Sticky and Hot

Story by Mog Moogle on SoFurry

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Sticky and Hot

You tighten the grip on Malcolm's shoulders as you bounce in his lap as fast as you can. His member pulses inside of you and his breath is broken by moaning and grunting. You feel your own maleness swelling in Malcolm's paw. You can't hold back any longer. Easing out of the kiss, you push your body down against his thighs as hard as you can.

You gasp sharply as your orgasm overtakes you. Thick ropes of cum spray from your tip onto Malcolm's belly. Your paws hold his shoulders tightly as your thighs quake. Your movement is stopped by the intensity of his paw and the stimulation of his spiny cock on your prostate.

As the waves of orgasm wash over you, before they can recede, you feel the tiger underneath you grind up. He rocks his hips and his length pushes against your insides. You feel his member throb as he grunts, forcing himself up as the first of several jets of his spunk warms your insides.

The tiger shudders as he pulls your body against his. His paw slick with your own cum wraps around your back and your stomach presses against his cum slick fur. His muzzle pushes against your and you open it in response to his tongue pushing in your maw again.

He kisses you hotly as he his orgasm continues to flow into you. It feels very voluminous, and you suspect that it's the first orgasm he's had in awhile in addition to being the first one inside of someone else. His body starts to slump back and he pulls your with him.

His orgasm starts to fade, the intense flood slowing to a trickle. You pull your muzzle away, letting your tongue linger against the tiger's for a moment. When you lift up and look at the tiger, he looks back at you as his eyes open. His panting slows and he smiles at you.

"That ... that was amazing," Malcolm says as his paws slide down your back and he caresses your rear.

"You were amazing, Malcolm." You slide your paw between your bodies and gather some of you cum on your fingers. You bring it up to his mouth and push them past his lips. "You were much better than I expected."

Malcolm looks a little apprehensive at first, but then you feel his tongue brush against your fingers. He starts suckling softly and eating your cum. The corners of his lips curl into a smile and you feel his flagging member in your backside pulse as his arousal builds again. After a few moments, you take your fingers out of mouth.

"That tastes ... really good." Malcolm chuckles then nuzzles your neck. "I want more. Are you ready for round two?"

"Well, we do still have a full bottle of wine. Might help with make things go a little smoother." You hug him tightly. "I would really like to try your virgin tailhole, if that's okay with you."

Malcolm shies his eyes down then nuzzles up against you. "I ... I would like that."

You chuckle softly and Malcolm smiles in response. "If it feels half as good as you being inside me, we're going to have a fun night."

The End

What a fun project. A very special thank you to, (in order of comment suggestions,) avatar?user=334187&character=0&clevel=2 Tetralin,avatar?user=3224&character=0&clevel=2 Serov, avatar?user=32142&character=0&clevel=2 BlazingFoxSpirit, avatar?user=63597&character=0&clevel=2 Dasher Cheetah, bagelz, avatar?user=322671&character=0&clevel=2 Striped Charr and burnwolf.

I'm glad you guys had fun with it. I'd like to do it again sometime, but for now, need to focus on some gigs that might actually get me paid. ^.^

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