Demon or dog?

Story by Ramses on SoFurry

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Well, my daddy said it was a demon in the shape of a dog. And then my grandpa said, no, it's a dog that's been possessed by a demon. And so I asked, what difference does it make? And my grandpa cuffed me up side the head, for what he called my "insolence." (Later that night, after everyone went to bed, I snuck downstairs and looked up that word in the dictionary. Insolence. It means my grandpa thinks I ought to stay quiet.)

And so my daddy called me ignorant, and he said, "If it's a demon, we're all doomed!" And my grandpa said, "Yep, that's right. You can't never get rid of no demons - if they're here physically - but if it's a dog, well, that's a different story. If it's possessed, you can do a - what's it called? - an exerscissors, or exercism, or some such fancy word as that."

And I just had to speak up again, and say, "I think it's called an exorcism," like I was some kind of expert, or something. And so grandpa cuffed me up side the head again.

This is how it all started - chickens were disappearing from the town. Not many, just a few every couple'a days. They vanished from some of the farms outside of town, and they vanished from the chicken coops that some folks in town had in their yards. At first, we all thought it was poachers - and so grandpa organized some patrols, to go out at night and catch whoever it was stealing all those chickens. But then people started seeing a "mysterious" dog out in the woods, and they said it had glowing, red eyes. And then more chickens vanished, along with some rabbits - and some fences got torn down, and some gardens got dug up.

And people started saying that they'd seen that same mysterious dog in town, on the same nights that rabbits were stolen and property was damaged. One person said they'd seen the dog pissing fire, and another person said they'd seen it eating a whole chicken with just one bite.

So grandpa and daddy organized another patrol, and they went out in the woods - and they came back, claiming they'd all seen it. The dog. It was easily as tall as any man, they said - taller, my daddy said. They said it had a tail made of fire, and its razor-sharp claws tore up the ground it walked on. "Did it have glowing, red eyes?" Someone asked. "Yep," daddy replied. "They was red as Satan's hide."

The whole town was bursting with excitement at the news. Grandpa said that every man in that patrol had fired his gun, but the dog just vanished.

So - was it a demon? A dog with a demon in it? Would it just keep coming back and eating chickens and rabbits? Would it start going after the cows? The people? Were people safe? Everyone wondered how they could possibly get rid of the beast.

And then a week passed. Then two. During those two weeks, the dog only came into town three times - twice to snag a chicken, once to steal a rabbit. Men went out in large groups to hunt it, but they couldn't find it.

And as for me? My curiosity was growing. Demon or dog, I wanted to see it. I wanted to know. It was my last summer at home, before going off to college, and I wanted something more exciting than hanging out with my friends, getting drunk and throwing each other in the lake. I wanted - I guess - an adventure.

And so I picked a night when the moon was almost full. After everyone went to bed, I snuck outside. The night air was incredibly warm. All I had on (aside from underwear, of course) was a beat-up pair of shoes, a baggy pair of shorts, and a t-shirt. It was so warm out, I felt overdressed.

Quickly, I rode my bike into the woods.

After maybe ten minutes in, I was on a little path that wandered here and there. The trees were thick, close together. I saw movement, to my right - I turned my head, but couldn't see anything. And then - there - something was on the path ahead. Whatever it was darted off the path, into the trees. When I got to a place where the moonlight didn't have trees to block it, I heard some noises, behind a tree. My heart speeding up, I stopped the bike and stood still.

And . . . there it was . . . stepping out from the trees, moving slowly toward the path. A large dog. Was this a stray, or did it belong to someone? Was this the demon dog? I kept one foot on a pedal, ready to bike away like hell, if I had to.

The dog was big, but not tall. It was wide, but not fat or anything. It kind of looked like a cross between a Bullmastiff and a Pit bull. It had a thick neck, and a deep, thick chest. It - he or she - had a thick muzzle, and big, meaty jowls. It had a broad nose, and triangular ears that were halfway between standing up and flopping down.

