Someone's Been Busy

Story by Zwoosh on SoFurry

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Finally getting some writing done, hopefully it's not too bad. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Commission for Ainoko and 1mastermind

Ainoko had been so focused on the vibrations wreaking havoc in his guts that he'd forgotten entirely about how long it been since Sir had left. Well, Rei as his name happened to be, but the tiger had insisted on being addressed as such once clothes had started coming off. He was quite insistent about it, even threatening to leave the hybrid male in a worse off predicament than he was already in. Ainoko failed to see how that might have been possible; he had been left tied spread-eagled to the bed, his limbs pulled taut to the posts and fastened with rather lush ribbons the size of belts. His ass had been lubed up quickly by the muscled tiger as Ainoko had presented himself, his cheeks unceremoniously parted and violated without a moment's hesitation. Rei had been rough, though it had hardly mattered at the time, and hadn't let up until he was pumping three thick digits in and out of the cheetah-wolf's hole with ease, eliciting panted mewls from the hybrid. It had paved the way for the much too large vibrator which had been trapped up his ass with thanks to the harness the white tiger then buckled onto him after making sure the toy was nestled nice and deep amongst the sub's innards. The level was set indiscriminately. Ainoko wouldn't be surprised if the tiger had just ramped it up to some extreme setting on a whim and left it there, leaving the male bound to the bed, ass quivering with the angry thrum of a vibrator filling the room, and his cock painfully hard exposed to the stagnant air. The final touches of a simple blindfold, a plain ball gag and a tight cock ring were added to finish off the scene before it seemed that Sir was done with him for now. Bizarre as it might be, as soon as the ring was fitted snugly behind the hybrid's knot, flush with his sheath, Rei seemed to have better things to do that were more pressing than the boy now strapped to his bed, helpless and vulnerable. He had given only the scantest of goodbyes; he assured him he'd return soon enough but gave no indication as to how long he'd ultimately be.

That, by Ainoko's best judgement though he was convinced he was wrong, was quite a few hours ago, and he was beginning to even fear that the tiger wouldn't even return. He had cycled through all the true responses, from panic to fright, anger to misery, desperate until finally landing back to acceptance of his situation. His voice had long since gone hoarse from screaming into the gag as his insides were electrified beyond comprehension, his prostate milked by the resonations that emanated through his guts. Sticky pre, too thick than what normal arousal might produce but nowhere near enough to class as an orgasm, slid down his throbbing cock. It was a constant state of wild desperation, his nerves fraught from oversensitivity. He hoped with pathetic earnestness that Rei would return soon. Each second that ticked by was a rushed cycle from listening intently for the door's latch or for footsteps, remembering that he was bound to the bed, and then his attention focused back once again to the need to cum and the vibrator tormenting his insides all the while.

It was only when he heard the door open did he finally begin to believe he was getting his way out of this torment. Had Sir finally returned to let him loose? Where he had gone still begged an answer, but at this point Ainoko was just pleased to know events would pick up some momentum rather than meander as they had done, leaving him in torment. He squirmed at the restraints as the sensed presence entered the room, bringing with them a swirl of cool air to refresh the stagnant atmosphere of musk, sweat, and stale cum. The door was allowed the shut once more, the soft click leaving Ainoko back in the unknown with nothing but the sound of his frustrated struggles, his laboured breathing, the whirr of the vibrator and now a new panting. If indeed it was Rei back from his little abrupt outing, he seemed like he'd run a marathon, put himself through his paces in some way, only to then rush back still out of breath. He didn't say anything, not at first, though the faint rustle of fabric suggested to the hybrid that the tiger was just undressing. He might have very well have been scoping out his victim after forcing him to endure the 'entertainment' he'd placed him under.

Footsteps rounded the edge of the bed. Rei must have been moving to his side, inspecting him for the damage done in his absence most likely. Ainoko just waited, only making a sound when he felt the white feline's paw stroke across his tired body and aching muscles,

"Has my little pet been good?"

