Chapter 2: Memories

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#2 of End Game: Destiny's End (Season 2)

Here's the second chapter of RedRover's Destiny's End. Just make sure to check out his profile on Sofurry.

This story is his and I'm just distributing it. So enjoy, have fun and all that good stuff. :D

Kari looked at Izzy like he had grown a second head. TK worded his own opinion. "Don't tell me you've gone nuts, too." Izzy sighed. "Far from it, I'm afraid. In fact, I am the only one besides Ladydevimon who knows what's truly going on. Even the Council is kept in the dark." Izzy stood up straight and walked over and warmed his hands on the fire. "He arrived here shortly before you got back." Cody spoke up. Izzy rubbed his hands over the blaze. Davis was angry at his casual attitude. "What do you mean, Kari's dead? She's right there." "I didn't say this Kari is dead. This world's Kari is dead." Izzy shook his head. "What are you babbling about?" Davis asked enraged. "Kari's not dead!" "Look around you!" Izzy screamed. "Is this your world? Does your world cower in fear, ruled over by the Council of Five?" "Izzy," Kari placed a hand on his shoulder. "Calm down. We're sorry, it's just that this whole thing is a little disorienting." Izzy closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "Your right Kari. Everyone sit down. "I'll start from the beginning."

Izzy sat on an old chair in front of the fire. The rest of them sat cross-legged around the blaze. It looked like a traditional campfire, except the story was much scarier then any ghost story. Izzy took a deep breath to collect his thoughts. "Four years ago, me, TK and the rest of the original digidestined where at camp. All of a sudden it started to snow, odd weather for that time of year. Suddenly a flash of light came from the heavens, and these strange devices appeared." "I know that, Izzy." TK interrupted. "I was there." "But you don't know this part." Izzy continued. "We went to grab these strange apparatuses when suddenly the sky filed with bats. We jumped back in fear when a lady clad in black leather flew down from the skies." "Ladydevimon." Kari whispered. "She reached out and plucked the devices from us and flew off." Izzy sighed. "We told the camp counselors, of course, but they thought it was merely the tales of imaginative children. Camp was closed shortly after because of the snow, and we traveled back to our home. Suddenly, a new world filled my head. I remembered traveling to a new world, meeting Tentomon and the others, fighting Devimon, Etemon. It never happened, but I remembered it." "Huh?" Davis asked. "What are you talking about?" "Ladydevimon was our greatest and most cunning enemy." Kari mentioned. "We thought she was lost in time." "She was. As far as I can compute, she traveled back in time to our world, four years before we got our digivices. She lied in wait, and snatched the digivices from us. When she did that, she altered the entire history of our world." "But then we shouldn't exist at all if Ladydevimon changed history, right?" Cody asked. "This is the confusing part. Your time line did happen; it's just that the human mind can't comprehend two separate realities, so they only remember the current one. Since Ladydevimon traveled back in time four years, it took four years for the time line to reset itself." Izzy lowered his head and looked at the floor. "So how can you remember both time lines?" Davis waved a finger at Izzy. "Last time I checked you were human." Izzy looked up again, his eyes a dark and deep red. Cody, Davis, Yolei and their respective digimon jumped back in surprise. Izzy chuckled. "Check again." His eyes returned too normal. TK felt like he should explain. This had always been a bit of a sore spot with Izzy. "Izzy's not human, at least not completely. He's part digimon, the son of two viral digimon, Ladydevimon and Devimon. But I thought you lost your powers when