It also had very short, light brown fur - the dog was light brown everywhere, except for a large white patch on the chest. That white patch was shaped like a star.

For a moment, we stared at each other, dog and I. Then he turned around and went back into the trees - and that's when I realized the dog was indeed a male. For just a second, I got a glimpse of his sheath, as he turned around.

I only hesitated for a second. Was I going to bike all this way, and find the dog (if it actually was the demon dog) - and then not follow him? No. No, I was not.

I stashed my bike just off the path, and then I set out, following the big dog into the woods.

Eventually, the dog reached a small clearing surrounded by trees, and he stopped, and turned around to look at me again. His eyes, I noticed, were brown.

For a second, I thought his eyes were red. For just a second, I swear - it looked like his eyes went from brown to red . . . then back to brown again. No doubt, I was just imagining things - probably because I expected him to have red eyes.

He looked at me, wagged his tail once, then twice - and barked. It wasn't a loud bark, but his voice was very deep. I'm not a dog expert or anything, but - it seemed like a friendly bark, or maybe he was asking me a question (?). It didn't seem like a dangerous bark - or a warning bark.

_Shit. _I thought. Was I in danger? Even if he wasn't the demon dog, he could be dangerous. This was a big, meaty, powerful-looking dog - and he stood just a few feet away. His muzzle was just about even with my crotch, I noticed. He stood there, with his head cocked, as if studying me. The moonlight was strong enough for me to get a better look at him. He had a long tail, and muscular legs. I couldn't see anything "demonish" about him. He looked like a normal, average dog. Well, a big, thick, strong, kind-of-a-Mastiff dog, sure, but he didn't have horns, or razor-sharp claws, or anything.

But he seemed . . . I felt like he looked . . . wider than he had looked earlier, when I'd seen him on the path. More massive. Had he gotten bigger - wider? No, that wasn't possible. Probably, it was a trick - an illusion or whatever - caused by the moonlight, and the shadows.

Holding my hands out slightly, trying to appear nonthreatening, I moved slightly to my right, to look at him from the side. His sheath was big and meaty.His balls were pretty big, and firm. They weren't hanging way low, no, they were right up there, tight by the sheath. The sight of his plump dog balls made my throat go dry. I suddenly felt a little dizzy, and a little turned on. Actually, no, wait, I was a lot turned on - I suddenly wanted to hold those balls in my hand - or maybe one in each hand - I wanted to feel the weight and the warmth of those big orbs.

Thinking such thoughts, I didn't notice at first that the dog was walking toward me. Slowly. Casually. It seemed like he was also trying to appear nonthreatening. I froze, when I finally realized it, and I didn't know what to do.

_Well, what's _he _going to do? _I wondered.

The answer, of course, was sniff me. He was going to smell me - that's what dogs do, and that's what this big beast was going to do. He got really close to me, and sniffed a couple times, quickly, just at the air around me. Then he got his head very close to my crotch, and he took several short sniffs - followed by one verrrrrry long sniff. I looked down, and the sight - and sound - of him snuffling around at my privates was kind of exciting. I thought about his balls, his sheath, and I wondered what it'd be like to smell those - to take several sniffs, to breathe in his musk. Meanwhile, the dog was wagging his tail, as he sniffed me. I guess he liked what he smelled.

Then he pulled back a little and looked up at me. I knelt down, and faced him, eye to eye. He leaned in, and began sniffing my face, my hair. Suddenly, his dog breath was full in my face - it was warm, and smelled like - was that grass? - kind of like grass, instead of the smell of stolen rabbit, like I'd expected. His breath actually smelled wonderful, and up until then I'd never said that about any dog. Soon, he was licking my face, his long tongue covering my cheeks, my chin . . . and then (without thinking) I parted my lips, and his tongue shot into my mouth. Within a second, our tongues were together, and, man, it was hot - it was like - was it kissing? Were we kissing? I sure hadn't expected that. Gently, I reached out and placed my hands on his meaty muzzle, which was smack up against my mouth. Our tongues wrestled together, I tasted his saliva, and I felt myself getting more aroused. More urgently, my legs were getting very shaky, so I sat down on the grass.

