Counter Earth Chronicles Chapter 31:Wicked and Evil

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#32 of Counter Earth Chronicles

Last Chapter-

Something is coming and it attended the concert at the World Two Art Museum!!! So did Alex, Lea and Lurie. Everyone was really enjoying themselves until the concert was crashed by someone or something nearly killing Sura and her band. After a slight misunderstanding, Alex and Lurie assisted the Knights of Warwick in their investigation and ultimate apprehension of the culprits (supposedly). Later that evening Alex received a big surprise when he returned to Tauren's lair and an even bigger surprise much later....

Counter Earth Chronicles

Chapter 31: Wicked and Evil

Day 98 continued

"Who told you?!" I asked Lady Ursa as she continued to rub my back. "Was it the trio? Sir Wolf? The High Evolutionary?"

(Talk about being caught with you pants down.)

"That doesn't matter pet." She said.

(In retrospect it was probably all of them.)

They are all honest individuals. So are you, that is why I know you are going to tell me this much more interesting story- because I want to hear it in every detail." My she beast said gently rubbing my back and groping my butt.

Lady Ursa had taken extra doses of my semen (her 'Essence of Winter' as she called it) with her so she was not in desperate need of 'sexual healing' to cure any of her recurring ailments. I desperately tried to change the subject. Like she had many times when I asked her about her reoccurring cold.

"Mistress did I mention I love you?"

"I love you too pet. Now tell me the story- all of it." My she beast ordered me.

"Yes mistress." I sighed.

That I did, everything that had happened to Lea since the morning she was captured to her subsequent exoneration. My mistress listened to the whole story- every word. When I had finished she paused then said:

"Alex, you have a noble, charitable heart and are a truly a good friend and have been a good one to all of us. Thank you for saving Lea. But couldn't you have gone about it in another way that didn't put you and Sorren in extreme danger?"

"Yes and no mistress. I don't think Sorren and I could have obtained the information we did without going to World Three. But it was my fault we were ambushed. My stupid, stupid, stupid fault. If Sorren hadn't come with me that day, I would be with my parents and sister right now in the afterlife." I said to my fierce ursine warrior.

"A lesson hard learned is well learned." Lady Ursa said. "Although I am not happy that you disobeyed me, I understand what you did and why you did it." My mistress said gently rubbing my back.

"Mistress, am I in trouble?" I asked scared to hear the answer.

"Yes pet you are in trouble. I will think of a suitable punishment in the coming days. But for the time being. I am glad that you are safe- and alive." My she beast said kissing me.

"Oh bother." I moaned.

"Alex don't sulk. I forgive you. Even we superior life forms aren't perfect and make mistakes from time to time; your actions were noble and just. However, you should have found another way that would not have put your life or the life of your friends in peril. Now enough talk, I am greatly exhausted and in need of rest. We will talk about this later." My she beast said kissing me on my forehead.

It was great to have my she beast back. But is sucked beyond sucking that I was grounded. Damn it.

A day went by, then two, three and then a four while Lady Ursa considered a proper punishment for her little human who went about performing a good deed, but in the wrong way. Then one day a week later....

Day 110

With great hesitation I approached the beastial's doorway on the east side of Castle Wundagore two floors below Lady Ursa's lair. When I reached the doorway, I composed myself and rang the bell. There was a pause, then a ruffling noise from behind it before it opened. But the door did open and my taskmaster for the day appeared.

"Ah yes, Alex!" Lady Ursa said that she would be sending me someone to help with my spring cleaning today. The ram said snickering. "Oh look! You are without your PDA today too as well- finished your language studies?"

"Greetings Sir Ram and congratulations on regaining your title and rank." I said to him in English with a slight Gaian accent. "I am here on the orders of my mistress to assist you with all your cleaning needs- rooms straightened, floors mopped, windows washed, messes organized and dust dusted." I said to the evil beastial scientist.

"Make that all of it. This way." The ram warrior said inviting me into his lair.

Like Tauren's and Lady Ursa's. Sir Ram lived in a three floor domicile on the east side of the castle- another townhouse. But its interior design was completely different from those that I had seen; It was a home with a science lab built in it. There was the typical kitchen and living room, with the typical furniture and artwork- but off from that there was a den and mini-laboratory like a lab away from Sir Ram's lab.

"You can start by cleaning there." The ram said pointing to the lab. "Use soap and water only. I don't want anything to interact with the chemicals I have here or ruin any experiments I have running. After that you can clean the living room, kitchen, bathroom, laundry and the bedrooms."