you battled Apocalymon." "I never battled Apocalymon." Izzy retaliated. He held up his hand, and TK noticed that Izzy had his orange bat shaped tattoo on the back of his hand again. "That was another reality, so I still retain my powers." "Remind me not to go to your family reunions." Yolei gurgled. Izzy nodded and carried on. "My unique human/digimon mind comprehended both realties. I was living two time lines at once. I tried asking Tai, Matt and the others but they dismissed me as the nerdy computer geek looking for attention. We arrived back in the city when a fog appeared out from the TV station and digimon appeared, wreaking havoc. A new horrifying memory came to me from your original time line. I grabbed Tai and told him we needed to get to the TV station. He looked at me like I was insane, but I told him Kari was in danger. He followed me without hesitation." Izzy stopped and looked at Kari. "He really cared for you." "I know." Kari whispered. Izzy sighed and continued. "When we arrived there, we climbed to the top of the building. We saw Myotismon, Phantomon, and various other viral digimon surrounding you Kari. Ladydevimon was there too, but she seemed to merely be watching. Wizardmon and Gatomon were standing in front of you. A Bakemon noticed us, and threw us against a wall. We blacked out for a few seconds. When we woke up," Izzy paused, catching his breath and looked at Kari. "Kari was lying motionless on the floor, her throat slit." Izzy closed his eyes. "Tai went mad, and rushed forward, attacking Myotismon. Myotismon simply laughed and threw Tai in the corner as I stood by helpless. Myotismon turned his attention back to the others. Wizardmon was badly injured. I couldn't even see Gatomon. Myotismon looked down at the injured Wizardmon. He laughed at him and said, "I let you live to see her die. Now that Gatomon's no longer with you, I guess you have nothing to live for. Let me put you out of your misery." He gestured as I turned my head, and there was a flash of crimson lightning that I saw even through clenched eyes, followed shortly by Wizardmon's scream." The entire company just listened to Izzy, too dumbfounded to talk. "Tai ran up and attacked Myotismon screaming, "How could you? My sister?" Myotismon laughed and picked up Tai effortlessly. Tai asked him, "Are you going to kill me too, you bastard?" Myotismon laughed again, dropped Tai and replied, "You aren't worth my effort." He left me and the grieving Tai on the building with Kari's body, and that was when the fall of humanity began." Izzy paused and rubbed his eyes. "Since we didn't defeat Myotismon, he quickly took over the world. His reign didn't last long though. Ladydevimon arranged his deletion and took charge of the entire operation and set up the Council of Five." "Who is this council?" Cody asked, scared. "They rule both worlds with an iron fist. No one knows who they are, only that they are referred to by Greek letters. Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, and Epsilon." Izzy said. "Why didn't you save Kari?" TK asked. "We saw how powerful you are, you took on Mega digimon easily." "I didn't know I had powers then. Remember, I found I had powers after we defeated Myotismon, when I rescued Sora the digital world after we traveled back the second time." Izzy sighed. "Only a few days later I remembered from my other life I had powers. I flew into a rage, and attacked Myotismon's army, but I played right into Ladydevimon's hands. She used me as a pawn. I destroyed Myotismon, which is what she planned for me all along. When I confronted her, she had some sort of gadget on her. I was blasted and my powers disappeared. It's taken me all this time to build my strength up to a fraction of what it was. Izzy shook his head. Her powers where never in her strength, but her brains. That's what she said. She let me live, only because she deemed she might have further use for me, that and I was no threat