As I sat, he withdrew his tongue, licked my lips, and then began sniffing at my chest, my armpits. Quickly, I pulled off my shirt. He got in closer to me, and had a good sniff at my sweaty pits. Because we were so close together, I started sliding my hands along the fur on his neck, then I went down to his chest. I ran my fingers over every inch of the star-shaped pattern on his chest. His short, bristly fur was so incredibly warm. The sheer - this is hard to describe, I don't know how to say this - the sheer . . . physical presence of him, being so close to me - it was just . . . kind of overwhelming. Like, this big, massive, masculine, beautiful dog was just right there - and now he was licking my chest with his thick, long tongue. His body heat - it just poured into me.

The feel of that tongue - I couldn't believe the length of it - was beyond incredible, and I wanted to have that sensation everywhere, all over my body.

First, though, there was something else I wanted.

"Can I smell you?" I asked, as if he understood me, as if we spoke the same language.

I got up on my knees, and I moved around to his side. I placed one hand on his chest, on the star, and I ran the other along his back. Then I stroked the fur on his stomach, slowly, moving my hand down toward his maleness. I had no idea where this was going - or how far it was going to go - but whatever happened, I at least wanted to get a good sniff around his doggy genitals. If possible, if he'd let me, I also wanted to touch everything - his sheath, his big balls.

The dog stood still, wagging his tail, as my hand moved down his stomach. He turned his head, to look at me, to watch what I was doing.

I went back to a sitting position, and put my head under his stomach. His musk began to swirl in the air, and I started to inhale it. And then I sniffed it - I sniffed the air around him . . . then I leaned in closer, and sniffed at his sheath - drawing in the smell as long as I could - into my nostrils - and the scent was so heady, so masculine. I sniffed his balls, next, again breathing in - and sniffing - for as long as I could. Then I slowly exhaled, dizzy from the musk, from the smell of his privates.

Waiting for a reaction from the big dog, I slowly placed my shaking hand on his testicles. He didn't growl, or pull away, so I ran my fingers over the very light coating of fur. Then I took each ball in my hand, one at a time, first simply holding it, then squeezing it gently - all the while, continuing to sniff his musk, to drink it in. At some point - I have no idea when - I realized my dick was hard, my balls were tightening.

After feeling up his balls for a few moments, I moved my hand to his sheath - his tail started wagging faster, and he gave a little bark of excitement (hopefully, excitement - or encouragement). As I alternated between caressing and squeezing his thick sheath, his cock started sliding out - the tapered head, then the shaft, all of it red, all of it pulsing and glistening. This was going farther than I'd thought it would - but, hey, no complaints here. The dog seemed happy so far - he wasn't making any moves to stop me, so . . . I started running my hand along his red, thick dog dick - just stroking it, slowly.

Should I jerk him off? Could I? I was pretty sure he'd be okay with that. I tugged on his cock a few times, gently - by now, all of it was out except for the knot. I danced my fingers along the shaft, and thought about how far this had gone - and about how much further it could go. With my right hand on his dick, just above the knot (which, as I said, hadn't joined the party yet), I leaned in and flicked my tongue along the thick, tapered head of his prick. He gave another excited bark, and he twitched a bit, but that was it. Was he waiting to see what I'd do next?

What was I going to do? Without hesitating, I ran my tongue down the length of his cock, then back up again. Slowly. Taking my time. Then I took the tip of his dick into my mouth, and began licking the underside of it. Slowly, I started taking more of that fantastic, hot cock into my mouth . . . stretching open my jaws . . . feeling the size and weight of his penis quickly fill up my mouth. I started sucking him off - slowly and hesitantly at first, then with more confidence and speed. As I moved down, up, and then down again on his shaft, more and more of his thick, pulsating doggy cock slipped into my mouth. It pushed into the back of my throat, and I fought back the gag reflex.

I kept one hand on his sheath - and so I was able to tell when his knot came out. I felt it in my hand, and it was thick.