So I spent the bulk of that Saturday cleaning Sir Ram's lair top to bottom while the beastial scientist and warrior supervised. He watched me clean each and every room of his lair snickering. I guess he delighted in me becoming his cleaning slave for the day or at least most of it.

I started in the lab cleaning the counter, floor, chairs and cabinets being very careful not to disturb any flasks or beakers and their contents. I soon arrived at a storage room at the far end of the lab- a storage closet. Knowing this evil beastial scientist as well as I did. I was quite fearful of what I might find inside. I approached the closet very very slowly- actually, I really didn't want to see what was inside.

"Alex! Go ahead!" The evil beastial ordered me. Sir Ram had been especially watching me clean his lab to make sure I didn't break anything. When he saw me approach his storage closet he must have been amused. "It's open, go ahead." He ordered me.

Reluctantly I opened the door. I gasped at what I saw... spare beakers, flasks and lab equipment. Seeing that I breathed a sigh of relief.

"Mah haw haw!!" The evil beastial scientist and warrior laughed. "What did you think you were going to find in there? Corpses? Bodies? Remnants of my experiments?"

"Um, yeah." I said to the still laughing ram.

"Alex, now really? Really- in my own lair?!" He said patting me on my shoulder. "No dear boy, I keep that elsewhere. Corpses tend to stink up the place if they aren't placed on ice or suspended animation."

I gasped when I heard this.

"Oh by the way thank you."

"Uh for what?" I asked the ram warrior.

"For helping exonerate Lea and exposing the rebel threat here in the castle. Without your intervention my assistant would have been falsely punished as a traitor of the empire. What you did boy, saved her and aided us." The ram said softly to me.

(It must have been very hard for him to admit that.)

"You're welcome Sir Ram, what I did- I did because Lea is a close friend of mine. I could not let her be punished for an act that she did not commit."

"Unlike your situation now?" He asked me.

"Um, yeah my mistress is punishing me for an act I did commit." I said looking at the floor.

"Cheer up boy." The ram said snickering to me. "There are far far worse punishments than spring cleaning."

(Yeah, pretty late spring cleaning. It was May.)

I spent Saturday morning and part of Saturday afternoon cleaning Sir Ram's lair bottom to top washing, mopping and dusting. Sir Ram continued to watch me clean each and every room still snickering. I at last finished in his bedroom. It was then that he started laughing evilly.

"I do something wrong great sir knight?" I at last asked.

"Maw haw haw!! I finally realized the purpose of your supposed punishment." Sir Ram said to me still laughing. "Some times Lady Ursa is more cunning than I give her credit for!"

"Sir Ram?"

"Boy, you thought your morning labors were punishment from your mistress for not using sound judgement during your investigation of Mike Anger and letting him and some rebel scum lead you into an ambush."

"Sir Ram?"

"Was it boy or was this just an exercise in critical thinking- finding another method of performing complex tasks?"

I wasn't understanding what the evil beastial scientist was getting at.

"Sir Ram?"

"Look here boy." The ram warrior said as he approached a panel on the wall in his bedroom. He pressed a button- there was a whirring noise and a bright flash of light that enveloped Sir Ram's lair. When the light dissipated. The townhouse was spotless from top to bottom! In short I had spent the entire morning and part of the afternoon cleaning his lair when he had a built in automated cleaning system.

"Oh bother." I said humbly.

This exercise was deliciously evil on my mistress' behalf. It was more than just a punishment. If I had taken the time to look around Sir Ram's lair I would have noticed that he had a panel like that in each room. That would have caused me to ask Sir Ram what the button did and I wouldn't have spent all this time laboring over something that could have been performed at a touch of a button. Yeah, technologically advanced society. I get it.

"Similarly you should have agreed to meet Mike Anger on a neutral venue of your choosing- that would have prevented that ambush you encountered in World Three, boy." The ram warrior said condescendingly.

"Lesson learned." I said to the evil beastial scientist. "Unless you have anything more for me to do good sir knight I will be on my way. I have to clean Lady Vermin and Lord Tiger's lairs as well this weekend.

"There is one more thing little human..." The ram started to say.

"Let me guess, as a reward for my hard and unnecessary labors today- you are going to tell me about your rescue mission to find Lord Tiger and Lady Vermin?"

"Not likely, that is classified."


I had been trying to find out what had happened on that mission for more than a week and all anyone would say was that it was classified. Similarly my research on ONE didn't lead anywhere either.

I made another guess:

"You are going to take me out to lunch?"

"No, not even the remotest possibility of being likely."

"Ok you have me." I admitted. "What is this one more thing?" I asked.

"I met someone special and would like you to meet her." The ram reluctantly admitted.

