LBFG Chapter 3

Story by Cronicdragon on SoFurry

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#3 of Lose Bitches, Fuck Guardians

Thank you to everyone who voted on the poll as to what kind of things would be coming up in this installment. I decided to break it down into two chapters rather than one big one so the next one will be a continuation of the same evening that this one starts. Also thank you to SADesian as always for helping me edit and being my test audience.

Feel free to drop any comments, criticisms or ideas to me. Seriously, any sort of idea whether it's porn based, story based, maybe something different about the characters, whatever. If I like it then it might end up in the story and you'll get credit if it does.

Once again I don't own Spyro or any of the characters here

"And then we did what?!" Ignitus asked incredulously, the other Guardians unsuccessfully suppressing their snickering at both the story and Ignitus' reaction.

"You heard me." Flame retorted, his cheeks a little flushed as he excitedly recalled last night's dream to the gathering of older males. It had been a particularly bizarre and raunchy dream involving the fire Guardian. In fact it was so strange and crass that all of them were left totally gobsmacked by Flame's retelling.

For a few moments afterwards, they all exchanged glances while their minds played over the ridiculous scene in their heads. Some were simply shocked, others were left tickled but all enjoyed the tale whether purely out of entertainment or for other, lewder reasons too.

That night was just like any other that the group spent together; a lot of chatting and a lot of dirty talk as well. The only one of them who had perhaps been a little quiet at the start was Terrador although no one thought much of it as he was usually the most quiet of them all anyway and the conversation had distracted them from noticing. By the depths of the evening though, the jovial conversation had brought Terrador back to normal and had him currently smirking at the images in his head.

"The imagination of hatchlings..." Volteer mused softly.

"Well, one hatchling in particular, Volteer. After all, what mind could conjure up such fetish-laden thoughts but our own kinky little slut?" Cyril chimed in. He loved the small shiver that Flame gave when he called him a 'slut'. He also noted that Flame was showing signs that he was particularly 'needy' today as he didn't even argue the name as he usually would.

Ignitus chuckled and raised his brow. "Kinky, you say? Tell me Flame, have you ever done anything particularly... unconventional?"

Flame felt all four sets of eyes turn on him and his cheeks burned behind his already-red scales. He started to think about the question; had he done anything all that kinky?

"W-Well... I guess Cyril and I are pretty kinky. He's usually pretty rough... calls me names and stuff like that."

Volteer let out a loud snort of derision and rolled his eyes. "That's just Cyril; a pompous, egotistical, domineering, brutish drake who gets his thrills from bullying weaker people into submission."

Everyone's laughter was cut short by the cracking sound of Cyril's tail lashing across the rump of the yellow Guardian, bringing a surprised yelp from Volteer and leaving a pink welt where it had struck.

"And as one of those 'weaker people', you'd best not forget it, Volteer."

As Volteer was left examining his sore rear, Flame went back to thinking. "Then I suppose no. No, I haven't done anything 'unconventional'."

All four Guardians exchanged quizzical looks that showed just how surprised they were at each other's restraint.

"Perhaps we've been taking things too easy on you, young Flame." Ignitus cooed, a sly grin breaking across his muzzle. All of the larger dragons began to think of what they would like to try with their eager little male and there was no doubt there was a whole spectrum of fetishes that passed through all of the different minds. "Would you be open to trying new things sometime?" The fire Guardian asked.

The younger male thought for a few moments. He hadn't really about it before and right now, the aching in his crotch was draining most of his attention so he didn't even think about it properly then. He'd been so pent up since that dream last night that his mind wasn't thinking rationally at all. Flame had no idea what kind of things they had in mind but at this point he would have tried anything if it meant that he would get release and who knows, maybe he would enjoy it? Even as he raised his head to answer the Guardians, he could see the anticipation on their faces. They were clearly very eager to help him experiment; he would've felt bad taking that away from them.

"Sure!" He replied, a grin sneaking across his muzzle as he saw the Guardians' evident satisfaction at his reply. He could see that their eyes were already glazing over once more as they ran through the kinds of scenarios they wanted to put him in. However there was one dragon who snapped himself back to reality quickly.

The conversation had been flowing for quite a while by this point and, as much as Ignitus was enjoying it, he was starting to fight back yawns; a sure sign that it was bedtime for them all. They all had lessons the following morning and couldn't afford to end up too tired to concentrate. They could continue their conversation tomorrow.

"I'm sure we could all benefit from taking a day to consider what tasks we can set out for our experimental drake here.. Refine our ideas a little and choose things to ease the young dragon into the obscure. That means you too Cyril." Ignitus saw that Cyril was about to refute this claim that he was less restricted than the others but the fire Guardian continued before he could make his case. "For now though, I believe it is time to sleep."

