Elizabeth moved through the process like she had done it before -- with startling efficiency, the teenager was settled back onto her fresh diaper, powdered, and then suffered through the humiliation of having a disposable diaper pulled up between her

{Pokémon/Diapers} Dirty Diaper Debacle

Poipole smiles and giggles while she takes off his soggy diaper and throws it away. after cleaning him up with a lot of wipes, roselia diapers him up and heads back outside.

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the diaper that fits

If only the diaper was somehow fused to your body... you mention how the duct tape didn't stick, so you try the other diaper in your sample pack.

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Diapered Desires

Ben pulled up the back flaps over the top and secured the diaper on.               ben's paw moved down to rub at the diaper that now covered his groin. he could feel his swelled member beneath it.

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Diaper Time

After almost falling over trying to get your clothes off, you were finally ready put your diaper on. gently, you climb on the diaper, laying your butt onto the awaiting fabric.

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Diapered Dragons

"its just this is so weird, to be back in diapers." ver replied as he gripped the front of the diaper feeling the contours and softness. "hey its no weirder than me wearing diapers! we're just a couple of ab's now, so relax!

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Diapers and Doctors

She reached into the cabinet under the sink and pulled out a diaper. she finished up on the toilet and put the diaper on snuggly. 'i have an appointment with dr. perkins today...'

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Strangers with Diapers

"oh, hey bro, some random guy showed me a video of you in a diaper and i came to it? no, that wasn't going to happen. "his erection picked back up in moments just thinking of his brother in the diaper.

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The Wuskys (Diapers)

A few minutes earlier, kaji wet his diaper. it wasn't an egregious problem since the diaper kaji wore was thick and could withstand a wetting or two. however, he felt the need to mess his diaper.

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Duncan in Diapers

"now puppy if you are a good boy and kept that diaper dry, papa there will let you out of that diaper for the night. then you can paw yourself off all you want.

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