Ernest and Diboren's Three Day Doghouse Adventure: Part II

Story by Ernest258823 on SoFurry

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Ernest decided that he would help Diboren with his problem. However, Diboren decided that he just wanted to give up...until an unexpected guest comes to play. I don't own Naruto. Soon though...very soon I will. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! cough, cough. INUZUKA FOREVER MOTHERFUCKERS!!! BELIEVE IT!!

Diboren was the first to wake up...or so he thought. The ninken opened his eyes and yawned. *Well! I finally woke up first.* said Diboren. *If you EVER pull another god damn stunt like that again, I'll make sure you never wake up again!* yelled Ernest. Diboren yelped in fear. Ernest sat up and rubbed the back of his head. * almost killed me you bastard.* He said as he undid the bandages around his leg. Diboren walked over to the boy's backpack and brought it over to him. "Thanks." Said Ernest as he wrapped a new set of bandages around his leg. Ernest motioned for Diboren to come to his side and turn around. Ernest jammed his face halfway into the ninken's crack. Diboren yelped in surprise but stayed still. Diboren ripped a ten second fart in the boys nose. *Sorry I almost killed you* said Diboren. Ernest smiled and ran his tongue along Diboren's crack. *Ahhhh! What the hell was that?!* asked Diboren as he broke out of the boy's grip. *I'm sorry you almost killed me too.* said Ernest. Diboren looked at the boy in silence. "Humans call it a rimjob, I call it the next step in your training."Said Ernest with a small smile. Diboren heard a loud groan and looked at his stomach. *I'm hungry.* said Diboren. Ernest rolled his eyes. "What else is new?" He asked getting up. The two set out for the lake to catch them some fish. Once that was done, the two went back to the doghouse to heat and eat their fish. "Ah yeah...that hit the spot." Said Ernest. Diboren growled in agreement.

Ernest looked at Diboren and smiled. "Did you call me master last night?" Asked Ernest. Diboren perked up. *I don't remember doing so.* he said. Ernest shrugged. "Alright be that way." He said as he laid on his back. *What?* asked Diboren confused. "While you were busy denying it, your left eye was busy twitching." Said Ernest. Diboren sighed and buried his head in his paws. Ernest chuckled. "I don't know why you did, or why you even think that I'm your master, but whatever. I actually kinda like it." The ninken rolled his eyes and got up. *You would.* he said as he walked over to Ernest. Ernest rubbed the dog's head. He was about to speak when Diboren got up. *Yeah, yeah I know.* he said as he put his butt back in the boy's face. Ernest shoved his face deeper into the dogs ass and began breathing in its smells. Diboren looked back at Ernest and smiled. *Yeah...yeah I did call you master last night.* he said blushing. Ernest smiled..but kept on sniffing. *Nothing? Nothing at all?* asked Diboren in surprise. *Hey, admitting you're wrong was never easy for you. Especially when it came to admitting to me that you're wrong. So I thought you could use a break.* said Ernest.

Diboren smiled. After a few farts, Diboren looked back at Ernest. *Well? What're you waiting for? I've been ready for awhile now so get your tongue in there.* Said Diboren getting a little impatient. Ernest laughed. *Remeber what I said to you when we began your telepathy training?* he asked. *Yeah. You said that you would regret doing it.* said Diboren as he ripped another fart into Ernest's face. Ernest flashed a smile. *Ahhhhh! *gasp*...damn it!* screamed Diboren as Ernest jammed his tongue into the ninken's butt. *Yep. And I still do.* he said. Diboren struggled to get out of Ernest's grip. *Ya big baby.* he said as he released Diboren. Diboren laid there gasping and panting. Ernest crawled over to Diboren...or should I say he tried to crawl over to him. He completely forgot that he was chained to the doghouse floor. All of a sudden, Diboren started to cry. *Damn it...damn it...d-DAMN IT!!!!!!* he wailed. Ernest gasped and looked at Diboren with concern. *I-I...I just can't do it. I just can't. I'm so sorry.* said Diboren as he jumped into Ernest's arms. The two of them sat there for a few minutes when Diboren spoke up. *...I-I...I'm sorry...I'm sorry...I'm...* Ernest looked at Diboren with concern. Suddenly, there was a tapping at the doghouse door.