The question was rhetorical. There was no way he could have answered it in his current state and Rei didn't seem to be in the mood to unclasp his muzzle any time soon. But there was some reprieve in sight, quite literally as it happened; Ainoko blinked his eyes as suddenly the blindfold was whipped away from his head, the dulled light hitting his gaze with an unwelcome sharpness. He adjusted quickly mind, and slowly he focused once again on the nondescript room. Just as it had been before, nothing had changed, still in its bland state, but Rei once more stood before him, naked as he'd guessed. Immediately he let his eyes drop to the man's crotch - after all, why else would he be here - and drank in the sight of Rei's length. He was probably only at half-mast, still thickening up but he was already sizing up to be something huge. Not that Ainoko was afraid, he'd taken plenty of men with fat slabs of meat, but it always presented something of a challenge regardless. The vibrator had done a lot of work though loosening him up, and at this point his needs were running so high he might well have just bitten his lip and sat down on Rei's crotch without so much as a peep of protest. It was impolite of him to stare though, so Ainoko corrected himself, moving up to meet the tiger's own piercing glare.

"Looks like we've been busy," Rei reached down towards Ainoko's straining cock, fingertips just lightly brushing the eager flesh. It was barely anything above a tickle, the glance of something against his member sending fractured waves of frustrated pleasure straight through the hybrid's nerves. Everything was too much, every sense pulled taut and frayed beyond anything comprehensible. He'd been like this since the moment Rei had left him all alone, and now the signs of his torture were etched across his entire body. The smell, the stickiness, the bucking hips and stretched limbs, wild eyes fervent with desire; all it would take was a firm grasp of a single paw and a few strokes and he was sure he'd be blowing his load all over himself. But Rei wouldn't want that, he gathered. He wanted the male to suffer first whilst he got his rocks off, though... Ainoko gave a few sniffs of the air. There was something else now, something that came above the ordinary scent of his own fluids and the chemical-rich aroma of lube. It was lingering but building, something new that had been brought in. Something fresh. As Rei noticed his pet's nose twitch, he smirked,

"That's right, you're not the only one who's been up to something." He didn't elaborate upon that. He just let his vague statement lie in the air like a placid creature, something for Ainoko's conscience to bat at with curiosity whilst he waited for Rei to take action. What did it mean? Had Rei gone out and fucked some other guy as a means of warming up? It seemed highly irregular. Never had the hybrid been with a man who'd left his lay tied to a bed in his place only to then go out and shag somebody else. It made no sense.

The tiger still refrained from answering the obvious unspoken question of what exactly he'd been up to in his absence. Ainoko didn't expect anything at all from him really. He knew better than to make any such demands of a man whilst in his position. Watching aimlessly from his bed, his struggling dulled to just mild squirms of discomfort and overworked pleasure, Ainoko followed Rei with his gaze as he wandered back around to the foot of the bed. A glint of something black and shiny caught his eye however his attention, if only for a split second. It looked almost like a mirage, some trick of the light, his eyes adjusting perhaps, but he was convinced. He'd seen something, though what it was he didn't know. Rei didn't offer him the chance for a better look; he was already making an approach to Ainoko's ass, paw sliding beneath his balls and feeling against his cheeks for the small bulb that held the toy in place. A handle of sorts, he supposed. Ainoko had to be honest, he hadn't seen what sort of vibrator the tiger had actually put in him, all that he was aware of was that it was by far the most powerful he'd experienced in a while. Rei's claws seemed to curl around the toy's exposed end, gripping it and pulling back slowly.

The sensation was immediate. Still quivering at some thousand revs per minute - an exaggeration he'd admit but it felt like it at this stage, with his insides feeling like they pulsed with charged energy - Ainoko could detect just the slightest of movements. Something deep within him twitched, wiggled, as the toy inside him was worked back out. Its smooth, unyielding sides stroked a storm along his walls at it retreated, and he winced as he felt the widest part of the toy, the neck that held the vibrator in by his own hole's contraction, begin to pull at that rim. Ainoko could do nothing but whimper in protest as he felt himself stretch wide open, having long since cooled down from preparing his ass for any intrusion. It was like trying to take a monster with the tightness of a virgin, and to put it plainly it wasn't exactly uncomfortable. Tentatively Ainoko might have ventured at pain, but his nerves were so overworked every sensation felt about the same down there. Whether it was discomfort, agony, or pure bliss it seemed irrelevant. It was just intense and electrifying. All the while, he couldn't have said anything even if he had wanted to at this point. His opinions and desires were nothing but distractions for Rei; the fact that the gag remained, clamped between his teeth, made it abundantly clear to him. His voice was not to be heard. He was not to be heard. Unless it was through screams and moans, but Ainoko doubted he even had the strength to muster those anymore, his throat was so tender from the first hours alone. He did, however, flinch and let out a grumbled groan as the widest part of the toy met his opening and slipped back out of his body. His natural muscles pushed it out eagerly, spitting it back into Rei's waiting paw as the weight of the vibrator carried it back, more and more of the latex length emerging. Ainoko whimpered as finally the tip was ejected from his hole, his rim kissing it as Rei pulled it away and up, leaving him with that familiar emptiness that wracked his guts.

