Teenage Troubles: Chapter 13

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Chapter 1320 Grange Lane, City Of Fait4:51 AM, 2nd of MayQuinn was stirred out of his rest by prodding against his stomach, it was hardly painful, but was already extremely annoying. "Is the house burning down?" Quinn put the sarcastic question to the furson laying next to him with a sigh. Yawning, he clenched his eyes shut and tried to roll over. With a reaction to put a bullet train to shame, the young cheetah grabbed him and rolled the wolf back to his original position. "No. It's time to get up." A monotonous voice asserted. "Look, I don't know what the fuck they did to your internal clock, but it is not time to get up!" Quinn complained with a whine, pulling a pillow over his head to shield his eyes. "I'll have you know that my perception of time is the same as it's always been. Besides, how do you know what the time is?""I don't have morning wood, I can actually put up with my morning breath and it's so dark that I can't  see your fur." Quinn listed as his tiredness started to grow again. "That's because you have your eyes closed. Maybe if you'd open them you'd not only see me, but the corruption of the government and...""'Morning Marco." Quinn was already dying with delight; he embraced his boyfriend in a death grip, pulling the cheetah's face down onto into the crook of the wolf's neck and rubbing his chin over him as they lay next to one another. "Listen to me!" Marco roared as he did his best to get out of Quinn's arms. "Stop marking me with your scent!" He howled once more before Quinn finally released him.Quinn opened his eyes to see Marco sitting naked in front of him. His hair, that was usual kempt, had become mussed because of the playing. "Douche." He pouted. Quinn put a black forepaw on Marco's leg and rubbed his soft fur, the cheetah purred slightly as his lips curled; he'd always been a sucker for massages. "Good to have you back as well, I was worried that they might have killed you." Quinn took his boyfriend by the waist and showered his lips with kisses of joy. "Well if I died, how would... I be able to put... the rest of the class, more importantly you... Mhh, to shame by scoring perfect on my exams?"  Marco inquired between kisses, putting his head backwards to speak normally at the end. "You still plan on doing that?" Quinn asked curously as he sat up and stretched his arms. The covers fell away from him, revealing that he was completely naked as well. Marco nodded passionately with enthusiasm fueling the color of his eyes. "Then you're going to need to play catch up. I can help with psychology stuff and the history...""You don't need to. I did all of my studying in the hospital, I didn't miss a thing."Suddenly, Quinn's red eyes lit up. "You're voice!" Marco did the opposite; he brought them to be almost closed as if he was terrified."D-do I sound like one of the others?!" He

stuttered in alarm and grabbed at Quinn's forepaw and squeezed tightly. His knees were digging into Quinn's and he was breathing onto Quinn's face, but the wolf didn't mind. "No! Not at all... You said I." Quinn explained. "You're not considering yourself as a group anymore?""I don't do that stuff anymore." Marco straightened his posture, he had a look of pride on his face. "Same with all the therapy things. Like... breathing in and out, countering to ten, my mantra...""What's a mantra? It sounds.... religious." Quinn interrupted, he flinched when he heard Marco's annoyed rumble. "Sorry.""A mantra-" Marco informed loudly, almost shocking Quinn. "Is something that therapists and other psychology workers give their patients in order to make them relax. Or at least, that's how it is in my case. They tend to be phrases or little lyrics from songs. For example, ours, as in everyfur who's inside my brain, is 'Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers...'" He then moved onto perfectly say the entire tongue twister without stuttering or balking. "Wow..." Quinn grinned in pride for his boyfriend. "I'm impressed. How did you learn to do that?""You sort of get good at it when you're sitting in a padded room all by your lonesome, with nothing to do but think about your failures..." Marco's ear-to-ear grin faded, sending a shiver down Quinn's spine. "Sorry. I still get those little dark impulses, but who am I without my quirks?" He forced a smile as wildly as Quinn had moments ago. "That and I sort of got scared a lot, so it helped me to relax..." His visage changed further, sinking down as his eyes moved away to observe the color of the bed sheets.  "Why were you scared?" Quinn asked before Marco could continue, his stroking getting closer and closer to Marco's face."All kinds of things... Faces I guess. Delusions as well. I thought that the walls were closing in at one point. Another time I thought that there was a serial killer come to cleanse the world of freaks, so they were trying to bust down my door. In truth it was just one of the nurses coming in to give me my pills." Marco started rubbing the backs of Quinn's forepaws as he remembered things that had warmed his heart.