Soon, the dog started humping . . . thrusting into me . . . slowly, at first - then faster, as I began blowing him faster. Eventually, he was full on fucking my face - at first, he simply slid his dick in and out of my wide-open mouth, but pretty soon he was slamming his meat into me - just _pounding _it in, the tip of it banging into the back of my throat. By that point, pre was oozing out of him at a pretty good speed, a constant stream of it pouring into me.

I tried to keep up - at first - I tried to continue sliding my mouth up and down his shaft, moving in time with his thrusts . . . but that soon became impossible. So I simply held still, didn't move my face - held my mouth as open as I could, as the dog rammed his dick into me.

I also couldn't swallow. Some of his pre ran down my throat, some of it pooled in my mouth.

And I should mention - my dick was throbbing. I was so hard, so turned on by this dog - whoever, whatever he was - face-fucking me. I couldn't wait for him to come. I wanted his spunk to shoot down my throat, fill me up . . . and after that, after his member slipped out of my mouth and I swallowed as much doggy cum as I could, I was going to jerk off so hard, so quickly.

I should also mention this - I felt like his knot was hitting my chin, my lips - but that, of course, was impossible. Surely, I was imagining that. He had at least nine inches of thick, red dog cock - and there was no way all of that meat was in my mouth. No way could I fit all of it in, even with the ferocity of how fast he was thrusting.

And then . . . suddenly . . . he pulled out - slid easily out of my mouth. Some of his pre drooled out of my still-open mouth before I could react. He stepped back a few paces, and stood there, quivering. Shaking a bit. His dick - like mine - was throbbing. A thick rope of his pre - mixed with my saliva - hung from the tip of his cock. And his knot . . . my god, his knot was swollen and it seemed to be glowing. I closed my mouth, rubbed my jaws, swallowed. Everything was in my mouth - his saliva, his pre, the taste of him, the smell of his musk.

Both of us were panting, both of us were trying to remain still, collect ourselves - as we stared at each other.

Why did he stop? Did he want - more? Did he want to fuck my ass?

So far in my life, only one guy had fucked me - my friend Josh, the blacksmith's son. He'd put an old blanket over the desk in his bedroom, and he'd fuck me on that. It wasn't comfortable - being on the desk. The sex, however, was pretty good. Josh had a long, thick dick - it was this big, meaty sausage with veins and a fat dickhead. As he fucked me with that wide sausage dick, I'd look down at the old cum stains on the blanket (hopefully, all of them were mine - but, yeah, they probably weren't - there were probably other guys that Josh was fucking) and I'd feel his meat stretching me, filling me.

Anyway, I sat there, on the grass, looking up at the big dog. Once again, it seemed like . . . he'd grown - gotten wider, more massive. Once again, I assumed it was a trick of the light. Plus, I'd been looking at him while on my feet - and now I was looking at him while sitting. Of course he seemed bigger.

I kicked off my shoes. Felt the grass tickle my feet.

My heart started beating faster. The dog stepped forward, and gently butted his head into my chest. Quickly, his tongue dashed out and licked my stomach. Was this doggy foreplay? Was this normal doggy behavior? I didn't know, and didn't care. Suddenly, I wanted his dick inside my ass. The dog put his head down, and nipped at my shorts - it was like he was trying to get them in his teeth. He looked at me, then softly head-butted my chest again.

Still sitting, I slid off my shorts and underwear and tossed them aside. The dog began sniffing at my erect dick and my balls - he'd smelled everything through my shorts, and now he was getting the actual goods to sniff around at.

He then started sniffing below my balls, trying to get to the smell of my butt - and my hole. His tail started wagging again.

He gave a little bark, like he was telling me what to do - but he didn't need to. I knew what he wanted.

I knew what both of us wanted.

I positioned myself on my hands and knees. I was very nervous, and very excited.