There was a soft click as the toy was switched off. Without the recognisable buzz ringing out into the room, things fell deathly quiet. Ainoko's ears twitched at the odd sounds now of their combined breathing, his whistling through the gag and Rei's soft pants, and the rustle of bed sheets as the tiger crept up towards the bound hybrid. His ankles were freed from the restraints that had held him to the bed posts, but really it was a moot gesture. Given the man's size and the nature of the setting, Ainoko could never have resisted even if he wanted to. Rei seemed like a guy who would simply take what he wanted, especially if that involved something particularly lustful. Ainoko felt his weight shift as the tiger's paws clamped at his calves and pushed him backwards, his body folding over itself as Rei manhandled him into some new position. His legs were held, ankles close to his own head, with much of the feline's torso looming over him and casting a dark haze across his face. The male's face seemed pleased with himself, a smug smirk plastered across his lips, though Ainoko couldn't figure why. Idly his mind flickered back to the question about Rei's disappearance, but he didn't linger. It wasn't worth the time, nor could he exactly focus with his exhausted hole exposed well and truly to the tiger's advantage, his cheeks spread apart by his legs.

In a rather lewd moment, Ainoko heard a gargle ripple from the back of Rei's throat. What followed perhaps made him shudder from the filthiness of the act or had him yearn in bliss of being used, but in either case the sound, the sight, the sensation of feeling a stream of drool trickle down from the tiger's lips and into his open hole just emphasised the whole scene. He was the tiger's toy, the sleeve to be used, but not before Sir drove it home just how much he was going to abuse his little pet before he was finished with him. Ainoko could feel the oddly lukewarm spit worm its way past his rim, slowly draining into his ass like some bizarre plughole.

"Let's see how loose you are, my pet," Rei rumbled, lowering himself down so that his head drew closer and closer to Ainoko's upturned rump. The hybrid shivered ever so minutely as he felt warm breath fall against his hole as the tiger moved his muzzle. He expected the rasping tongue but still flinched and moaned when it made contact against his flesh. Its hot wetness worked its way into his opening, Rei pushing and slurping deeper to get inside as he ate out the boy's ass. Ainoko just pulled his arms taut on the cuffs, toes curled and eyes clenched tightly whilst he felt the tongue move in so many unusual ways. It was nothing ever like a cock, that was always something you could anticipate, something that was rudimentary as it went back and worth. The only deviations would be in pace, thrust or small changes to the direction, but a tongue could explore. It could wander along every contour, work itself into corners a mere dick couldn't, and it could play itself more like a fine instrument then a blunt baton. Rei, as it happened, appeared to be quite proficient in using his tongue. Expertly he slid as deep as he dared, teasing the hybrid male with only as much as the tiger allowed him. He could make sure to flex and twist at just the right moments to make sure that his pet's eroded insides could still feel him working away despite the vibrator's rampage. The noises that were coming from his upturned rump were loud, wet, almost gross, yet oddly satisfying. Ainoko just laid his head back, eyes closed, as he could very well paint the image in his head of the tiger's head, muzzle pressed between his cheeks beneath his taint and balls, eating him out with lewd eagerness.

A momentary pause, a break for air perhaps, roused Ainoko to look down between his legs at the tiger, who merely grinned back with lube and spit smeared around his lips,

"So tender and sweet; there's nothing better than a warm, open hole to just sled in to, wouldn't you agree pet?" Rhetoric again. Ainoko didn't care though. He merely murmured and moaned against the ball clenched between his teeth as Rei returned for a few more laps, savouring maybe what would be the last of a technically unspoiled hole. Once he entered him, he'd taste himself too on the hybrid's rim. Though Ainoko had a suspicion that wouldn't necessarily be a problem, merely a different flavour he was going for. When he did finally pull away, lifting himself up from the male's ass, he wiped his muzzle with the back of his paw rather casually, not particularly caring what impression it gave him, "Shall we try something bigger than just a tongue? I'm sure you're just dying to feel the real thing now, after that vibrator."