 "Didn't the others speak to you? To help? You four are sharing a body after all...""No. They weren't speaking to me back then because of..." Marco sniffled and tightened his muscles. "I think that made all of the hallucinations stronger, since Devon wasn't telling me to be brave..." The cat had tears in his eyes once more, he trembled slightly and went to curl up into a ball as he normally did when he felt a breakdown coming on.  Recognizing it in a instant, Quinn took action. "Well there won't be any more nightmares now that I'm here. So you cuddle up to me when you get scared and I'll punch the faces." He got his face level with Marco's and kissed him on the cheek."You can't

punch my imagination." Marco giggled for the first time in ages. He uncurled himself and loosened his grip on Quinn's forepaws."Really? Watch me!" Quinn demanded as he jumped put of bed. He moved about the room, punching at thin air and lightly tapping his wardrobe. "Where are they!" He roared. Marco burst out into laughter, "Stop! What if your parents wake up?" He questioned; they would't exactly be happy to see their son leaping about the room with his balls hanging out."Good point." Quinn smiled. He stood by the window for a moment and focused his eyes down into the darkness, as if he were looking for something."Come here Marco, tell me what you see." He said after a moment, not bringing his eyes away from the nothingness. "No Quinn... What if I get a hallucination? You know that...""I've told you. If you start seeing things, I'll protect you. Now come and look out of the window." Quinn opened up the window wide and stepped aside. Reluctantly, Marco shakily got out of bed and gracefully walked over to Quinn. Immediately the wolf put both forepaws on Marco's waist as he leaned out of the window in order to be tall enough to get a proper view. "Nothing... Just darkness." Marco smiled in relief. "No monsters.""See? It's safe out there and in here. No killers, nothing under the bed or in the closet. Well.... except Max." Quinn chuckled."Who?" Marco raised an eyebrow."Just a friend. Definitely a closet case though.""Last time 'just a friend' sucked your dick and you got nudes of him. Is he really just a friend?""He hates me. So I guess that he's more of an enemy... Not that I see him like that." Quinn took his forepaws away from Marco's waist and clambered out onto the windowsill.On instinct, Marco hissed and grabbed Quinn in terror. Quinn didn't try to brush Marco's forepaws away, perhaps it was because he was afraid of falling. "I won't ask you to get up here, I don't want you to, but trust me for a moment please? I won't jump, I won't leave you behind or go anywhere." Quinn calmly promised as he put his legs out of the window. It took a moment for Marco to take his forepaws away, but when he did he regretted it instantly. In the exact moment, Quinn fell and Marco screamed so loudly that the neighborhood must have went onto full alert. "NOOOOOO!"He was too shocked to fall too his knees, but suddenly felt took weak to stay standing. He quivered, covering his mouth and clenching his eyes shut as he braced himself for the inevitable 'splat.' He listened out for a minute, but when he didn't hear it he forced himself to open his eyes and shakily walk towards the window to check. In the next second, he noticed that Quinn hadn't fallen, but was instead suspended in air.The back of his head was visible and he was certainly alive, he was... laughing. "Quinn?" No answer. "Quinn?" Marco squeaked Quinn burst out into laughter and climbed back into the room."That was priceless! You really thought that I fell?""Yes! I was terrified!" Marco pouted. "You've probably given me more nightmares now..." Marco went back in the direction of the bed and got into it. Quinn finally stopped laughing as he got back into bed behind Marco. "Then I'll hit all of those stupid things! I'm going to punch all of your nightmares away.""Can you start with yourself? You are a devil after all.""Ouch!" Quinn smirked and gave his boyfriend a playful shove on the shoulder. "Why don't we go back to sleep?" Marco suggested as he rolled over and snuggled his butt against Quinn's sheath. Biting his lower lip to keep his desires at bay, Quinn answered Marco by putting a forepaw on his waist. "Didn't you want to get up though?""Nah... I just wanted to tell you that my father, my new one, not the first or the second, says that you're welcome to come around anytime you want. He's getting a key made for you.""Tell him that I say thanks. Actually, I'll say that to him myself. First impressions and what not.""Oh.. He already has the impression that you're a horny bastard who manipulates me and all the others into getting sex." Marco lied. "He's giving you a key, so that he can track your every movement through-out Veden and kill you when the chance presents itself. Keep those eyes open." Marco warned with a wink as he patted Quinn on the back and pulled the covers up so high they were both plunged into darkness.The wolf was awoken again around an hour later by soft sobbing and dampness towards the other end of the bed. "Marco, Leib?" He called out, bringing a forepaw forwards to touch the cheetah's shoulder. It was most definitely him, or her, who was crying. Their shoulders twitched, their body having spasms in addition as they tried to curl up further. "Marco..." He reported through another fit of tears."What's wrong?""I saw them..." Marco twitched, the crying getting louder as he spoke. "They touched my face..." His voice broke."There's no way that they were in the room. It was a hallucination..." Quinn smiled as he tried to reassure his boyfriend. "You're safe.""I know... I know... But I couldn't move... And I couldn't speak. I was so scared..." He trembled. "I-s..." Marco broke down into incoherent ramblings."Ahh... It's called sleep paralysis. It happens when you wake up too soon, so at least we know that it wasn't your schizophrenia coming back for an appearance." Quinn explained as he massaged his boyfriend's shoulders. "See... Everything's fine." Quinn reassured with a sleepy tone."I suppose that's good..." Marco smiled as he rubbed his puffy, red eyes.For a moment, it seemed that Marco was about to giggle or laugh, but as he turned to meet Quinn he broke out once more into tears. "What is it now?" Quinn asked with concern, doing his best not to sound annoyed or frustrated. That was the problem