Ernest walked over to the door and opened it. "Oh it's you Goraio." He said looking at Diboren. *Can I come in?* he asked. Ernest invited him in. Goraio looked at Diboren in silence. *I was pissed.* he said. *What did I do?* asked Diboren still crying. *I was pissed at myself.* said Goraio. Diboren looked at his father. *Why? And what does that have to do with me?* he asked as Ernest sat next to him. Goraio laid down and began to think. *When I was training with Ernest's father, we had our...differences. No matter how hard the clan tried, they could never get us to work together. In fact, whenever we did work together, it was always because we had no choice. a last ditch effort, the clan elders told us to go on a mission...and to go alone.* Ernest cut in. "Why am I just now hearing this? He was my father after all." He complained. Goraio pointed to his son. *He's the reason I haven't told you.* Diboren gave him a puzzled look. *You and Ernest had already developed telepathic abilities. And considering how close you two were, I couldn't bring myself to tell you.* he said. The two were silent. *Anyways...the clan elders had told us to go on a mission alone. We started off arguing as usual, but then we were ambushed by three Chunin from the sand. We managed to fight them off...however we were severely injured and one of them had put a curse on us. The curse was "You will have what you desire...however it will cause great pain to obtain."* Goraio sighed. *I clamped my teeth down on his neck and as he laid there dying he said may your offspring suffer the same fate.* Diboren sat there in silence.

*I still don't understand. What does that have to do with what we're doing now?* asked Diboren. Goraio looked at Ernest and blushed. Ernest figured it out right away and laughed. "You were in love with my dad...just like Diboren is with me. However, you couldn't approach him because of the curse." Said Ernest. Diboren was the one blushing now. Goraio gave him a nervous laugh. Silence rang throughout the room. Goraio got up and began walking towards the door. *Bye...I'll see you when you get back.* he said. "Goraio...stay. Join in on the fun." Ernest said with a smile. Both Goraio and Diboren screamed in shock. *W-what?! You want me to stay?!* asked Goraio. Ernest nodded at Diboren and smiled. *Sure. We don't mind do we?* he asked. Diboren looked at his dad, then at Ernest. *No we don't mind. Come'll be fun. Besides, it's been awhile since we've done anything as father and son.* said Diboren. Goraio looked at Ernest, then at his son, and then blushed. *It's true we haven't done anything together in awhile but...I-I never imagined it would be something know...this.* he said pointing to the chains around Ernest's wrists and ankles.

Ernest and Diboren looked at each other and laughed. "Don't tell me the fearless Goraio is scared of a little fun." Mocked Ernest. *Bite me.* said Goraio. Diboren laughed and then looked at Ernest. *You need an invitation? Lay down.* he said in a bossy tone. Ernest rolled his eyes. "Alright master...just hold on a minute." He said laughing. Ernest laid down on the floor and looked up at the both of them. "Well? Which one of you babies is first?" Asked Ernest. *I don't know about this.* said Goraio. Diboren rolled his eyes. *Ugh...fine I'll go first so that you'll know it's safe.* he said as he sat on Ernest's face. *Hey Ernest...I'll come to your funeral.* said Goraio. Ernest laughed. *Shut the hell up!* huffed Diboren. Goraio chuckled and looked for a place to sit. *Over here.* said Ernest patting his stomach. Goraio blushed but didn't complain as he sat on the boy's stomach. Diboren looked at his father and rolled his eyes. Suddenly, Diboren's stomach began to churn as the dog felt a big one near his anus. *What's wrong? He's your partner after all. And he said he could handle it.* said Goraio. *Woah! Someone's getting a big head.* mocked Ernest. Goraio pushed on the boy's stomach forcing him to breathe. BLOOOOORRRP! FRRRRRRRRRT! FSSSSSSSST! Diboren sighed. Goraio coughed violently. *Ahhh! Not bad at all!* laughed Diboren. Ernest wasn't expecting that onslaught...but still he breathed it all in. *That smell lingered a lot less than I thought it would.* mused Goraio. Diboren shook his head and pointed to the boy they were sitting on. *Oh...right.* he said with a laugh. Diboren looked at his stomach. *I'm hungry.* he said. *What else is new.* asked Ernest and Goraio at the same time.

