Angela Thomas 1

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#1 of Angela Thomas

Story about a blind genetically engineered wolverine going through life in society. Trying to become a citizen the world she's been thrust into. Well, so what others tell her. She just wants to be happy, live, and maybe find love.

Angela Thomas 1

By : John Hartman

An alarm buzzes on a cold Spring morning in Anchorage, Alaska. A monstrous growl echoes through the room as a large fuzzy hand with claws slams onto the top of the device, making it go silent. It then plays a news station that it was set to as heavy breathing is heard coming from the large bed with a large occupant hidden under the sheets. The radio keeps talking about monsters being allowed in their schools and how the government is going crazy. There was other trivial stuff as everything in the room goes silent once more except for the breathing. After a while, the door to the room opens up and the lights flick on. A man in civilian clothing smiles as he goes up to the large mound on the bed, putting his hands on it, then shaking it, "Wakey, wakey sleepy head." The monstrous hand that was on the clock slips back into the sheets as a loud growl can be heard. Though the man just laughs and looks unfazed by it, "It's time for school again, Angela." The weak, yet angry growl peaks up again, then goes silent as the man laughs, "What was that? Can't hear you when your muffled under the sheets."

The sheets shifted, exposing a large, frightening-looking wolverine head with a bad case of bed face growls slowly, actually making out words, "I don't want to go."

"Now, now, we've been through this many times," the man says cheerfully. He then ruffles the fur on her head, making her sigh as she just laid there, blankly looking at nothing with her misty eyes. He then says, "Be thankful it's me this time and not Martinez." She actually gives a weak smile as she enjoys being petted by him as he says, "You've been going in for the last two months. And so far so good. You'll be welcomed in society in no time."

After he said that, he turn to face the radio. Critics over the radio were arguing about how genetic Wolverines are a menace and that a domesticated one are just as dangerous. Angela just snorts, then hides herself under the sheets again, "Don't sound like it. Excuse me as I feel nice and safe under here. Yeah, and warm too. Mmmm, nice and warm. It's freezing out there."

The man sighs as he turn off the radio. He then yanks the sheets off of Angela, making her yipe as her nude form is exposed to the cool room. She's used to being nude to everyone in the building, so the only thing that bothered her is the sudden chill. The large creature covers her head as he says, "Up, now. Before our superiors pop up. I already got the bath warmed up. Go, go, go, go."

The large wolverine slowly got up onto her digitigrade feet, then, using her hands to, crawl toward the restroom. The tall man was nearly level in height with her as she goes past him. She then grumbles, "Nice cologne by the way. Trying to throw me off?"

The man follows her as he responds, "Nope. Figured I'd dress nicely today. I get Jenny's attention today."

"Not her type," Angela says in a growl, though she was smiling toothily. She then crawls into the tub, smiling a bit as she appreciates how he gets everything all set for her in the morning. Well, when he comes in--the others don't do much other than make sure she's following the schedule.

The man watches her as he folds his arms, "Hey, that's not nice."

"It's the truth," Angela says slowly, so her words can be understood since her speech is mostly growly and animal-like. She started to rub shampoo in her fur as she says, her foggy eyes looking at nothing particular, "Think we don't talk? I am trying to save you the heartache. That, and my observations at those who have sexual attraction--like you--don't happen with her when you are around."

He chuckles as he decides to walk over to a sink, not watching her as he decides to check on his looks as he says, "Maybe she's not the type to look at sexuality at first sight. Maybe she wants to fall in love first."

"Maybe," Angela agrees as she continues to bathe herself, "But maybe she's just not interested at all. That, and if you want to find love, maybe you need to change your approach. Seriously, you are oozing with sexual desire when you are around her. I can't see how you look, but I am sure she can. Cause she even tells me you creep her out."

"Okay, maybe I do? But then why do you trust me?" The man asked, looking at her.

Angela actually stops, then sighs as she continues to bathe herself, "Well Jerome, I can tell you are not lusting over me like a piece of meat. And you treat me very well...I appreciate this a whole lot." She then says in a mumble that makes it slightly hard to understand, "Maybe I like you more than I should."

"What was that?" He asked nicely as he goes back to practicing in the mirror in hopes to impress the lady he mentioned earlier.

Angela sighs, then sinks in the tub, "I said I like you. If it means anything to you."

Jerome smiles brightly as he says, "Aww, I like you too Angel." He then turn around and ask, "Almost done?"

The wolverine sighs as she figured her confession would fly right over his head. She then says, "Almost, come back and check on me if I am not out in 5 minutes."

"Okay, I'll get your clothing set up," Jerome responded. He then quickly left the room, almost skipping.

