IX. Showered with love

Story by Vexxus on SoFurry

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IX. Showered with love

As told by Milo

We hit the road back to Northshore. Lily was determined to bring Nina and me home, but I wondered if she was going for 'soon' or for 'safe'. I closed my eyes, afraid to look at the road, although I knew every bend by heart. Nina understood I wasn't in the mood to talk, so she gave Lily directions to my apartment.

As even darker clouds approached in the sky, so did they in my mind. They were inevitable, somehow. Storms like these always reminded me of the last time I saw my parents alive. They promised they'd be come back, but they never could, and since Nina's car accident, I had evaded the use of cars as much as reasonably possible.

With my eyes closed, vague memories of my parents popped up. Places we had been to, bits and pieces of things they had said, and finally, their faces. So close and yet so far away. It felt like they were right in front of me, but I knew I couldn't embrace them. Just when I felt tears well up, Nina gently squeezed my hand.

"We're here, puppy," she whispered.

I nodded, and I pulled the handle of the car door. I wanted to get out of Lily's car as quickly as I could, not just because I don't like cars, but mostly because my bladder had been seriously nagging me since we got in. However, the door refused to budge, and I banged my elbow.

"Oh, I'm sorry," she said hastily, then pushing a button. "I always have child locks enabled."

With a gently clicking sound, the doors were unlocked, and Nina and I got out.

"Go," Lily urged, "I'll help Kaeden. We'll catch up."

"It's on the fourth floor, third apartment," I said, slinging my bag over my shoulder, then ran off to the portico.

Nina had already taken our other stuff with her, and waited for me at the bottom of the stairs. On our way to the floor I lived on, we hardly spoke. All I could think of was to get inside, away from the cold rain. The stairs were inside, but in times like these, I felt like crawling in bed, burying myself under the covers, fleeing as far from the world as possible.

At the front door, I grabbed my keys, but my hand only retrieved air. My keys are usually clipped to my belt, but I was wearing my swimming trunks, so my key would be in my bag. As I hastily searched for them, the pressure on my bladder increased even more. Finally, I found them.

With shaking hands - partly because of my bladder, but mostly because of the storm - I inserted the key in the lock. Just before I could turn the key, a loud clap of thunder struck. I yelped and jumped up, startled by the sudden noise.

I then felt the front of my swimming trunks warm up, and quickly concluded I was wetting myself. Reflexively, I put my hands in my crotch and tried my best to stop the stream. Fortunately, I managed to do just that. My bladder had let out quite a spurt, but at least I hadn't been all out wetting myself.

I quickly regained my composure and unlocked the front door.

"What happened?" Nina asked.

"I, um, kinda had a little accident," I admitted with a whimper. "It was just a little bit, though."

"Good thing you were still wearing your swimming trunks," she commented. "Don't worry, Milo, it's going to be all right."

By now, Lily and Kaeden had caught up with us. The little Shepherd looked shaken, and he was probably off way worse than I was. He seemed confused, and clung tightly to Lily's side.

"Milo, why don't we take a shower together? We'll be done sooner that way," Nina suggested as the Shepherds came in.

I nodded and followed her lead.

"Goodness, I know Kaeden hates storms, but even I haven't seen him like this often," I heard Lily say, through the still opened bathroom door.

"When Milo is afraid, I usually cuddle him and whisper kind things in his ears. Never failed to melt him. Just go lay on the bed and let him relax for a while, until Milo and I are done showering, okay?"

"We're soaking wet," Lily argued. "We'll ruin your mattress!"

"Of course not," Nina reassured. "Remember Milo's little problem? His mattress is protected, so we'd only have to change the sheets. We were going to do that anyway, so there's no harm."

"All right. By the way, I just realized I didn't take his diaper bag from the car."

"No problem!" I called from the bathroom. "We have plenty. They're in the toy box under my bed."

"Although maybe you'd like to shower as well? Y'know, to get the salt and sand out of your fur," Nina suggested.

"Sounds like a plan. I'll take care of my boyfriend, you go clean up yours, hmm?"

By now, I had gotten the water running, and I was adjusting the temperature. When Nina entered the bathroom, she was carrying some of her clothes she had retrieved from her bag. On top of the pile was a Whelpies diaper.

"Is my princess going to be a little girl?" I asked as she joined me in the shower

She nodded. "Not yet, though. I'm not going to play puppy before I've cooked dinner."

"Then what's that diaper for?"

"It's for you, silly. I figured you'd need one," she playfully teased.

I whimpered and looked down, remembering my small accident.

"Don't worry, Milo. Accidents happen."

"They're not supposed to when I'm big, though," I said with a hint of concern in my voice.

"They do when you're sleeping, and I don't love you any less because of it. Having actual accidents has nothing to do with being big or little."

"I know, I know, but I-"

"Hush, angel. You're scared of storms, and the thunder startled you. Nobody's judging you, so why do you try to justify yourself?" Nina said kindly.

I wanted to respond, but I knew she was right. I sighed, then caressed the side of her muzzle.

"I love you, princess."

"Love you too, little angel," she replied, reaching behind her back to take her bikini top off.

"Um, I'd like you to keep it on, if you don't mind," I said, a bit embarrassed.

"Is anything wrong?" she asked, cocking her head to the side.

I gently held her wrists.