to her." "But we're human," Yolei motioned to her friends. "How can we remember our timeline?" Izzy pointed to Yolei's digivice. "Your digivices act as a defense, or more accurately save files. When the universe rewrote itself, you were 'saved' and reloaded. The original digivices lacked that feature. My memories and yourselves are all that's left of our original world." Kari asked the question that they where all afraid to ask. "What... happened to us and the original digidestined?" Izzy shook his head. "Ladydevimon spared us. No digimon is allowed to seriously hurt us. It seemed to amuse her to see us cower in the streets helpless. I've been keeping tabs on all of the original digidestined. Tai you know. He never recovered from your death and slipped into a state of near madness. Sora was taken as a servant in the castle of Gamma. Joe runs a church around here with Mimi in a ruined apartment building. TK..." Izzy paused briefly. "Ladydevimon deemed you too dangerous to live, since there was a prophecy about you. She attacked your apartment shortly after she killed Kari. You and Matt were never seen again. Patamon, I'm sorry but Ladydevimon destroyed you as well, to make sure Magnangemon never returned. The rest of the digimon are scattered all over this world. I'm not sure where. Davis and Yolei, you didn't survive, killed in response to a vain rebellion. I am afraid you simply disappeared, Cody." Everyone was stunned for a second. It's not every day you learn you're dead. Kari had one more question, one that she was embarrassed to ask. "Izzy, I lost my temper with TK and..." She struggled to continue without revealing too much. TK was blushing, but it was barley noticeable in the dark room. Izzy stopped Kari and nodded knowingly. He pointed to the window. "I don't supposed any of you noticed the spires?" Everyone turned towards the window. Looking closely, they saw the dark outline of a black obelisk jetting out through the skyline. "Dark spires, here?" Davis complained. "Worse." Izzy replied. "These dark spires don't take control of digimon. Ladydevimon has the black spirals to do that. The spires act like our old anti-crests." TK, Kari, and Patamon all hid their eyes. Gatomon gasped so loudly that she had a coughing fit. "What are anti crests?" Hawkmon asked. "When we we're back in the digital world, Ladydevimon made anti-crests for all of us. When attached to our old crests, they turned us evil whenever we were angry, jealous, or allowed our negative emotions to take over. We did some rather... shameful things under their control." Izzy didn't feel a need to elaborate. "Ladydevimon thought it was fitting. Every human in the world is within range of two or more spires. Whenever a human lost his temper, he would turn evil. People would turn on their families and friends. Deaths occurred over trivial arguments. Adults tended to act more violently when under the spires' control. Children, like us, tend to act more selfish and greedy." Kari subconsciously nodded in agreement. "So you've got to learn to keep your emotions in check." "So what now?" Cody asked the question on everyone's mind. "We fight!" Davis jumped up. "We'll get everyone back together and kick Ladydevimon and her council back to the Stone Age!" "Fighting works for us." Phantomon's ghostly voiced echoed in the door. Bakemon poured in behind him. "Beta wishes for some more servants. The last ones died, didn't clean his chambers quick enough." Izzy flew off his chair. His eyes glowed red and his black aura wrapped around him. "Run! I'll hold them off. MOVE IT!" Izzy soared forward, scattering the Bakemon at first. Phantomon threw out his chain and wrapped it around Izzy's neck. Izzy quickly disappeared under a pile of ghosts. The rest if the group ran out the hall and into the streets. They took refuge in an old subway station so they were hidden from view. It was then that they noticed Yolei and Hawkmon were missing.

