Don Amore Part 2

Story by ChaseTheDingo on SoFurry

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"Easy," Brodie warned.

Finn sighed, "I know. It's just kind of complicated to use a wheelchair when you're not used to it..."

"I bet," Brodie said, "But that's what I'm here for. To help."

Finn smiled and waited for Brodie to open the door. Brodie opened his own apartment's door, allowing Finn inside. They had agreed that Finn would stay with Brodie while he healed, since his own apartment in the United States was under major construction. Finn had decided to go on vacation while the apartment was being worked on, ending up at Australia.

"Make yourself at home," Brodie said.

Finn looked around the living room, curious about his new friend's apartment.

"Nice place," he said, wheeling himself to the couch.

"Need a hand?" asked Brodie.

"Nah," shrugged Finn.

He forced himself onto his good leg, staring in disdain at his bad leg in its cast, while plopping down onto the couch with a sigh. Brodie watched him closely for a minute, before heading for the kitchen to get them both some drinks.

"Water? Pop? Milk? Coffee? Juice?" Brodie called.

"Uh, just some apple juice if you've got it," Finn answered, looking for the remote.

"One glass of apple juice, coming right up!" Brodie said.

He poured two glasses of juice and handed one over to the wolf.

"I'll be right back. I need to call my dad," Brodie said after a bit.

He handed the remote over to Finn, after digging it out from between the couch cushions, and hurried out of the room, into his bedroom. Just as he went to dial the phone, it began to ring in his hand. His dads name and number flashed across the screen and he accepted the call.

"Hey, dad, I was just about to give you a ring," Brodie said.

"Arvo, Brodie. Listen, I need you to do something for me. A family member of Dominic's is said to be in your part of town. If you see him, please get him to me. I would like to have a... Talk with him," Brodie's dad said.

"Dad, don't say it like that. You know I know what that means," Brodie sighed, rolling his eyes.

"Well, in your mothers eyes, you're still just an ankle biter and she doesn't want you hearing that talk," Brodie's dad said.

"What does the guy look like?" asked Brodie, "So I know who to look for."

"A wolf. He's half gray, half white. Quite literally. His front half is white, then his back half gray. But his tail tip is white and he has a gray stripe around his left ear."

"H-He does?"

"Yes. So please keep an eye out for him."

"Okay, dad."

Brodie hung up and stared at the ground, feeling conflicted. The wolf his dad had described was sitting in his living room. Fighting back his emotions, Brodie went back to the living room.

"Everything okay?" Finn asked curiously.

"Yeah. I just had to talk to my dad," Brodie explained, "He just likes to know how I'm doing daily. Only son and all, he's protective."

"I've seen that happen with my younger sister. Our parents are extra protective of her but not my brother and myself," Finn said.

"Yeah. So, do you want something to eat? I can order something or I've got some stuff in the kitchen. I don't know what, exactly... But I can go look," Brodie offered.

"Pizza sounds good. I can pay for it."

"No, no, you're my guest, I'll pay."

"You're letting me stay with you. I owe you," Finn grabbed his wallet and handed Brodie his debit card, "My treat."

"They won't take American cards. I'm paying," Brodie said.

I owe it to you for what my dad is going to do to you... And a whole lot more... he thought. He ordered a large pizza for the pair to split and sat down once more on the couch.

"My dad might be coming by today or tomorrow. You mind?" Brodie said, trying to find a way to do what his dad wanted.

"Nah. It's your house, who am I to complain?" Finn said, smiling.

Brodie nodded and texted his dad to let him know Finn was there. In an instant, his dad let Brodie know he was coming over to 'talk' to the wolf.

"He's going to come in a little bit," Brodie said, fighting his tail from going between his legs, "He just needs to pick something up. It won't take too long. I hope."

"He can take all the time he needs. Like I said, I'm your guest, you're not mine. And he's your dad. Family is important," Finn said, "I learned that early on."

Brodie chuckled nervously and nodded, scratching the back of his head, "Right. Well, my dad is kinda... Loud? Rude? Obnoxious? I don't really know the word I'm looking for here. Basically he's about as honest as a polly."

"Polly...?" questioned Finn.

"Poltician," answered Brodie quickly, "You need to learn the lingo if you're going to be here a while. Or you'll be completely lost."

A knock on the door prevented any further conversation and Brodie gulped hard, unsure if it was his dad at the door or the pizza delivery man. He stood and walked to the door, holding his breath as he turned the knob, afraid to find out if it was delicious food or his dad come to kill his new friend.


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