"Heh, I am kidding myself," Angela mumbles as she quickly finished washing herself up. She then calls out to Jerome in the other room, "Hey, I am done Jerome. Mind helping me towel up?"

Jerome came back in with some towels and helps her dry up. She can't help but smile and casually sniff his scent a few times. Despite the cologne, she still can get his scent. She could not help but put a big hand on his shoulder as he dries her up. He continues to towel her as she says, "I am still amazed you stuck around after you realized I was a hybrid."

The man smiles as he says, looking up at her, "Well, Wolverines are dangerous as is. But I figured since you never attacked us before, you wouldn't now. Besides, I was a kid then. And we are hired civilians, so unlike the others, only way to get rid of us is fire us."

The wolverine smiles as she gently touched his face, which he's used to. He figured it's another way for her to see him. Which it is, though she's being very affectionate as she says in an animal like growl, "I am glad you stayed. You've been a friend to me the most."

"Probably more," Jerome jokes as he finishes drying her up. He then stands up, "I spoil you, you know that?"

"Why yes," Angela says with a monstrous, yet mushy look on her face.

"Here, follow me, we'll get you dressed, and then send you to school," Jerome smiles as he holds her big hand in his. "I know you are special. You'll do great things if given a chance. And going to this school is a foot in that door."

Angela sighs as she get lead back to her room, "And I feel safer if I was home schooled again. Even the braille instructor keeps his distance from me."

"At times I wish we could change things," Jerome sighs as he helps her get into her pants, then worked on her shirt that reads "Property of the US Government". He cringes at her shirt as he says, "But what we are doing now will help to eventually allow you to be a citizen instead of some lab rat."

The wolverine's face gave a dark look as she sat on the bed, "Yeah, yeah, I get it, I am the only Wolverine hybrid to show any signs of sapient intelligence that could put my kind under the list of sapient beings, or morphs as the feds like to categorize." She then gives a sour look, "But everyone at the school either avoids me, or attacks me."

"Attack? Really? You look physically fine," Jerome chuckles. He then pets her cheek, making her smile again and lean in on the petting. "See, no bruises. If there was, you would be backing away from this."

"Nah, I like you too much to pull away," Angela admitted bluntly. Though there was a hint of desperation, hoping he'll catch on.

Jerome of course didn't and smiles brightly, though she can't see, "Well, if it does hurt, don't hesitate to let me know. Wouldn't want to hurt you myself. So, let's get you to Jenny." He then hands her dark shaded goggles, "Here you go, put these on."

"Bout time, the light was starting to bother me," Angela quickly snatched it and put them on. She then says, "Don't over do on the flirting this time. If you just approach her like you do me, you might get a lunch room date."

"Oh, but girls like it when a guy shows confidence," Jerome chuckles, "How do they feel?"

"Good," Angela says as she stand up. She then says, "Sure there is no way to let me play hooky?"

"Only if you want me fired," Jerome said seriously.

Angela actually looked worried as she says, "No, no, no, don't want that." She then stretches, touching the ceiling as she makes a nasty sounding yawn. Her nose touches the ceiling as she's over 7 feet tall. She then crouches, mainly due to her feet, "Ugh, maybe I would feel more welcomed if the ceilings were high." She then put on her coat with the help of Jerome, "Well, got my thick pants, shirt, and this nice jacket." She can't see what it looks like, but it was military issue looking jacket with the words "Property of the US Government" printed on the back. The clothing actually was a contradiction. It had an all-military camouflage design, but safety vest reflectors were sewn in to help point her out in a crowd, or in a bush.

"I wish we could get you better clothing than this," Jerome says as he hands her a generic looking back pack.

"Meh, clothing is clothing to me," Angela admitted, "I can't see what it looks like, remember?"

"If you did, I am sure you would find it offensive," Jerome laminated.

Angela raises an eyebrow and lowers an ear, "Does it make me look fugly?"

"No, no," Jerome says quickly, then says nervously, "It...makes you stand out."

"I hate standing out," Angela grumbles as Jerome takes her large hand again and leads her down the hall past a few doors. Some open, showing it's a testing laboratory. Everyone who worked there either greeted them, or just acknowledge their existence. Jerome did most of the waving, though anyone who says hi, she responds in kind. Once they got to a passenger van, Angela then says, "I really want to stay home. Everyone picks on me."

"Oh, this again?" A woman speaks up as she approaches them with keys in her hands. She was also wearing a camouflage uniform as she was spinning the keys in her right index fingers. Her name tag over her left pocket said "McCoy".

"Oh Jenny, nice to see you this morning," Jerome, despite being shaken from the sudden appearance of the woman, quickly went into smooth flirt mode. Undoubtedly, this mode was more like a misfiring V-8 engine. He then guided Angela into the van, "We just got here."