A little distance away two figures where fishing in the black river. "Listen, do you hear that? Someone's in trouble!" "But there are people back at Joe's church who need this food." "I know that, which is why you're going to bring back the fish while I go help." "You know you can't save everybody." "I know. But that doesn't mean I can't try." "You always were an optimist. Just promise me you'll be careful." The first figured kissed the other one on the cheek. "I always am." And she took off in the direction of the fighting. "Always the hero." The second figure slung the sack of fish over his shoulder and walked back.

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Halsemon asked. Yolei and Halsemon where flying at a distance, following the Bakemon as they carried Izzy away. "We can't let them take Izzy. He's the only one who can help us." Yolei replied. Halsemon squinted in the distance. The Bakemon did not appear to harming Izzy. In fact, they seemed abnormally careful. Ladydevimon must have death orders against anyone who hurt the original digidestined beside her. Something seemed odd, though. "Where's the one with the scythe?" "Geno-scythe!" Phantomon reappeared in front of them. His blade seared at them, but Halsemon dodged in mid air. "I see we picked up some shadows. And a digimon not obeying one of the council? How unusual." Phantomon whirled around, and threw out his chain ball. It struck Halsemon under the chin like a wrecking ball. Halsemon fell towards the Earth. Phantomon sailed down after the duo, intent on finishing the job. Using his last ounce of strength, Halsemon turned in mid-air. "Tempest Wing!" Twin beams of energy soared from his helmet, striking Phantomon in his chest. The ghost went flying off into the distance. Halsemon, all his power used up, turned back to Hawkmon. He gripped Yolei by her jacket and they both landed roughly on the cracked asphalt below. Hawkmon released his grip on Yolei as they landed. Yolei took the brunt of the fall, and was clearly knocked out. He dragged her to an overhang so she was hidden from view. Hawkmon placed a wing on her head to check for blood. Movement caught the attention of his eagle eye. He jumped back just in time as a bolt of energy raced by him. "Leave us alone!" Hawkmon placed his wings together, "Buzzsaw!" A blade formed from his feathers and flew towards his attacker. The lamppost the figure was perched on was neatly seared in two. It was then that he got a clear view of his attacker. Biyomon was up in the air now. "I won't let you hurt her anymore! Spiral Twister!" Hawkmon dodged again and flew up in the air as the green energy left a pothole in the street. Biyomon changed tactics, by dive-bombing Hawkmon full force, ending with the two of them wrestling in the street. They rolled down a stair well into, ironically, an old triple X video store. Hawkmon rolled up, landing on top of her chest and pinning her wings to the ground. "Now calm down, and let's talk about this like civilized digimon." "I saw you attacking that girl!" Biyomon accused. "Pardon me, but I saved Yolei from that ghoulish character with the scythe and was making sure she was alright. And I would never hurt her or anybody who didn't attack me first." Hawkmon announced.

Biyomon studied this new character. There was no black spiral on him, and he wasn't any virus she had ever seen. She figured he must have been telling the truth. That and the fact he had her pinned, and wasn't hurting her. In fact, he kind of reminded him of her in some aspect. "I'm sorry, I saw you by that girl and I guess that I kind of over reacted." "No worries, I know you were acting for Yolei's safety, just like the any one of the chosen digimon like we are." Hawkmon replied, but he was feeling kind of funny. He didn't quite know what it was. "You know I'm a chosen digimon? And you are too?" Biyomon gasped in surprised. "But how? I mean... I don't remember you from File Island." "It is a long story." Hawkmon answered. He realized what the feeling was. With Biyomon wiggling around under him, his dick was hardening under his feathers. He blushed and started to get up. "You'll have to come to Joe's church and explain it to me, but it's nice to see another friendly digimon face." Biyomon moved to get up, sliding Hawkmon off her chest and on to her lap. She felt a weird hardness on her stomach. She reached down instinctively and to feel what it is was. Hawkmon gasped as Biyomon's wing wrapped around his prick that was just poking out from his feathers. Biyomon realized what it was and pulled her wing back. The both sat there, blushing embarrassingly for a minute, until Biyomon spoke up. "But I don't have to go back right this minute."