with Marco sometimes, he would over analyze everything form body language to tone of voice. No matter how small or brief, if there was a hint of annoyance Marco would pick it up and take it to heart. "Can.... can you get a towel?" Was all that Marco responded with. Quinn smiled in relief, frustrated that his bed was most likely a sticky mess, but glad that something horrible hadn't happened. Quinn dabbed his boyfriend's eyes with a finger, making sure to dry each eye a few times until the flood became more of a trickle. "Sweet... You didn't, did you?" He brushed Marco's hair back and gripped him by the arms, placing Marco's on his shoulder and trying to pull him in closer. Marco refused, pushing Quinn back. "I told you that we shouldn't have slept naked." Marco sounded aggressive and when he sat up to fold his arms and sulk, Quinn nearly made a grab for him. Before he could make a decision Marco broke down again. It was a shake at first which was more like a shiver than anything, but then his eyes opened like a dam and tears streamed down his face again. "I'm so sorry." He shakily mumbled to Quinn as he buried his face in his arms. "It's alright. Most teenage guys do it, at least we know that your balls are working." He reached out and touched Marco's paw, stroking gently to calm him down."Quinn..." His voice sent a chill down the young wolf's spine. "I didn't... I-i didn't have a wet dream... I...""Oh." Quinn responded. "Shit... Go and use the bathroom, take a shower. I'll join you in a minute when I've cleaned up. There are spare sheets in the cabinet anyway."  Quinn instructed. He stayed put for a moment, exploring with dabs of his paw to discover the wet patch before he sat in it. He found it, directly under where Marco had been sleeping. It was almost gag worthy, touching it, but Quinn had grown use to cleaning up messes. Admittedly, it had been a long while since he'd had to clean up one of the cheetah's accidents, but he almost welcomed it as a sign of going back to the way things used to be.Marco got out of bed slowly, droplets falling to the carpet as he moved. "Wipe it up with the quilt, Marco. It doesn't matter, I'll change everything." Marco did as he was told before rushing to the bathroom as Quinn had suggested. Quinn sighed as he got out of bed and pulled back the quilt to reveal the mess. The massive, wet patch stunk badly, but it was bound to happen eventually; Quinn had even been pushing it by talking about nightmares before they'd settled down for the night.Quinn stripped his bed and was relieved to find that it hadn't soaked through to the mattress, so that could stay where it was. He carried the sheets downstairs and dumped them in front of the washing machine. Next, he opened up the washing machine and pulled everything out. Sighing at how much there was to do, he opened the tumble dryer and shoved everything that was wet inside. He started the machine up and started to cram

his bed sheets into the washing machine. He smiled in relief as the cycle started, smoothly removing all of the evidence that his boyfriend was indeed still too broken to be allowed a normal life. Quinn knew that he could just play everything off as if he and is boyfriend had made a mess having sex, after all his parents knew about what the cheetah and the wolf would get up to.Quinn moved back upstairs and saw Marco peering out of the bathroom at him. "Everything alright?" Quinn asked as he dug into the airing cupboard for fresh sheets. "Yeah. I'm just... Sorry." Marco blushed. "W-what shampoo should I use? And should I bother with conditioner? And do you have the right combs?" Marco questioned. "Sorry... I still like to get things done right.""I still have the combs that you brought over when you were here last." Quinn smiled. "And use whatever shampoo you want to use. As for the conditioner, go for it. Just don't use too much of it." Quinn advised. The bathroom door shut and Quinn moved into his bedroom to get the new sheets onto the bed.They were hardly anything fancy, just a dark blue color which would probably mean that Quinn would be changing them again in the morning if Marco decided to stay another night. Quinn efficiently got the covers over the edges of his bed without them popping off on the other side. Then he fluffed up the pillows, changed the quilt cover and made his bed. He was about to flop down on his creation and relax when he felt a tug on his tail."What is it, Marco?" He smiled warmly as he turned around to face the cheetah."Aren't we going to shower together?" Marco asked quietly as he squeezed Quinn at the waist and rocked himself against the wolf. "We always do..." He added. "I was only going to take a quick nap." Quinn promised."We don't like being naked on our own." Marco stated creepily. Quinn sighed and rubbed Marco's back for him."You're using the whole 'we' thing again. I thought that you said...""I know, but that time I was talking about everyfur in my head. We all hate it, so I used we. Devon told me to do say it." Marco explained, slightly annoyed that Quinn had called him out on it. "Okay, alright." Quinn turned Marco around guided him towards the bathroom. "Just don't let Devon tell you what to do." Quinn added as he opened the bathroom door and ushered Marco into the shower. He huddled himself in the corner, grabbing at his imaginary tail and pulling it around his legs. "But why? Devon's smart, he's cool..." Marco rocked back and forth, somehow he didn't slip or fall over."Devon makes mistakes, lots of them. You are the smartest out of the four of you, we've proven that before." Quinn stripped himself, positioning himself in front of Marco to try to distract him for a few moments. "But I fucked up our lives..." Marco mumbled, almost too quietly for Quinn to hear. In one swift movement, Quinn was across the room and cupping Marco's face with