I was shocked. This evil beastial scientist and warrior decided to move past the bitter feelings he experienced after losing his mate many many years ago and tried to pursue love once again! My conversation did have an impact on him! Wow!

"Sir Ram that is wonderful!" I said running up to hug the evil beastial. He gave me such a look when I did that.

"Ah yes, boy I would like you to meet this special person in my life. This way."

With that we left Sir Ram's lair and proceeded to the science wing of Castle Wundagore. As we were walking I tried to pry some additional information from Sir Ram.

"So who is this special person? Where did you meet and how long have you been dating?"

"The special person is Mara. She works in testing and development and we have been dating for about a week. I met her when she approached me with some ideas after the recent rescue mission. Here we are."

We arrived at Room G in the science wing. Yet another lab. Upon entering it I saw Sir Ram's special lady. A anthropomorphic goat who appeared to be in her forties. She was dressed in a lab coat with a brown shirt and tan slacks. She greeted us when we entered the room.

"Rammy! is this him?"

(Rammy?! That was too much!)

"It is." Sir Ram replied. "This is Alex, the little human I told you about."

"I hope it was all good things!" I said to the goat lady.

"It was. Rammy told me that you are a kind, charitable person who was shy and insecure. He also said that you have been assisting the knights on a few of their missions and have had a few personal missions as well. The most recent got you in trouble with your master. Which led to your weekend servitude." She said coldly.

"Uh yeah." I replied meekly trying to change the subject. "So exactly what do you do here at the castle?" I asked as I approached the goat lady.

"Product testing and development with the knights little human. By the way, it is nice to meet you!" She said reaching out to shake my hand.

I reached out to meet her paw. As soon as I touched her, my body froze- I couldn't move!

"Which reminds me I am in need of a test subject- a guinea pig to test some weaponry for the knights that I am working on and you would be just perfect! Consider it part of your weekend servitude." The she beast said wickedly.

"Is that why I can't move?!" I asked the pair.

"Oh this one is quite perceptive Rammy!" The goat lady said to her boyfriend. "Precisely. Alex! You see we have already begun! While you were shaking my paw. I shot you with this stunner. Immobilizing you! Now let's get him to the chair over there!"

Mara and Sir Ram picked me up and plopped me into a reclining chair next to the goat lady's work station. I was horrified at the turn of events. I didn't sense that I was in danger let alone a beastial's lab experiment. I guess that was the partial part of being a partial clairvoyant. As the pair gently placed me into the lab chair I noticed the evil smirk on Sir Ram's face and the wicked grin on Mara's.

"What the hell?! Sir Ram! I thought we had an agreement? I thought we were, we were...." I started to say but was cut off by the evil beastial scientist while his girlfriend snickered.

"Friends?! BFFs?" He said condescendingly.

"I thought we had rapport! You saved my life during the werewolf mission! You said that I would NEVER wind up on your lab table ever again!"

"Did I?" The ram snickered as he approached me with a teleportation device. "You are right little human we do have a sort of rapport and you are right about the promise I made you. That is why you are not on MY lab table. You are on MARA's!"

(OH CRAP!!!)

"What is next my dear?"

"Well to start the tests, I need him naked as a new born babe." The goat lady commented.

It was then Sir Ram shot me with the teleportation device and my clothes were transported to a table on the far side of the room.

"Done." The evil ram commented. "Let's begin."

Mara approached me. "Don't be embarrassed, Alex. I don't care if you are naked. I have seen males with far better 'equipment.' The she beast said winking at Sir Ram.

(Nice back-pawed comment.)

"You are going to dissect me aren't you?"

The goat looked at the ram, the ram looked back at the goat. Neither said anything as they picked up several gun like devices Mara had been working on and AIMED them right at ME!

"One at a time dear." Sir Ram said to his girlfriend.

"Yes, yes but of course." Mara aimed and fired one of the devices at me. Point blank range! *ZZZT!!!!* I was enveloped in a pink glow that soon dissipated.


"How do you feel little human?" The goat lady asked me. "A little paranoid, schizophrenic or of unsound mind?"

"You all hate me! None of you every really liked me!" I blurted out. "I tried to be very very nice to you, give you the benefit of the doubt and all you did was scheme and plot behind my back! You all hate me! What did I ever do to you?!" I said to the pair as I started crying.

Mara wiped my tears and then shot me again with the weapon and then again with another device.


"Is that better Alex?"

"What? Where the hell am I?! What did you do to me? What is this place?" I stammered. Mara then shot me once again with the second weapon.


