stimulated him, "I-I don't... I don't care if you... do such a thing... All I wish is to obey you... Obey Shade... I belong to Shade..."

A smirk spread across Shade's lips, her fangs revealing themselves fully, her head moving back slowly as if preparing to strike. Her hand pumped him faster, determined to bring him to his climax quickly, "Then you will become Ssshade's pet, Ildac... Her ssslave. You will obey her every command, follow her wordsss to the letter, and be her sssubmissive little angel fox... Doesss thisss not sssound ssso blisssful, little Ildac?"

The angel's moans grew louder as his tongue lolled out the side of his mouth. Her pet? He would become this woman's slave, unable to resist even the simplest command, and to spend his life in servitude to her? Such a thought would normally be terrifying to him, but the pleasure... it was the greatest thing he'd ever felt. Not just the sexual pleasure she was giving him, but the pleasure she gave his entire mind by entrancing him. It was too much for him to resist. Too amazing to say no. With a great deal of effort he answered her, stifling his moans as much as he could, "Y-Yes... I will... I submit to you, Shade... I will be your mindless little pet..!"

"Good foxy... Now, feel the pleasssure your Mistresss can give you!" Shade lunged forward, baring her fangs and driving them into Ildac's neck, pumping large amounts of venom into his system. Ildac panicked, feeling the venom coursing through his veins and spreading quickly all over his body. However, the short pain that resulted from the initial bite was quickly overshadowed by the most amazing pleasure that he had ever felt. The venom awakened every nerve in his body, flooding him with an almost maddening lust and throwing him over the edge. He came hard, splattering her hand and his pants with cum, hips bucking wildly as he cried out into the night. This ordeal felt like it lasted forever, but as quickly as it had begun, it was over, and Ildac was left panting and gasping in recovery, his every nerve still tingling with orgasmic bliss from the venom.

Shade pulled her hand out from his pants and flicked her tongue out to taste her new pet's cum. She grinned in satisfaction, slowly stroking his chest fur, "Now that you have felt what Ssshade can give you... You mussst tell her what you will give her, my pet..."

Ildac let out a deep murr, completely content in just laying there with her, not caring who had heard that shameless moan, "Submission... Every part of my mind, body and soul... It all belongs to you, Mistress..."

The lamia closed her eyes and hissed ecstatically, as if his words had sent shivers of pleasure throughout her entire being. She flicked her tongue across his lips once, her sweet breath gently brushing against him as she whispered, "Then you are perfect for Ssshade... You will be hersss forever, little angel."

Hers forever... Yes. That sounded amazing to Ildac. Not that anything about her fell any bit short of amazing. He knew that he was going to enjoy his new life. A new life of submission and pleasure.

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