*No need to be so mean about it.* said Diboren. The two chuckled. *Come on let's go get some grub.* said Goraio. Ernest reached up to get the key off the window sill. "Alright Diboren...where's the damn key?" Asked Ernest. *I don't know what you did with it.* said Diboren. "Screw it. I'll send a messenger bird into town asking for food, water and the new set of chains I ordered." Said Ernest. *You ordered a new set of chains?* asked Diboren. Ernest nodded. *Why?* asked Goraio. Ernest ripped the chains out of the floor. "These are broken." He said. Diboren nodded in amusement. Ernest summoned his bird and with note in hand sent it to the village. After about ten minutes, the birds came back with a small capsule. Ernest threw the capsule into the doghouse. *OWWWW!* yelped Diboren. Ernest walked into the doghouse. *Why'd you throw it at me?!* asked Diboren. "I got bored waiting for the bird to come back." Ernest said with a shrug. The boy looked around for Goraio. *Bathroom break.* said Diboren. The two were setting up when Goraio came in. *Yo. What's been going on?* he asked. "Been setting up and cooking." Said Ernest. Goraio looked at Ernest. The dog didn't know why...but he just got this overwhelming feeling... "Uh-uh. That third thing is for later." Said Ernest. *Damn it!* shouted Goraio. Ernest and Diboren laughed.

*You two are sick.* said Diboren. *Yeah well I've been hanging out under your ass for the past day. I don't know what his excuse is.* Goraio just huffed and laid down on the floor. "Hey while you're over there could you hit the salt my way?" Asked Ernest taking the pot off the fire. Diboren walked over to his bowl and Goraio walked over to his bowl. The trio sat and ate their food while they talked about what to do next. Suddenly, both Diboren and Goraio shouted. *NO WAY!!!* they shouted. "Owwww! Damn it you guys are loud." Ernest said covering his ears. *There's no way in hell I'm sniffing his ass.* said Goraio. *And there's no way in hell I'm letting him lick my ass.* said Diboren. Ernest sighed and concentrated. Suddenly, the dogs eyes misted over as images flashed in front of them. They both shook their heads. *Okay okay...we'll do it.* Said Goraio. Ernest smiled. "YAAAAY!" Said Ernest as he jumped in the air. Both Diboren and Goraio rolled their eyes. Ernest then pulled at the necklace around his neck. *Three keys?* asked Goraio. "Yep. Me, Diboren, and Goraio." Ernest said as he hooked up the last chain to the doghouse floor. Ernest motioned Goraio to stand by him. "Stay there real quick and imagine the chains wrapping around my arms, legs,torso, and head." He instructed. Ernest stood by Diboren and then rushed at his father. Goraio yelped in fear and did what Ernest said. The chains wrapped around Ernest's body and slammed him into the floor.