It was quite the opposite, as it happened. Ainoko's insides were fraught and tired, but he was in no position to deny the strict tiger. He was resigned to accept whatever Rei had for him, and though part of him was deeply enjoying every moment, it was impossible to deny the discomfort that lingered beneath any pleasure.

Rei reached down and picked up his cock, which by this point was no longer just an arching length caught between limp and hard. By now, it raged almost, with barbs prickled all along its head and the flesh pulsing with each pump of blood that surged into the mighty organ. It glistened with the unmistakable shine of a man pent up, aroused and drooling, his cock head leaking ample drips of pre that would straggle as it caught upon the bed sheets, on Ainoko's thighs and cheeks as it bobbed with each of Rei's small movements. It left the pearly white beads wherever it touched, droplets that just remained, never disappeared or soaked in, but lingered. The tiger let his heavy, hardened meat slap down against Ainoko's open hole, letting his length drop against the rim. He bucked at the sensation. He knew damn well why Rei had done it, to demonstrate not only his power but also his ability. He wanted Ainoko to not just be aware but to truly accept and understand what was about to enter him. A power play, he supposed. Even now, he could feel the ferocious heat radiate from the man's shaft, the warmth piercing his ass as anxiety and anticipation took hold together and all at once. Would it hurt? Would he take it all in one go? How long would he have to take it? Was there really any choice? Did he really want there to be a choice? Ainoko kept silent - the gag in his mouth wasn't necessary for that. He just looked up at Rei and watched his cold, gleeful expression as he let the tiger piston his dick back and forth between his cheeks, smearing pre all around the rim and grinding those barbs against the tenderised flesh. It was a crude form of hot-dogging, Ainoko knew, and he had to admit it was rather pleasant to feel warm, sticky meat grinding sliding him. It was just what would follow that would have him on edge.

"You're such a beautiful pet," Rei spoke, rather suddenly Ainoko thought, in a strangely soft tone. It was borderline apologetic nearly, were it not for the lecherous smile plastered across the male's lips, "Your fur so soft, your eyes golden pools, such an exquisite creature." The white tiger angled himself, drawing his hips back and up so that the tip of his cock was now kissing the cheolf's hole, "I bet you make such enchanting sounds as I breed you. I can't wait to see you drenched in cum. It'll look delicious soaking through that lovely pelt of yours." His words were phrased so strangely, but Ainoko didn't have the chance to dwell on them. His attention was sharply brought to the sudden lurch in his guts as Rei thrust himself forward. He impaled only just an inch or so, but it was enough to leave him panting, every fibre now focused in on the sensation of something alien intruding into him.

Wincing, he felt his hole spread around the tiger's shaft, the girth widening him more than the vibrator had done. Whilst he was thankful that this cock wouldn't send resonations deep into his body, it wasn't exactly a 'better' option. Rei's larger size and the feel of something real, not made of parts and cheap rubber or latex, made the feeling become more alive, more fantastical and at the same time more wrenching. Ainoko couldn't watch, though it was hard to ignore Rei feeding him inch after inch, but he did his best to look away, to close his eyes and overcome the initial bursts of discomfort. The dominant tiger however seemed to have other ideas, as with one paw he clamped his grip upon the hybrid's jaw, squeezing at the cheeks, pulling his head back to face the ordeal laid before him. He was forced to watch himself being opened up, speared by the tiger's endowment, and Rei refused to allow him to look anywhere else,

"Watch me, pet, watch me use you. Keep watching me enter you, that's it. Look at you stretch so tenderly around me. You want this, you slut." Ainoko could only stare, held in the tiger's possessive grasp, as Rei eased himself in. The male's shaft was disappearing into his body, their furs contrasting of smoky grey against cleaner white, brighter pink flesh burrowing deeper into black. There wasn't really that much more to go, maybe an inch or two left, but by this point it didn't matter whether it was just two or ten. Ainoko could feel the rest sitting within him, hidden crudely like an iceberg beneath calm waters. Though it wasn't the tip that was showing, he was truly aware of the tiger's member waiting within him as his hole clenched and convulsed around the shaft, adjusting against the strain having no other choice, much like everything else so far. Somewhere deep within him too, Rei's cock was tapping just against that sweet spot. Ainoko was a little surprised he could still feel it, given what the vibrator had left him with, but sure enough as he felt Rei's pulse beat through his cock, each throb hardening that monster, it would just scrape against his prostate, barbs inciting such sparkling sensations. Ainoko had since softened up thanks to Rei's arrival, the vibrator gone leaving him with a limping cock, but with renewed attention to that nodule within him, he was working back up to hardness again.

