Eeveelutions of Time: Chapter #7

Story by The Astonishing Antman on SoFurry

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#7 of Eeveelutions of Time

Well this chapter was written faster than expected :3 This one definitely has a lot in it, and things only get more interesting from here on out!

The two eeveelutions slept peacefully as the night went by, only to be awakened from the sound of the trees rustling outside to the morning wind. Umbra was the first to wake up, slowly opening his eyelids to spot himself right up against Jolty. He'd almost forgotten the day they had yesterday, and his face soon turned red from it all. He knew the Jolteon would wake up any moment, so he used this time to latch himself on top of Jolty--with his paws slowly tugging against the electric type's nose. He was hoping to tease him a bit and make his comeback short and sweet.

Just as planned, the Jolteon slowly woke up; his eyes widened as he saw the Umbreon wide awake and on top of him. Normally he would be playful and energetic, however he just woke up and his nose was being pressed and played with. This was a new experience, one that he wasn't used to. Without question, he tried covering his nose with his two paws, with his eyes filled with embarrassment. "W-What are you doing Umbra..." he asked with a flustered face.

"Oh, me? Sorry if I woke you up--I just saw your nose and thought it needed to be poked. You have an amazing nose, big stuff!" The Umbreon put his paws in between Jolty's, slowly pushing them outwards; he lunged forward to softly press his nose against the electric type's for a brief moment.

"Why my nose? You, I swear..." he said with a flustered expression on his face. The Jolteon jumped up, giving the Umbreon enough time to get up away from him. He shook his body a bit to fully wake up, only to regain all of that energy back. "C'mon, let's go short stuff!"

Umbra stuck out his tongue, as he wasn't one to stay sleepy in the morning. He was always on the lookout where he normally roamed, and since he didn't have any particular sleeping area--he was always keeping one eye open in the forest. That wasn't necessary here, though, as he felt safe around the Jolteon. He stretched his two front legs, and walked forward to signal he was ready.

"So, where are we going?" the dark type questioned, without a clue as to where their current destination was.

"Not sure!" Jolty replied bluntly. He loved to explore, and didn't have a care in the world as to where and what he'd see along the way. He already walked himself out into the open, waiting for Umbra to hurry himself along. "Now let's go, short stuff!"

It was times like these when Umbra would just take his paw and place it against his face. He knew Jolty well at this point, and it was obvious that he would lead them into trouble if he wasn't careful. He rolled his eyes a bit jokingly, before heading in Jolty's direction.

Something small was troubling the Umbreon on the inside, and it wasn't fear for the outside world. He slowly used his energy to dash up to Jolty, only to halt for a moment to catch his attention. "Hey, Jolty..?" he said. His eyes were locked onto the Jolteon's. "Not to be random, but...I'm scared of being alone again--"

"Umbra," Jolty quickly halted the Umbreon's speech, knowing exactly where he was going with this. "I'm not going anywhere, no matter what. I'll be here for you, and I won't leave you behind!" he assured the dark type with a smile. His feelings towards the Umbreon were genuine, and he wasn't going to let himself get caught up and have Umbra get lost. In fact, he started to continue his walking--but at a slower pace, as if to signal he cared.

The Umbreon began to blush a bit at Jolty's words. Sometimes it surprised him with the things he says. No matter how smart Umbra may be on the inside, it always caught him off guard when Jolty was warm and sincere. His blunt teeth glimmered out in a smile as he continued on his way.

The two Pokémon walked a large distance, covering most of the route. The farther they went, the more barren it seemed. It almost looked like the scenery changed as well. The grass from behind was almost luminescent and vibrant compared to this. Umbra noticed that something felt off when he saw that part of the tree trunk to their left was gashed through the middle. He grew worrisome, but continued on without thinking twice. His mind trying not to process anything as he focused on the Jolteon and the path they were taking.

Jolty kept moving, almost nonstop motion from him as he felt he wanted to make lots of ground. He never stopped to look over at the scenery before him, as he wanted to reach a large distance away from the previous area before relaxing back and taking his time. With that in mind, he always looked back to make sure Umbra was still there, and he was curious as to why he kept looking over to the side. "Enjoying the views Umbra?"

Umbra was startled as Jolty spoke, only to look over and shake in disagreement. He grew cautious as the sky changed. It wasn't enough for any normal individual to notice, however this Pokémon learned to keep a picture-perfect memory of the location he was just at, and it didn't look anywhere near the same. His walk speed slowly diminished as his eyes continued to wander, and eventually he stopped completely. Jolty noticed this momentarily and did the same.

"Something wrong?" he asked, completely oblivious to his surroundings.

"Everything...Look around, Jolty." Umbra replied, figuring that Jolty hadn't paid any attention to the atmosphere around him as he did his normal exploring.

The electric type turned his eyes to the side, only to notice that this particular area seemed darker than usual. The trees were all cut up, and there were random craters in the ground to the left of them. The sky wasn't the usual color, and the area was almost completely silent. His jaw almost dropped a bit as he realized that he wasn't in safe territory; his mind rushed to conclusions and he didn't want to waste any time. "Umbra, we have to go--now!" he said, getting ready to dart to the right.

Umbra was confused and puzzled for a moment, unaware of what was going on with Jolty. He slowly walked himself over to Jolty so the electric type could explain everything to him, but that was short lived.