"Owwww! Note to self, next time put a freaking mattress right here." He said. *Nice!* said Diboren as he walked over. Goraio and Diboren looked at each other. "Well? Anybody?" Asked Ernest. *Waiting on you to get better.* Said Goraio. Ernest nodded and Goraio sat, although hesitantly, on his face. Diboren then took his place with his butt in front of his dad's face. The three just remained like this for awhile. *Anybody?* Ernest asked trying to give the situation a little nudge. *Let's do it. Come on scoot back.* said Goraio. Diboren blushed, but scooted back until he felt his father's nose near his butt. Goraio stuffed his nose into his son's ass and began to breathe in the smell. Diboren gasped and dug his claws into the floor. FRRRRRT! Goraio recoiled a little but still kept his nose in his son's butt. *If I didn't know any better, I'd be calling you guys wimps right about now.* said Ernest as he breathed in the smell from Goraio's butt. Goraio laughed. Suddenly, his stomach began to churn. *Go on. Let it fly.* said Ernest. BLOOOOOORP! Goraio's face was a darker shade of red as that fart escaped his butt. Ernest stayed where he was and sniffed Goraio's butt. Diboren pushed his butt against his father's muzzle. * goes.* He said as he pushed one-third of his tongue into his son's butt. Diboren gasped and dug his claws deeper into the floor. Goraio explored his son's ass while Ernest was preparing his own exploration. Ernest raised a hand and placed it on Goraio's back. Then, he placed his other hand on Goraio's butt. *R-ready.* said Goraio. Ernest decided to cut the dog some slack and jammed a third of his tongue into his ass. Goraio flinched and ripped a rank fart into the boy's face. *Geez. You're an even bigger baby than your son is.* complained Ernest. This little cycle went on for several hours when Ernest spoke up. *Nice to see you guys finally grew a pair.* said Ernest as he patted Goraio's butt signaling him to get up.

*Shut the hell up.* muttered Diboren. Ernest noted a slight crack in his voice. *I'll be right back.* said Goraio. Ernest turned towards Diboren and noticed him shuddering. *Come here. Cry it out.* said Ernest. Diboren lept into the boy's arms and cried. Ernest rubbed the back of his head in silence. *Th-thank you...thank you for...for...for...* Ernest smiled and pinched the dogs asscheek. "No problem mate...just promise me you'll stop crying...okay?" Asked Ernest. Diboren forced the chain around Ernest's head to the ground.*OWWWW! What the hell?!* asked Ernest. *Deal. I'll stop crying. And that was for pinching my ass.* Said Diboren. Ernest laughed as he got up and headed for the food supplies. *Didn't we just eat?* asked Goraio as he walked back in. "Yeah...about four hours ago." Said Ernest as he flipped another piece of meat. Goraio simply shrugged and walked over to his son. Ernest watched in curiosity as the two laid down with their noses buried in each other's ass. "Nice to see you guys taking the initiative. *What are you babbling about now?* asked Diboren. "After dinner that's how we're going to sleep." Said Ernest now preparing the veggies. *Wait...we're sleeping like this?* asked Goraio. "Well...not exactly like that but close enough." Said Ernest. Diboren ripped a fart into his dad's nose. After thirty minutes, Ernest had set up their bowls and the three of them sat and ate dinner. After which they cleaned up and Diboren put Ernest back in his chains.

* are we going to sleep again?* asked Goraio. Before Ernest could answer, Diboren spoke up. *I think I know. We're going to lay down like we were before dinner...but with our butts in his face.* said Diboren. Goraio stood there puzzled. Ernest sighed and flashed Goraio a quick image. *Oh... I got it.* said Goraio. The two looked at each other and nodded. Goraio wrapped his arms and legs around the left side of Ernest's body and Diboren did the same with his right side. Next, they scooted back until their butts were as close to the boy's face as possible. As luck would have it, each asshole was directly under one of the boy's nostrils. Diboren and Goraio sensed how happy this made Ernest and rested their heads on each others necks. After saying good night to each other, the two decided to use the boy's nose as a battlefield for a farting contest. Diboren blasted a ten second squeaker into his nostril while Goraio blasted his nostril with a ten second bass. The two ripped farts into the boy's nose until they fell asleep. And Ernest wasn't that far behind them. *Good night...guys.* Said Ernest as he slipped into dreamland

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