"Late as usual," Jenny said in a firm voice, not amused with Jerome's antics. She then shakes a finger at him, "You always bring her in late. We've all got a schedule Mr. Schmit. I suggest to get your lazy ass in gear and stop flirting with me." She then looked at Angela, "And stop being a spoiled brat and get yourself out of bed. I know you like being pampered by him, but he's just wanting to a chance to meet me. Don't fool yourself, pup."

"Oh, don't be mean like that to her," Jerome got serious, folding his arms, "I do look forward to my assignments with her. She's fun to talk to unlike most of you stiffs."

Jenny gave him a sly smile, then slapped some paperwork in his hands, "Speaking of assignments, they changed for today only. You are needed elsewhere for the rest of the day. Someone else will tend to Angela when she returns." Jerome actually looked mortified as he looked over the paperwork, "But, but, today is our day...."

"You said it yourself, we are a bunch of stiffs," Jenny chuckles, "Be happy this is only temporary. You'll be back tomorrow. Your expertise is needed elsewhere. Please don't be late."

The sails in Jerome's mood seemed to have been destroyed as he decides to pet Angela on the head, "Well, I guess I won't be here this afternoon. I better wish you a good day now and farewell for the day."

Angela also looked disappointed as she says, "It's okay, work is more important." She then says meekly, "Hell, I am just part of your job. Not like I matter..."

"Oh don't start that pitty me skit, Angela," Jenny barks at them. The woman then says, "Okay, sap time is over. We need to get back on schedule. You, get to your assignment." She then closes the van door for Angela, then got into the driver's seat.

Jerome sighs, then says half-heartedly, "Okay, fine, but any way I can join you for lunch?"

"Not with that pathetic face," Jenny smirks. She then put the van in drive and drove off, leaving him standing there.

"," Jerome responded to no one--mainly humoring himself as he look over his notes, walking back toward the main hallway.

"You are so mean to him," Angela says as Jenny cautiously drives over the ice covered roads near Anchorage.

"With an imbecile like that you need to be firm and straight forward," Jenny says firmly, though there was a little grin forming on her face. The darkness didn't help the drive either as they approached her school not too far from the military base.

Angela just folded her arms as she said, "If I was human, I would so go for him."

"Yet you are not," Jenny stated matter of factly, "Careful what you say when it comes to things like that. Just because we all socialize equally don't mean we can court each other."

"Not like I have choices," Angela growls, not happy with her situation.

Jenny stopped the van in front of the school, responding, "I am not giving you an order. I am giving warning. I would be sad if you got into trouble with those idealistic ideas of yours." Jenny's features started to soften as she turn to face the wolverine, "I don't envy your situation. But all I personally can ask of you is this. Please be patient. What you are doing now will help your fellow kind in the long run. Though sadly there's so much at stake and so much you are going to lose. Best thing to do is go with what we have set up, it will be the least painful. So we hope."

"What if you are wrong?" Angela asks.

"I hope we are not, for your sake," Jenny responded, almost in a motherly tone. She then says, "The next step in your integration into society is getting you to live off the base and into an actual home."

Angela just growls as she look very frustrated, "Stop changing my world..."

"The world is always changing," Jenny snaps at Angela, "if you like it or not. And you are not in a position to control it right now. That is, unless you go through the motions we are TRYING to set forth for you. You know it as well as I do that these people want you to either remain hidden...or killed. Cause they see you and your kind as a threat."

"FINE," Angela cries out immaturely, "Let me stay hidden then. Not like my kind have ever shown interest in coming out to talk. Hell, everyone here lets me know how much I am a monster. Even some of the kids say their Daddy shot one of my brothers and says he'll shoot me if I get near them." She then started to cry, "I just want to be left alone."

"You don't want to be alone," Jenny says firmly, though there's sympathy in her face, "You just don't want to be threatened and scared for your well being."

"Yes," Angela responded, removing her goggles so she can wipe her eyes.

Jenny sighs, then says, "Come here." Angela crawls in the van till she was near Jenny. The woman then gives the big wolverine a hug, making the young creature cry some more. Jenny soothes her as she says, "Like I said earlier, be patient. Things will improve, I am sure of it. Besides, you didn't let me finish about earlier. I am actually trying to get myself considered as a candidate to house you off the base."

Angela gives a laugh as she still cries, a bit out of it. She then stops and wipes her eyes once more, "I so hope you get it, I rather be with someone I know."

"Yeah, only problem is they want to put you in a home with a family," Jenny responds. She then says, "Sadly, no takers and a lot of angry letters for even suggesting such a thing."

"Figured," Angela growls, then says, "Fuck it, I don't need a family. I just need my family."

Jenny thought about it, then actually blushes, "If not me, who else would you be willing to live with back at the lab?"