A round of nods showed that they all felt the same way and even Cyril begrudgingly accepted. He could make his rebuttal in the morning. Slowly they started to rise and make their way towards the entrance of the hall, each saying 'goodnight' and 'sleep well' as they rose.

Despite his tiredness though, Flame's tail was flicking side to side with a renewed energy. In his chest, his heart began to double in pace and his breaths became short and fast. He climbed to his feet and quickly made his way to the hall entrance, overtaking a few of the Guardians on his way. He had hoped to have a small talk with Cyril without the others knowing but, to his dismay, the ice Guardian was at the front of the moving herd and so there was no chance of discretely ushering him aside.

His cheeks were already growing warm as he marched up alongside Cyril, all of them still inside the hall at this point.

"C-Cyril...?" Flame whispered. His nervous stance was all too noticeable to Cyril who lowered his head hear better.

"C-Could I... sleep in your room tonight?" He whispered again, trying his best to keep the others (who at this point were watching curiously) from hearing him. It wasn't uncommon for Flame to sleep with one of the Guardians. It didn't always lead to sex but Cyril already knew that Flame was 'in need' tonight and he knew exactly what the little hornball was after.

A cruel grin creeped across his muzzle. A grin that unsettled Flame.

"You wish to spend the night with me?" Cyril reiterated but in a voice loud enough for the cluster of dragons behind him to hear. Flame let out a small whine as he realised that Cyril wasn't about to do this subtly. The younger male turned to look at the three other dragons who were now unashamedly watching and listening but quickly had to look away. Cyril always did this to him. With the other Guardians, Flame was confident and hardly ever felt embarrassed but Cyril always made him feel so small.

"Y-Y-Yeah..." He managed to say, his voice still quiet.

"Yes 'what'?" Cyril pressed. Flame whined. Not this again.

"Yes sir." The red drake sighed, trying to keep his voice down. Cyril simply shook his head.

"Not 'sir'." He stressed, giving the younger dragon a knowing look that told Flame exactly what he wanted. Even the other Guardians saw the smaller male recoil as he realised what Cyril wanted and he began to look around nervously. He was clearly embarrassed about doing this with an audience. Still, Cyril was in control here. His head dropped a little.

"Y-Yes... master." Flame muttered. It was a title that he'd only ever used in private with Cyril during their most debauched evenings. A chorus of gasps and chuckles came from the other Guardians as they all took in this delectable new piece of information. They had known that Cyril held power over the young dragon but they hadn't suspected at all that Flame was Cyril's pet. Questions began to be asked in hushed tones until finally Terrador asked aloud, totally unabashed.

"When did this happen?"

"A couple of weeks ago now. The little slut didn't even have to think about it when I asked. He wanted to be owned. He wanted to serve under one of the great ice dragons." Cyril replied, clearly milking his power to boost his ego though no one cared enough to call him out on it. They were only interested in learning more.

Flame flinched again. Cyril was completely nonchalant about the whole situation, gaining his psychological power over his pet from the fact that openly displayed his domination and ownership, making sure that everyone knew that Flame had desired it to be like that with him. Flame was the slut who clung to strong, dominant males. Cyril was that strong, dominant male and he loved to show that off.

"My my my... Master Cyril and his pet." Ignitus said to no one in particular. Cyril's chest puffed out a little further in acknowledgement and Flame started looking at the floor and shifting about on his feet. Hearing his title always blew away his cockiness and made him feel instantly submissive; an embarrassing feeling when surrounded by your four teachers, three of whom hadn't known about this before.

Although the Guardians were often frustrated by the ice dragon's egotistical behaviour, it was fun to watch him control Flame the way that he (and only he) did. He had a real knack for it. Not one of them could reduce Flame to a submissive, shy, obedient toy quite like that ice dragon could. He had definitely been born to play the role of master and they were eager to see a live performance of his skills. They therefore didn't mind fanning the flames a little.

"Yes, an excitable one who so loves to please his master. Isn't that right, pet?" Cyril smirked and locked his eyes onto the embarrassed dragon. He knew exactly how embarrassed Flame must be feeling and it sent chills through his spine watching it and knowing that he was the one causing it. He adored doing it. It made him feel all the more powerful to be able to do that to someone. He hadn't intended to involve the other Guardians but now that they were present he intended to use them in his games; use their watchful eyes and their excited giggling to really put Flame in his place.

Flame's heart sunk. He wasn't going to make him answer things like that in front of the other dragons, was he? It was already known that Flame enjoyed fooling around with them all but to openly admit such private things in front of the other three Guardians made his cheeks sore with how brightly they burned. Still, he knew that he would have to answer. He made a choice to bed with Cyril that night and he knew that in all likelihood he would have to deal with the embarrassment that came with it. In all honesty, that was subconsciously the reason that he had chosen Cyril anyway. As the ice Guardian had said the other day, he was a glutton for punishment and secretly loved the way Cyril treated him.