The last inch was levered in, Rei letting out a gasp caught between something akin to both victorious and to satisfaction. He now sat balls-deep within the hybrid, eyes trained upon his skewered hole, paws balancing himself at his pet's ankles whilst he simply enjoyed the feeling. His head was tilted back, looking to the ceiling, though his eyes were closed, almost with a soft expression of a mature innocence. To Ainoko, it didn't quite look like the face of a male buried deep inside a submissive ass, but rather something like a guy taking a hot shower after a long, sweaty day or finally getting out of the beating sun for the first time. It melted away quickly as the tiger returned to the moment, but it was curious to Ainoko to watch him transition as he did. It was truly as if he weren't even there, he was nothing but an object to be used, though Rei had been both firm but somewhat kind so far. Maybe it was just a false sense of safety that the tiger wouldn't be rough, but Ainoko had learnt by now not to try and second guess the man.

"Do you feel me?" He asked, licking his lips as he began to gently rock his hips back and forth, "Can you feel that, deep inside?" Ainoko could, of course, he just couldn't vocalise beyond a mere grunt or two, a struggled moan. It didn't really confirm anything, but he doubted Rei was really looking for an answer. He just began to pull himself back, withdrawing his length from within the hybrid. The hot shaft pulled along every inch of Ainoko's insides that it could, barbs tugging back as the tiger made his move. Indeed, it felt as if Rei had hit some unfathomable depth within Ainoko, as he felt his guts pull from far behind his abdomen, the sensation growing as more and more was removed. It was almost unbearable, leaving him with his toes curling once more, teeth gritted and pulling against the ropes as he fought to comprehend the feeling. Yes, there was undeniable pleasure, but at what cost? Ainoko was already panting hard through the gag before Rei had even gotten to the halfway point, his pupils fixated like pinpricks upon his own ass. It felt dirty to watch, but he had to, just to reassure himself of the progress.

But Rei didn't have the intention of removing himself entirely. When he felt he'd drawn back sufficiently, he hammered his hips back forward again. Like a buckshot it was sudden and sharp and explosive. It juddered through Ainoko's tired body like a lightning bolt and set every nerve ablaze. There was no way to ignore, now way to rally it against some other feeling. Eroding at that deeper itch inside him, curving far beyond pleasure, it tapped against his prostate - no, surged_against his prostate - like a sledgehammer. The wind rushed up from his lungs and spluttered through the tiny ventilation holes of the ball in his muzzle, spit dribbling down his chin as his eyes went wide. He recovered, slowly, climbing down from the sensation he couldn't describe. Neither was it painful nor discomforting, but it was nowhere near euphoric. It was merely _intense. And all the while, Rei had a nasty smile across his face as if he knew exactly how the hybrid felt. Maybe he did.

"Yes... If only I could have you screaming my name," Rei's paw moved around to cup Ainoko's head in a remarkably tender gesture, steadying the male's head so that their eyes locked, gold upon blue, "But I need your jaws weak, so I will make do."

The odd comment was once again given no time to be thought upon. Rei started himself up again, and knowing now what was coming Ainoko did his best to prepare himself this time. He braced as he watched Rei reach the halfway point, tentatively waiting. The male's gaze flitted up and down, from his ass to the tiger's face, questioning what he was doing, what he was waiting for. The delay just aggravated him, frustrated him because he wanted it over and done with, he wanted to cum and for that to be it. But naturally the tiger knew, and the tiger was toying with him. Even when the slam back down came, Ainoko's resolve did nothing to help him steel up against it. Rei was sure to pulverise him into submission, to breed his ass long and deep as much as he pleased. All he could do was to simply endure the ride as best he could. Stroke after stroke came, each more shattering than the last, the pace quickening from a slow, amble crawl to something more industrious. Rei worked himself like a machine, muscles rippling beneath his snowy fur, his body moving in a fluid motion as he pounded his hips against the hybrid's, balls slapping against his tail-base, squelches of lube and pre filling the air and dotting it with the scent of the beginning of what would be a long session ahead. Musk, cum, sweat, leather; the smell was rich to Ainoko, who was left to face the barrage against his senses as his body was wrought with new pleasure. Each time Rei bottomed out within him, his cock would jolt, spurt some splatter of pre against his chest, bouncing helplessly as he yearned for a release. He hoped Rei would grant him one, just one at least.