his forepaws."You made a decision. Yes it was big and you should have tried to get the others permission, but you needed to make it and you did it. So well done for doing that, the others are going to have to live with it. Remember when Amanda decided to straighten out your hair?" He questioned."Yes... But that didn't change anything big! And Leib liked it." Marco stated."Okay... How about when Devon got your ears pierced? And then when Amanda tried to tear them out the next day.""What are you trying to prove?" Marco  flinched at the memories of the searing pain he'd been put through when his ears had needed to be sewn up. "I'm just saying that all of you make mistakes, especially when... You know what, never mind. Look, let's just forget about all the bad things you've done and remember the good stuff." Quinn moved away from Marco to adjust the shower. "How about that time when you nailed all of the tests? And ended up getting all four of you into the highest groups? Not only that but when you fall behind, you stay up for ages trying to revise and catch up. You should be proud." Quinn turned on the water and held out his forepaws for Marco to take, he pulled the cheetah up to a standing positionHe spun Marco around, who was still silent. "Thanks..." He muttered after a while and nestled his head under Quinn's chin. He shivered at the pattering of water on his back, but mewed like a kitten when he felt Quinn's forepaws gliding across his naked body. Quinn chuckled, "Cutie." He sniffed Marco. "Hmmm... Two washes I think. You smell of... medicine and...""A dentist practice?" Marco smiled. "Sorry, but I haven't really had a chance to shower in... Two weeks?""How on earth do you not stink?" Quinn grinned, trying not to be offensive."Lots and lots of deodorant. We had to cut into Devon's supplies, he's probably going to flip when he notices how much Leib and I used.""Thanks! Now I'm going to have to deal with an annoyed cheetah." Quinn licked Marco's head, showing him that he was joking. The taste was horrible and the feeling was greasy, but Marco didn't become angry, so Quinn counted that one as a win.He picked up a scrubber and squirted a concoction of different shampoos onto it. "You first." Quinn enjoined and started to run it along the cheetah's back, Marco began giggling and rocking on his toes. When Marco's back had been scrubbed down, the cheetah stepped backwards with a sad expression. "Don't be sad, you can still see me." Quinn smiled as he ran the tool across Marco's front."But I'm not being held by you am I?" Marco pointed out, holding his forepaws out to be cleaned."Well at least your back is getting clean, are you going to do my body after this...""I'd rather not... I mean, I didn't ask you to wash me. I like to do things independently."Annoyed by Marco, Quinn stepped back to let Marco clean himself. The cheetah went directly under the flow

of water and rubbed himself with his forepaws, looking over his shoulder every five seconds to make sure that Quinn was still there. He expected that the wolf would run off whilst his back was turned, but in reality Quinn was only gathering up various combs and conditioners for Marco to use. "Quinn!" Marco tried to click with his fingers, but they were too wet. Before Marco could scream his name, the wolf tapped the cheetah on the shoulder and handed him the conditioner."Hold that." He requested as he squeezed shampoo into his forepaws and fussed Marco's head furs with them. "I don't need you to...""I like washing you. I wash Leib all the time as well, so stop whining and let me do this. My boyfriend deserves to have everything done for him." Quinn stopped rubbing Marco's head when the suds dripped from his hair. "Brrgh!" Marco noised and rubbed a few bubbles from eyes. "Quinn! Stop getting suds in my eyes!" Marco demanded, Quinn quickly rinsed his forepaws and then wiped Marcos' eyes for him. "Ready for me to wash you?" Quinn asked as he picked up the shower wand and raised it above the feline's head, making sure that the water didn't touch him. "Sure." Marco smiled and started laughing when his body was tickled by water.Around ten minutes later, Quinn was washing conditioner out of his head furs and Marco was sitting behind him. The cheetah was playing with his toes, picking at them and stretching them. Quinn looked over his shoulder, "Do you want me to wash your paws?" He quizzed, as he tipped his head back to let water fall from it. "No!" Marco sounded offended. "I can wash my own paws...""But you can't spend five minutes on your own, can you?" Quinn thought in his head suddenly. He choked on air, shocked by his own thoughts. He acted as if Marco could read his thoughts. He turned around, touched Marco on the shoulder and hugged him. "I'm all done. Want me to dry...""No. I'll dry myself. I like to do things independently." Marco repeated and stepped out of the shower. He picked up a towel and started to dry himself off. Quinn stepped after him and picked up another towel, he left Marco alone for a moment. When they were both dried, Quinn used the toilet as Marco brushed his teeth. The two cycled around the bathroom, doing their morning tasks one after the other until they were both finished. An audacious question came across Quinn's mind as they walked to the bathroom, he had to ask"Is this whole, 'do everything myself' because of your fir-""No." Marco hissed as if Quinn had scratched him. He shot around with venom in his eyes, teeth barred as if he were ready to pounce on Quinn and tear him apart. Despite being half his size, he squared up to Quinn and poked him in the chest. "Let's get this straight, I've spent the past, what, six months with furs treating me to constant ministrations and surveillance that was all around the clock. I couldn't even piss