"Jerome, I like him," Angela smiles brightly, showing her sharp teeth and even wagging her tail.

"Probably a bad idea," Jenny admits, but then shrugs, "But then again, he treats you well, despite how aloof he is towards your advances."

"Think he'll ever like me like that?" Angela gave a puppy dog face, that actually works on a typically scary face like hers.

"Remember what I said earlier," was all Jenny responded to the question. She then says in a demanding voice, "School, now. I'll be back this evening. We'll talk more then."

Angela carefully got out of the van, carefully walking toward the building with her sight cane. She's gotten used to the area around her, though the feeling of eyes all staring at her doesn't help ease her mind. Jenny watches the wolverine cautiously walk over the cleared sidewalk toward the main building. Once Angela was in, Jenny drove off the campus.

The large wolverine look uneasy in her walking, using her cane and crouching to due to her feet not meant for walking upright constantly. She taps the floor, using the sound to act like sonar as her ears swivel all over the place. Her nose flared up at all the scents of all the students. Half of the students she noticed didn't even use deodorant. She can feel the eyes on her, though compared to her first time there, it's not as intense as it was. She heads over to a bunch of tables far from the cafeteria but close to the administration wing that were usually mostly open. She sat down and just put her hands together, twiddling her thumbs as she hums.

The wolverine stops humming as she sniffs the area around her, her ears aimed at boy of her age sneaking up to her with a smirk. Angela snarls as she turns her head to face him, but obvious she was not facing dead on at him, "Eric, stop trying to sneak up on me. You know by now I can sense you..." She then quickly turn her head at another kid her age trying to sneak up on. She snarls, "STOP IT!"

The students near by quickly looked at her, only to go back to what they were doing, used to her outburst when it came to the two boys. Eric chuckles as both him and his friend sat across from her on the table, "Hey snaggletooth. Woke up on the wrong side of the bed again?"

"I don't think she has a bed," the other one laughs, "Ever see an animal sleep on a bed?"

Angela sighs, doing her best to remain calm as she snarls, "I have a bed. A nice bed."

"How can you tell if you can't see?" Eric challenged with a smirk.

"I fully fit on it, that's one way, jerk," Angela snarls back, "Why does it fucking matter?"

"Tut, tut," the other one laughs, "We are in school now." He then asks Eric in a mock like whisper, "Do Wolverines have bad mouths in the wild?"

Angela gives a snarl at him, looking menacing. Though the two boys have gotten used to her to the point they just chuckle. Eric then smiles, "You are so cute when you are angry. Where can I get a pet like you?"

"Go to the woods and fine one, I am sure one is willing to mark you as a potential master," Angela responds sarcastically, "If you live."

"Is that how you became a pet?" Eric asked.

Angela snarls at him loudly, "You idiot, I was being sarcastic! I was found as a pup on their property. Believe it or not, most wildlife protection agencies won't outright shoot a beast unless it is attacking. Especially if the creature is just a baby."

"Chill," Eric chuckles, "I swear, you wolverines are all so uptight. Always ready for a fight."

Angela snarled, then stood up angrily. She put her hands on the table and leaned up close to their faces, then yells at them, baring her teeth, "Stop comparing me to them. I don't know, you don't know. Nobody fucking knows. Stay the fuck away from me." She then grabbed her cane and quickly hobbled toward her morning class, a bit early. The other two froze there, shocked at first. But once she left, the adrenaline died off, and they both could not help but laugh.

The wolverine's first class was uneventful. She just sat behind a laptop and had to learn to type. Though it was unique for her using a special keyboard, wearing earphones, and still having issues due to her large hands and claws. She does her best not to be annoyed with the situation. She can feel eyes watching her at times. Once that class was done, she went in for braille. And oddly enough, it was the least humiliating to her. Everyone just left her alone and only dealt with her when she had a question. Third period though was when she needed to socialize with the other students as it was Social Studies. Everyone fought to sit in the back, which left her sitting in the front with some of the social outcasts. Mainly those with glasses, out-of-shape students, and one morph that stood out in the room full of humans.

The teacher who looked like he'd seen better days adjusted his glasses as he started writing on the whiteboard, "Okay class, today's lesson is a lesson I should have started at the start of the semester. But due to...unforeseen circumstances, we had to delay to make sure the material would be acceptable for the sudden...changes." During this whole time, he glanced at the wolverine whenever he had to think of a roundabout way making his statement. "The lesson is the history of scientific experiments, and their integration into our environment. Both in nature and in society."

"Ooooh, I want to know what those two think," Eric says loudly, making the other chuckle.

Both of the 'others' cringed with their ears lowered as the teacher spoke up, "Now, now, be polite class. This is a broad subject, so I am only going to be covering what I've been requested to cover by our board. Mainly, the benefits and shortcomings of having morphs as part of human society."