The tiger entered into a world of his own. He became less interested in taunting his bound pet and became more consumed with rutting the ass available to him. Something possessed him, it seemed to the bound cheolf. Something had suddenly set alight in his blood and was now boiling him from the inside. He watched on, the pull and shove moving deep inside him, grinding against his inner walls, as Rei worked himself up into a fervour. His nostrils flared with heavy breaths, his teeth bared in snarling growls, his chest rumbled with growing roars deep within his throat. He descended into something beastly as he fucked Ainoko, claws digging against his ankles as he used his legs as a means to pivot himself harder and deeper. There was nothing to be done except let him do what he wanted, left to pant breathlessly and moan aloud into the gag as he was rutted.

"Fuck!" A snarl filled the air and sounded above the wet slaps of tiger flesh into tenderised hole, "Yes! Fuck yes!"

He was speeding up. It was too much really, but he was going faster than before, faster than Ainoko thought possible. He was working a blistering pace, the steady pull and thump of his hips colliding against his backside making for a neat tempo he could listen for. It never broke nor changed, always consistent as Rei hammered himself home into the hybrid's body. The feeling certainly remained the same. Ainoko grunted each time he felt those barbs drive deeper into his guts, his prostate worn out but still somehow kicking. His cock strained, his orgasm built anew, he wanted to shoot but it was difficult. It was like trying to clutch at the tiniest feeling and somehow expand it tenfold. Rei didn't offer any help, though Ainoko's member twitched and dribbled pathetically, desperate to cum. His eyes were wide, his abdomen burning with the urge to just let go, but it wasn't happening. Not yet.

"Yes! Fuck, I'm gonna..." It was all Rei managed to say between ragged breaths and heavy growls. He leaned himself over the hybrid, his shadow falling across the male's trapped form, and he slammed his cock deep into the loose ass with long, powerful swings. The speed dropped, but the intensity remained, if not grew. Ainoko was squirming as he was sure it was coming, he could feel it, but then in one enormous burst it hit him. Rei let out a roar as he bucked wildly, driving himself in as deep as he could, his crotch flush with the hybrid's cheeks, as he unloaded inside the poor male. The heat and stickiness overwhelmed him, it rushed into him like an unrelenting flood. There was no means of stopping it, just like everything had been until now, it just kept coming and coming. He could feel the pulses running along Rei's cock, his meat harder than ever before as he shot stream after stream. His roar quietened to panted snarls, and perhaps he was done with his climax, but he kept working himself an inch or so back and forth, stroking his cock and almost milking himself inside the hybrid. "Either you cum now, or don't at all - your choice, pet."

Ainoko panicked. He was there, so close and on the brink, but he hadn't cum yet himself. But as much as he struggled, as much as he flexed his hips, clenched his hole, willed his body to respond, it wouldn't allow him the reprieve. But the feeling didn't die; it just stayed, perched on the edge like a cruel taunt. He whined into the gag, looking up to Rei for permission, for help. He was met with a cold laugh and a coo,

"Is my little pet struggling? Oh dear."

Rei began to pull out, his cock now spent and softening, but the feeling was enough. The barbs still firm enough to scrape against Ainoko's insides, driving him insane, maybe that was what tipped him over, or maybe it was the slimy, thick 'pop' as Rei finally pulled his member free from the stretched hole, a river of seed running down Ainoko's backside as he couldn't keep the load in. Whatever it was, it sent him toppling over all too suddenly. It hit him like a tonne of bricks, the feeling of cumming not just washing over him but practically coursing. It didn't even feel good for the first second or two, just immediate, uncomfortable relief as his balls unloaded over his stomach. He screamed into the gag, the senses overrun and tired, nearly sobbing, as his cum splattered up his chest and matted his fur down wherever it landed. It was over just as quickly as it had started, in the briefest of moments, and Ainoko knew he might have very well wasted the opportunity, but at least he was no longer fraught with the urge to unload but unable to. Another chuckle roused his attention as he calmed down, body still shivering as the false orgasm abated,

"Very good." Rei smiled as he wiped his cock against the inside of Ainoko's thigh, smearing away the wasted jizz. He let Ainoko rest his legs back down against the bed, returning to his initial pose, arms still tied to the bed posts but now his footpaws were free - not that it meant anything, his limbs were far too fatigued to do anything. "But we're not done yet."