without somefur leaning over my shoulder! And my tail? Doctors every five fucking days trying to add more pills to my list. Then of course there's the teachers, picking on me because the other three furs in my head are too stupid to do their work! I'm fucking done with having furs do things for me!" Marco panted at the end of his tirade, cheeks red with anger.Quinn was stunned, he eyed the small cheetah who was pressed up against him and did the only thing he could; he pulled the cheetah in close and hugged him. "I know... But that's behind us now." Quinn purred softly. "If you want to do things on your own, that's fine, but showering and sleeping are two things that I'm doing with you no matter what. I like washing you and I like cuddling you, don't try to stop me from doing those two things please." Quinn begged and finally released Marco. "But they'e my rituals... doing things on my own. I like to do that stuff." Marco mumbled softly, his fists were trembling as they slowly un-clenched. "I know, but these are things that your parents caused. You can't just push yourself away from the world every morning. Nor can you let furs push you around. I guess that I just contradicted myself...""You did." Marco giggled. "Let's just say that if we want to shower together, we ask each other and we can say no. But the sleeping thing? If were in the same room and sleeping, you'd better be spooning with me.""Good. Shall we go to my room, we look like idiots standing out here." Quinn suggested, Marco nodded and happily let Quinn lead him.18 Maudlin Row, City of FaitThe wolf stood outside Marco's new home, sweating as he held Marco's forepaw. Marco's new parents had insisted on collecting the two of them Quinn's home, but Marco's independent tendencies had kicked in before he could say 'yes.' That had found the two of them walking through the streets of Fait at about six in the morning whilst it poured with rain. The water dripping down his neck made him shudder for two reasons. Both of them were in their school uniforms with their bags slung over their shoulders. Marco was absolutely delighted, he'd knocked on the door about ten times already. Quinn was about to suggest that maybe the cheetah's parents had gone to collect him, thinking that he'd been joking, when the door opened wide and Marco was pulled into such a tight hug that he yelped in surprise. He could have sworn that the growing wetness on his back were tears and not rain. "Come inside, the both of you!" The brown bear demanded as he ushered the couple inside and closed the door. He fumbled with keys for a moment, debating whether to lock the door or leave it be; in the end he left it unlocked."Why don't you take your shoes off." The muscular brown bear suggested as he moved out of the square entryway and into the living room. "I'm just going to go and put the finishing touches on your room..." He

searched for a name, the sounds of an L rolled off his tongue, but stopped before he could say the full name. Embarrassed almost, he moved away with his beer gut jiggling slightly. Marco giggled, "That's Kip, my first dad." The cheetah smiled. "Tennyson is probably here somewhere. He spoke to me on the room." Marco took his shoes off and neatly put them next to some rather large shoes. There was a variety of them, trainers, walking boots, formal shoes and wellingtons, each one clearly belonged to a male. Quinn snuggled his shoes up to Marco's and followed after the cheetah as he walked into the living room.There was a chubby polar bear sitting on the couch, watching TV. He was fully dressed in khaki pants and a sweat shirt that covered his large body entirely, except for his paws, forepaws and his head. He smiled at the approaching teenagers, tears in his eyes almost. "So which cub do I have today?" He inquired as he stood up and embraced Marco."Marco." The cheetah answered. "This is my boyfriend, well our boyfriend, Quinn." Marco gestured to the wolf who had stood to one side. Tennyson surveyed him in a few seconds and decided that if his cub, cubs if you want to be picky, loved him he should trust the boy. "Come here you!" He roared and pulled Quinn into a hug. "I'm a hugger, so you're getting one for looking after my boy this morning!" He beamed and let the wolf go before it became awkward. "Marco?" Tennyson was tempted to kneel when he spoke, but fought the urge. "Why don't you go upstairs and go see your room? I've made sure that all of yours bag are there, but I didn't want to touch anything. It's your room so do what you want with it." Marco smiled and ran upstairs, "Thanks, Dad!" He cried as he shot up the stairs.Without wasting a second, Tennyson sat back on the couch with his paws rubbing into the mocha carpet. "So... Quinn." He opened, "Do you want me to go and make your some tea? My husband would normally do that, but I think that he wants to make Marco happy first.""No thanks. I'm glad that you two are so focused on making him smile. Can I sit?" Quinn quizzed."Sure, but could you turn the TV off first? We've lost the remote and I want to talk to you without distractions." That raised a few alarms, but Tennyson's relaxed face told him that he shouldn't have been afraid. Quinn pressed the power on the TV, the sounds of some sit com cut off as the screen turned black.He turned to see that Tennyson was griping a pen and pad in his forepaws. "Don't panic... I just want to know more things about my son." The polar bear held out his forepaw, which Quinn shook with pleasure and sat next to him on the couch. Something about the bear made him want to relax and kick back, not a single thing about him was hostile. "I suppose that I should introduce myself properly, I'm Tennyson Summers. Yes I know it's ironic, a polar bear having 'Summers' for a last name." The wolf grinned at the bear."Quinn

