"fuck me you asshole. fucking fuck me you fucker!" she yelled, squeezing the tip of his cock, the only part within her sex, dropping her upper body down upon orchid, her red haired head falling right into the bunny's cleavage.

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The Yiff Note

"yiff note - how to use it: there are four rules to use the yiff note. 1. the human whose name is written in this note shall be turned into a furry. 2.

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The 'Yiff' Part

#7 of work in progress yiff part you and jem walk to a house and lay down naked. jem slowly starts to suck your hard cock making you moan a bit in pleasure "mrphhh" you moan a bit jem slowly shoves your dick into her.

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A Yiffness Carol

All was silent outside save the activities of the night; sex, crime, unloading ships, sex, frequenting pubs, sex, prostitution, sex, sex, sex.

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The Yiff That Never Was

I'm sorry i screwed with you, but i did this because: this is a story; about the yiff... that never was. yiffily never after, the end.

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Street Yiff

Kuro has gotten into a fight with a strange figure that has hurt her ribs and back. Nana interupted in the fight and took the kitten in to her house and mended her wounds. While Nana mends to the kittens scars, she touches her sublty and the kitten...

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Cabin Yiff

It is i vincent xviii with another lamo no brainer yiff. my mate has gotten into the game and proven his excellent skills. so i felt i should put out a new yiff and show that i am indeed a worse writer than him.


Cyber Yiff

I managed to type: i want you to fuck me. he went quiet and i knew the fantasy play time over.

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Yiff the Fox

yiff the fox copyright 2004 anticarrot. early each day to the tapestries muck the cute little vixen slut comes in her own special way to the people she calls "come, fill my cunt! fuck my buns!" "come yiff the slutty fox.

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Real Yiff

Enjoy._ _background/legal bullshit: "real yiff" is a series of stories which are a parody of the hbo series entitled "real sex".

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