The big dog voiced a big bark, and then he started sniffing my butt. I felt his nose just barely tickle my skin, and just that sensation alone was such a turn on, my whole body shivered. He had a few long sniffs back there, then suddenly he started licking me - his tongue ran all along my crack, then it slid into my hole. I was surprised, but I guess I shouldn't have been. I'd been wondering how (or maybe if) he was going to lubricate me, but the answer was obvious - and the dog had known it the whole time. The feel of his incredibly long doggy tongue working its way into me . . . man . . . it was hot. I felt like I was really close to my orgasm, suddenly, as that thick tongue penetrated me. He rimmed me for a good while, and by the time he was done, I could feel his saliva running down my leg. He must'a produced a lot of slobber, while he was pushing that tongue further and further inside me.

And then he mounted me. I was his, he owned me, and this was going to happen. This dog was going to fuck me. He put his front paws on my hips, and soon the tip of his big dick was flush up against my slick hole. I spread my legs (which were starting to shake, from excitement) a bit. Quickly, he slid the head of his canine cock into me - I felt my hole stretch open - and then, slowly, a bit more of his dick went in. I'd been thinking he'd fuck me like a dog right from the start, but at first he almost acted like a human. He got some of his dick into me, then he pulled out a bit - then slid it back in - then out . . . . he began thrusting his dick in and out, slowly getting more and more of it inside me.

It was almost like he wanted me to get comfortable with it, with getting fucked by his long, thick dog dick - which seemed like a very strange thing for a dog to do. But I didn't mind, of course, and I didn't think about it at the time - I was too busy enjoying the feel of it all, the physical sensations. Everything felt so good, and pretty soon I was moaning with pleasure.

Pretty soon, he had most of his dog (or demon?) cock - his mastiff/pit bull cock - in me, and he started fucking me faster and faster. When he thrust in, I bucked my ass back, raising myself up to him - and pretty soon we got into a groove. His paws moved up a bit, to my lower back, and I felt more of his weight pressing down on me. There was more pain, as my hole got stretched further and further open - but that was okay, it blended in with the pleasure, and besides, once the pain got stronger my body produced some endorphins. That, too, blended in nicely with the current of pleasure that was shooting through me.

I was on the verge of orgasm. I very much wanted to come, but I also wanted to wait, to make it last. I didn't dare put a hand on my cock - either to jerk myself off, or squeeze my dick in an effort to hold back orgasm. I didn't dare lift a hand off the ground - I needed both of them to hold myself up on all fours. When the big, wide dog started fucking me, he was almost standing on his hind legs - with his front paws gripping my hips. But as the sex went on, he leaned further and further forward - putting his meaty front paws further and further up my back, adding more and more of his weight on top of me.

Soon, two things were happening. For one, the dog eventually got his paws on my shoulders. This meant I was now almost fully supporting his weight - and he was heavy, too. This also meant that his bristly fur was rubbing on my back - and it was erotic. It was a huge turn on, having this dog on top of me, his fur on my skin, his body heat warming me, as he fucked my ass. The second thing that was happening was that his thrusting - his humping - sped way up. It was like when he was humping my face earlier. Quickly, oh so quickly, his massive cock slid in and out, in and out - it pounded into me - I felt his hips slamming into me, and pretty soon I felt his knot also slamming into my butt (but not going in, not yet - the dog hadn't yet tried to get that thick knot inside my hole).

His incredibly warm and sweet breath filled the air, he was panting heavily, and I could feel drops of his saliva falling on me. Eventually, he put his muzzle on my neck, and gently bit me, his teeth holding on to the skin.

And then I came - a massive orgasm, with my cum just shooting out - it was the first time I'd come without touching myself. My entire body tensed, my mouth opened up wide, and my balls felt like they'd been electrified. I stopped moaning, and gasped- then shouted - as a wave of one hundred percent pleasure roared through me.

God, the feel of his muzzle holding me, the feel of his dick inside me - as the big dog fucked me, faster and faster - that warm, dog cock filling me - yes, it was warm - so warm - his red, glistening, thick meat felt so warm as it pounded into me, damn, were penises supposed to be that warm? Aside from all that, the weight of him on top of me - I just can't - there really are no words to describe the heat, the fucking sexiness of it all.