Oxley."  The wolf announced with a firm tone. "Is... err... Is... Is my boyfriend's last name Summers as well now?" Quinn asked when he finally found away to address all four of his boyfriend's personalities without insulting him. "Yes and I understand your struggle for finding an all inclusive name for him. Look at this please." Tennyson handed Quinn a passport. The wolf opened it to find that it belonged to a 'Marco Vieney.' Quinn was shocked, so Marco was the proper owner of the cheetah' body. "I think that it's best to call him Vieney, when we address all four of his personalities. But not to his face. Triggers and what not, which is also why I'm asking you to hide that from him. He's had that thrown at him twice when he was disowned, from what we've been told. Imagine how many memories that'll bring back, it'll be chaos. Not only that, but if Vieney doesn't know who was the first to be in his mind, there won't be conflicts about it." Tennyson chewed on the end of his pen, waiting for Quinn's response. Quinn agreed in all ways."Is that it?" Quinn sighed in relief. "I was terrified that you were about to tell me to leave Mar- Vieney alone and to get out of his life.""There's a lot more to ask you about Vieney and all of his alters. But Kip and I aren't going to force you out of our life or Vieneys. In fact..." The polar bear dug around his pocket to hand Quinn a key. "This is for the front door, you're always welcome here Quinn. But please do call ahead before you come knocking, I'll be shocked if a black wolf shows up in my living room out of the blue.""Thanks." Quinn accepted the key and fastened it to his key ring immediately. Now he had a key three house keys, all given to him by adults. "What did you want to ask me about Vieney?""I want to know about all of their triggers. Kip and I, we're doing everything we can to keep him away from anything that might cause his bad memories to bother him. Anything to do with his life before..." Tennyson seemed to choke on either tears or air. "Those rabbits..." He spat, "we want him to forget. We know that he won't forget his second home at all. Thanks to his tail and you.""I'm really sorry about that..." Quinn mumbled."It's alright Quinn, so far you've honestly helped our son so much. But as all parents will tell you, break my sons heart and I will rip yours out of you." Tennyson grinned jokingly. The two chuckled together. "Noted.""We're getting side tracked. Triggers?" Quinn went on to list every last one of Vieney's triggers, relating them to the alter as well; Tennyson scribbled down all of them."Thank you. Is it true that they're always co-conscious." Quinn nodded. "Do they co-run?" Tennyson asked with fear almost."No. I don't think that they've either done that. When one of them is out, they have full control of their body. The others can scream at them as much as they want, but they won't be able to do a thing about what

they're doing." Tennyson relaxed when he was told that."What... How do they treat each other? And themselves?" Tennyson asked when he flipped the page."Marco looks up to Devon a lot. Marco's good friends with Leib and Amanda as well. But before we stopped talking, they used to..." Quinn was the one to choke now. "They used to hurt themselves to hurt Marco. He chose their GCSE options and they hated him for it.  But I think that the hospital has made them all pals again." Quinn smiled.Tennyson couldn't look up from his pad, he was shaking at the mention of self-harm. "What do they do themselves?!" He asked with a snarl. Quinn understood entirely, he'd started to get angry when he'd found out about what Leib had done. "Leib cuts. He'll lock himself in a room and then do it until he can't force himself to do it anymore. Once he did it randomly, he told me that he didn't know why. He just said that he thought that he had to, that somefur had told him to do it, but he couldn't tell me their name. He didn't know it." Tennyson was furiously scribbling at that point. "Marco isn't dangerous to anyfur. What he does is... strange. He goes crazy with studying and schoolwork. I mean... It's not harmful to him, but it really does make it hard for the others to get on top of homework because they don't understand it. Amanda isn't too bad either, she just changes how they look as a furson, which makes her other alters mad sometimes. Then Devon...""I've heard what Devon does. Stop for a moment, then we'll see if you know anything more." Tennyson finished what he was writing, he opened a new page for Devon's notes. "Carry on.""Devon's a strange case. He doesn't hurt himself, he just goes berserk and breaks everything in sight. Often he'll turn to me and start trying to fight me, I woke up with him trying to strangle me. Then he broke down and started crying, like Leib had, he told me that he didn't know why he was so mad with me or why he'd wanted to kill me. Somefur had told him and he didn't know who, that was all he told me.""Strange... Has he ever tried to kill anyfur else? I'm sorry. I guess the whole shrink thing is showing.""You're a psychiatrist?" Quinn asked on a side note."Yes. I am. Which is why I think that I can cope with Vieney. Kip isn't in the field of psychology, he's a trainer." Tennyson smirked with pride."To answer your question no, Devon really hated himself after he tried to strangle me. He broke down and since then he's always reminded me that he loved me. Seriously, it's very strange how he treats me. Lots of kissing and licking." Quinn frowned, worried that it was starting to get too weird to share."Thank you." Tennyson and went to put his note pad down. "Is there anything else?""Yes." Quinn answered. Tennyson's pad shot back to him. "Marco wet the bed this morning. He hasn't done that for ages, but he used to do it a lot.""Do you know