"What about pesky hybrids like Angela here?" One guy asked.

Angela did her best to stay silent, though the sneer on her lips was very apparent. The teacher raised an eyebrow at the kid, then looked at Angela, "Well, normally I have an answer, or at least an idea. But history always happens, always changes, rewrites itself. For better or for worst. But it's unfair to point Miss Thomas out. She obviously is very different than what we are made to believe. Or for what little we know for that matter." He then glares at the kid who asked that question, "And she's doing way better than you all in this class, so stop going on preconceptions and learn new things."

"She's probably cheating," one kid accused.

"How? We hadn't had homework since she came to this class," another speaks up, "There's no way to cheat since all work is in class and she can't see what we write."

The others started to chat while Angela put her hands on her face, giving an exasperated groan as she just wanted to leave. The teacher shook his head, then said, "WELL class, since you all want to gripe and groan while competing against each other, how about a group project?" The rest of the class groans as he then says, "Or homework?" The class then goes silent, which makes him chuckle. He then said, "Okay, group project it is." He takes a seat in his chair, watching the class as he says, "Now, please form a group. Though do realize I may make changes to your arrangements. Groups of 5 apiece."

Once the groups were made, it was obvious the 5 up front were the oddballs out. The teacher chuckles, then says, "Okay class, now that I see who's with who, time to do some re-arrangements." The kids made a noise of disapproval as he got up and pointed at individuals he wanted to be moved. He mainly got the ones up front into a group mainly. Though he did made sure he separated the troublemakers from each other. Angela ended up being put into a group with Eric in it. Since she could not see, he made the group go to her and told her that these people will be her group mates. She took a couple of deep inhale from her nose, then immediately growls, "Oh no, not Eric."

"It's amazing how you could smell only me," Eric says, a little uneasy in his voice.

"I smell Jessica, Adam, and Daniel also," Angela growls, though it wasn't meant to be angry, "Just you I have an issue with."

The other three looked stunned and slightly afraid when they realized she can identify them easily with scent alone, as Eric mumbles, "Hey, don't need to get all snotty with me."

"I am going to be snotty with you since you torment me each second you get," Angela snarls at him.

The teacher watches as he can tell Eric was a little hurt and defensive, which normally he isn't when he's grouped up with his friend. He decides to leave the arrangement be as he then says, "Okay, now that you are all set up, arrange your seating so you all be lined up with your group. Want you guys to get comfortable, for this isn't going to be a quick assignment that you can just ignore till it's convenient." He then walked up to Eric and a student and made them switch seats so he was sitting right next to Angela, and no one else. They both looked uneasy as the teacher look amused. He then says, "Okay, let's go through our lessons, then we'll go over the project near the end of the period."

That class went smoothly afterwards. Then later on in the day came lunch time. Angela went to sit near the administration wing to eat her pizza from the cafeteria when a familiar scent overpowered the pizza about to enter her muzzle. She put the pizza down as she snarls, "It's bad enough I have to sit near you now in Social Studies, I do not plan to sit with you at Lunch."

Eric just silently sat across from her, not sure on what to say. Angela slowly went back to eating her pizza, the two having an icy lunch. Well, icy from her end. Eric finished half of his burrito when Angela finished her pizza. She then asks, "Where is your thug buddy?"

"He has lunch at a different time," Eric responds quickly. Then goes back to eating his burrito.

Angela sits there, very still, still aligned to his face. She says nothing as he eats. He then asks, "What?"

"Why are you sitting with me?" Angela growls slowly.

"I think we got off the wrong foot," Eric said honestly. He then smirks, "Or paw."

"Cut the fur, paw, whiskers, what ever fucking joke or pun you may think is funny," Angela snarls at him. She then growls, "I don't need to be reminded constantly about how different I am to everyone."

The boy smirks, "But you are."

"I know that," Angela snarls at him. She then gulps her soda down, then crushed the can in her hand like it was a paper cup. It actually unnerved him as she then says, "So we have to do a group project. I never done one before, being homeschooled and what not."

"Really?" Eric sounded surprised, "So why no group project?"

Angela gave an exasperated look, then growls under her breath slowly, "Cause I was the only student, at home, with one teacher."

"Oh," Eric look embarrassed, which Angela can't tell. She is starting to think he's always a cocky little jerk, so till he does something to get her attention otherwise, she's going to keep thinking he's being a brat. Eric then asks, "So was the teacher a Wolverine too?"

Angela gave a horrible angry scowl on her face toward him, which actually made him jump back a little. She was surprised he did; it had been a while since she got his reactions like that. She calms down and just says under her breath slowly, "No, just another guy. Like all the reports say, I am the only domesticated Wolverine. If there were more of me in society, then maybe the issue of accepting me and my kind wouldn't exist."