Then he dug his claws into my shoulders (more pain to add to the pleasure) - and it felt like he was pulling me back as he pushed himself even farther forward - and then - his knot was in me. It hurt, oh wow, it really hurt - all my nerve endings just caught fire, it felt like, and I couldn't even see for a second. For a moment, all was pain - but then the warm pleasure returned, and I realized . . . . he'd stopped thrusting. His knot felt like it was swelling up even more, and it was so damn warm, and it expanded my hole beyond belief. I couldn't believe it was in me - it felt like something impossible - or magical - had happened - but it did happen, and man, in spite of all the pain - I was so damn happy he'd gotten that big ol' knot in there. I was stretched open - and filled up - more than I'd ever been.

I could feel his balls - they were firmly pressed up against my ass. And then - he came. The big dog's cum was warm, and thick, and it shot deep, deep into me. I could feel it, flowing fast and strong, pouring into me. And it - kept going - on and on - how much doggy cum was going to shoot out? - it just flowed and flowed. Inside of me, I could actually feel his thick penis, pulsing, throbbing. His orgasm rocked his furry body, and he tensed up, holding me tight, his chest and stomach rubbing into me, his short fur rubbing my skin. His front claws - which were deeply penetrating my shoulders - also felt curiously warm. I had the odd feeling - I somehow imagined - that the heat of his claws somehow healed the wounds he'd made on my shoulders. Just a weird fantasy of some kind, I know (and yet, the next day, my shoulders were almost completely scratch and claw-mark free).

Eventually, the dog pumped his hips a few times, and a little bit more spunk oozed out - the last few drops of his warm seed. I wanted to have all of it in me - but I also wanted to drink it down - shit, let's be honest, I wanted to bathe in his delicious dog seed.

His orgasm was over. I was exhausted, and happy, and wondered if he felt the same. The force of his orgasm was so powerful, I'd almost gotten hard again. The way he gripped me so tight - hugging me to him - when he came was so hot, and I felt a little sad it was over.

Of course, it wasn't over yet. We were still knotted. I expected him to turn around, and do that whole "butt to butt" thing that dogs like to do - however, he surprised me again. Instead of turning around, he sank further into me. His teeth let go of my neck - and I could hear him panting, panting. His front paws let go of my shoulders. He moved his front paws - and front legs - until eventually they were wrapped tight around my chest. And he just . . . . sank into me - he completely relaxed (except for those front paws and legs), completely leaned forward, into me - as he stayed on top of me.

Somehow, I held on - I stayed on all fours, even though every single part of my body was shaking.

I don't know how long we stayed that way. Minutes? I guess. Seemed like hours. I was blissfully happy - I guess I kind of went into a trance, or something. I was in no hurry. Even when my arms and legs started aching, I loved the feel of him on me, the weight of him. His wonderful fur, warming me. His muzzle, resting on me.

Of course, eventually, he was able to get his knot out, followed by the rest of that awesome cock. Together, we fell down to the grass. His spunk spilled out of my ass. I was sore, and very tired, but - I was alive. I'd never felt so alive. My ass was incredibly sore from the pounding, and my legs were still shaking - I knew it was going to be a while before I could walk - and I had no idea how I'd be able to ride my bike. But who cared about any of that? I sure didn't.

I rolled over, so that I was laying on my back, looking up at the night sky. The dog, too, rolled over - he got himself right up next to me, laying on his side, with his chest and stomach pressed against me. I stroked his fur.


A few nights later, I had this dream - the dog came to my house, and waited outside for me. Late at night. We went behind the barn, in the tall grass, and once again the big dog fucked me crazy good. After he shot his doggy cum deep into me, after we stayed knotted for a while, after we collapsed down into those sweet grasses - I noticed something: the dog had somehow painted a white star on my chest. He'd marked me as his.

And then I woke up. Like I said, that second time was a dream. Yeah. I'm pretty sure the second time was a dream.


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