why?" Tennyson asked, he was undoubtedly starting to regret taking the cheetah in."Before Christmas it was always hallucinations. He'd see something and scream. Then depending on who was in control, they'd do different things. Amanda would always hide behind me, Devon would try to fight and the other two would cry." Quinn listed. "But this morning it was sleep paralysis. So he couldn't move, I truly think that he doesn't have schizophrenia anymore.""Thanks son." Tennyson closed his pad. "If you ever need somefur to speak to, I'm your man. Why don't you go upstairs and help Marco with un-packing?" Tennyson suggested as he kicked back. "I've done a lot if it already....""You didn't did you?!" Quinn shot up. "Marco hates having things done for him." Tennyson suddenly looked very worried, he scrambled for his pad."What else do they hate?!" He fretted.Happily, Quinn listed everything that Vieney hated and got up to leave. "Look, I don't think it'll matter too much. Marco hasn't started stomping, so I guess that something must be right." Quinn smiled."Okay. Do you think that I should take the locks off of all the doors? So that I can stop Leib when he self harms?" Tennyson questioned, he stretched out his forepaw to stop Quinn from leaving. "Yeah. That would be a good idea. But don't hide sharp things from them, they'll start thinking about it more. I learned that the hard way. Another thing, if you see that he's done it. Don't address him directly, write a message and then be kinder. Let him go to bed later, let him have an extra dessert or more food. Those are just a few things that Leib's a sucker for..." Quinn smiled remembering the cheetah's delighted face when Quinn had given him several tubs of ice cream. "I'll go now."Quinn was about halfway towards the door when Tennyson called out. "Quinn?! Come back." He called. "I know that I might seem over-protective, but Kip and I want to take good care of Vieney more than anything. Nothing is allowed to go wrong now..." Tennyson seemed to be sniffling."Is something wrong?" Quinn asked, he put a forepaw on the polar bear's shoulder like a true friend would."No." Tennyson forced a wavering, weak smile to fool the wolf. "Go upstairs and tell Marco that you love him for me please.  Oh and you should probably know that the condoms are under the sink in an orange clinic bag. There are all the sizes in there, since we didn't know what size you'd be.." Tennyson blushed."Wow... You really do want to make things perfect." Quinn smiled. "I'm a medium by the way." He pointed out, not embarrassed at all."Thanks for telling me... The lube is under my bed. There are few toys as well, so I ask you to leave them alone. You'll find out everything about my sex life just from looking under there, so I'm going to go out and buy some bottles for you boys today. Don't use my toys and make sure that Marco doesn't find out." Tennyson growled

almost. "Sorry..." He apolgized looking over at the fireplace. "I just really want my son to be safe."The polar bear seemed to be in a daze now, he was looking off into the fireplace as if it were blazing. Tears were coming down his cheeks, forming in the corners of his puffy red eyes, but he wasn't making any noise. Quinn slipped out of the room quietly, seeing that it was appropriate to leave Tennyson to his memories. Tennyson sighed, pattering his paws up and down as he looked from his pad to his phone. The younger couple had just went out of the door, heading off to school and would return at around four in the afternoon. Tennyson and Kip had tried to convince their son, since they needed to get to know their cub better, but Marco had incessantly insisted on going to school with Quinn. Tennyson had almost been proud when the cheetah had walked out of the door with his head held high.When the two had left, Tennyson had gone up to his room to ponder on things whilst Kip relaxed in the living room; he'd asked the brown bear not to disturb him. The polar bear felt up his flab as he sat on his bed, he'd discarded his clothes into a pile upon arriving him room. He had a semi thanks to the undeniable smell of stale cum, it was Kip's so he'd been unable to resist it. It was coming from the sheets, at least a liter of it must have leaked onto the sheets after last nights festivities. It had been a celebration towards finally having a cub of their own, but also the first decline in their sexual activities. But Tennyson's libido hadn't ended yet. He was thirty nine, but had the libido of a fourteen year old, the face of a baby thanks to his lack of facial fur and the body of an elephant. He and Kip had been reversal rolls only three weeks ago, he'd been the muscle head and Kip had been the chubby fur. But since moving into together, Kip had turned things around. He'd already been going to gym to cut down on his size, but surprisingly the thrill of finally living with his significant over had pushed him to become the stereotypical man of the relationship.Kip and Tennyson had gotten married at eighteen, twenty one whole years ago. Most of Tennyson's friends had been married for around 10 years, fifteen for a few, but none of them were close to beating Tennyson's record of being married for twenty one years straight and without a single sign of falter. They'd married young because the government had finally legalized their marriage, so Tennyson along with a bunch more gay couples had slapped rings on their loved ones to prove their love properly before it changed; fortunately, it hadn't.Tennyson reached under his bed, feeling around for his guilty pleasures. He found them, feeling the cheap and squishy rubber of the shaft. Pulling it out, the bear licked his lips and felt a full erection rising out of his plump sheath. Bear musk filled the room, ameliorating his lust and the need