"Do you get lonely sometimes?" Eric asked honestly.

Angela look shocked from the question coming out of him. She then says honestly, "Yes, of course I do."

"Wish your kind are around?" Eric asked.

Angela growls, doing her best not to get angry, "Why always ask me about my kind? For your information, I never met any of my kind. I don't know any other language but English. Before you fucking ask, I am not born with a preset language. Just like you are not. With everything you all say about my kind, I probably would do the same and run away screaming. Stop asking me about my thoughts on my kind or how my kind acts or functions, I don't have a fucking clue!"

"I am just curious, don't have to get angry, shit," Eric says defensively, "I can't imagine what it is like to just be...well...just know?"

"No, I don't know," Angela growls.

"Like you, I don't know how you could live being the only one," Eric says loudly, "I always had others like me around me, all over the place. I think if I all the sudden was alone in a place where I was totally different, I would wish to...find someone similar...just saying." He then slumps in his chair, not sure what more to say.

Angela tilts her head as her nose is aimed at him for a long time. Eventually she says, "I guess I can see where you are coming from." Eric look up, staring at her as she continues, "Though you need to grasp this concept from my perspective. And I guess I need to repeat myself again. But I never met my own kind. All I have known all my life is humans. All I understand is humans." She sighs, then says softly, and slowly to be understood, "And I long to be accepted by humans. I know I am not human, but for fuck's sake, you all are all I know. I have no wants to seek out my own kind. I seek to be accepted in the place I am living in now. Think, if you are the last one on earth and you are given a chance to live amongst some other race. Would you accept it over being alone? Or would you chose to harshness of the wilderness where you would surely die alone?"

Eric sat there and thought a bit, only to hear the electric bell chime. Angela stood up and walked away, leaving Eric alone as he was too deep in thought to really want to run to his next class.

The evening classes went as normal as the rest of the day was. Though the classes she have Eric in, she noticed he was silent. When his buddies would pick on her, he not once joined in. Though he never stopped it either. Actually chuckled, but did nothing more. After school was out, Angela went toward the meeting area for Jenny to pick her up. Eric ran up to her, calling her, "Angela!"

The Wolverine gave an annoyed look, but turned around and asked in exasperation, "What Eric?" Since they were outside, she made sure she was standing up straight so she would tower over the five-foot tall young man, making him look up at the seven foot tall wolverine. Of course she can't see, so she don't even look down as she then says, "I don't want to miss my ride."

"It's not here right now, I know what it looks like," Eric responded, for the first time realizing how tall she really is. And she isn't even standing fully up on her digitigrade feet. He could not help but mumble, "Damn, I can see why people want to lynch the man who made your kind."

Angela snarls as she started to tear up. She grips her cane threateningly as she then lowered her face till she was in his face. She then screams in the most monstrous way, her teeth very close to his face, "If you don't like me, then why the fuck do you keep coming up to me? Get the fuck away from me you jerk ass mother fucker! I never asked to be what I am...!" She then throws her hands up in the air, laughing as she start to stand up straight again. She says hysterically, "You know what? Why am I always trying to talk sense into you?" Eric just backs away, first time he realized just how dangerous she looks. Inside it's hard to tell with how scrunched up she is in the building. But out in the open, she looks like she could outrun him and out do him in a fight. She then snarls as her nose pointed her face to where he was standing, "You are a fucking moron. I honestly thought that maybe, just maybe you might have some brain cells from our conversation at lunch. But now I realize you are just some fucking, narrow minded twit who probably can't think his way out of a box if given a map."

"Hey..." Eric said defensively, only to have Angela turn away and storm off.

"Leave me alone, just...leave me alone," Angela starts to sniff as it was obvious she was starting to cry as she quickly went toward her van that just arrived. Eric just watched as the Wolverine fumbled on the van door, then hops in, slamming it shut. She got scolded by the driver, then it drove away.

"What the hell was that for?" Jenny asked as she focused on driving.

"Fucking asshat kid there won't quit rubbing it in that I am some nut job creation," Angela snarls as she sits on the passenger seat in the back, folding her arms. "What's fucking worst part is he's my damn partner in a fucking group project for Social fucking Studies, shit."

"Angela," Jenny gave a tone that indicates she did something wrong.

Angela sighs, then says in a sorry tone, "Okay, okay, I am just angry."

"Have any homework?" Jenny asked.

"Nope, did it all at school during my free time," Angela start to calm down a little. She then says with a smile, "I am looking forward to seeing Jerome this evening."

"He's not in tonight, remember?" Jenny reminded her nicely.

The wolverine frowns, then growls under her breath, "Shit."