"Y-Y-Yes... master..." He managed to force himself to say after a moment's silence. He wasn't even able to look anywhere near the other Guardians but he knew they were watching and listening intently, smirking as they heard his reply. It was fair to say that by this point all four Guardians, and even little Flame, had rather bulged sheaths from the saucy, exhibitionistic show.

Cyril used his forepaw to lift Flame's muzzle, forcing the much younger dragon to look at his snide grin which only added to how much Flame was squirming. That cruel, handsome face held no sign that he was finished with his humiliating game.

"Come now pet. Don't be so shy. You certainly aren't this shy when it comes to putting your muzzle between my hinds." Even Flame gasped at that, feeling almost as though he'd been physically struck by that comment. He was given no time to recover though as his master turned that red muzzle to face the other clustered dragons who were sitting only a few feet away now, their eyes all locked on his. "Tell them what you like to do when your muzzle is down there."

Flame's heart stopped. The other dragons just rumbled with satisfaction, enjoying this far too much to consider taking it easy on the little drake. They waited patiently for his answer.

"... I...I... " Flame stuttered. Being forced to make eye contact with the predatory, older males made him so jittery that he couldn't even speak. It took a few attempts before he finally managed to spit out an answer. "I-I... like to... s-suck cock..."

"Don't be so nervous about admitting it, young Flame. You never have been before. Why just the other week you had no issues at all articulating your desire to do exactly that with me." Volteer jested, so excited that he was shifting from foot to foot to keep himself from bursting. By now, they were all quite riled up and a few of them were making use of their tails and forepaws to help hide the fact that they were 'peeking' out of their sheaths.

"Oh? I don't remember you telling me about that, Volteer." Ignitus replied. He too was enjoying this pre-bedtime teasing and was willing to spare a few extra minutes to enjoy it. His bed could wait.

"I didn't? It must have been almost two weeks ago now, I'm sure. I was woken up in the morning by young Flame here climbing onto my bed. He looked me square in the eyes and asked to 'take care of me' then and there and of course I had no problems at all with that, after all it was morning and we all know what males have to deal with in the morning. The thing is that he hadn't even spent the night with me! Got out of his own bed early that morning with only one goal on his mind, I don't doubt. Having one of his 'hungry' days that we all know, and are glad that, he experiences. Anyway, you should have seen him, unashamedly pulling the covers away and setting straight to work. I didn't need to move or do anything to assist. Even when I finished, he had no problem casually discussing what we were going to be studying that day as he cleaned us both up and yet Cyril here seems to turn him into a quivering wreck within seconds. It's astounding, remarkable... incomprehensible even that such a relaxed and confident youngster can be reduced to such a manner!"

Flame was left with his jaw hanging wide open as Volteer so openly discussed their sex life in front of everyone. It was also clear from Ignitus' earlier remark that they regularly swapped stories about him! He couldn't even defend himself as he was far too shocked to think what he'd even say. Besides, it's not as though he could deny it ever happened because it did! He was just in awe that Volteer had shared such a private moment with almost no prompt!

"Mmm, it's because he knows his place when he's with his master. He gets to be the obedient little pet he's always wanted to be." Cyril rumbled, only adding to Flame's embarrassment. "But yes, he's becoming rather skilled with that maw of his. All our training is starting to show. I suppose he needs to be good at it though, being such a cum-hungry boy. It's much easier to get what you want when you're good at getting it... Certainly not wasteful when he gets it either."

Flame squirmed and whined louder this time. He was confident enough playing with the Guardians one on one but now that they were all ganging up on him and discussing such lewd things about him, he couldn't avoid feeling embarrassed by their onslaught. Was he really that slutty? The older males all chuckled at his reaction and looked to Cyril.

"Why I do hate to cut a good teasing short, I believe my pet is getting rather desperate to leave. He must be getting 'hungry'... Think I'd better go and 'feed' him." Cyril crooned and began to nudge Flame out towards his chambers. With a chance to escape, Flame wasted no time in scurrying off to hide his blush-burned face. At least behind that door, the other Guardians could see him.

Cyril quickly bade his fellow Guardians goodnight and followed his pet inside and it was only a moment or two before the others followed suit and made their way into their own chambers. Luckily the magic that soundproofed that part of the Temple also soundproofed the separate rooms and so no one would be kept awake by the lewd commands and sound effects that were bound to occur in Cyril's chambers.

After closing the door to the outside world and locking it, Cyril turned to face the young male who sat at the side of his bed. A cruel, excited grin creeped into his features and his already partially escaped shaft began to grow out from it's sleeve.

"Right pet, let's put you to work..."

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