to be filled up by anything that could substitute for a cock. "Mhh..." He noised as he pulled out the first dildo he'd ever bought, four inches of rubber waiting to be pushed into an orifice. It was modeled off of a canine's chalice, it had a knot and the red color seemed aggressive almost. Tennyson hadn't played with it in a while, but why not crack out the old stuff once in a while? After all, it had been too long since Tennyson had been fucked in the ass. Kip was normally the type for blowjobs or handjobs, rarely did he push his submissive bottom onto the bed an d treat his polar bear to raunchy, dirty, dry anal. Tennyson often asked for it when it came to his birthdays, that and he'd request for a fee other kinks of his to be satisfied.After covering the toy with an exiguous amount of lube that was no where near enough, Tennyson loved it when things were forced in side of him, he positioned himself on the bed as if he were about to sleep. He raised his legs up, exposing his tail hole. For a moment the dildo stood on the night stand, lube dripping from it onto the wood. Tennyson moaned as he pushed a digit against his tail hole without lube, it was tight and burned every so slightly, but that was only meant to be a teaser. He didn't want to be loose when the dildo went in, in truth he was desperate for Kip to hear his cries and possibly spike the older man's libido. Tennyson sucked his fingers to get them wet and moved them onto his cock, stroking the sensitive beast. Tennyson was around seven inches in length, but his girth made him a monster. Uni boys and college boys alike had fallen prey to it in his younger years, but now fleshlights were it's only prey. "Fuck..." Tennyson groaned as he slowly stroked himself, getting into a slow and steady rhythm to get him started. An impressive amount of pre leaked out of him, spreading itself over his cock as he stroked. "Gah!" He gasped as a jet of it splashed onto his chubby belly.Now was a good time to ease the dildo inside of himself. As desperate as he was to be rammed, he wasn't about to try to thrust a four inch dildo inside of himself on the first try. He'd loosen himself up first, then he'd get out a bigger toy and truly ravage his innards with it. It wouldn't compare to feeling of Kip's dick, after all the brown's bear tool was god like in comparison to the toys Tennyson had; nothing was better than the real thing. Reaching towards the dildo, Tennyson fingered his hole with his spare forepaw. He get a third of his middle finger in before it became too tight, he pulled out sharply causing himself to gasp.Slipping a finger inside of himself had done nothing, but cause him to become more desperate. He brought the dildo to himself, rearing it up to his tight tail hole and pushing against it. He could feel it peeking against his hole, trying to get in. It was difficult to stretch down and get it into himself, so he changed position. He rested the dildo on the

floor and squatted above it, getting ready to ride it. He lowered himself down and felt the tip rearing to get into his tail hole, biting at the rim with it's cold nip. Tennyson bit his lower lip to keep himself from crying out as the head pushed more and more into him. He was alerted when it got inside of him by a lewd pop and a burning sensation arising from his hole. He gasped and slid down it more until there were two inches inside of him. He rose back up and took his cock in his forepaw, rubbing it slowly as he started to take in more of the dildo. There was a chuckle from the door way as Tennyson got all of the dildo inside of him, he stopped and smiled. "Kip?" Tennyson asked as he stroked his slightly chubby belly. "You kinky bastard, have you been watching me go at it?""All with a very potent erection. Hmm... I can actually smell your musk from here." Kip declared and entered the room. "You didn't really think that I wouldn't hear you moaning? You've always made so much noise when you masturbate." He stood in front of his husband, crotch thrust into the polar bears face. "Come on, we're going shopping. We've got things to buy for Vieney and maybe we should get a thank you gift for Quinn.""Yeah we should." Tennyson stood up and stretched his legs, the dildo falling out onto the bedroom floor. Tennyson got down on his knees to put the dildo back under the bed and nudged something with it. Curiously, he reached out to touch it.It was too soft to be a sex toy, but too hard to be a piece of fluff. He felt around it more and gripped it, pulling it out to get a better view of it. He choked, tears already boiling up when he caught sight of it. He held the chew toy in his forepaws for a moment before he dropped it. He cupped his forepaws over his face and cried into his paws pad. "Tennyson..." Kip mumbled and sat next to the polar bear. There was a look of melancholy on his face as he picked up the mint colored chew and ran his fingers over the frayed yarn. "This was his favorite wasn't it?" Kip croaked, he fought to hold back his tears, trying to desperately to comfort Tennyson."Yeah... Remember when we he got his teeth stuck in it?" Tennyson sniffled and rested his head on his husband's shoulder."Of course. I was about to go to sleep when you called me up, telling us that he'd got a toy stuck in his teeth.""And you came running." Tennyson added."I think that I probably lost a lot of weight because of that... Thanks for letting me look after him." Tennyson remained quiet, occasionally breaking it to sniffle.  "Thanks for looking after me, Kippers." Tennyson jested with a small grin. "Do... Do we tell Vieney about him? I don't want him to think that's he a replacement..."  Kip nuzzled his husbands head and didn't say a word. He helped his husband off of the floor and with his paw he pushed the dog toy back under the bed.Thanks For

Reading!Please tell me if you see any mistakes! ^_^Story, Characters and Locations © Kalebthecat

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