Jenny decides to stay silent to let Angela stew over her day during the drive back to the lab. Once there, Jenny lead Angela back to her quarters, says nicely, "So today was horrible. You got another day tomorrow. So since you got no homework, relax, get on the net, or read a book."

"Heh, yeah, I guess I could do that," Angela says with a grin, "Though was looking forward to Jerome pets, he knows how to relax me."

"Well, you got a new guy assigned to you this evening, so don't expect much from him other than the bare minimum. After all, our main function is to watch you and make sure your well being is not in danger," Jenny says. She then opened the door for Angela, "Well, this is as far I am going. I need to head home quick today. Utilities being a pain in the ass again. Hoping they got the gas line running again so I can turn off the electric heaters. Take care...ooh here he is now." Jenny grab the man, scaring him as she then says, "Angela, this is Jeremiah. Jeremiah, this is Angela. You two get along, okay? I gotta run."

The man looked uneasy at first as Angela lean in to sniff his face and neck. She then put a hand on his face, making him gasp, "What are you doing?"

"Wanting to know you," Angela says nervously. "I can't see you, so I am using what senses I do have to know you."

He glares at her, not a bit happy to be assigned to a giant lab rat in his mind. He's actually quite impressed that it can talk. Once she was done feeling his face and shoulders, she let him go and walk into her room. He shrugs as he follows her in, closing the door behind him. He then look shocked as he watched her quickly undress, grumbling, "Today is such a fucking annoying day. I really want to shed this shit." Once done, she was crouched on the ground, nude in front of him as she picked up her clothing. She then turned around and start to organize her clothing. He could not help but silently stare at her body, finding it disturbing. Though when his eyes looked under her tail and what's hanging between her legs, his eyes locked on it. Since she was crouching on the ground a bit, he can see her large, canine-looking sex. It was very dark with a few light spots over the skin. He silently tilted his head down to get a better look at it, curious about it.

Angela finishes organizing her clothing, then turn around, making him quickly straighten himself out. She raises an eyebrow at him, making him a little nervous as she asks him, "What were you staring at?"

"You've got strong legs," Jeremiah responded, "I've never seen legs like yours before."

"From what I heard and felt, most animals have those types of legs," Angela growls lightly. She then headed over to her PC, picking up her earphones and started typing on her keyboard. After a moment, she just sat back in her chair, staring at nothing as the laptop communicated to her through the earphones.

The human decided to sit on a chair near the door and bring out a book. He was told she normally kept to herself on first meeting. So he decided to pass the time to read. For a while, it was silent in the room. Though half an hour later, Jeremiah noticed a faint musky smell. He looked over at Angela, who's back was facing him, sitting at the laptop. He had a suspicion what it was. He pulled out binoculars from his backpack which he uses for other job and adjust it so he can see what was on her screen. He was surprised to see she was having the laptop read to her an erotic story. He decided to see if he can see more of her body, but can't. Though he noticed her legs are crossed and she looked uncomfortable. He look up at the story again, reading a line from it, "She lay there on the bed, exposed to his prying eyes. She sprawls out, hoping to entice the man of her dreams. He approaches the woman, pressing his lips onto her bosom as a hand cups her mound of pudding."

She closes the window as she starts to get a feeling she's being watched. He quickly put his binoculars down and put face his book. She holds still till she was sure she was not being watched and opened another window. This time she was typing more than just sitting there. After awhile, he decides to look at her screen with his binoculars again. He was amazed with the instant messenger chat she was having.

MonkeyChik : I really wish I can get his attention. I told him straight face more than once today that I like him and he still didn't get it.

MrsSlyC845 : Bah, you'll never get a man's attention like that. Then again, I can't help you on that. Now, if you were a raccoon, heh, approach him, tell him you want to fuck. Oh, oh, or just show a little of your butt, maybe show a little breast, he'll be all on you.

MonkeyChik : Well...aren't...most species similar?"

MrsSlyC845 : Babe, we got to get you down to the sunshine state.

MonkeyChik : I am not a raccoon.

MrsSlyC845 : There's a lot of different species down here than where you are at. 90% human, no fun. Spice of life down here. And if that court case up in Washington State makes headways in the right direction, you could even date a raccoon. Believe me, the males down here can be really good in bed. But most can be a bit romantic. Actually, most would gleefully want to settle down. Most young males end up settling with older females.

MonkeyChik : Why's that?

MrsSlyC845 : Cause most of us females are still restless. You sound like the type a male of ours would love. Hell, I am sure my brother would be interested in a loving mate, fuzzy or not.

MonkeyChik : You ever...slept with a human?

MrsSlyC845 : Tell no one, but yes, I have. Why?

MonkeyChik : Just curious to what's it like.