Frustration and dismay rolled over Ainoko unforgivably, immediately pressing out all the relief and elation he'd felt once he thought this was over. Rei got up further onto the bed, paws reaching up to the side of the hybrid's face. Ainoko could feel his fingers work behind his skull, fiddling with the strap that held the gag so tight across his muzzle. Once it slackened and came loose, he wasted no time in spitting out ball from between his teeth, licking his lips and exercising his aching jaw. He didn't speak, he didn't even dare. He didn't want to incite any more torture now. If submission was what Rei wanted then he would readily give it to him.

"Do you want to know what I've been up to, my pet?" Ainoko nodded. Sure, anything to be free, anything for a break. Rei didn't follow his question up, he just beamed once more as he turned around, straddling the male's prone form. His ass was pressed up close to the bound pet's face, tail lifted in the air to finally show Ainoko what it was he'd seen before. The black gloss, it was a butt plug! A little peculiar, he thought, for someone like Rei to wear, but whatever got him off, he supposed. It still didn't explain where he'd been, what he'd done, though maybe it gave reason to why he was wearing it. Rei manoeuvred himself into a position where his ass was hovering directly above Ainoko, him looking up at the white behind and wondering just what he was doing exactly. Paws came into view as now the tiger prised at the edges of the toy - it seemed to be a rather large model, whatever it was precisely - and he began to lever the object out. Ainoko watched, somewhat mesmerised, as Rei's hole spread wider and wider as the bulb of the toy came out from within him. His rim was stretched beyond belief, as more of the plug emerged, until finally there came the point where the worst of it was out.

That's when it started.

As soon as the pressure was released and the blockage removed, the torrent of cum hit Ainoko not just like a waterfall but like a jet. It was both horrific and astonishing at the same time. From deep within Rei's ass came load after load of warm, sloppy seed, probably the seed of many,many men. It poured out across his face, his chest, his stomach, and all across the bed as it oozed out further when it ran off him. Ainoko coughed and spluttered, taken by surprise at the sudden assault of jizz, much of it going into his mouth and him swallowing by instinct. It tasted of plenty of things, from plain old musk to salty to bitter, all indistinguishable almost as they ran into one another. Rei just sighed happily as he tossed the plug aside, emptying his bowels full of cum all over Ainoko, his rim gorging itself as he forced all of it out. There were wet farts mixed in between the loads, though Ainoko was more consumed with those that poured over him, and it dawned on him just what Rei had been doing. Hours after hours he must have had, getting fucked bare by guy after guy, all depositing their seed in him and him then plugging himself back up each time. No wonder the plug was the size it was, given all the breeding Rei had been getting himself. Ainoko thought who exactly would have agreed to all this, to give Rei his wish. Stallions, bears, bucks, bulls, studs of all kinds, and now their seed was seeping into him, filling his mouth over and over, coating his fur, leaving him smelling just like a cum dump ought to be. He couldn't go anywhere; he couldn't escape the last dregs that splattered across his face, bound to the bed as he was and directly beneath where the flood had come from.

"Clean me, pet. Guzzle down every drop."

Ainoko didn't want to protest, didn't want to fight. He didn't argue as he strained his neck up, face smothered in other men's cum, opened his mouth obediently, and began to lap and suckle at Rei's stretched hole, gulping down the seed that continued to still trickle from his unplugged ass.

S6: Toilet Slave

He'd been left waiting for far too long. The sound of hooves approaching was greatly welcomed as the bull from before came back. Nikolai had left the mutt tied to a bench several hours ago, bound in the dark amidst the surroundings of a bizarre work...

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Slave Training

I'd picked him up at the bar across the street. I don't know what made me pick him out of several potential lays; maybe it was his eagerness to please, or it was his supple body, or even his willingness to go along with whatever I suggested. Whatever...

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Just A Fantasy

He had wanted the Doberman right from day one, from the very first moment the dog had dragged his suitcase and duffel bag through the door to their room in dorms. Lyle had been transfixed with his lucky draw of roommates, and his fantasy still plagued...

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