"Nina, you're more than just a pretty girl. You're the most beautiful dog I've ever seen, but... sometimes, when I see you naked, it's hard to restrain myself."

"What do you mean?" she asked, still not understanding me.

"I don't want to stare at you, princess."

"Why not? I'm your girlfriend, and you've already seen my most intimate places. You even touch them when you change me."

I let go of Nina and turned around, so she could lather my back. Whenever we had swam in the sea, we would wash our fur with Salty Dog, a shampoo product specially designed to get rid of the salty water, without damaging the fur it was applied to.

"Only because I have to," I replied after a short while, trying to not sound like I was making an argument.

"What's wrong? Tell me, angel."

"It's... y'know, my grandparents told me I shouldn't touch a girl in those places she keeps covered when she wears a bathing suit, as long as she hasn't given me permission. It's the other way around as well, in that girls shouldn't touch me where my shorts are. I... you're the best present that's ever been given to me, but I'm not going to, well, 'unwrap' you all the way. Not yet."

Turning back to Nina, I noticed something had changed in the look in her eyes.

"This is about my chastity key, isn't it?" she asked when I squirted some shampoo on the palm of my hand. It was a good opportunity for me to stall, so I could properly phrase my reply.

"I want to respect you and the way you were raised, princess. I think you're beautiful, but you don't need to be naked for me to enjoy the looks of your body. Even though I've already seen everything you can show me, I still prefer not to tempt myself by looking at parts of your body I should strictly taken not be looking at yet."

"Wow... I appreciate how you're taking this so seriously, Milo. You're really inclined not to mate with me as long as we're not wearing wedding rings?"

"I-Is that a p-problem?" I stammered.

"Of course not, silly!" she replied mirthfully. "I wouldn't want it any other way."

She turned around, facing me again. The beauty of her chestnut brown eyes and her black hair struck me once more, accentuated by the cuteness of her floppy ears. I could no longer hold myself back - I had to physically show Nina how much I loved her.

In a surprise, I lunged forward and wrapped my arms around her. I moved my muzzle close to hers and touched her lips. She understood the gesture and opened her mouth as well, so our tongues could share a dance.

It was difficult to let go of her, because we both enjoy kissing a lot. Eventually, Nina let her tongue slip from my muzzle.

"We'd better wrap this up. I don't want to make Lily and Kaeden wait for too long."

"I suppose you're right."

I handed the shampoo bottle to her, and she began lathering me.

"Please don't take this as an insult," I said as her fingers moved through my fur, "but your body is not even what I like best about you."

"Huh? But-"

"You look stunning, really, but I don't like you just because of your looks. You're kind, and sweet, and caring, and... of course, there's 'little Nina' as well. Maybe your outer beauty will fade one day, but I'm sure you'll become only prettier on the inside."

She gave me a quick hug from behind.

"Nobody has ever said something that nice to me," she whispered in my ear. "Not even my father."

I felt my tail brush against her leg as it wagged.

"I love you, Milo. Please, don't ever leave me," she said, slowly letting go.

"How could I ever, princess? There's nobody that could replace you. Not even close."

Nina made quick work of cleaning my fur. It required less attention than her coat anyway, so she required less time than I had. When my fur was clean, she turned her back to me, so I could wash my privates. Once satisfied, I shook off most of the water. I then got out of the shower and closed the curtain behind me, so Nina could finish up.

As the colder air outside the shower hit me, I felt the pressure on my bladder suddenly return. The need to relieve that pressure had decreased since my accident, but the sudden change of temperature made it hard to hold it.

I grabbed a big fluffy towel from the bathroom closet, and covered as much of fur with it possible. By then, Nina was done, and I wrapped her in a similar towel when she stepped out of the shower. We dried each other off, and then she slipped on her clothes.

"Um, puppy?" Nina asked. "I just realized I didn't bring any clothes for you."

"Well, at least you took a diaper with you."

"I'm glad I did. Need any help putting it on?"

"I'd love to, but there's no room here," I said, unfolding the thick crinkly garment.

"Usually, I don't let puppies diaper themselves, but I suppose I'll have to make an exception," Nina replied, rubbing me behind my ear.

I nodded, then pinched the diaper between my bottom and the wall. Since I usually diaper myself laying down, I'm not too good at doing so while standing up, but it had to do for now. After I had folded the front over my privates, Nina offered to help me out with the tapes, which I gladly accepted.

"There we go," she said when she was done, then pulled me into a hug. "Do you feel better now, little one?"

I remained silent for a while, concentrating on the pressure on my bladder. Almost effortlessly, I let go and flooded my puppy pants. Whelpies are high quality diapers, however, and they can take such a beating with ease. When I was done, I softly lisped a 'yush'.

"Did someone go piddle like a little puppy?"

I pretended to be embarrassed, and shyly nodded, twisting my one of my paws back and forth.

"Good boy," Nina praised, then she gave me a lick on the top of my muzzle.

She slowly let go of me.

"I'll go prepare dinner. I suggest you go put on something warm, and try to think of something to entertain our guests, if necessary, okay?"

"I'll start by converting the couch into a twin bed, so there's room enough for all of us to cuddle each other. Dunno if Lily likes cuddling, but I suppose Kaeden does."

"Judging by the way he clung to that adorable wolf plushie of his, I think we can assume he's more or less like you."

I shyly smiled.

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