Out of nowhere, a large Pokémon jumps itself from beneath the surface and coils the Jolteon with his large, snake-like body. The Pokémon wasn't facing the Umbreon, however he knew from the features on his body that he was a Seviper. They were a dangerous nighttime lurker, and he questioned why the poison type was showing himself during the day. Using his analytical thinking, he was able to quickly realize it was probably using the daytime to torment others. Daytime Pokémon, while often much nicer in nature--often lacked in physical prowess when it came to battle situations; he figured the Seviper must be feeding off of that, using it to his advantage.

It didn't make much of a difference in the end, as the problem was still before his eyes. He didn't know what to do; Umbra wanted to help out but he wasn't sure if there was anything he was physically capable of doing. He decided he would risk it and jump in, but before he would blow his cover, the Jolteon suddenly started to yell out under the coiled pressure: "Go, Umbra! Just go now! Find a safe place and get out of here, now!"

Tears came down Umbra's eyes as he didn't say a word. He knew in his heart that Jolty would be okay, but he couldn't bear to see him in the predicament that was currently happening. He rushed away as fast as he could, trying his best not to look back in fear of what's to come. He remembered the location of Jolty's tree--the lighter than average one among the rest. He scurried over to where he remembered it would be, and to his luck it was in his line of sight. With that out of the way, he looked back towards the oblivion ahead--thinking to himself: "Jolty...I hope my big stuff is okay."

Back near the dangerous part of the route held two Pokémon in a heated battle; however it was starting out to be very one sided considering the snake snuck up on the electric type. Due to the nature of the nighttime-natured Pokémon, Jolty knew he wouldn't settle for anything less than a battle. His body was trapped by the coils of the Seviper, and his breathing wasn't regular as his lungs were pressed in from the pressure. He was aware that at this rate his insides would be crushed, so he channeled the energy in his body to create a massive electric current that grew around his body. The Jolteon gave more energy into his electric barrier as he used it to press the coil outwards from his body. With the free space to breathe, he quickly disappeared into thin air--only to reappear next to the large Pokémon. This Seviper wasn't your ordinary Pokémon; he had surpassed the normal height of 8'10", and just breached over 10'. His massive size created a problem for the Jolteon, and he needed to make quick thinking in order to get through this one. However, just before he could start to think, the snake lunged himself forward--trying to slash him with his sharp tail. The electric type's quick reflexes allowed him to maneuver out of the danger zone in time, however he wasn't able to counter the slash that came from behind. Luckily he was at an advantageous position, one that would prevent too much scarring from attacks; however to his dismay another Seviper of a similar size came into the picture.

Jolty was now dealt with two poison types before him, and he wasn't sure his speed could prevent any damage occurring to himself. He knew he needed to find something over than prowess in order to deal with the two snakes. After a few moments, he stood his ground; the two large Pokémon circling around him from a distance. They were silent strikers, as it seemed from the lack of voice coming out of them. He knew he'd have to listen to their actions instead, as it would be the only way to evade them. Before he could find a way to attack, both of the snakes charged themselves at him with a full powered iron tail attack. One of them was in view of the Jolteon, while the other one was out of his field of vision. They charged at full speed, but the electric type didn't budge. It almost looked as though the Jolteon didn't have any reason to attack, however he didn't need to in this case. His teeth shined bright as he looked towards the ground, waiting for just the right moment.

After a few short seconds, they were inches from landing a devastating blow to the helpless eeveelution. The Jolteon had no way to fight back with the numbers against him, but he suddenly pressed down with his paws. Right before the contact, he suddenly lifted his head up and jumped off the ground with enormous speed. He lifted himself over fifteen feet off the ground, enough to get out of their line of sight; however it wouldn't matter, as they didn't have enough time to back out of their attack. Each of their sharp tails slashed at one another, leaving a deep gash on both of their bodies. The Jolteon landed back down in the same spot, to find both of them close by in agony from their own mistake. His ruby red eyes sparkled as his tail turned silver, and he gazed over at the snake in front of him with a powerful look in his eyes. "Now it's my turn."

With that, he dashed through with an incredible flash, striking his iron tail right through the Seviper's body--going out the other end. The electric type's face not phased as he pulled through with the attack, only to quickly pull back and turn the other way. "I suggest you leave now, or you will suffer the same fate as your friend."

Without a word, the hurt snake burrowed itself in the ground, leaving the other snake motionless behind the Jolteon. He sighed, looking to the side with his eyes. "I didn't want to have to do this, but if I didn't--you would've killed me...or worse, Umbra." he explained to the lifeless Pokémon. "Sometimes you have to do things the hard way."

With the situation taken care of, he wasn't worried about the other Seviper. With the speed of his attack, and the power of his single blow--he knew the Pokémon wouldn't be battling for a very long time. All that came to mind now was Umbra's location. The Jolteon didn't have any sort of way to find the Umbreon, as he didn't have the smarts that the dark type had. This would be a problem to him, as it had only just reached the afternoon. He took a moment to calm down, and began to search for the Umbreon--speaking up to try and hopefully have Umbra hear his voice as he tried to draw himself closer.

"Umbra...If you're out there, I'll be there soon. Don't you worry short stuff." Jolty thought to himself.

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