MrsSlyC845 : Wait, aren't you human?"

MonkeyChik : Yes. I never done it.

MrsSlyC845 : Virgin huh? Well, don't rush into it. If you rush into it, it will just be disappointing. Best to find that male you trust and is willing to listen to you, especially in intimacy.

MonkeyChik : Well...what they look like?

MrsSlyC845 : I was about to send you pics, then I realized you are blind. Well, I been with 3 total. So far what they have in common is they have no bone, long neck, thick, mushroom shaped. Slick and slimy feeling when wet. They slightly bend easier when they are inside. One of them I was with was way above average. Wow I thought he was going to split me. He was oh so good though. And then one of them was very small, but he made up for it with being close, affectionate, and playful. All of them don't last long in bed though.

MonkeyChik : Well, I would love to make love to the man of my dreams.

MrsSlyC845 : Oh it will come soon enough. Don't rush it. Though be a bit more straight forward if you really want him that bad. You humans are so timid when it comes to sex. Loosen up, jump in, make your wishes known. And if rejected, move on. Sex shaming is also horrendous with your species. We don't have that issue. Anyway, I need to log off. Since we are talking about dicks, care to learn about my kind of males?

MonkeyChik : Nah, it's cool. Maybe next time though. I need to log off too. I can't help but think my care taker is watching me over my back.

Jeremiah quickly put his binoculars away. He then went back to reading his book as she turn off her laptop, then got up and headed to the bathroom. She growled at him, not angrily, but it sounded like it, "Jeremiah, I am going for a bath. Please check on me from time to time."

Jeremiah responds with, "Okay." He then waited for a few minutes, then snuck over to the bathroom. He peeked in to see her in the shower, washing herself. He watched for a bit, wondering if she'll do anything sexual since he knows what her earlier activities were. But to his dismay, nothing happened.

Angela finished up and called out, "Jeremiah, I need help drying off."

"Coming," Jeremiah says in a fake, chipper voice. He came up with a towel and started to towel her legs as she was toweling her upper head and arms. He blushed as he found himself so close to her erogenous zone that he could smell it.

Angela stopped and backs away from him, almost kicking him away, "What the fuck? Jeremiah?"

"What'd I do?" He asked in an innocent, shock tone.

Angela snarls, "Don't lie to me, I can tell your blood was rushing and your eyes on me. You are lusting me."

Jeremiah folds his arms, then says calmly, "I guess I have."

"Don't," Angela snarled at him, "That's just creepy."

"As if you pretending to be a human talking to a raccoon about fucking a human is any less creepy," Jeremiah contested.

Angela was taken aback, then stammers, " were reading over my shoulder."

"I saw it all," Jeremiah smirks, feeling like he's got the upper hand, "You were reading a naughty, naughty story." He approached her slowly, and she backed away in time as he continued, "You then chatted about wanting to sleep with a man. Don't know who, but you obviously wish to be deflowered by a man. To be looked upon as a woman. You? A woman?"

Angela got cornered as Jeremiah was close enough that he could touch her, but doesn't as he says, "You naughty, naughty pet you."

"I am not a pet," She snarled, though looking helpless.

"Oh yes you are. As long you are in here, you are," Jeremiah taunted her. He then says in a sing song way, "And such a naughty pet you are. Lusting after the ones who feed you. Tsk, tsk, should I report this to my superiors? After all, I am also assigned to report any changes out of the ordinary to your daily routine. And chatting to strangers about wanting to commit bestiality is a huge no-no. The man would be placed in jail while the animal may be put to death in some places."

Angela started to look scared as she start to beg, "Woah, don't have to be that extreme, hey, don't tell anyone. I didn't to cause any harm."

Jeremiah smirks, then says, "I won't tell, if you are willing to do something for me in return."

The wolverine look scared as a cold chill went down her back as she noticed he was starting to get aroused again, "What....what is that favor?"

The man smirks, but then backs away, "I can't tell you right now."

"No deal," Angela growls.

"Then no secrets kept," Jeremiah mocks.

He turned to walk away, only to have her grab him with her large hands. He swore she was about to fling him around like a flail. But instead she started to sob, "Okay, okay, deal. Just don't tell anyone. I don't wanna die."

Once he calmed down, he smirks, "Okay, deal." He then walks away, "I'll collect at a later time. Right now, you need to get ready for bed, then sleep."

Angela was shaken up from that encounter that she went to her drawer and found some old clothing she rarely wears any more. She put them on and went to bed dressed that night. Jeremiah noticed, though figured she probably normally slept clothed and wrote it down on his notes. So far he wrote nothing out of the ordinary that he was willing to report except her wearing clothing to bed. Jeremiah turned his notes in and logged out, being replaced by a guard for the night shift

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