At first the two tried French kissing one another, but their beaks proved ill suited to the task, so they started necking one another instead. Each placed quick little pecks on the side of each other's face. Hawkmon wrapped his wings around Biyomon's back and slowly moving down until the tips of his wings where resting on her pink feathered ass. He slowly began to rub her ass cheeks, causing Biyomon to shiver in delight. Biyomon moved her wing back between Hawkmon's crotch, slowly coaxing the organ from its hiding place between his feathers. She then wrapped her wings back around his back, let his dick rub against her stomach. Hawkmon could feel the organ rubbing against her belly. Every time she breathed in and out her feathers would caress him, quickly hardening his prick. He took one of his wings and placed it between her crotch. He felt around her feathers till he found the object of his desire, which was already quite wet. He began to work several of his own feathers up her cunt. Biyomon's entire body shuddered as he worked the better portion of his wing deep inside her. He began to twist his wing left and right, sending spirals of pleasure inside Biyomon. The multiple feathers rubbing her insides, rotating all over her sensitive inside her, literally tickling her to an orgasm. Biyomon cooed and shuddered as she came all over Hawkmon's wing. Hawkmon's dick was now rigidly hard as it continued to rub against her stomach. The smell of pussy juice on his wing was also making him incredibly horny. He grabbed Biyomon's head began gently pushing her down so her head was now at his crotch level. His hard cock waved in front of her face, tapping lightly against her beak. Biyomon rubbed it with her wings at first, her feathered touch getting an elated response from Hawkmon. She stuck out her tongue and licked up and down, glistening the shaft with her saliva. Hawkmon ran his hands over Biyomon's back as he lay back on the video store's floor. Biyomon smiled and decided she wasn't having as much fun as she could. With one quick flap of her wings, she flew up. Before Hawkmon could say anything, Biyomon landed right on his face. While Hawkmon's beak was not the best for French kissing, it was incredibly good for oral sex. His beak completely entered her cunt, filling her cunt completely up. When Hawkmon opened his beak and began to lick the inside of her cunt, she was filled with absolute delight. She bent down and wrapped her beak around his dick once again, licking the head of his prick. Her wings ran over his dick as she placed the head of his dick inside her beak. Their tongues worked all over one another's privates as they ran their wings over one another. Hawkmon groaned once loudly, and Biyomon beak was filled with his cum. The taste of Hawkmon on her lips sent over the brink a second time. Her cum entered through Hawkmon's nostrils and mouth, causing him to choke briefly, but he soon eagerly licked the cum away, even as Biyomon cleaned his semen off his prick, quickly giving him another erection. When the last trace was gone, Biyomon sat up and licked her beak, catching the seed that escaped her beak.

Hawkmon picked Biyomon up by her ass and off his face with a grunt. He twisted her around and positioned her now saliva-covered visible twat directly over his prick. Hawkmon let out a large groan as the tight but lubricated cunt slid over his cock. Biyomon wrapped her legs around Hawkmon's back and her wings over the back of his head. The feather in his headband swayed in front of Biyomon's face as she began to hump Hawkmon's prick. Hawkmon buried his face into Biyomon's chest. He stuck his tongue and began licking her nipples under her pink plumage. This stimulated Biyomon even more as her hidden nipples became hard under Hawkmon's tongue. Biyomon picked up her pace, moving up and down even faster. Hawkmon groans were muffled in the chest of Biyomon. Biyomon squeezed even tighter with her legs, threatening to take the very breath away from Hawkmon. Hawkmon moved his wings up and down her back, coaxing her to go even faster. He pulled his head away and moaned as he shot his bird cum up inside Biyomon's cunt. Warmness filled Biyomon belly as she slammed down on Hawkmon's prick a few more times, finally setting of another orgasm. Biyomon cried in pleasure as hormones ran threw her body and pussy juices flowed out of her, mixing with Hawkmon's cum as it dripped out the sides. The humping slowed and finally stopped, as the two embraced each other tightly, Hawkmon still deep inside her. The two just hugged for a minute as the final traces of their orgasms ran threw their systems. Biyomon whispered in Hawkmon's ear. "I have to go back to Joe's church." Hawkmon released his grip on Biyomon. "I know I have to get back to Yolei." "Will you come meet me back at the church?" Biyomon asked hopefully. Hawkmon placed one more kiss on Biyomon's cheek. "Count on it."

Chapter 3: The Council of Five

"Where is Yolei?" Davis announced to the group. "Davis calm down, the spires, remember?" Veemon grabbed Davis arm. "You're right." Davis calmed down. "Well, our next course is obvious. We should head to Beta and rescue Izzy after Yolei gets back."...

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Chapter 1: The Lost War

"Gold Rush!" Digmon's drills went flying. "Fire Rocket!" Fire seared from Flamedramon's claw. "Tempest Wing!" Blades of energy flew from Halsemon's helmet. "Rosetta Stone!" Nefertimon's gauntlets exploded with energy. "Star Shower!"...


Strip poker by MrRedRover

Deputymon stood on the table. "Are we ready for some fun?" He took the cards and started an impressive display of shuffling. Biyomon look around the table at her friends. "Ok what are we playing? Hearts? Old Maid?" Deputymon sat down. "Nope, I'm a...