After that, Sir Ram shot me with one of the devices he was holding. *ZZZT!* A blue haze enveloped my body. I fell silent.

"Alright Alex I have some questions for you to answer. Answer to the best of your ability." Mara started.

"Question one: Who is the most important person in your puny little existence?"

"That would be Lady Ursa."

"Why?" The goat lady asked.

"Because she adopted me and gave me a home, a stable life, love and affection."

"And?" The goat lady asked.

"I deeply love her with all my heart and my very soul."

It was at that point that I tried to stop talking there but I couldn't. It was like after you vomit, you're retching and gasping for air wishing it to be over- but your body says no, you are not done- we are going to go again. In this case, I was spitting up truths and I couldn't stop:

"She is an insanely strong, powerful and a fierce warrior. But if you look past that bold and brash exterior, you will find an affectionate loving and caring individual who is quite a fantastic lay."

(Did I just say that?!)

"Really? Quite interesting." Mara responded.

"Question two: Who are your closest friends in all of Counter Earth?"

"Tauren the bull, Lurie the coyote, Sorren the dragon and Lea the lioness. The first three mean so much more to me than just friends; they are like the older siblings I never had growing up." I said to the goat lady.

"Despite being beastials?!- interesting. What else?"

"Lea is a very close and personal friend and my personal healer. She is also great to look at, I would even say hot." I responded.

"Question three, what are your feelings about the Knights of Wundagore? I know your feelings about Lady Ursa, what about Lord Tiger and Lady Vermin?"

"Lord Tiger is one of the most just and honorable individuals I know save for Sir Wolf. Lady Vermin if you can get past her superiority complex, is an effective scout and warrior as well." I said to the goat lady who seemed to be taking notes during my interrogation.

"Follow up question: What do you think of Sir Ram?"

"He is one of the most smartest, one of the most brightest minds in all the empire."

"And?" Mara asked.

I tried to evade the question, to color coat the answer but I couldn't. For some odd reason I was compelled to answer.

"He is also evil and dangerous. To him the ends justify the means; he will do what he deems logical and just to preserve the empire whether it means experimenting on the innocent, torturing the guilty or rolling over allies and friends!"

Sir Ram grumbled when I said that.

(Did I say that? I, I didn't mean to say it- it just came out!)

"Rammy don't be upset. Alex was compelled to say what was in his heart. Whether he wanted to or not. He at the time thought his life was in serious danger. That is why he said what he did when he did. Anyway, test is concluded."

"You mean I was never in any danger?!" I said annoyed.

"No." The goat lady said. "After Rammy's last mission he decided that the knights needed to upgrade their weaponry. Instead of knocking out the the guilty all the time, they needed some nonlethal weapons. So I developed several prototypes. From time to time we in the sciences perform tests and experiments for the sake of finding better ways to improve life. But I needed a friendly guinea pig to test the prototypes on and observe the results. That was YOU."


"The first weapon I used on you inflicted paralysis- perfect for taking down disruptive humans."

"And bad beastials don't forget bad beastials." I interjected.

"Yes yes, bad beastials too. The second weapon inflicted isolation and paranoia, it made you think that everyone around you, friend, ally or acquaintance was against you- perfect for deconstructing rebel cells. The third weapon inflicted confusion and oblivion- which is great for taking down aggressors. The fourth and final weapon compelled you to tell the truth whatever you were feeling at the time. Whether you wanted to or not and you little human passed the tests with flying colors."

I looked at the pair with a bit of relief and disgust.

"You know my lady, you are very very VERY wicked. You compliment Sir Ram; you are a perfect match for him. I hope that you two find love and happiness together forever and always."

(I guess evil does need love too.)

"Thank you for the complement boy, but watch your tongue you haven't been released from the truth ray yet." The goat lady sneered at me.

With the successful lab tests of the knights new weaponry- Mara released the equipment for field trials. She also zapped me with the paralysis and truth weapons once more returning me to my normal state and Sir Ram returned my clothes to me before he released me to resume my weekend servitude.

"Farewell little human!" Mara said as I was leaving. "I hope to experiment on you again!"

(Oh geez!)

As we were leaving Room G Sir Ram turned to me:

"So little human, you believe I am truly evil and would mow down my friends, allies and acquaintances in a minute if it would preserve the empire?!" Sir Ram asked me point blank.

"Well, I... Um.... Ah.... Yeah." I said picking up my cleaning supplies. Trying not to look at the much in love evil beastial.

(You did it in there with no problem!)

"Good. You understand me a little better." He replied. "Now on your way."

To Be Continued.....

Next week: Alex's weekend of servitude continues.

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